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Are Dolphins so bad Sunday is hopeless?

I covered the University of Miami football team in the mid-to-late 1980s when they were rolling to the point they had more talent than today's Dolphins. (It's not an argument so don't even think about it because today's Dolphins don't have anyone the caliber of Jerome Brown, Michael Irvin, Bennie Blades, Brett Perriman, Vinny Testaverde, Brian Blades, Russell Maryland, Cortez Kennedy, Melvin Bratton, Alonzo Highsmith, Dan Sileo and others.)

Anyway, one of the rituals the I and other reporters covering those Canes had to endure was listening to Jimmy Johnson and later Dennis Erickson gush about how dangerous or deceptively good clearly overmatched, no-chance-having teams like East Carolina or Cincinnati or San Jose State really were if you looked really deep down and studied their tape really, really hard.

Those coaches were simply trying to convince the media, and by extension, their players that the team they were about to murder should not be underestimated.

Well, I've gone from covering that University of Miami team back then to East Carolina today.

That's right. This week the Dolphins are playing the role of East Carolina or San Jose State to the New York Giants' version of those former day Canes.

NYG coach Tom Coughlin has apparently taken a page out of the old coaching handbook and tried to convince his team the Dolphins are really, really good if you grab a microscope and study them for a long time.

“‘Respect all and fear none’ is the approach we take,” Coughlin said. “What we are trying to do is be concerned with our team and making sure that our team takes our execution to another level. We want to eliminate any lull in our play.”

Coughlin is basically trying to keep his team from being bored by the prospect of playing the winless Dolphins. He's trying to make sure his team doesn't play down to the opposition. He's trying to make sure his team plays its game and if it does, there is no way they can lose.

The message is obviously resonating in the New York locker room where quarterback Eli Manning is repeating the marching orders for the week:

“[Miami] could easily have several wins," Manning said. "Little things have prevented them from winning some tight games. A lot of them have come down to the wire. They’ve played teams tight. They’ve played hard. They have a lot of talent. A lot of teams have had trouble with them."


The Dolphins have a lot of talent?

Could that talent be at quarterback, where Matt Moore last year helped the Carolina Panthers secure a record good enough to have the first pick in this year's draft?

Could that talent be at running back, where Reggie Bush has never been the impact player he was billed to become coming out of college as the No. 2 pick in the draft?

Could that great talent be responsible for Miami's 0-6 record?

Let's face it, folks, the Dolphins have become something worse than a league-wide joke. They've become a team other teams have to lie about to make it seem like they'll be challenged. They've become a team opposing coaches fear their players will dismiss or overlook.

That is not, by the way, a badge of distinction.

If you look at the Giants, coming off a bye, getting healthy, in first place in the NFC East, the situation seems almost hopeless for Miami. I felt the Dolphins had a better chance of winning the opener against New England than they do of winning Sunday.

Before the opener, at least, people believed the Dolphins defense could contain New England. People had hope Miami's quarterback could put up points because he'd shown promise in the preseason.

Where do these Dolphins give hope now?

Better said, to size up the current state of Miami's football fortunes try to complete this sentence in the comments section:

"The Dolphins can beat the Giants on Sunday if ..........."

I love reading good fiction.


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Yeah he would look great in a two TE package as the number 2 TE. Fasano doesnt scare anyone, you dont have to game plan around him. A TE like Gates, Gahram, Hernandez, Finley, these guys are a nightmare matchup.

Fasano is a 2 at best.

What do you mean "The Dolphins can win if"? Hope is a dangerous thing Armando. We don't want anyone to , shall we say, go astray from the Luck plan, hmmm? The "audacity" of hope that you are fomenting in the masses does not sit well with me. I think we shall send you to -reeducation camp, where you can put that liberal art/journalism degree to good use along with a shovel, digging ditches.

Most of those guys are a match up nightmare because they have good to great QB's throwing the ball and much better receivers on the team to account for.

agree with spiderman; team lacks talent/ballers. if "gator day" bothers them, all they had to do was spoil the party. instead they quit;like always.

