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What's up with the Dolphins' 2nd round picks?

Starting off today, the Dolphins have signed Will Allen to a one-year deal according to a source, thus surprising no one. There you go.

Running back Daniel Thomas missed the Dolphins regular-season opener on Monday and coach Tony Sparano made it clear Tuesday the decision to make the rookie inactive wasn't that difficult.

“It didn’t end up being too close," Sparano said.

Thomas was limited all last week. He'll likely be eased back into practice this week but his status is not at this moment certain for Sunday's game against Houston. That may or may not be a big loss because what we saw of Thomas in the preseason and training camp wasn't exactly eye-popping awesome.

He was there. Just there.

And while that does not suggest Thomas will be good or not going forward, it does say he hasn't gotten off to a fast start. The makes me ask the question that you saw in the headline:

What's up with the Dolphins and their second-round picks?

This team has done very good work with its first-round under the current administration. This team has done good work with undrafted free agents under the current administration.

The team's second-round picks under this administration? Not impressive so far.

Phillip Merling was Miami's first second-rounder selected under this administration. He contributes on the team's defensive line shuttle but he hasn't exactly had a great career so far. He missed most of last year with an Achilles' injury. He didn't meet expectations his second season after a solid rookie year. He's sitting behind players the Dolphins drafted after him.

Chad Henne was also a second-round pick in 2008. He's been a starter for three years and has a 13-15 record in those three years. There are big hopes he can become a good, consistent quarterback. But can he be considered anything but a wait-and-see pick yet? We have to wait and see.

In 2009, the Dolphins picked Pat White with the 44th overall selection. Everyone knows how that turned it.

The club also took Sean Smith with the 61st overall selection. He is a starter. He is solid. But is he great? Is he a difference-maker? Not yet. He had the opportunity to be that last season but struggled to hold on to the seven passes in his hands that he could have converted into interceptions had he held onto those passes.

Last season's second round selection was Koa Misi. Starter. Solid as a rookie. We are in wait-and-see mode with Misi.

So the summary of Miami's work so far in the second round?

A backup defensive lineman. A quarterback about which everyone is hopeful but hasn't arrived yet. A bust quarterback. A staring corner. A starting outside linebacker. And a running back that still hasn't get his career started.

By the way, I asked NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger what he thinks of Thomas. Baldinger a former NFL offensive lineman studied all the draft picks this year.

"Is Daniel thomas going to help this football team? I don't think so. I think they missed on him," Baldinger said.


"He's a point of entry back which means he needs a hole to make yards rather than be good enough to make the hole himself," Thomas said. "He runs too upright. He's not going to give you anything on third down and he doesn't run with power. He has to build speed to get power. He's not going to push the pile. So I think he's going to be a very limited back for the Dolphins."


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Craig, if you give cowher full control he'd take this job in a heartbeat. And I beleive he'll keep henne and possibly dabol. This team has talent. They just don't have a NFL caliber head coach that can outsmart Bellicheat. Cowher can bring that.

Posted by: BoulderFinFan | September 14, 2011 at 01:43 PM


This exactly what I was trying to point to bone headed fans here during the hiring fiasco during the offseason.

We dont need just a hc, we need a hc that can compete with Bellichick as far as football smarts. IMO, Gruden cant hold a candle to Bellichick. We already have that now in Sparano!


We're going to agree to disagree. I have no idea if Cowher would take the job in a heartbeat if given total control and I don't think you do either. I also have no idea if he would keep Henne and/or Daboll. I don't believe he has ties to Daboll and he certainly doesn't have ties to Henne. We're all just speculating right now.

tell me who has a better d-line..Dolphins, pats, jets, buffalo, baltimore, ect...ours is aver. stats lie, we never stop good teams...our schedule last yr...cleveland,detroit,buffalo, beat-up greanbay,Hell...didn't pitt go the whole field with i:40 on the clock to beat us?

Same question. If TS gets fired, anybody better to replace him?

Sorry my last post was directed to LouD. It should have been to Boulder...apologies.

There are only 32 NFL teams on the planet!
If Gruden wants in he'll come back to Florida.

The test team here is 49ers...Harbaugh replaces Mike Singletary after a 6-10 season.

Harbaugh comes from a respected NFL lineage and coaches were knocking down doors to work for him...If he turns it around quickly there, Ross will be kicking himself.

