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Name we all might have to learn: Clyde

When the Boston Globe recently asked me to give the name of a Dolphins player the Beantown fans didn't know but might have to learn by the end of tonight's game between the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots, I had to think for a while.

Reggie Bush is new but he's also known.

Marc Colombo is known and if he becomes too well known tonight , I'm thinking that would not be for good reasons.

Mike Pouncey? He's a first round pick. He's not exactly under the radar, either.

I gave them Clyde Gates.

You will see him tonight as will the Patriots. He'll be the wide receiver on the outside, typically streaking over the top of the New England secondary.

That's significant. In a game where Brandon Marshall will be moved all around -- slot, X, Y, perhaps even in the backfield if somebody gets really innovative -- in order to get him away from double-coverage, the easiest way to actually get that done is give the defense another receiver to worry about.

If Gates can get behind the new New England deep secondary even once, that will pretty much do the trick. Suddenly, the safety over the top of Gates will have to respect his speed. If Marshall is inside of Gates on the same side, his chances of facing single corner coverage will then improve.

Obviously, a lot has to do with whether Chad Henne can connect on a deep pass with Gates. That didn't happen in the preseason. It was not that frequent in practices open to the media, either. But they have been practicing for several weeks in closed sessions, so maybe the timing has improved.

Gates was open deep this preseason. I will say that.

It would make sense to give the Patriots something to think about so that they cannot focus on just Marshall or Bush.

Gates and his speed is that something.

"My game is speed, but I don't want to just be known as a speedster," Gates recently told me. "I want to be an every-down player. It's technique and knowing what you're doing and just effort."

By the way, and to explain this once and for all, Clyde is not really Gates' name. It is Edmond.

"My dad name was Clyde so everyone just called me Clyde," he said. "It's cooler. Way cooler. It makes me feel cooler as well."

Perhaps by the end of this evening, everyone will know Clyde Gates a little better.


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What's fourth and fifth...Santa and the Tooth Fairy?

Posted by: Pat Patriot | September 12, 2011 at 02:53 PM


4th - Your Mom, face down and but up!

5th - Your Sister..........wait for it..........WAIT..........BUT UP and FACE DOWN!!!!

6th - Reserved especially for you, sloppy seconds on Brady after Wake and Taylor "Have had their way with him"!

PS: Bring some protection, he'll be "leaking".


Typical Oden Reply, Oden, Shouldnt you get a few hours of sleep to freshen up from your afternoon drunk fest?

Just don't call him Edmond!

Typical Oden Reply, Oden, Shouldnt you get a few hours of sleep to freshen up from your afternoon drunk fest?

Posted by: TK8 Wannabe | September 12, 2011 at 03:06 PM

I got it covered! Thanks for the concern.

I'm speed balling(shooting up) some Cocaine and Heroin with my Kids to sober up for the game.

I want them to be READY come GAME TIME!


TK8 Wannabe,

Aloco is that you? Didn't you get busted this morning?

I just wish he'd do some more of Paul Blart-Mall Cop stuff-LOL!

When he was pretending to be texting from his Sqaud Car during a Hurricane-Freaking Hilarious ;)

Come on, accuse yourself of being a "huffer" again, THAT was PRICELESS!

Im pumped up for the game tonight! Im going out on a limb to say if we win tonight game were going 11 and 5! Lets go Dol-fans get off of your fat assess and cheer for your home team!

guess where our first round draft pick from 2 yrs ago is??? Odrick..... 3rd String. I dont know about yall but thats pathetic that hes not starting!!

You know people i wanna be on the band wagon sooo bad... But there is nothing I can hang on to about this team. I feel the whipping of a lifetime coming on tonight.

OMG I hope im eating crow in the morning. I be the first one at the table!!

Actually, I'm just pumped about the season opener on Monday Night Prime Time.

I wish just one time we could do this blog proud without having to put up with..........you know..........The "Hover-Round Menace".

Everytime I come on I post cordial to all the fellow bloggers.......and then..........he attacks. Not a night goes by that we can have a serious conversation without this blog getting the internet equivalent of Cyber Herpes.

Anyways, I'm betting on our New Look offense shocking the Patsies!

Go PHINS!!!!