We will not get LUCK... even if we get the first pick and we want him... Rumors are out he WILL NOT play for the team with the worst record (although I bet he'd sit behind manning for a year given the option)... He has a year of eligibility left in college, or could pull an eli manning/john elway stunt... Quit dreaming.. not gonna happen, we are going to have to settle for one of the other guys Sorry but its true... this team is THAT bad... quite frankly though, why would you want a guy that wont accept the challege? sounds like a p**sy to me... Oh and Egreen13... Kind of stupid to trade away a pro bowl left tackle (the one that protects the blind side of a right handed QB) to get your rookie QB... all you do there is get him killed... Ask David Klinger (sacked 11 time in his first start for Cincinnati yrs ago, and never able to recover)


Good point. Of all the problems I named Fasano prob would be the least of them.

Sparano came to me with a winning game plan but , every time he planted a seed I said kill it before it grows. It is better to be "Lucky" than good... hmmm? heheheh

miami can beat the giants if the mean officials let the dolphins play unopposed during the half time festivities.

Neither Luck nor his dad ever said he won't play for the worst team...What was said is he will not play for any team that "purposely" loses for the sole intent of drafting him. He will not play with a bunch of known quitters....

Chris Harris was cut by bears that'd fix the hole at safety


Didn't know you are related to Luck. Where are you coming up with this idea that he won't play for the Dolphins? A stupid Internet rumour? The little bit I know about Andrew Luck I would be completely shocked if he turned around and decided not to play for the team that drafted. Even in the even that he did, the bounty you could get for him would be HUGE. You don't think the Colts wouldn't give half their franchsie to have him as their QB for the next 12 year? It's win-win in my opinion.

Neither Luck nor his dad ever said he won't play for the worst team...What was said is he will not play for any team that "purposely" loses for the sole intent of drafting him. He will not play with a bunch of known quitters....

Posted by: Egreen13 | October 27, 2011 at 12:21 PM


That is correct. Luck has also gone on record as saying the 'Suck for Luck' crowd is a bunch of frothing idiots that he wants absolutely nothing to do with.

So, if you're part of that group, folks, please be aware that Andrew Luck himself thinks you are a moron.

Tackles or any other lineman for that matter are MUCH easier to come by than Franchise QB's. There are always decent tackles available during free agency if you are willing to pay for them. I agree that you can't let your QB get killed (David Carr is another perfect example) but you have to willing to give to get if you don't have the number one pick

regardless, the Colts are going to out suck us, and then draft Luck, and he'll get to sit for Manning's final year before taking over...Besides doesn't look like they've Miami) quit? Wrong D after a timeout when everyone knows a draw is coming? A Historic loss... No one has ever lost a lead of 15 with 3 min left (at least not in 30yrs)... Maybe we need to go 0-16 just to break the 17-0 curse.. I dont know the answers just frustrated with this whole thing. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

The Dolphins can win on Sunday if the Giants are all on crutches.


I never wish for the Dolphins to lose. Just cant do it, but I've become apathetic to the Dolphins.

If they win so what they still suck and major changes need to happen.

If they lose so what were still in the running for Luck. Yes!

I think this is the majority of Dol-fans. Yes or No?

And we have plenty of those "suck for luck" people in Miami don't we? read between the lines... and if linemen are so easy to come by, how come we dont have any?

Wow, I just lost a ton of respect for Salguero and his actual football knowledge.

No doubt, all of us at one time or another entertained the notion that a great college team could beat a poor NFL one but the truth of the matter is that it's ludicrous.

I actually talked with Jim Mandich (who might have known a thing or two) about this once and he told me ANY pro team---even the most historically awful ones---could beat any college team, and in most cases the result would be so laughably one-sided that they'd invoke the mercy rule.

No person who has actually played at both levels would dispute it, but the fact Salguero does tells me PLENTY about how little he actually knows.

Not to mention some of those Hurricanes he mentions were great in college but only mediocre as professionals. How, exactly, does that further his argument??

