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Are Dolphins so bad Sunday is hopeless?

I covered the University of Miami football team in the mid-to-late 1980s when they were rolling to the point they had more talent than today's Dolphins. (It's not an argument so don't even think about it because today's Dolphins don't have anyone the caliber of Jerome Brown, Michael Irvin, Bennie Blades, Brett Perriman, Vinny Testaverde, Brian Blades, Russell Maryland, Cortez Kennedy, Melvin Bratton, Alonzo Highsmith, Dan Sileo and others.)

Anyway, one of the rituals the I and other reporters covering those Canes had to endure was listening to Jimmy Johnson and later Dennis Erickson gush about how dangerous or deceptively good clearly overmatched, no-chance-having teams like East Carolina or Cincinnati or San Jose State really were if you looked really deep down and studied their tape really, really hard.

Those coaches were simply trying to convince the media, and by extension, their players that the team they were about to murder should not be underestimated.

Well, I've gone from covering that University of Miami team back then to East Carolina today.

That's right. This week the Dolphins are playing the role of East Carolina or San Jose State to the New York Giants' version of those former day Canes.

NYG coach Tom Coughlin has apparently taken a page out of the old coaching handbook and tried to convince his team the Dolphins are really, really good if you grab a microscope and study them for a long time.

“‘Respect all and fear none’ is the approach we take,” Coughlin said. “What we are trying to do is be concerned with our team and making sure that our team takes our execution to another level. We want to eliminate any lull in our play.”

Coughlin is basically trying to keep his team from being bored by the prospect of playing the winless Dolphins. He's trying to make sure his team doesn't play down to the opposition. He's trying to make sure his team plays its game and if it does, there is no way they can lose.

The message is obviously resonating in the New York locker room where quarterback Eli Manning is repeating the marching orders for the week:

“[Miami] could easily have several wins," Manning said. "Little things have prevented them from winning some tight games. A lot of them have come down to the wire. They’ve played teams tight. They’ve played hard. They have a lot of talent. A lot of teams have had trouble with them."


The Dolphins have a lot of talent?

Could that talent be at quarterback, where Matt Moore last year helped the Carolina Panthers secure a record good enough to have the first pick in this year's draft?

Could that talent be at running back, where Reggie Bush has never been the impact player he was billed to become coming out of college as the No. 2 pick in the draft?

Could that great talent be responsible for Miami's 0-6 record?

Let's face it, folks, the Dolphins have become something worse than a league-wide joke. They've become a team other teams have to lie about to make it seem like they'll be challenged. They've become a team opposing coaches fear their players will dismiss or overlook.

That is not, by the way, a badge of distinction.

If you look at the Giants, coming off a bye, getting healthy, in first place in the NFC East, the situation seems almost hopeless for Miami. I felt the Dolphins had a better chance of winning the opener against New England than they do of winning Sunday.

Before the opener, at least, people believed the Dolphins defense could contain New England. People had hope Miami's quarterback could put up points because he'd shown promise in the preseason.

Where do these Dolphins give hope now?

Better said, to size up the current state of Miami's football fortunes try to complete this sentence in the comments section:

"The Dolphins can beat the Giants on Sunday if ..........."

I love reading good fiction.


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Miami Dolphins: Same circus, different clowns...


Miami Dolphins: Same circus, different clowns...

If.... manning becomes the interception machine again for this game. But then again, who will catch them?

I never thought as a Dolphins fan I would have to endure another 2007 season but here we go agin. De-Ja-Vu all over again!

Blow it up on 3! Blow it up on 3!



Finaly score prediction

GMen 30
Fins 10

Sid Rosenberg is going to be laughing at the Dol-fans

Well the Seahawks beat the Giants so guess anything is possible. Mark's spot on, we would have to have a large turnover disparity maybe coupled with an early injury to Eli. Only 10 point dogs however.

Lucky Seven

If they play like they played against Seattle, another pretty awful team! Giants aren't that great and they can be beat if they fall asleep like they did against the Seahawks. The Giants are playing this the right way, they are making the Dolphins out to be something that they are not...a competent team. Chances are the Giants win this one by a touchdown or less...probably not playing full out.

if .... the Giants think it's an away game and show up at the wrong stadium.

