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Are Dolphins so bad Sunday is hopeless?

I covered the University of Miami football team in the mid-to-late 1980s when they were rolling to the point they had more talent than today's Dolphins. (It's not an argument so don't even think about it because today's Dolphins don't have anyone the caliber of Jerome Brown, Michael Irvin, Bennie Blades, Brett Perriman, Vinny Testaverde, Brian Blades, Russell Maryland, Cortez Kennedy, Melvin Bratton, Alonzo Highsmith, Dan Sileo and others.)

Anyway, one of the rituals the I and other reporters covering those Canes had to endure was listening to Jimmy Johnson and later Dennis Erickson gush about how dangerous or deceptively good clearly overmatched, no-chance-having teams like East Carolina or Cincinnati or San Jose State really were if you looked really deep down and studied their tape really, really hard.

Those coaches were simply trying to convince the media, and by extension, their players that the team they were about to murder should not be underestimated.

Well, I've gone from covering that University of Miami team back then to East Carolina today.

That's right. This week the Dolphins are playing the role of East Carolina or San Jose State to the New York Giants' version of those former day Canes.

NYG coach Tom Coughlin has apparently taken a page out of the old coaching handbook and tried to convince his team the Dolphins are really, really good if you grab a microscope and study them for a long time.

“‘Respect all and fear none’ is the approach we take,” Coughlin said. “What we are trying to do is be concerned with our team and making sure that our team takes our execution to another level. We want to eliminate any lull in our play.”

Coughlin is basically trying to keep his team from being bored by the prospect of playing the winless Dolphins. He's trying to make sure his team doesn't play down to the opposition. He's trying to make sure his team plays its game and if it does, there is no way they can lose.

The message is obviously resonating in the New York locker room where quarterback Eli Manning is repeating the marching orders for the week:

“[Miami] could easily have several wins," Manning said. "Little things have prevented them from winning some tight games. A lot of them have come down to the wire. They’ve played teams tight. They’ve played hard. They have a lot of talent. A lot of teams have had trouble with them."


The Dolphins have a lot of talent?

Could that talent be at quarterback, where Matt Moore last year helped the Carolina Panthers secure a record good enough to have the first pick in this year's draft?

Could that talent be at running back, where Reggie Bush has never been the impact player he was billed to become coming out of college as the No. 2 pick in the draft?

Could that great talent be responsible for Miami's 0-6 record?

Let's face it, folks, the Dolphins have become something worse than a league-wide joke. They've become a team other teams have to lie about to make it seem like they'll be challenged. They've become a team opposing coaches fear their players will dismiss or overlook.

That is not, by the way, a badge of distinction.

If you look at the Giants, coming off a bye, getting healthy, in first place in the NFC East, the situation seems almost hopeless for Miami. I felt the Dolphins had a better chance of winning the opener against New England than they do of winning Sunday.

Before the opener, at least, people believed the Dolphins defense could contain New England. People had hope Miami's quarterback could put up points because he'd shown promise in the preseason.

Where do these Dolphins give hope now?

Better said, to size up the current state of Miami's football fortunes try to complete this sentence in the comments section:

"The Dolphins can beat the Giants on Sunday if ..........."

I love reading good fiction.


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Isn't it better that a stranger in the blog teaches you something than you saying that in front of someone in person? Now you know the correct way of using the phrase.

Please, don't ever be shy about correcting me. I'm all about learning and if I'm not aware of something I always welcome the chance to enhance my knowledge. Don't let your ego get in the way of bettering yourself. I wasn't trying to embarrass you (and seeing how you were attacking my nationality you would think I would get a fu**ing pass on this one!:)I was only trying to inform. A couple of us were correcting people on this phrase last week so this isn't an out of the blue attack.

I don't think anyone "wants' to trade Long at all. I think most are just making the point that they would rather have a franchise QB than a HOF tackle. Whoever gets the right to draft Luck, if they don't plan on drafting him, they are going to make a killing for his rights. And if you don't think the Colts wouldn't ask for Long to protect Manning than you're wrong IMO. So do you trade or don't you??

No way do I give them Long plus multiple firsts....


I don't IMO and I'm VERY high on Luck. Nope, I would draft Jones and keep Long and my 2013 first round pick. No question. But that's just me. Doesn't mean it's the right answer.

Spiderman that's just it. It's not serious to you because your family didn't have rocks thrown through their windows and weren't spit on because they were Italian. It would be like using the "N" word and then telling a person who's skin is black not to take it so seriously because it doesn't mean anything. What I'm saying is it DOES mean something to all of the people who actually dealt with that kind of treatment. Just drop it already, there's no way you're winning this debate. And I'm leaving so it will fall on deaf ears. All is well see, :) , lets just move on and talk about the team. See ya later, all is well.

Reality is that Miami probably WON'T get Luck despite obviously being in the running for him. Unfortunately, there's some very serious competition for the dubious title of "worst team" and our tunnel-vision focus on the Dolphins may prevent us from seeing just how EQUALLY awful some other teams are this year. The Dolphins are also not likely to win any 'strength of schedule' tiebreakers given how good the AFC East is on balance compared to other divisions.

