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At least one Dolphin working on red eye rest today

Dolphins players have been open and honest about needing to improve at practice -- not just how they practice, but with the focus they have and pace they show at practice.


Well, one has to wonder how focused and fired up at least one Dolphins player will be at practice today. You see, I've learned that at least one player stepped off a Virgin America flight at 6:30 this morning and headed straight to work because the Dolphins were scheduled to report for work early this morning.

The reason I know this? NFL agent David Canter was on Armando and the Amigo this morning after stepping off the flight in Fort Lauderdale and told the show he saw the player who was on the same flight. The agent refused to name the player.

I'm not judging the player one way or the other. Frankly, grown men are free to make their own decisions. They are free to show up to work in whatever state of preparation or with whatever amount of sleep they feel is necessary.

But I have to wonder how anyone, under the circumstances -- with the team winless, with players talking about the need to be more focused and attentive at practice -- can schedule his return on a cross-country overnight flight only hours (if that) from the moment he has to be working.

Yes, even during a bye week. 

Of much less interest to me is TMZ gossip that following the Dolphins loss to San Diego Sunday night, running back Reggie Bush went clubbing in Hollywood.

I don't think I have much of an issue with this. Bush is a grown man. His work ethic is beyond reproach. He was able to make his own way back to South Florida as was any other player, apparently. And the players were off Monday, so what he did Sunday night doesn't bother me.

That's the difference between what I perceive Bush doing and what the unnamed player did. The unnamed player allowed his social calendar to overlap onto a work day. Bush was off Sunday night and was off Monday as were other players.

The only way I have an issue with Bush? If he was the unnamed player. And that is not known.


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Great players clubbing and having a good time losing! I guess Bush was celebrating his loss in SD. What a bust..

Who cares. Not worthy of more than a tweet.

If its Marshall, they should cut him, hell they should cut him anyway, he sucks.

It's probably Chad henne, guess he thinks he can make a diffrence.

Could the last person please turn off the lights

Everyone that works has their one-two days off during the week.

Sunday night, and Monday was their time off.

This is a non-story.

Damn Armando....you are scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

I think Russell Wilson could be an acorn. A real one not the Jeff Ireland type. Think he could be the next Drew Brees. Has a great looking over the top throwing motion and good mobility.

Wilson is just too small, not many 6'1 QB make it in this league. I like Nick Foles now that's a good looking QB.

Suck for Luck! and let's chant:
Fins on O: "THREE and OUT!" {repeat}
Fins on D: "GIVE IT UP!" {repeat}
Red Zone: "MAIL IT IN!" {repeat}

In the unlikely event of a touchdown, Sun Life[less] falls quiet as our 2 bit nacro celebrities do their Fins Up thing (what could be more ridiculous).

I think Wilson's shorter than 6'1 but he just looks like an NFL QB to me.

I'm here in Arizona and don't like Foles or Barkley. Have seen a bunch of their games and a lot of terrible throws against mediocre Pac-10 defenses. Just my opinion. Going to have to pay more attention to the Oklahoma QB.

Hi Mando ,

Word on the street is Jessica Alba is preggers, yep you heard it here first.

Also, get this!...
Rachel Uchitel is off the market ... exclusive insight tells me she got hitched over the weekend. Documents from Clark County, Nevada, show Rachel and Matt Hahn got a marriage license Sunday night and filed it with the court the next day at 8:58 AM.

As always thanks for the hard hitting reporting and latest news on football

Armando either name the guy or don't say anything.. this post is annoying.

will our turf be all green come next home game??? LOL

I don't care about beep beep showing up on the red eye.

I want to know how Ross can label Sparano as the right guy for the job.

What job?

I'm pissed off today. Another endorsement for the architect of 0-4 and 0-forever @ home.

Let's replace Sparano with a Dan Marino bobble head and see how much worse off we really are.

doesn't say much for the culture of winning and professionalism with the Dolphins. Sad.

Only way it is an issue would be if the flight was delayed and he was late to report. Otherwise, no different than if he was camping in the Glades.