Why don't you get another job ? You seem so unhappy with the easy one you have !

The Dolphins, under this regime, don't know how to win. Tebow proved that.

One game closer to a QB we can get excited about.....One day closer to draft day

if... Dan Marino falls from sky 30 years younger...

I think you need to ease up a but on Matt Moore, Armando. I'd hardly say 'he helped the Panthers to the first pick in the draft'. The guy played 4 games and started 3. Not sure with all the injuries they had, the deficiences as a result of FA losses and the fact that the team mailed it in last year for a deadman walking coach in John Fox, that it was all Matt Moore's fault. In actuality I think you could blame Jimmy Claussen who played more games and played a lot worse, a lot more than you could blame Moore. Nobody is trying to say this guy is great but he's our backup QB. He's not terrible, as a backup QB.

If...they were only allowed to play 7 players to our 11. STILL, I think we'd need to pay off the refs in order to secure victory.

That's 100%, absolutely the ONLY way we win.

I'm SO HAPPY I get to go and watch the miserable team live and in the flesh.

I'll be greg z. for you folks next week. Mando, if you're at the stadium Sunday, I'll be the guy wearing my Halloween costume (consists of just a Dolphins jersey, when people ask I'll tell them I'm a fake professional football player).

Craig, from last blog,

Craig, I hope in your situation Jones becomes that true franchise QB. I haven't heard anyone say he's a sure thing (the way Luck is said to be). Guessing wrong on the next best QB in the Draft will put the franchise back another decade.

The next FO can get a lot wrong and fix it. If they get THIS wrong (#1 pick QB), well, we'll have some more seasons like this to look forward to.

Not saying Landry won't be special. Not saying Long won't be missed. I guess I'm alluding to the fact that multiple FO's have been deadly wrong on this position for more than a decade here. I wish I could trust anyone as much as you do, unfortunately recent history doesn't allow that.

If we don't get Luck, I'm sh*tting in my pants all off-Season until I see the product on the field next Sept.


Poor bugger!! Don't envy you bud. I've been offered my friends season tickets for the Dolphins game in Buffalo later this year. 35 yard line, 10 rows back. I had to say....'no thanks'. Can't sit there and watch my team get pounded in enemy territory.

Some of you guys actually think we have a shot? I dont, As a matter of fact I'll cut my pe pe off if we win. That's how confident I am we wont win.

It's sad when u are delusional. With our joke O line and a horrible secondary, The Giants will destroy us. They are fighting for the playoffs. We are trying to win for Pride. Pride loses every time. Our line killed Henne and now Moore is.banged up. Is JP going to save the day?

Spiderman is being nice by having us score 10. That would actually mean we score a touchdown. I was thinking more like 9. Fist pumps for field goals!

The only way I see the fins winning this Sunday is, something tragic has to happen to the giants. Something gruesome...

Of course, this is very unlikly. Which means, the fins will look gruesome; another tragidy in the works.

Unfortunitly, this isn't fiction.

I remember Armando blogging something about wanting to adopt Matt Moore during his first practice as a Dolphin...I guess that was less about liking Moore and more about disliking Henne.

0-4 last year in Carolina. 0-2 so far in Miami. Not sure what your definition of terrible is Craig, but Matt Moore is pretty much spot on to my definition.

"How did everything go?"

"Well, we've erased all memory of last season and have implanted the memory of the 2007 season into their brains."

"Will it work?"

"You should know as soon as they play their first game."

"Thank you. We need all of the help we can get to land the first pick in the draft."

"Don't worry, Stephen, it's as good as done."

The Dolphins can beat the Giants on Sunday if both teams exchange uniforms.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/#ixzz1bzsWH6Vw

if...the entire Giants team forgets there's a game Sunday.


I concede that Luck is more of a sure thing. Maybe the most sure thing in years! But I also like the upside of Jones. Not as much of a sure thing to be sure but I feel pretty comfortable saying I think he's going to be good. The problem becomes, 'what is a sure thing at QB any more?' I think we all thought Matt Ryan a sure thing. Take last week's game out and he hasn't looked that great this season. Sam Bradford? He's looked HORRIBLE so far this year (not all his fault). Sanchez and Flacco? Haven't looked good this year at all. So I don't know. Yes, Luck is the prize but I think there are other guys who can be good. Only one team gets the Manning or Elway that comes along every decade. Hopefully it's us but if not there are other good options too. All is not lost.