Really dumb stuff, Armando. You should talk to some actual players about that stuff and learn the truth.

Sorry guys, I know I'll be in the minority here but I'm having a tough time giving up a potential Hall of Fame LT in Jake Long. Laugh if you want but before this year he was well on his way to have a stellar career. Three Pro Bowls in three years. The guys is hurt this year, the team stinks. He'll bounce back again when healthy. The same guys that are ripping Colombo every single week are the same guys that want to get rid of a perennial Pro Bowl LT, at a more important position on the Oline. He might even be the best LT in the game. Feel free to disagree with me, I don't really care. You're going to give away the ONLY guy right now who's a keeper on this line and then spend how long finding his repacement? You can say LT are easy to find but this team can't find one, so exactly what does that say for our future? We can argue on here about Andrew Luck and the merits of hwo good he could be to this time etc....and I won't disagree with you but you've got a guy who you KNOW can protect the QB and you want to give him away? Not a chance!!....on this we'll disagree.

Guys let me clear something up here. I'm not sure where any of you got this idea from but Armando is not now nor has he ever been a Miami Dolphins fan. He has said so on more than one occasion. This is going back a couple of years and I'm not sure if you guys were around but he has said he does not root for the Dolphins. It would effect his ability to be objective about the team he covers.

I don't care either way, he can be a fan of any team he likes and I would rather my reporters not be fans of the teams they cover because I can't stand homers.

But I'm not going to sit here and be corrected about something that isn't true. Armando is not a Dolphins fan, ask him yourself if you don't believe me. Spiderman you really need someone writing articles trashing your team even though you already know all of the things stated in the article? Boy, some of you are really making this reporting thing an easy gig for these guys! :)

That RB from Alabama if he comes out this year I'd rather draft him first than a QB he is going to be a game changer for sure. That being said it'd only work if we could trade up again and land RGIII or Barkley

Craig M,

Who the heck wants to give up on Long, he's the legit best player we have.


You seem to have all the answers.....who were the decent tackles available this year in FA. You said 'they're available if you want to pay for them'. Just curious...who are you talking about? The reality is teams' DO NOT let their good tackles away when they have them, they sign them up forever and ever. So I'm guessing the GMs in the NFL don't share your opinion.

the phins aren't going to lose every game. Give up on Luck and start being realistic... The Colts on the other hand will lose every game no doubt they really are all on board for the Luck train n it makes me sick. Jones might end up being the best QB. Point is there is no telling what will happen with their future careers in NFL. Sucking for Luck is ridiculous. IF they go 0-16 QB is not their only issue and Luck won't be some sort of magical panacea.

Craig M,

Who the heck wants to give up on Long, he's the legit best player we have.

Posted by: Spiderman | October 27, 2011 at 12:34 PM

It's one of those fantasy scenarios that some people here love dreaming up and getting all lathered about even though it's not actually happening in the real world.


Take a look above. There's a bunch of guys up above who are prepared to do just that. I guess I doesn't really matter if you protect your QB or not, as long as you have the best one out there. It's funny that the Pats do everything they can to keep their LT with the team. Guess they don't share this belief that you can 'pick up a decent tackle in FA any old time'.


Just what would you like Armano to report on? The teams suck so he reporting on how bad they are. Do you want he to write an article about how Sparano is a nice guy and doesn't bash his players in front of the media? Seriously I could care less if he's a fan or not, but what "good" news reporting can he come with during this season?

Yeah, our RT stinks, so, obviously, you get rid of your pro bowl LT?

That's one way to get symmetry, I suppose...

Jake Long would have to become chronically injured before I would wave that flag.

Spiderman the "meatball" comments are completely uncalled for. Why don't you start calling Jason Taylor the "N" word while you're at it. To call someone of Italian decent a "meatball" is completely offensive.

Hey do any of you know where to find the rules list of words that are allowed and not allowed in here? I'm curious as to what derogatory terms have been banned and which ones haven't. I bet you if I use the "N" word for African Americans or the "S" word for Hispanics my post gets deleted.