Tell me this is not the pertinent issue facing Dolfans this morning.

Get us the name Mando. I want the name of this loser.

I know that my boss would be hacked off if I showed up after not sleeping all night or sleeping on a plane. No way I could be at my best at work.

To me this is a problem and I think whichever player it is should be fined by the team.

"I don't care about beep beep showing up on the red eye.

I want to know how Ross can label Sparano as the right guy for the job"
Posted by Hacked Off
===============================================Thanks for getting us back on issue Hacked....

We've got the Jets after the bye...if Tony S is the right coach , let's see just how different things are when that game is over.

I don't care about beep beep showing up on the red eye.

I want to know how Ross can label Sparano as the right guy for the job.

What job?

I'm pissed off today. Another endorsement for the architect of 0-4 and 0-forever @ home.

Posted by: Hacked Off | October 04, 2011 at 11:24 AM

Hacked Off....

Don't worry.....that endorsement is also know as the kiss of death in Owner speak....

Tony isn't long for this organization.....If we get to 0-5....no way Ross will keep him around for the next home game.....to much money will be lossed....

We've got the Jets after the bye...if Tony S is the right coach , let's see just how different things are when that game is over.

Posted by: Buster | October 04, 2011 at 11:32 AM

AND the Jets will most likely be on a three game losing streak. This after the loss to NE this weekend.

The Dolphins will be be playing for just about nothing at this point and the Jets will be playing to save their season.

Before anyone gets their undies in a bundle over this bit of non-information, they should consider the fact that not only do you not know who it is, you also do not know what their circumstances were. Have an open mind. If you had a family crisis to deal with and then flew all night to get to work on time, your boss would not have any problem with that.

This is a stoopud story. I want to know why the O-line is allowed to continue to suck. The numbers show it's one of the worst in the NFL, yet, we don't see any change being made.

I want to know why the offense isn't making better use of Bess, Bush, and the tight ends.

Why doesn't Marlon Moore or Roberto Wallace get more of a shot. They might hang on to a TD pass.

I want to know what's wrong with the defensive line. I want to know why Soliai is under utilized, I thought he was in such great shape this year.

Why is no one digging for this stuff Armando?

It's the same horrible peformance every week and I don't hear anyone asking why.

Rex Ryan is 2-2 and is getting lit up by the NY press. 2-2!! We can only dream of hitting .500 this year.

Rachel has a huge cameltoe meat pile, it's called the camel-bridge

I don't have a problem with any of this. I think maybe the players need a little break from the negativity and the lack of results to date. We have 13 days until they play again, on Monday night against the Jets. I'd like to see a day or two off for these guys where they do some deep sole searching. Their effort to date has been very underwhelming. Time to figure out what these guys want to do with the rest of their season because with the break coming so early in the season the next 12 weeks are going to seem like an eternity for some of these guys. There are very few of them who should be able to look at themselves in the mirror and claim they have laid in all on the line in the first four weeks. Very few!!....

Is it me? or Is this team really starting to stink up the joint?

Is it me? or Is this team really starting to stink up the joint?

This is a non issue who cares who was on that plane is it going to change how the fans feel about this team.0-4 is 0-4 it sucks.

Right now the majority of players are following the example that Parcells left behind-collecting their paychecks!!! They know they are insignificant and they don't care. This shows how incompetent this FO really is, and the lack of control they have. The final product you see on the fireld every sunday.

how long do we spend covering the other teams neel down formation? we see it alot...

I wonder what our quality control coach thinks of our situation? Or if he even thinks...lol

we defently need a sense of humor to be a Dolpin fan, but still not enough to get me to the ball park...never again till we get new GM, and head coach, and a new quality control coach..lol

Can the guy just blow off a little steam? He could go clubbing in Miami too.

Was he drinking like an animal? Did he get into a fight?

We can let this one go!

This is such a stupid column. We all have bad days and want to blow off steam. Bush played good, I have an issue with the defense right now.

Our secondary is getting killed....

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Good or bad work habits don't win games. Good players do.

Zzzzzzz What a non-story.

Wow.... who cares?

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