We've all seen teams make huge turnarounds after a new front office cleans house.

We did after our 1-15 season, but have regressed ever since.

IF we finish the season at or below .500% I'd be open to a front office sweep to bring in Cowher, giving him TOTAL control.

You morons want to get rid of Sparano and bring in Cowher( took him 10+ years in pittsburgh to get it going or Fisher (took him 10+ with the oilers/titans) or Gruden who won it with dungy's team.....hhmm....thank Goodness you morons don't run the team!!!

craig, yea its specualation but cowher did say last year that the miami job if available was one he'd consider. Fisher might be good but again we want someone that can go toe to toe with Ryan and belicheat and I think out of cowher, fisher, or gruden I would take cowher.
IF henne throws for 4000 yards this year with a QB rating of over 90 no coach is gonna not want him? Who would be the QB if they dump henne?

In Sparano's presser he placed the blame on the players and and coaches for the defensive breakdowns. Why?

Isnt the hc's job to make sure all of the i's are dotted and t's crossed before gameday? You cant assume these things have been doine as hc, then go out on gameday and be "shocked" that it hasnt.

Sparano's still showing "something's missing" in the preparational arsenal all GREAT HC's must have. Extremely have we played well in ALL 3 phases of the game during Sparano's tenure as hc. This clearly shows me Sparano need begin looking in the mirror and pointing to himself.

What all of these things share in common is they are still consistently happening under his watch no matter the change.

Craig you really are attacking Cowhers personality without even knowing it. LOL You keep implying that he is looking for a cake walk and will only take a job if it's a team that is super bowl bound. I'm not sure where you're getting this idea from. Most coaches who are worth anything are as competitive as hell and wouldn't turn down a job because it's challenging. A lot of people thrive when challenged and look for those exact types of situations. I'm one of those people, love a challenge because I get to prove my worth. Someone hands something to me and I'm forever accused of riding someone elses hard work.

But I do agree with you on the Ross thing. The circus might be too much to stand. The whole orange carpet thing is f***ing embarrassing and makes the fans feel like we're just servants and that these "stars" are more important than us.

Surely Ross has to see this right? Surely he understands that football fans do not give a crap about celebrities or else we would be watching dancing with the stars instead of football! MR ROSS, PLEASE TELL US YOU UNDERSTAND YOU MADE A MISTAKE?! You made football in Miami into a Oscars awards banquet and no one comes to the games! You see this right? You now understand that it is more important to take care of the football side of the business to bring back paying customers correct?! Time to change the business model. Time to take a poll of fans who want to see this orange carpet disaster stay or go away.

Loud, dont tell me you think our drafts have been good or even average and our free-agent signings have been worse...hell, we over pay average players and are cap close for what..6-10 team..makes no sense

Craig I have no problem with Fisher, he's actually my second choice behind Cowher.

what about Ryans twin brother???? he seems to be able to coach


You'll have better chance of getting CraigM to change his underwear than change his mind.

Good luck! LOL...................................

Cowher is not in the same League as Belichick and hia organization are(few are). Still, I definitely would welcome him.(not sure he would want to come here).

Im out guys. Have great day! LOL...

DB, the problem with sparano is he can focus only on one side of the ball every off season. So we'll seesaw between a good offense and a good defense every year until he's fired


You omitted the see-saw st's! LOL...

Can you imagine the dumbass head coach that is gonna hire sparono as off. line coach..lol

Antonio join the conversation would ya? We're talking about who to bring in IF Tony fails. And you are talking about ancient history. You're talking about the ten years it took those coaches to turn it around without realizing that was 20 years ago and the game has changed. It is not unusual to see teams make a 2 to 3 year turn around these days, look at the Jets. Fired Mangini and one year later they are in the afc championship. They had a mediocre team just like us and if Ryan can turn that around in one offseason so should our head coach. I'm not waiting ten bleeping years.

Have we ever had a game under Sparano where all 3 units played well in the same game? LOL...

we need a strong head coach that has a great personel guy ...

Steve Young nailed it when he said "Miami needs to have a stable platform on which to build"
I agree 100%...the reason the Pats are great is stable ownership, front office & coaching.

But, if the personnel building this platform are the wrong people for the job...then its the owners job to keep searching until he finds the right group of people.