But for some reason any time someone makes a racist comment about Italians or the Irish it's perfectly okay. Nice.

Be pretty good if somehow the Colts did end up getting the first pick and Luck refused to go there. It would be the Elway thing all over again. We could jump on board and hopefully get Luck via trade. I agree with what others are saying, as bad as we are playing it's apparent to me that the Colts are definitely on board the 'suck for Luck' campaign. I mean how the Hell do you lose 62-7 on National TV? We are bad but not quite that bad. Where's the effort, where's the pride in that team? Betcha is a real treat going to work every day as a Colt right now. How the Hell do those guys even look at themselves in the mirror right now....BRUTAL!!

they put Dolphin uniforms on Patriot players!

we have 3/5's of a decent line.....If it was recognised that Carey and Colombo sucked we would be there. Both of the Falcons tackles were available as well as the Saints during free agency, who did we sign???? Colombo! It doesn't take a genius to figure out where the Problems lie with this team. All you have to do is look at the draft history and free agent acquisitions. Ireland is in way over his head and Parcell's fooled everyone into believing he wasn't. Coaching flat out sucks!!! Sporano has not shown once that he can manage a game EVER!!! Ross admits he is new to the game (at least he recognizes) and has a lot to learn. Anyone who thinks this gets fixed quickly is fooling themself. 3 years minimum and that is if you hit on every draft and acquisition. It is going to take patience which we ALL are running out of. I know I am and I am old enough to remember when the Dolphins entered the league

If ... they are the San Francisco Giants.

Craig, speaking for myself, I don't WANT to give up Long. But I WOULD if it meant getting Luck. If that's what Indy (or whomever) wanted for Luck (plus I'm assuming future #1 draft picks), then I'd do it in a heartbeat without even thinking twice or asking if it was ok.

Long is great, perennial ProBowler, maybe the best player on the team since he's been here. And that's my point. When you're LT is the best player, you can still go 0-16. When the QB is your best player (or ANY skill position), that's not as likely to happen.

I think Andrew Luck and an adequate/ok LT would do far better in the NFL than Jake Long and an adequate/ok QB.

That's not some factual statement, it's just my opinion.

By the way, I DO NOT want to give up Long. I do know he will end up in the Hall of Fame. I am just saying that push comes to shove without the first pick, I would think long and hard about it....

player with talent

Everyone else I think is expendable
the last three are playing out of optimal positions IMO
Smith at FS
Allen starting
Bush slot receiver

What are the rules regarding the NFL draft?
Specifically, what rights does a team have when they draft someone who declares himself eligible for the draft?
So Luck gets drafted by Miami and he says, "no thanks".
Then what, no other team can claim him...does he sit out a year then reenter the following year?
Can anyone clearly define the specific rules regarding players and team rights with regards to the draft?
Serious inquiries only!

Both of the Falcons tackles? Neither one of them was UFA. Not sure who you are talking about with the Saints can you be more specific? If you're talking about Baker from Atlanta, no way he was available. Love to know where you're coming up with that? He was drafted the same year as Ryan and no way was he UFA. Try again...

Even South Park made fun of the Dolphins last night...

I never thought I live to see this... AGAIN, that the Dolphins are the worse team in the NFL right now ! I will be more than happy when Sparano & his pals step down, hopefully by next week..

Despite our ceaseless attempts to anthropomorphize them, cats and dogs clearly do NOT have a sense of self-awareness beyond their basic needs and desires. There is no introspection, regret, ot hundreds of other nuanced human emotions that we stupidly think they possess.

if... the Giants mistakenly think the game is being played in Miami, fly there, and by the time they find out it's too late to get back to NJ so they have to forfeit.

Also, I can't believe it, but after EVERYTHING that's happened this year (Henne/Moore), this DECADE (I can't even fit all 16 names since Marino on here), some yahoo STILL comes on here saying he wouldn't draft a QB first next year.

What a JOKE!

