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What's up with the Dolphins' 2nd round picks?

Starting off today, the Dolphins have signed Will Allen to a one-year deal according to a source, thus surprising no one. There you go.

Running back Daniel Thomas missed the Dolphins regular-season opener on Monday and coach Tony Sparano made it clear Tuesday the decision to make the rookie inactive wasn't that difficult.

“It didn’t end up being too close," Sparano said.

Thomas was limited all last week. He'll likely be eased back into practice this week but his status is not at this moment certain for Sunday's game against Houston. That may or may not be a big loss because what we saw of Thomas in the preseason and training camp wasn't exactly eye-popping awesome.

He was there. Just there.

And while that does not suggest Thomas will be good or not going forward, it does say he hasn't gotten off to a fast start. The makes me ask the question that you saw in the headline:

What's up with the Dolphins and their second-round picks?

This team has done very good work with its first-round under the current administration. This team has done good work with undrafted free agents under the current administration.

The team's second-round picks under this administration? Not impressive so far.

Phillip Merling was Miami's first second-rounder selected under this administration. He contributes on the team's defensive line shuttle but he hasn't exactly had a great career so far. He missed most of last year with an Achilles' injury. He didn't meet expectations his second season after a solid rookie year. He's sitting behind players the Dolphins drafted after him.

Chad Henne was also a second-round pick in 2008. He's been a starter for three years and has a 13-15 record in those three years. There are big hopes he can become a good, consistent quarterback. But can he be considered anything but a wait-and-see pick yet? We have to wait and see.

In 2009, the Dolphins picked Pat White with the 44th overall selection. Everyone knows how that turned it.

The club also took Sean Smith with the 61st overall selection. He is a starter. He is solid. But is he great? Is he a difference-maker? Not yet. He had the opportunity to be that last season but struggled to hold on to the seven passes in his hands that he could have converted into interceptions had he held onto those passes.

Last season's second round selection was Koa Misi. Starter. Solid as a rookie. We are in wait-and-see mode with Misi.

So the summary of Miami's work so far in the second round?

A backup defensive lineman. A quarterback about which everyone is hopeful but hasn't arrived yet. A bust quarterback. A staring corner. A starting outside linebacker. And a running back that still hasn't get his career started.

By the way, I asked NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger what he thinks of Thomas. Baldinger a former NFL offensive lineman studied all the draft picks this year.

"Is Daniel thomas going to help this football team? I don't think so. I think they missed on him," Baldinger said.


"He's a point of entry back which means he needs a hole to make yards rather than be good enough to make the hole himself," Thomas said. "He runs too upright. He's not going to give you anything on third down and he doesn't run with power. He has to build speed to get power. He's not going to push the pile. So I think he's going to be a very limited back for the Dolphins."


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Aloco on the Mike Nolan thing. I love how everyone looks at stats only to paint a picture of how good or bad someone is. Mike Nolan took over a pi** poor team in SF and the owner was under tremendous fan pressure after the slow start. He even admitted in an interview that he didn't want to give up on Nolan and that Nolan had become the "sacrificial lamb" to appease a reeling fan base.

To further prove my point, Bellichick had a losing record as a head coach before Tom Brady dropped from the heavens (according to Pats fans).

Said in a THICK Boston accent "Tom Brady is an unstoppable force of nature". Say it in your best Boston accent, it will make you laugh.

You stupid POS, our guys held plenty too and weren't called for it. We lost because we stunk. Open your eyes and see this team for what it is.

Posted by: Russ | September 14, 2011 at 12:38 PM

That was 1 funny as* post! Also a post I pretty much am in agreement with.

Loud own up- I own you on post @ 12:35. C'mon man. Props to me - your daddy.


I'll admit, it is very disturbing to see this team seems to never put together a performance where all 3 units play well(offense, defense, st's.

There almost always seem to be an astronomical breakdown on one of these units at diffrent times making victory very difficult, to say the least.