On another note. Tony Romo is the biggest choker ever. They pretty much had the Jets buried and he blows it. What a shmuck! Oh Sanchez looks like the Sanchez of last year.

gates is the key ingredient we were missing!!!!
speed deep!!!!
I think the Phins actually will beat the Pats hands down,

Duper should be working with him.

Hey Armando, what the Boston sport writers were actually asking you, in a round -a-bout way was, "who on the Dolphins is good enough that they will be playing for the Patriots soon?"

Yeah I want to see how Reggie does.
Yeah I want to see how Henne does.
Yeah I want to see how Gates does.

For some reason though, I seem most curious to see how Odrick does and how much playing time he gets and how dominant he looks, like he did on a few plays in preseason. He is the biggest unknown to me.

Pat the Patriot-dork:

Were you not supposed to cut up a new hoodie for that half-pint troll coach of yours? Go do your duty now and get lost.

My mother called me Edmond once.


Odrick is a 3rd stringer. Can you say bust. He's not dominant just another guy.

Putting an awful lot of pressure on a fourth round pick, aren't we?

One thing I did notice around the league yesterday, condition, or lack thereof did play a major role and took quite a toll.

While I have no reason to believe it won't affect us negatively, I do have good reason to believe it will be worse on the Boston Patriots playing in South Florida!

I would factor this into my overall game plan to a certain degree. Score quick and grind on them in the first half. Grind em out in the second half!


jacked out of my skin for this matchup

chowdahead boston writers are morons....they will know all the names by 10PM go fish!!

Clyde the Glide......I know it's been done but who cares.

Hey Armando, can you help out? The Boston sports writers need to know the names of the players they are laughing at.

Here's something and it's not new: Look at the high scores from this past weekend. Got to put up points. Buffalo put up 41!!!!!

Putting an awful lot of pressure on a fourth round pick, aren't we?

Posted by: jrljr2 | September 12, 2011 at 03:52 PM

Nonsense! What pressure? He's only expected to;
1. run as fast as possible (along the side line)
2. catch the ball if it comes his way (and keep going).

Piece of cake.

Gawd....I wanna kick Romo in the acorns.

THE JETS ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE...stop, rewind, beep beep.

If the fins end up being the only AFC east team that loses this weekend, ho boy, look out. It'll be like chumming for jet trolls.

i like JT for a pick 6 tonight...always has tormented brady and there is nothing on offense for the cheaters that frightens me....they will be lucky to put up 14 by the end of the night

27-14 Flounders....huge game from Bess, quietly efficient...

Gates is up to the challenge. I think he beats out Hartline almost instantly if given the chance.

Not knocking Hartline, but Clyde has got "IT".

It's just a matter of SpOrano letting him get the opportunity!

It will be interesting to see which team has the most fan support in the stands tonight.

We will get killed tonight.

why is that interesting, who cares

as- the obvious answer was - edds

Pat Patriot,

you really are a tiresome twit. A for effort, though.

Tonight begins the Dolphin's season long fight for draft positioning.

I wonder if the lock-out has impacted the cheerleader's synchronicity. Tonight should be telling.

ted ginn jr lol boy we could use some of those returns in tonights game. imagine a core of gates, marshall, bess and ginn that would be nice. yea??? lol


Couldn't agree more. Gates will be running open a couple times tonight and if Henne can hit him look out.

The important thing to note here is that we are so lucky we don't have sissyboy Toni Roma as our QB. I feel sorry for the Cowboys.

uh ginn is awful

forget about ginn he is old news and sucked for us..end of story wait til seasons end to get all worked about manos de pidros.....

The Seahawks are bad.

I think Carroll is actively pursuing Andrew Luck.

I wouldn't put too much meaning into anything the 49's did. Consider it a 5th pre-season game for them.

Ginn is what we thought he is, a good return man. That's all but we need someone who is going to catch the ball and the last time I saw Ginn he dropped touchdown passes on his hands. That's nice he got two returns, but that team wasnt good anyway. We all just thought they were better than the 49ers.

lets go dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

colts,chiefs,seahawks all trying to steal luck from us

Pat the Patriot:

Get home right this minute young man!!! You forgot to make your bed and you promised to louffa my stretch marks tonite. Geez, you would think a grown man would have found his own place to live by now instead of living in my basement for cryin out loud!