That said, this draft is NOT about one guy nor is Luck the only promising QB prospect coming out. There are clearly others that the Dolphins will certainly have their shot at.

Do I want that first pick (and Luck)? Certainly. But with all due respect I'm not going to obssess over him the way some of you seem to do. And I'm certainly not going to go into 'abandon ye all hope' mode if he isn't available to Miami.

Let the chips fall where they may. We have zero influence over how it plays out, anyway.

I have to look long and hard at where I am drafting after the trade and what is available at tackle in the draft. Not trading is like staying put and taking Long then drafting Henne, where Atlanta took Ryan and followed with a tackle....

Craig, I have more faith the next FO could find some adequate tackles than they could find a franchise QB.

Again, this is because of the specific history of this team. Like I said before, if we're going to lose, I'd rather lose differently.

My singular focus in on acquiring a franchise QB. You're right, be happy I'm not GM, because I might take 10 if that's how many draft picks we had next year.

I know this isn't the wisest of decisions, but at this point, I'm in survival mode. Maybe the last decade has finally made me mad (as in lunatic), but I can no longer accept any less.

Even if you could guarantee me several years of winning with a decent QB, and make no guarantees with a franchise QB, I'd probably STILL take the franchise QB. I'm not being logical here, I'm not using common sense. I understand that. But all I care about is a FRANCHISE QB. That's it. Nothing else.

Soldiers have PTSD. I have PTNFQBD (Post Traumatic No Franchise QB Disorder) and I might need to be institutionalized. Can I recover, maybe, it'll take a franchise QB. That's the only antidote, the only medication that will make me better. I'm even willing to give up my family (in this case Jake Long). I'm sick, bro, really, really sick!

Here is one way it could happen...

Bench Marshall, Bush, and Columbo and replace them with guys who are hungry and have pride in their performance.

Rush for over 250yds as a team and hold NYG to less than 100yds rushing.

Have no more than 20 passing attempts, with at least 15 completions.

Win the game 17-10.

Of course, I am dreaming and this is very unlikely to happen. They will continue to play those 3 to justify the brilliant roster moves of Ross and Ireland.

We will probably pass the ball 40-50 times so Ross and his minions are entertained. Receipe for disaster again.

Mando, you're a dik!

DC, Have you even seen Trent Richardson? All I'm saying is that if we don't get the 1st pick in the draft which we won't I'd draft the kid from Alabama. He is truly going to be a beast at the next level. No doubt about it.

Already tried that.

I don't think anyone is obessessing over Luck by discussing him. It just gives us something to talk about since this team isn't providing any hope

if... It were 2015. That's when the Dolphins play the NFC east teams after this year and they should be rebuilt and respectable, if not dominate!

that's exactly right, if the team was playing good football and winning games, I don't think anybody would be looking ahead to next year's draft, or making Christmas wish lists for the next coach & GM.

We would be talking about how we won the last game and how to win the next.

Fasano & every other player on the team needs to understand that. It's been almost a year (Nov.14th) since the home crowd has seen a win.

We're hungry for a reason, any reason, to be optimistic.

As a fan, things have sunk to new depths, when you list your punter and long snapper as 2 of the best players on the team.

If the Giants practice team ( 3rd string ) show up, the Dolphins might seek out with a 1 point win....Well we do have Dan Carpenter so maybe 3 pts. And then Tony could do his famous Carpenter fist pumps on the side line again.

Many want to know where the talent is on this team? Here you go:

Pro Bowl in their prime
Dan Carpenter
Jake Long (All Pro)
Cameron Wake (All Pro)
Brandon Marshall (All Pro)
Randy Starks

Mando, name one team that has more than 3 All Pro players still in their prime on their current roster?

Pro Bowl Past Prime
Yeremiah Bell
Jason Taylor (All Pro, Defensive POY)

Pro bowl potential
Mike Pouncey
Daniel Thomas
Davone Bess
Vontae Davis
Jared Odrick
Jimmy Wilson
Brandon Fields

Carlos Dansby (Franchised twice by Arizona)

If you say this team doesn't have talent you are looking at results and not the players.
With a coach and a QB this team is poised for a quick turnaround.

As Rocky Balboa said, in Rocky 2 when Appollo Crede was entering the ring I was hoping he wouldn't show. In fact even if the Giants don't show up the Dolphins still wouldn't win they can't even beat air. The Giants can sit on the sidelines and watch the Fins beat themselves.

Good stuff Mando. This type of writing is what makes the great ones great.

Armando you sound frustrated and depressed. Are you going to be okay or should someone remove any sharp objects that may be around you. Cheer up friend, what makes the NFL the greatest league in the world is that over time things even up. In fact the formula for success seems to be a) hire good management team and coaching staff, b) make the most of your high draft picks when you pick in the top five. As long time Dolphin fans we are waiting for that day when everything comes together and when it comes, watch out, we'll be insufferable again.

if... the Giants show up at the wrong stadium.

if... the Dolphins kick 13 field goals

if... the defense can cause a turnover

I won't be holding my breath for any of those though. Trying to keep the hope alive, but its incredibly difficult.

ur wrong with this one. indeed we should be at least 2-4 or even 3-3. did you watch the first 4 games?

and we're due. we'll win this game and your column will be 2X wrong.