Building a solid professional sports team is hard...but if you put the "smartest" and "brightest" at the top of the Org Chart, everything below if falls into place.

....we don't have the smartest and brightest atop our organization so we will continue to be average at best.

Sunday could very well be the offense or st's day to suck!


"Bill Cowher is one of the most successful coaches in NFL history, who in his 15 years helming the Pittsburgh Steelers won eight division titles, earned 10 postseason playoff berths, coached 21 playoff games, advanced to six AFC Championship games (winning two) and made two Super Bowl appearances, winning one.

Under Cowher, the Steelers improved to 11-5 from a disappointing 7-9 season the previous year. In 1995, at age 38, he became the youngest coach to lead his team to a Super Bowl, losing 27-17 to the Dallas Cowboys. Cowher was only the second coach in NFL history to lead his team to the playoffs in each of his first six seasons as head coach, joining legendary Cleveland Browns'coach Paul Brown. He is one of only six coaches in NFL history to claim at least seven division titles. Under Cowher, the Steelers never had two consecutive losing seasons.

Cowher resigned after 15 seasons as the Steelers'coach on January 5, 2007, just 11 months to the day after winning Super Bowl XL over the Seattle Seahawks. “The Chin," as he was affectionately known for his prognathous sideline grimace, was rumored to be seeking a return to NFL coaching in 2008, possibly with the New York Giants.

It's amazing how certain people bashed on Henne for 3 straight years. Yes three, because they whined from the moment we drafted him.

These "Cry 'in my beer' Babies" would have cut him last year. I could just imagine what their team would have looked like Monday Night with Vince Young, Garrard, or even Orton playing instead of Henne. RIGHT!

There so worried about being wrong, that they've blinded themselves. There so obviously biased that even when Henne lights it up, they still give no props. They're so worried about being WRONG or RIGHT(and they're wrong)they can't even give credit when and where credit is due.

The latest: Henne only played well because the Patriots were playing soft(As if Bellicheat wasn't trying to stick a fork in us, or other QB's don't face these same situations-PLEASE).

When it counted most of course and we failed, it's all Henne's fault. Despicable the way they ignore the fact that the O-line and RB's couldn't punch it in. Even with the help of a 350 pound nose tackle.

Forget the fact that Marshall ran bad routes twice from the goal line. Forget that Marshall drops a probable TD just inside the plane. Forget the fact that the playcalls were somewhat questionable(to say the least)on the goal line. It was ALL on Henne!

When he plays well, it's the system, opponents soft defense, the celestial alignment, yada, yada, yadda............

When we as a team fail, it's ALL henne baby!!!!

Are they really fans of the Dolphins or just fans of their poor misguided EGOs?

Who knows, but just on a whim, I think I have a trivia question/answer they will just love.

Q: What two NFL quarterbacks set the record for most combined passing yards in a single game?

A: Former Michigan Alumni's Tom Brady and Chad Henne!

PS: We all know Brady, but for those of you that need a refresher, Henne is the guy that beat the snot out of T-Joke up in Orlando..........GET OVER IT ALREADY!


Pittsburgh is one of the best organizations in the NFL. Unless Cowher was in charge of personnel there, there's no reason to let him pick players here.

Ummmmm yeeeaahhhh. I want THAT coach. Hmmmmmmm turned a 7-9 team into an 11-5 teaM in one season and then posted those stats while being a head coach. Who in their right mind wouldn't sign up for that?

I love it! It's only been one game into the season and we're already talking about Gruden, Cowher, et al. I prefer Dungy myself, but he seems too content to be off the field these days.

If Ross is smart, he's already thinking of contingency plans. I'd like to know who he's looking at as the next GM - besides the obvious Peterson.

DB the only game I remember in the last 2 years that we were solid in all phases was oakland last year.

Should my beloved Fins end the season below 500% here is my short list of new HC:

Rob Ryan (this would be very interesting)

We need a big name, no nonsense, diciplined coach.

How can what's supposedly the strongest unit on your entire unit all of a sudden become the worst in the entire league?

That my friends Sparano eventually has to answer for. Every game we have teeter-tottered between one unit or the other playing like total garbage. That's the overall consistency we've had under Sparano.

Chances are always great that one of the 3 units will play like total crap from one game to the next. Lets see if the trend continues Sunday.