Spiderdude you said you "could care less". Not trying to be mean but we've started a revolution of sorts in here and have been informing the millions of people who use the phrase wrong that the statement is "I COULDN'T care less". As in I could not care less. If you "could care less" you're contradicting yourself.

Not sure what the actual rule is now but I know it used to be that the team drafting a player holds that players rights until the trade deadline (it may have changed until the following draft). At which time, if a player is not traded or signed his rights revert back to the draft

"The Dolphins can beat the Giants on Sunday if the Giants beat themselves with turnovers"


Jeez dont get your panties in a bunch, sorry if it means so much to you. Instead of meatball I should of said Spagetti head Fasano. lol J/Jk

P.s. My aplogies Phins78


You're the first guy to complain about Colombo playing RT. You talk about him every day (and rightly so). So now you're going to give Long away, at a more important position and replace him with who? We couldn't even find someone to play RT, what makes you think we could find an adequate guy at LT. Bottom line....you could have Joe Montana or whoever you want back there. If we can't protect him we're dead. Take a look at Brady when he's good. He's good because he has time. Take a look at when he struggles (the Bills game this year for example). Get in his face, pressure him and he ends up throwing four picks. It doesn't happen a lot because their OL is very good, they scheme well and he's a smart QB. You're going to bring a rookie in with no LT and he'll get killed like David Carr did. No thanks. I stick with Long, Jones and 2013 first round pick if we had too. I wish you and I were competing GMs...LOL.

Egreen...thanks for the insight.
So Luck could be a hold out and Miami would be without a franchise QB for 2012, got it.

I'm out, woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and everything in here is pi**ing me off. Can't believe people are still talking about Henne and are also condoning trading a hall of fame tackle for an unproven college player. Gotta go before I lose it, will try again later.

Phins 78,

Whats the point in correcting what I said. Are you a professor/teacher, if you knew what I meant its a waste a time correcting me.

If... B.Marshalls play to the level he's expected when Mister Ireland gave up the entire draft and always talks about acorn falling once every blue moooon.

It's cool Spiderman, no big deal. I just think about my Grandfather any time I hear one of those comments. He had to deal with a lot of that when he was growing up in Brooklyn and even though he didn't say so I know how much it must have hurt him. My speaking out against that stuff is one of the ways I like to honor his memory.

IF...the Fins are lucky enough to land Cowher and give him full control to build a team around a drafted franchise QB....why would Luck say "no" to that?
He'd be insane to walk away from that set up.
I just have not bought into the "Luck would say NO to Miami if they draft him" crowd yet.


You shouldnt take what you read in here so seriously. Were all fans just voicing our opinions.

I guess someone's got to explain to me why Luck wouldn't come here. Isn't he going to go to the team with the worst record in the league regardless? Isn't that the point of being the number one pick? He gets drafted by the WORST team in the league, right? Like, all the others teams are better, right?

So with a Jeff Fisher or a Bill Cowher here next year, and some optimism in the air, why would Andrew Luck not want to play for the Dolphins. Cause he can get more money somewhere else? No, that's not it. There's a rookie salary cap where all the players are slotted now. So regardless, he's going to end up with the worst team. This is no big secret. So are we saying he'd rather play for a team that mails it in on a Sunday night game, in front of a National audience or a team that loses in OT, when they are up by 15 with three minutes left. I don't think it matters. I think we both suck....

PS...I would never give up Jake Long in a trade. Period.


We're saying exactly the same thing....agreed.

I have to say that I DO think we have some good talent on the team, but it is so poorly coached, and mismanaged, that nothing productive will come of it. Nobody is willing to put the extra effort into winning because they really don't feel like they can. Give this same talent, plus a new star QB to a new coach, and I'd be willing to bet we have a winning season.
Put some of these same guys in N.E. and viola' - they would start to perform. We need to exchange and change several pieces, but there's some stuff to work with to for the next coach. I just don't believe THEY believe they can win right now ... therefore they won't. 1-2 games tops if they win one.

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