All 3 units seem to never be on the same page for formula of victory in the same given time. We'll see if the trend continues Sunday. Will the defense play great and either the offense or st's become the scapegoat against the Texan?

Soon enough we'll see!

That's what I'm saying DB. Wilson is a ferocious hitter and he's quick. He was only a step behind on that td throw and if he had more experience he could have made a play on the ball. But my proble with the defense is , and I had this problem last year, where's the toughness? Where's the bravado? I mean it's great to have smart players but smart players are usually low key. We need some fire in that unit! As much of a bigmouth Porter was at least he brought some attitude to the field. It seems like our offense is tougher than the defense!

Also I can't wait to see what dimension Clay adds to the offense coming out of the backfield as a receiving H-back with Reggie going the opposite way. That could be dangerous for opposing teams.


tom brady is once in a life time like m.jordan ..................

did i say i aM ON THE COWHER WAGON OF DB ?


It's time to get a FO & coach who have VISION & can't execute a plan before the existing one blows up in their faces!

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | September 14, 2011 at 12:34 PM

JOe, I don't agree with you very often, but this is probably true. It PAINS me to agree with you.

Come on man, This defense has a chance to be the number #1 unit in the NFL.. I think we are ranked LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!! Kool Aid anyone ?

The most disturbing thing of all under Tony Sparano has hc:

It's been extremely rare to have all 3 units have a great game at the same time. Plug one hole one week and another gushes a leak the next week.

If this trend does not change this season. Sporano definitely must go. Our final season win-loss record will scream it!

"Loud own up- I own you on post @ 12:35. C'mon man. Props to me - your daddy."
Posted by: Destroyer (yea That guy)

LOL, just read the post. DAMNIT! You're right, hahaha Mr. f***king Furley! I forgot about that. Mr. Roper was the one who always stared at the camera and smiled after he made an anti gay remark or made fun of his wife.

I admit it, you got me.


I hear you louD and clear. Its good to have smart players, but 2-3 beasts on defense would put us over the top!

How this organization missed out on the evaluation of Ray Lewis is totally beyond me. He was in our own backyard. Even when Shula or anyone did draft a UM player, it seems we always took the "soft ones".


Oh boy. Guy it's one game, put your kool aid away okay? Who said they were going to be #1? They were #3 last year before the last game and only moced down to number 6 after the players had nothing to play for in the NE game. There is no reason not to think that this defense can be upper tier again seeing how they lost no one and added talent. Do the math and try again.

Guys....calm down.
Ross is not going to fire Sparano after one or two games...that just does not happen in the NFL today.
He "may" fire him if we're say 2-7 and make Nolan the interm HC until the end of the season...very similiar to what Dallas did last year and Buffalo the year before.

That said, if Tony is gone after this season the bigger question is "where does that leave Ireland?

Any big-time coach (think bill Cower or maybe Rob Ryan) wants total control over his player decisions.

Firing Tony is an easy task, but firing Tony & Jeff is a much bigger decision that reeks of desperation and tells the world that Ross failed.

Best case scenairo is Ross decides to "flip" the Fins and take his profits early ( highly unlikely).

More likely is we see Tony gone with Jeff staying...

...unless old time friend Carl Petterson gets in his ear and convinces him a "total overhaul" is the best way to go.


We deperately need 2-3 players to step up and become a beast on D besides Wake!

Sparano doesn't have the "IT" factor as HC. I'm not sure what "IT" is, but I know it when I see it.

Sean Payton has it. Mike Tomlin has it. Both Harbaughs have it. They just seem COMPETENT, like they know what they're doing.

TS? Not so much, sadly.


As the Big Tuna says, "you are what your record says you are"

Both Henne & Sparano have sub .500% records.

ayone else read the rumor of gruden being the next coach. another loss for the dolphins and the hot seat is burning for sparano.

I root for Sparano to have great success. But he still scares hell outta me everytime I listen or try to read his press transcripts.