Lots of key injuries across the league Sunday. Lockout taking its toll and the owners are the losers from it. Looks for lots of lopsided games and lots of changes in the final standings this season.

The one word I don't want to here in Sparanos post game interview?


Does anyone remember the contract Ginn had?

PLEASE! Good return man for us, but he couldn't catch a cold. Especially at crunch time. Maybe once his enitre time here.

I was happy to see him go, but wouldn't have minded keeping as a return guy. The problem is, we were paying him first round draft pick money.

Thanks, but ah, NO!

PS: Are we seriously talking Ginn the day of the season opener?

DA @ 4:59 and 5:01,

I agree and God FORBID!


...What will this game tell us about our team tonight? If we win does it mean we are going to be a force to be rekoned with going forward? If we lose but play it close, is that a moral victory? Or If we get blown out, does this signal a long year ahead of us? IMO it is tough to really judge a team after 1 week of play. Sure there may be some positives that we can gain from if we lose..But it is still a loss. Also. A win would give us some much needed confidence. But will that carry over to the following weeks?

Remember, there are a ton of questions that will not be answered tonight. Short of injuries to players. We will not know what kind of team we are after just 1 week.. The expectations for this team for everyone outside of the fan base aren't much. We could "shock the world" with a win tonight. But does that automatically put us in the category with the team that are expected to make playoff runs? I say no. It puts us in first place for a week, just like last year. Many of us made the mistake of over-rating this squad after our 2 opening road wins, only to be brought down to earth with a string of inconsistant performances. Lets see how this team does after a month of play before making a call on it's ablities, or lack there of.

I'm not saying ignore this game if we win. Celebrate, soak it in. We deserve that. But lets not try and draw to many conclusions positive or negative from tonights game. Too many games to play before we know what our team will be.

it'll be like early Xmas present if henne hits gates on a long one tonight. Lets go phins!!

DD, I agree. I just don't want to get blown out. Limit the mistakes and play a hard fought game. That's all us as fans can really ask for.


Tonight's game has already taught me one thing:

I assumed the pronunciation of Daboll's last name was Dah-boll.

Thx to Teddy Bruschi and espn I have now found it's pronounced:



Mando, let's be fair here. The deep passes were not all on henne. Clyde needs to learn how to judge the ball in the air, and not look up at it or at the defender the entire time in the air. Once he gets better field skills I think they will connect.

some of the problem was Henne, but I did see a glaring weakness in clyde loosing stride because he is looking back to often.

Not sure if you have seen that also. But something to pay attention to. Can not get to full speed looking the other way.


What I learn from watching some of Clyde Gates college highlights reel was he had a great penchant for YAC scoring yardage too. I saw many ctaches where he beat guys underneath, made the first tackler miss, and taking it all the way to house.

So everyone thinking Gates is a blow by you deep wr only will be pleasantly surprised to see he's more than just a one trick pony.

Dying...That's funny. I didn't know who he was talking about at first either..Who is this Day-bowl? I thought it was DA-Bowl as well. The things you can learn in a day..

odin, you say you are pumped... are you fist pumped.... hahahah!

Sorry could'nt resist. I for one am getting ancy, but on the west coast the game starts at 4PM and I work until 5PM!!!!


Im using Bruschi's pronunciation of "DAY-BOWL" for Daboll from now on out. Bruschi was at New England when Daboll was there. SO he should know the correction pronunciation of Daboll is "DAY-BOWL". LOL...


Nice post.

A win tonight will be just another step in a long journey towards respectability and competitiveness.

A loss to one of the better teams of the past decade will not be the season either.

I think more importantly is how we play for 60 minutes. If we win or at least play them tough well into the 4th quarter, that indicates PROGRESS. Nothing more. It'll mean we can play with the big dogs and should be a confidence booster either way.

If we get blown out or beat ourselves with a lot of mental mistakes, it'll be almost catastrophic to an already precarious situation. Not the end of the world, but it will be perceived as being worse than what it really is, by EVERYONE. The Players, Coaches, Fans and the Owner.

It's not to say we can't bounce back from an implosion, but the potential consequences can be, and I think will be very bad with lasting effects.

I think were teetering on the brink of turning the peoverbial corner. If we win or "show" we make a statement. Blow out or self destruct, we totter towards more mediocrasy.

You probably already know my position.............

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