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What's up with the Dolphins' 2nd round picks?

Starting off today, the Dolphins have signed Will Allen to a one-year deal according to a source, thus surprising no one. There you go.

Running back Daniel Thomas missed the Dolphins regular-season opener on Monday and coach Tony Sparano made it clear Tuesday the decision to make the rookie inactive wasn't that difficult.

“It didn’t end up being too close," Sparano said.

Thomas was limited all last week. He'll likely be eased back into practice this week but his status is not at this moment certain for Sunday's game against Houston. That may or may not be a big loss because what we saw of Thomas in the preseason and training camp wasn't exactly eye-popping awesome.

He was there. Just there.

And while that does not suggest Thomas will be good or not going forward, it does say he hasn't gotten off to a fast start. The makes me ask the question that you saw in the headline:

What's up with the Dolphins and their second-round picks?

This team has done very good work with its first-round under the current administration. This team has done good work with undrafted free agents under the current administration.

The team's second-round picks under this administration? Not impressive so far.

Phillip Merling was Miami's first second-rounder selected under this administration. He contributes on the team's defensive line shuttle but he hasn't exactly had a great career so far. He missed most of last year with an Achilles' injury. He didn't meet expectations his second season after a solid rookie year. He's sitting behind players the Dolphins drafted after him.

Chad Henne was also a second-round pick in 2008. He's been a starter for three years and has a 13-15 record in those three years. There are big hopes he can become a good, consistent quarterback. But can he be considered anything but a wait-and-see pick yet? We have to wait and see.

In 2009, the Dolphins picked Pat White with the 44th overall selection. Everyone knows how that turned it.

The club also took Sean Smith with the 61st overall selection. He is a starter. He is solid. But is he great? Is he a difference-maker? Not yet. He had the opportunity to be that last season but struggled to hold on to the seven passes in his hands that he could have converted into interceptions had he held onto those passes.

Last season's second round selection was Koa Misi. Starter. Solid as a rookie. We are in wait-and-see mode with Misi.

So the summary of Miami's work so far in the second round?

A backup defensive lineman. A quarterback about which everyone is hopeful but hasn't arrived yet. A bust quarterback. A staring corner. A starting outside linebacker. And a running back that still hasn't get his career started.

By the way, I asked NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger what he thinks of Thomas. Baldinger a former NFL offensive lineman studied all the draft picks this year.

"Is Daniel thomas going to help this football team? I don't think so. I think they missed on him," Baldinger said.


"He's a point of entry back which means he needs a hole to make yards rather than be good enough to make the hole himself," Thomas said. "He runs too upright. He's not going to give you anything on third down and he doesn't run with power. He has to build speed to get power. He's not going to push the pile. So I think he's going to be a very limited back for the Dolphins."


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I'm not going to give up on Daniel Thomas until I see this guy run in a game. Nobody knows what he is capable of. Even he probably doesn't know yet. Can we give the guy a fighting chance please. Geez!!

Yeah! sucks

i like what daboll has done. nolan had a real lapse but in his defense; he has to work with what he's given. this falls on talent eval which leads to ireland. he doesnt have a clue. first he wanted to go young so all the vets were chopped. then he wanted to go big and wanted prototype players. then he wanted LB's so we acquired 11 last year. now he has assembled 5 TE's;only one is NFL ready(fasano). i make the assertion that ireland isnt drafting "ballers"(tough football guys;like bruschi,woodhead,welker,polomalu that wouldnt fit our size requirements. guys arent given time to develop(a.armstrong,donald thomas,e.walden,thigpen,pat turner,edds,etc) the pats have a system and talent eval who look for a certain type of individual to insert into their "system". they look for your weaknesses and carve you up like a christmas turkey. we need a change at the top to end ireland's "learn on the job" mentality. we need an NFL GM and COACH. asap.

Ireland is less than average as a GM. This team would be better off listening to Kiper Jr. And that guy doesn't have a clue.

Miami gassed on their own field? Sacrilege! Loudmouth, improperly-conditioned, young punk prima donna D backs burnt to a crisp, made to eat their words, schooled right out of the game. Wondering if Mike Nolan was so affected by being booted out of Denver that he still has not recovered, can't focus. Smith and Davis need to study Surtain and Madison tapes. This D was not physical enough. The master Belichick totally neutralized Miami's defensive strengths. The lost looks on the scrawny, under-sized Nolan Carroll were very telling. How is this kid on the roster? Why didn't you run Larry Johnson on the goal line? Why bother to re-sign him if you aren't gonna used him for his abilities? This organization just sucks Top To Bottom, period.

Today is Wendesday and I'm still thinking why didn't the Dolphins just run a QB sneak when it was 4th and half a yard for a TD. When was the last time A QB sneak failed? I wanted to through a brick at my TV and wish it magically hit Spanrano for not over turining that play call! SMH

The people who evaluated and selected them is what's wrong with Miami's second round picks, plain and simple.

I'm not going to give up on Daniel Thomas until I see this guy run in a game. Nobody knows what he is capable of. Even he probably doesn't know yet. Can we give the guy a fighting chance please. Geez!!



No, unfortunately we can't. The guy simply is a bust. The sorry truth is that both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are better then him. Ireland is pathetic.

Stephen Ross is more pathetic for keeping him.

Any news if Polite is coming back?

They could have used him on the short yardage.

After a year or two under a new Head Coach, Ireland will receive his walking papers too!

The next coach will hire his own GM. I still think we will see BILL COWHER as the next coach of the Miami Dolphins in 2012. He would have been coach this year if Stephen Ross would have let him fire Ireland (he wouldn't).


Perfectly stated at 11:36 pg 2

I believe Pat White will play in the NFL within the next three years just not at QB.