Overall I like Sparano, but if this trend doesnt end this season. Sparano must go! LOL...

JOe, I don't agree with you very often, but this is probably true. It PAINS me to agree with you.

Posted by: finsfan72 | September 14, 2011 at 12:52 PM

If you're a man of common sense & realistic views, it wouldn't pain you & you'd agree with me more.

For 1 reason: I don't base my views on what I think I know, I base them off what I do know.

You probably want to agree with me more but the echoing voice of optimism & the perception of me being Mr. Negative is prohibiting you of making the leap of faith.

When you're ready to take the plunge, I'll welcome you with open arms.

I'm sure sparano will be out coached this week by kubiak. Norv turner probably can't wait to play his hand against our defense in a couple of weeks. Sigh....

Yeah, Lewd. Here(there) most Fans are casual. They come, drink some, watch some butt, never to return. I know Ross is scratching his head on how to solve this, short of taking the Team outta FL. So are we.

This blog sucks. We haven't had major success with first round picks, we are probably one of the worst drafting teams in the last ten years and definitely in the last five. And it's getting worse.

@LouD: I believe this team is sooo close. It just needs to turn the corner. It just needs a new GM/HC combo who can push the team to the next level. A tandem that is better at player evaluation, that embraces a modern game philosophy, and has a championship attitude and experience to bring it all together. Cowher is a serious consideration - although I'm not sure how 'modern' his thinking is since he's been out of it for some time.

Guys one quick point at then I've got to go. There is NOTHING that Bill Cowher has shown that leads us to believe he is a great talent evaluator and deserves to be given complete control in Miami. I like him as a coach, I'm just not convinced he's a genius when it comes to running an organization. We blindly turned the Dolphins over completely to Bill Parcells to have complete control and where did that get us. I'm not perpared to do that again. You want a coach with a proven track record...agreed! I want a GM with a proven track record too. I don't want Cowher coming here, turning everything upside down and then bolting, as Parcells did because he's bored, or tired or not motivated, or whatever. Too disruptive!

Jeff Fischer took the Titans to the super bowl in his fourth season as head coach where they lost to the Rams "greatest show on turf". And the funny thing is his first three seasons as a coach the organization was a complete mess. Houston refused to build a new stadium to replace the old crappy decaying one and the Oilers were forced to move and change their name to the Titans. Fisher knew all of this was happening when taking the job . That might alleviate some fears about (this coach anyway) not taking the job because of turmoil. The Dolphins problems are nothing in comparison to what the Titans were going through.

And Fisher still got them to a 13-3 record in his fourth year. Is Tony bringing us to 13-3 this season. (holding in outrageous laughter). So to anyone saying it took these two coaches a long time to turn their programs around you're talking out of your a**. You should actually have facts to back up your assertion that you are using facts, it would help your arguments along.

Releasing Sapp was Sparano sending a clear message to the players: "Play like your life depends upon it or I'll get fired!"

The re-signing of W.Allen was Ireland say: "Help me Will, you're my last hope. I don't know what I'm doing!"

Worst mistake Robbie ever made was built his Stadium at its present site. Nobody advised him? Now. don't come about the Politicians here in Miami...... Now, Ross, Us, and everybody else is stuck with this million lb. White Elephant.

They miss on second round picks cause they reach on players ..they always draft someone who shouln't have gone that high..if you see daniel thomas highlights he had some hugh holes and in the nfl you aren't gonna see that they close fast!


Why the Cowher bio after ONE game....

It was bad...but its not time to jump ship yet....

Maybe it's not the HC and the problem is the little rat that went to hang from the owner's peanuts when he fell in love with another michigan boyfriend that turned them down to go to SF...by the way patriots signed another of the players that the little rat didn't value as an acorn (donald thomas)...Fins have gone from one of the top power rushing teams in the league to a team that cannot run for half a yard....look at how many players Fins "can't use" but patriots could???