Even a 5yr old's conversational skills are less garbled! LOL....

I kind of feel sorry for our players. Can you imagined having to listen to the garbled conversational skills of Tony Sparano on a daily basis?

Even worse, Could you ever imagine Sparano as a motivational speaker for hire?



...I posted here yesterday that on Monday nights broadcast I heard weird things coming out of Grudens mouth.

1. I'd love to see a winning franchise again down here in South Florida
2. We need to get this team back to its glory days again.
3. Miami needs to be a relevant team in the NFL... it would be great to see them compete again in the AFC East.

etc...sounded like an audition to me.

There's no way Ireland stays if Sparano goes in my opinion. Those two are tied to each other for better or worse. No new coach is going to want to be dictated too by a gm that they didn't hire and Ross doesn't know enough about football to make a decision on that matter. There's no way in hell he can sell this team to a new coach and say "but you have to keep Ireland because he's good" because he would have no credibility in making that judgement.

I think the only way Ross gets a competent coach is if he gives him control over his coaches and gm or at least lets him bring in his own GM.

I've been an advocate for the chin for 3 years now. You want toughness, there ya go right there. Cowher will have this team at least fighting for the playoffs every year and NO ONE will be pushing us around. Not to mention his affinity for the 3-4 and how successful he was with Muschamp and the on the job training from working with a great defensive mind like that.

But guys I don't know if you caught the pre game show but Gruden was talking excitedly about the Dolphins. It really seemed to me like he was almost lusting after the job. He poited out what a great nucleus there is and how they only need a couple of tweaks to get them over the top. Sounds like he may be in the running as well if the time comes. But lets see what Tony can do with the rest of the season. Some friendly advice,,,,,,lets not hold our breath.

If I had a choice between hiring Bill Bellichick or Tony Sparano as a motivational speaker. Im sorry, but it would be Bellichick as a run away choice!


We lost in the trenches! Sit Colombo and give someone else a shot at Right Tackle before Henne goes out for the season with an injury. O'hara is still out there. See if he'll play RT instead of center so you don't have to move everyone around. DO SOMETHING! Cause what you've got just isn't working!

Maybe all of the Minority Owners will ask Ross for their money back! That should wake him up.

Sparano may be lucky to make it to the Bye Week. The players may love playing for him, but he really isn't NFL Head Coach material. He just isn't!

i hear you man, it would be nice to have awinning competitive team for once.

If we lose big to Houston on Sunday, the pitch forks will be coming out in droves looking for blood...(Tony's blood)

Hey Dying when I was in school back in the day I heard Tony Sparano speak at a fund raiser. He was well spoken and articulate. I don't know what happened since then. Seems like Parcells hatred for the media rubbed off on him and he talks to them while gritting his teeth and biting his lip.

Can we fix the basketball lockout so the Heat can start playing again. It looks like the Dolphins are what they have been for the last 10 years. I'd like some excitement back in my sports world.

Riddle me this - why do the south FL beat writers so easily have a negative opinion of the Dolphins, but never ask any pointed, relavent questions of the coaching staff?


I dont trust Gruden. He won a SB with "Dungy's team". After he ran the wheels off of the wagon the Bucs sucked and the players hated him.

True we may have some good pieces on the team, but, I dont trust Gruden to frost the cake. Plus even more terrible, Gruden would want total control of incoming personel too.

That's never been proven to be Gruden's strong suit! ......And he's also shown he doesnt work well with others. Mainly his GM.


Now we know what you did during the off-season, watched old "Three's Compnay" re-runs; Mr. Roper! Lol!

IMO, the Fins would become an even greater train wreck with Gruden behind the brakes!


NHFINSFAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. I can't believe we were writing that at the same time. I heard the same exact things you did and wondered if I was the only one. Sure did seem like an audition. BVut the weird part for me was all of the "we" talk. It just seemed fishy as if there already is a back up plan or something. I know it's a stretch but I have never watched a commentator be so excited when talking about the future of a team and using "we" in his description. Perhaps Ross and Gruden are closer than anyone suspects. Ross certainly wasn't shy about going after Harbaugh so maybe he has an under the table deal with Chucky. I would rather it be Cowher but if this season goes down the tubes I will take any coach who actually coached an NFL team and wasn't a coordinator. Wanny,Saban,Cameron,Sparano= enough already.


Well, if Gruden does become our HC, at least we'll find a good QB. That's what he did down in Tampa, stockpiled quarterbacks.

I agree DB. It just excites me to think about the options. Cowher is my man and I would go with Fisher second, Gruden last. How about Fassell? hahaha well actually he has to be better than TS

If Gruden becomes our next hc Im sending all of my Dolphin meorabilia to Canton. Jersies included.

I want be needing them anymore!


Can't take the heat, leave. if you stay, take of your granny panties & nut up!

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | September 14, 2011 at 12:10 PM

I have to say, that's some GREAT advice Joe!

NEVER, under any circustances, NEVER Nut Up in Granny's Panties!

Yep...heard the verbal slip from Gruden using the "we" phrase a few times.
You just don't do that unless there is some kind of personal relationship there...very suspect.


My 1st choice is Cowher, 2nd Fisher, 3rd Anyone else that's innovative about 21st century football. IMO, Gruden isnt even an upgrade to Sparano!

I'll do some digging and see if there is any connections at all between Gruden & Carl Peterson.
If there is, then we've found the smoking gun!

Guys, I never heard any of those slip of the tongue from Gruden. But I must admit I never listen to anything he has to say anyway!


Woooaaahhhhhhh, wait a minute here. What is this?!


Now we know what you did during the off-season, watched old "Three's Compnay" re-runs; Mr. Roper! Lol!"

Posted by: Tracy474 | September 14, 2011 at 01:14 PM

DB you see this? I was talking to "that guy" about Mr. Roper and "Tracy474" responded to Armando saying something about Mr. Roper which I didn't see in his article. Is "that guy" Armando and who is "Tracy474" for that matter if this poster knows what's going on? (Cue the X-Files theme song)!

I would take Eric Mangini over Gruden! LOL...

So I noticed the Patriots signed Donald Thomas today and chopped some guy named Thomas Welch. Add this move to the Brain Waters move from last week. The damn Patriots and BB....can't they ever stop tinkering with their offensive line? You would think after all this time they would have their line straight and.......

Oh wait.....wrong team. Sorry....

I'm all good with the signing of Will Allen back with the Dolphins again but that's not enough! Add to this signing. Go and sign some other guys. I'm thinking Darius Butler if he's still out there but maybe there are other guys. I was horrified to watch that display on Monday. Blame it on the pass rush all you want (and yes, that was a factor) but our DBs just aren't good enough. Smith was HORRIBLE and now we have Allen and Carroll for depth. Still not good enough. I will say also that Jones was exposed for who he is....a GAMBLER. Sometimes it worked but not other items.

DB I hate to do it to you but saying Gruden will be a failure is almost the same as anyone saying Henne will never be good because of his past stats. But I do want Cowher first either way.

This team is on the cusp of becoming something special. They need to gel together and I think we will be just fine. We are a young team and it showed against the master Brady. We will regroup and be successful. The loss on Monday night stung us all, but we have a long season to go. I say let our team take the loss out on the Texans since we haven't beaten them yet. GO DOLPHINS!!!


Everytime Ive ever made a post to the "mysterious Tracy474" Ive never recieved a reply. I dont know if tracy474 or "tah guy" is Armando. But I do know there are a few posters who come here just for the enjoyment of creating new screen names.


Is "that guy" Armando Salguero? "Inquiring minds want to know,,,,,, I WANT TO KNOW!"