Special teams/kickoff/punt return/receiver

He'll probably go to the CFL first.

Finally we are taking back out team. Hell with showing love. Let them black out the games we can always watch the other teams play without the pain of our team losing. Out of sight out of mind.

Ireland is an average GM. He hits on about 50 percent of his personnel decisions. For every Jake Long, there's a Pat White. Other than Henne, most of his 2nd round picks are questionable at best. He and Sparano think they are better and smarter than they really are. Ross probably fires Tony first, then keeps Ireland for continuity. After a year or two under a new Head Coach, Ireland will receive his walking papers too!

Posted by: Tracy474

Unfortunately, I agree with you. For some reason, Ross likes Ireland. Look for Sparano to be gone and Ireland stay.

if thats the case then cowher wont take job. cowher would of taken job last year but ross wouldnt fire his butt buddy ireland

Sparano and Ireland are blowing Ross's money like he's got a printing press somewhere.

Sapp, being a vested veteran, is owed his entire salary of $1.9 million after playing exactly one game this year. Sparano and Ireland are failing and after Ross gets a good look at all the fans disguised as orange seats on Sunday, the clock starts ticking on their eventual firings.

Good riddance!!

i figured it out! and if your a miami baller you already know this...
every player on the 53 man roster are afraid to play over and above for fear that they will be cut.
history shows:
a) camarillo, dropped 1 pass all season CUT!
b) welker, dropped maybe 2 more passes then camarillo, returns kicks for TD's, successfully subs as field goal kicker CUT!
c) david martin, only reciever catching the deep ball and getting y.a.c. CUT!
d) LOUSAKA POLITE, do i really need to explain this one? GOLD, in short yardage situations!
e) anthony armstrong, played with a heart as big as welkers, and is doing very well as of late CUT!

watch out henne! if you get too good you'll get the axe too!

If Orton was QB for us on Monday and threw for 417yrds, ran for over fifty and a TD, and threw for a couple more all you would have read was how we would have never gotten that from Henne. The missed throws would have been" It's a new QB and it's a new system for him and after a little bit of time he will be just fine." I'm not saying he was perfect just give him some freakin credit. The most alarming aspect was the play selection when we were on the 1. Our staff doesn't have the comfidence in the oline and our backs to get one yard. That speaks volumes. If your the Texans your licking your chops knowing that we can't pass , or pass protect, to save our lives. Of all the things that Phins Fans have to be concerned about Henne is about a dozen or so slots down the list.

JOe, I don't agree with you very often, but this is probably true. It PAINS me to agree with you.

Posted by: finsfan72 | September 14, 2011 at 12:52 PM

If you're a man of common sense & realistic views, it wouldn't pain you & you'd agree with me more.

For 1 reason: I don't base my views on what I think I know, I base them off what I do know.

You probably want to agree with me more but the echoing voice of optimism & the perception of me being Mr. Negative is prohibiting you of making the leap of faith.

When you're ready to take the plunge, I'll welcome you with open arms.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | September 14, 2011 at 02:08 PM


Don't get crazy on me. I just agreed with one statement, and yes, I do on very rare occassions agree with you. You're not a COMPLETE idiot like I thought the first day I read your posts ( when I called you Joe Blow Me).

But for the most part you seem bitter and disgruntled, probably have a miserable life and come here to take out your frustrations. You ARE Mr. negative. Sorry, dude, that's not me. I won't be joining your club anytime soon (ever).

run block, or pass protect

Oh, you can just about bet on Ireland being here. Hard to believe a billionaire doesn't have better advisors.

At a Dusty Bottoms...umm...Wow..game 1 and the year is over already. Get rid of Henne. Yea, he only had over 400 yds. Wow...what a fan...jerk off!!!

This GM is 8==(( US!!! He needs to go!!!

Polite, Allen WTF we lost because they weren't on the team!!! F-in GM!!!

Why didn’t we run LJ at the 1/2 yard-line in the 4th quarter? WHY SPARANO, WHY didn’t you give LJ the ball at least a half dozen times in the game when it was obvious Bush was a little winded. Everybody, I have been rooting for this coaching staff and GM for their entire tenure, but it's obvious they will not get us to the big dance. Sparano did not have the team prepared Monday night. Ireland calls his personnel moves "churning the roster", but I call it "don't know what the f.ck he's doing" They will both be gone within 3 DAYS OF THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON! They (Sparano's coaching staff) are not putting the players in the best position to succeed and Ireland is not making good (and timely) personnel decisions. Both of them are in over their heads. My prediction, barring a miraculous season AND a head coaching and GM complete philosophy change, is that Ross will go after Cowher when our season is over. I really hope these 2 clowns ( I don’t mean that in a harsh way, but anyone can see they really are clowns) get it together and give us a good season and therefore, save their jobs. I am not basing this on Monday night’s loss, but an overall opinion of the 3+ years they have been here.

Sapp is a sap. Couldn't beleive the cut for Sapp. If Will only lasts a month it is worth it to get rid of Sapp. Major improvement in personnel. Anybody think we need a cover LB like A.J. for the TE's. Afterall we cut him because we did not have time to evaluate him( Sporano). But I agree with stillhard,these guys have no perseption of talent at all.


Thank you, Badger. Good point about Allen and Edds. We cut Edds because we did not have enough time and we didn't get a good look at him, same excuse as the Allen cut. Now we bring back Allen. Maybe Belichick gives us a do-over on Edds. Maybe Monday night's game also. LMFAO!!


LETS GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Curious as to why the change in offensive attack?You guys were built for a grind it out running attack..why the change?

Maybe the phins could make a deal with the texans for slayton?

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