Manning is right: we could "easily" have several wins. If we do get a win it will probably be against a team like the Giants rather than an awful team like Denver.

Anything is possible: the Jaguars shut out the Ravens and the Colts held the Saints to sixty two!

If... Giants decide to trade places for Danny O'Shea and the Little Giants for a day.

I predict Colombo will get bull rushed by Jason Pierre Paul and knock out Moore for the game, guys its only a matter of a time with this line. JP Losman comes in and he gets knocked out, and then we'll just forfeit the game

For sure the giants will beat us, no way our CB can cover Cruz, but the defense is getting more conditioning, so they are getting better, and Colombo seams to be injured, and that is a good news.
In fact the "suck for Luck" guys should concern about the dolphins defense gain their level they have last season (I do think that will occur), and win enough games to not draft that guy.

if...They score more points than the Giants.

Fodder, I said that about Pat Devlin .... not Moore.

If the Giants don't show up

I think we could beat the San Francisco Giants on Sunday.

I, too, believe the defense will get back into shape about the time Sparano is fired...then look out.

Dolphins can beat Giants if they played the San Francisco Giants!

What was the point in writing this story? Just to pile on the team and it's fans? We all know the team is bad Armando, they know they're bad. So what you're doing by writing this is equivalent to a bully who won't let up even after his victim is beaten.

There was absolutely no point to this article other then to make fun of everyone involved with the organization. It's a shameful way for a reporter to make a living. I understand fans venting in here because no one listens to us. But for a professional to act this way is childish at best.

If the defense keeps NY to 17 points or less they can walk out of there with at least a "tie".

Hopefully the tie will be orange so that all of the players can wear it when they go see the best football team in Dade County play.

Go canes.

If they had to play their 2nd, 3rd and rookie teamers. This is going to be a blood bath. Poor Dolphins.

Dolphins beat the Giants if....Giants' team bus crashes into the Hudson on the way to the game.

Armando, thanks for clarifying. Why isn't he playing? Is he, in your opinion, that far off from Moore & Losman? Would love to hear what you think...

"just sayin".

...if the Giants don't show up, you...


Is the team playing any worse with Moore at QB than when Henne was playing QB? I don't think they are. Not Moore's fault that the defence can't stop one or the defence gives up a 15 point lead with three minutes left. Again I'm not saying he's great, just taking exception to this idea that he lead Carolina to a last place finish. The guy only played a quarter of a season. That would be like blaming D'Angelo Williams for the last place finish last year, when in reality he got hurt in the third game.

How about this one? Two years ago Cahd Pennington lead the Dolphins to a 7-9 season. Huh? The guy was hurt in the second game. Hardly his fault.


Calm down the team stinks, and we all know this. Armando is a fan and also happens to be a reporter. I dont understand why your upset over him bashing the team THEY SUCK plain and simple.

Keep the the blogs coming about how suckey the Dolphins are Armando!

This article sucks! Armando, you have now lost touch with reality. I'm not sure what you mean by 'talent' but the canes of the late 80's would have no chance to beat this Dolphins team. Using your argument, if a Pop Warner team has players on it that go on to be Hall of Fame players in the NFL then they have more talent than a current NFL team (because current NFL players can't be Hall of Fame Players until after they retire). Has there ever been a Pop Warner team with more talent on it than an NFL team? I guess it depends on how you define talent. Could that Pop Warner team beat an NFL team? No, of course it's ridiculous. It's almost as ridiculous to imply that a college team with 'talent' could beat an NFL team. The bottom line is the Dolphins have pretty decent talent across the board with a huge void at QB(the leader of the offense) and Safety (the leader of the defense), 2 critical positions. The current regime deserves a lot of criticism for that but to say they don't have talent is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as this article.

DC and Craig,
Luck is the most hyped QB since Manning, but (and I am not saying this is the case) there was another really hyped can't miss QB that year as well. Some guy named Lief, remember him? Again, all I am saying is that a QB that tears up the college ranks isn't necessarily going to tear it up in the Pros. In fact several don't. That said, Luck is the only QB coming out this year that I am even considering giving up anything for. All the rest come with question marks. And yes I would give up Long and draft picks for him.