The Dolphins can beat the Giants on Sundsay if...the teams switch uniforms.

Teams with bye weeks are losing a high percentage of games.

That works in Miami's favor.

Miami sucks.

That works in New York's favor.

I spoke to a couple of Dolphin Cheerleaders that made an appearance at a local car dealership here in Vero last week. They said the cheerleaders are on the "Suck for Luck " campaign. They even told me that they've been saying Henne needed to be replaced. This is the frekin' cheerleaders and they can't even lie in public and pretend to be behind the team!!

If Mat Moore had any talent he would not be playing for the Dolphins.
If a player can't even manage to be a starter for the WORST team of 2010/11 then he deserves all the criticism he gets.

we are going to shut them out

If.. Sage Rosenfels' virus is still in the giants' locker room and all of the starters get sick.

Miami CAN beat NYG if

All Giants personal came down with Influenza A Virus!!

All Giants personal suddenly forgot HOW to play football as in a sport!!

All Giants decided that miami was actually suppose to be a premature bye week and forgot to show up to the stadium this weekend!!!

Ah, theres so many IFS, sadly miamis chances are less then those mentioned...just sayin!!!

This year's Dolphins bring back memories of something Gary Stevens once said about the offense... "you can't make chicken salad out of chicken shxt"

A young Marino pops up out of the turf, young Paul Warfield descends up them and the no name defense is called upon to play again.

They can't. Hell the bye week was favored by 10 and a half over the phins.

so happy to have tickets to the game. At least I can root with my giant friends. Getting luck is all I have to root for. Lets go Fins!! win us andrew luck

sorry about the spelling

The Giants stay in the locker room.

I have a hard time believing 2 or more pro bowlers are on an 0-6 team. I get 1, maybe 1-1/2, but 4 or more!?!?

I just find that hard to believe. So whoever posted we have 4 or more pro bowlers is smoking that chronic. I'm not talking chronic with a C, I'm talking khronic with a K.

Dolphins could be the Giants if:

All nfl players were on strike and the owners are using replacement players(scabs). Then all things would be fairly equal.

They may have been pro bowlers in another life but they are not pro bowlers now. Isn't "now" the issue instead of the "past"?

What have you done for me lately?

Heck, McNabb is a 6 time pro bowler. What is he doing lately? Holding a damn clipboard because he sucks NOW.

They run this team like its the damn 1920's. They think the Model-T will never be replaced with younger cars. JT is a damn Model-A. Why the heck would anyone have a Model-A on this team?

This team is driving around in a Model-T while other teams in the division are driving around in Hummers.

If..... The Giants forfeit the game.

Suckrano, judging by your name and your posts you must be very stupid. I said they have 3 All pro players still in their prime to illustrate they have viable talent right now. McNabb is well past his prime. Please read my post before making idiotic responses. Name one team that has more than 3 All Pro players in their prime. Anyone?

if, only if the secondary finally wakes up - oh and brandon "no hands" marshall applies glue to his hands in the red zone

if...they score more points than the Giants, which is very unlikely. Anyways, it's up to the players to prove me and the rest of the skeptical fans to prove us wrong. I do have hope...

Ny giants team have a plane crash on their way to a home game...













If hell freezes over.

If Marshall , Sean smith, Vontae and the safeties use belcrow in their gloves.

And...the iPhone app isn't showing the threads again Mando

If...Sparano morphs into Cowher and we replace the current roster with the roster of the Lingerie Miami Team...

Hey Tony... The answer is New England... Gronkowski, Hernandez, Brady

"The Dolphins can beat the Giants on Sunday if we were in the 2012 season.

If we hired Bill Cowher, Chucky or Fisher.

If we Draft Andrew Luck and other 52 players

If the team is bought by a new owner with experience, slashing out Ross forever.

And maybe we can have a chance to compete.

Lucky would be insane NOT to walk away from that set up.

Even if the Phins do land Cowher, Steven Ross would still be the owner. Until this BLOCKHEAD stops this ridiculous crap like the "orange carpet", these celebrity minority owners, HAVING A FREAKIN' "COME CHEER FOR YOUR FAVORITE GATOR WHILE HE BEATS MY DOLPHINS DAY" the Dolphins will remain the laughing stock of the league... What an embarrassment this team has become...


I'm with Duls

The Dolphins can beat the Giants on Sunday if finally the ball stops bouncing the opposition's way on every single play! With just a little bit less bad karma they'd easily be 4 and 2 and nobody would be screaming for Sparano's head!

Would you rather have a great coach or a great qb.....i will take the coach!

fins win if....the yankees show up

if...someone kidnaps eli manning and replaces him with JP Losman, oh wait a minute...

.......if hell froze over.

If the it's the pop warner version of the giants... But then again...

The Dolphins can win Sunday, if the Giants dont show up for the game. Well, maybe.

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