"the Dolphins did (through "consultant" Carl Peterson) reach out to Bill Cowher and John Gruden."

This was published back in early Jan during the Harbaugh fiasco.

So there is a link between both Cowher & Gruden to Peterson.

I'd put better that 75% chance that one of those two men are the next HC of the Fins should Sparano fall below .500%


Guys I hate to burst your bubble but I don't think Cowher has any intention of coming here. Supposedly last year he would have come here if he had complete control. I wouldn't want to give him complete control. He might be a good coach and a good motivator but what does he know about personnel. To me this smacks of Saban and we all know how that worked out.

On top of all that, look at the facts. A team that's been to the playoffs once in the last ten years, an owner that's more interested in sideshows and entertainment than a good football product and a fanbase that has dwindled and become blasse about the whole organization. I just don't see the Miami job as being that attractive to any candidates. Can't win at home and can't draw fans...looks like too much of a project for a guy like Cowher.

I cant beleave the so called brain trusts of NFL..consider Parcels a genius...The last 4 yrs the only thing he did was catch Pennyton when he feel into his lap. He took 12 million from dolphins for what? Sparono, Irland, A bunch of average def. lineman...average players everywhere yet we are against the salary cap..We cant be that stupid can we? and why is Hartline still starting?Carrol couldn't cover our own receivers in camp, I watched him all preseason he is bad. Untill we get new organizaion I will not go to a single game, its embarassing..

I think you add the fact that Henne may or may not be 'a Cowher guy' and a guy like Cowher would look at Miami as an organization where you have to start over. Yes there is a good nucleus here but what's our first round pick next year? A QB? A DB? Another RB? A WR? I don't know. If it's a QB, you're starting fresh again and how long before that guy comes good. Cowher would only come if he knew there was a good chance that this team would win and I don't think you can say with any certainty that will be the case. Not when you have BB and Brady in the same division.

Well Craig if that's the case then we wouldn't want him. I want a coach with a proven track record to come in and turn it around if TS can't this season. And if a coach doesn't want a job because it's too hard and not gift wrapped for him he's worthless. I would be very surprised if someone didn't want this job based on the fact that it would be too hard. This job as far as the players are concerned is the perfect job to get. They are seriously only a TE, a couple of backup LBs, one good CB TO man 3rd spot, a rg, and consistent QB play away from being a contender.

It seems like a lot but all can be had in next years draft and free agency. this team is ready for the finishing touches IMO but needs someone competent in the two head roles, coach and GM.

Ross is a very successful businessman and I have to believe that if this doesn't work he will see the error in his way and change so he can turn a larger profit.


I doubt Gruden could put together a credible list of coordinators that would even wanna work for him.


Craig, if you give cowher full control he'd take this job in a heartbeat. And I beleive he'll keep henne and possibly dabol. This team has talent. They just don't have a NFL caliber head coach that can outsmart Bellicheat. Cowher can bring that.

Bo the d-linemen are not average. Everyone is freaking out over one game while completely ignoring the stats these very same guys posted over the last 16 games. They will be better. Even NFL people all agree Miamis d-line is one of the best in the league. They just weren't prepared Mon night and a lot of that falls on the coaches for the awful scheme and inability to adjust to waht the Pats were doing. It's hard to rush three guys and get pressure on the QB when they have 5 to 7 guys blocking at all times.


I'd like to agree with you but I think our bias towards the team is clouding our judgement as to what this team is. What's our record in our last ten games at home? Something like 1-9? That's not good in the NFL. Why is that? I don't think it's a coincidence. It tells me we have no real home field advantage and it's hard to be successful in the NFL unable to win consistently at home. The Dolphins don't even generate the most interst in Miami any more and that's another thing the head coach will have to deal with. It's a big task.

The guy I would want is Jeff Fisher but I have absolutely no idea if he would take the job. My guess is he'll want to coach somewhere next year, so maybe he becomes a candidate.

I am now fine tuning my Radio.

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