Phins, Mando isn't just a reporter, he's a fan too. He's had to deal with these bozos up close and personal. I'm not just talking Sparano/Ireland, I'm talking Cam Cameron/Mueller, Saban/Spielman, Wannstadt. Geesh. I'm surprised the guy is as composed as he is.

If you work in a circus long enough, it's hard not to hate the clowns.

If the Giants forfeit. I have no hope Sunday against this Giants team. This could be the 62-7 type blowout that Indy suffered last week. F The Gators

For Christ sake, please stop saying this team has talent. THEY DONT HAVE TALENT.

Lets see a rundown

DLine: Who's talented? Cant get a sack or a pass rush, cant stop the run

LB: 9 million a year for Dansby. I'll take old Ray Lewis in a heart beat. Kevin "Loss" Burnett lmao!

CB: Poser Boy Cant hold on to a int Sean Smith or Votae talk so much cant back it up Davis. SMH

S: We all they Jones allowed a 99 yard TD by Slow man Welker.

QB: just sucks


WR: Monster B Marshall with 5 dropped TD

TE: Meatball head Fasano. He's a number 2 a best

Where is this talent you speak of? Maybe coaching

We lack talent at every position jeez.

0-4 last year in Carolina. 0-2 so far in Miami. Not sure what your definition of terrible is Craig, but Matt Moore is pretty much spot on to my definition.

Posted by: DC Dolfan


I would not call Matt Moore play these last two games "terrible" more like "kind of ok" the real problem is

1. Overall execution
2. Turnstile right tackle
3. Receivers who cannot catch
4. Defense

Personally, I do not think Moore will finish the season because of the hits he keeps taking.

Anyone have faith in Losman?….anyone?…..didn’t think so.

So if we all agree that Luck is the real deal and truly is the best QB prospect since John Elway, then why on earth would anyone want us to even win one game the rest of the season?
Seriously, every true Dolphin fan should be firmly entrenched in on the Suck for Luck wagon with 100% support.
For those of you who live in South Florida, toss your team jerseys in the closet, take off your bumper stickers and for the love of god, do NOT attend any games.
Do not give any players anything to play for...then need to mail in the rest of the games and treat the remainder of the season as a sacrificial lamb for next season.

Its over...put a fork in it, the 2011 Dolphins season is done!

So let's all raise our glass and make a toast to the promise of next season...a new HC and above all Andrew Luck, the next coming of Christ!

We lack talent at almost every position. I hate when delusional fans think we have talent. We havent had real talent since 2001.

Now I KNOW it's over. When bobbyd12 starts ripping the team, it's time to throw in the towel. This is like Pat Robertson saying the Republican Party is getting too extreme the other day.

There can not be a single living fan supporting this team now (I mean the 2011 Dolphins). If so, please speak up.

I don't think anybody would mistake Moore or Losman to be young backups that should be developed for the future...so why not evaluate Devlin under fire?

I guess I'm bored with the losing and want something to root for....play the kid.

This is why I support canning the last of the tuna as soon as we are TKO from the playoffs. If I ran the world I would promote someone like Bowles as interim and give him strict orders to evaluate the younger players on the team, in game situations. Find out if they bite! We are not going to the playoffs, so, I want to see the team focus on the future.

I don't give a scratch about who gives us the best chance to win anymore.

Fasano is a servicable TE. He has made some great caatches, but for the past two years all he gets to do is assist those outstanding right tackles we have had with their blocking. He would be great in a two TE package witha decent oline...my opinion

No arguements with the rest of your eval

crowder was absolutely correct when he said ireland didnt know what he was doing in trying to "build a team". ireland merely aquired/assembled players and acorns. he doesnt have a clue in the team building concept. he and sparano hitched a free ride with parcells. now they find themselves in the deep end of the pool and they are stinking,i mean sinking.

I think every true fan is onboard with the suck for luck train, but it is miserable. Like riding a rigid frame bike on the RR tracks. Ass hurts on the ride but you gotta do it to get there....

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