Don't forget a lot of the time Fisher's hands were tied in Tennessee. The owner is a numbskull! Fisher didn't want Vince Young and he was forced upon him. There were times the owner want Young to play, while Fisher wanted to play Collins. Guys left in FA and the owner wasn't prepared to pony up to add talent. If Jeff Fisher and the GM could be left alone to get the job done, I believe he would have even more success than he had in Tennessee. Jeff Fisher is a good coach and a good football man. I'd rather have him than Chuckie.

inimounts not trying to be a know it all here just posting the facts. The Dolphins are actually around middle of the pack stat wise in drafting. I know it seems surprising but that's where they are ranked in the books. It looks worse because I believe the coaching situation is a mess. And judging by the fact that we openly tried to replace him last season and EVERYONE was on board it kind of helps prove the point. We're drafting players that other teams wanted as well. It's not like if we hadn't drafted them they would be working at WalMart

I am feeling radioactive. Why? Everytime I enter the Blog some very regular Posters have something else to do and sign off. hehe.

Another thing about this weekends games that was troubling was just how gased and sloppy alot of teams looked. I`m not sure if it was the lack of OTA`s or the new 1 practice a day deal but it wasn`t just our D that looked comnpletely out of sync. I saw the Pitt Vs. Ravens game and thought the Steeler D looked lathargic as well as the Giant D Vs. Wash. The Saints didn`t look like they could tackle to save there lives on Thurs. night ect..

The D`s have always been better early on not just because of the O`s getting in sync but also because they can focus more on the conditioning aspects as opposed to O`s working on scheme`s. Everybodies asking why we were so gased early but in reality everybody should be asking why so many D`s League wide looked that way week one. I am beginning to hate this new rule of one organized practice per day and think it should be revisited next off-Season

and LouD....for rhe record....I don't think Sporono is a good coach....as a matter of fact...I think he stinks as a HC....

but....i got to ride with him.....

I know kris, not giving up on Tony completely. I just posted that because the conversation came up about what to do if Tony posts a losing record which would obviously mean the end of his time here in Miami. Ross already tried to replace him last season and another losing record will ensure that Ross doesn't miss on his guy this time around. So we started coming up with names of possible replacements and I think we all agree that we're sick of coordinators being given a chance to succeed.

Why do the fins still force the ball to Bmarshall in the goalline...in denver that was his weakness despite his height he's not adept to jump balls ..for all his catches for denver he didn't score alot of td's..why not throw it to him before the goalline than let him use his size to force himself to the endzone..look for fasano or a guy like bess that can get get his head and body turned around quickly!Rosario's signing gave a boost to fasano cause he played great..that shows you how competition brings that best out of players ..see benny sapp this guy was more into it when will allen was on the team..than when will allen got cut he didn't need to look behind his back for no one than we know what happen!

I'm used to that, though. What bothers most People is the Truth(about themselves, of course).

Craig 100% agree. Fischer was screwed by the owner and I'm glad you pointed it out because I forgot about the Vince Young thing. Meddling owners always screw their teams. Fischer knows what he's doing and should have been given the respect of being able to pick his own players and who will start or sit.

LouD...I see your post @ 2:25....now I understand better...

Sparano & Ireland are a bottom 5 combo HC/GM in this league.
Yesterday we could have won the game simply by having a guy capable of punching it from the 1. Bad luck, they have just dumped the best 1 yard runner in the NFL over the last 3 years, Polite.
Then they cut scapegoat Sapp, who they have prefered to Allen 2 weeks ago...
Apart from being mediocre those two guys are also extremely cynical.

Even if the Fins get the wildcard Tony is gone!

All right people gotta go. EXCELLENT posts in here today! It was fun talking and debating with all of you and talk to you all later.

At time Don Shula must be rotfl his a*ss off. Then there are times he must be rotf crying his a8ss over the state of this franchise for over a decade now.

We have the greatest hc ever(winniest record) and never once has any of the past hc's ever picked up the phone to get his input.

IN-FVCKING-CREDIBLE. THIS MAY BE THE GREATEST TRAVESTY OF ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need a big name, no nonsense, diciplined coach.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | September 14, 2011 at 02:07 PM

I vote for Singletary with the stipulation he keeps Nolan, Cox and Daboll for continuities sake.

This way we get the strong no prima dona bullshyt personality without having to tear everything apart and start all over.

Besides, he's probably the only guy out there that would agree to these stipulations!

So, for now, I'm calling for Singletary!!!!

Sure, fin4, I noticed that too. But that's Belichick's Genius. He KNEW that would happen(poor conditioning) early on in the Season, and he took the initiative.(just in case, I don't like the SOB just one bit).

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