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Brian Daboll talks Dolphins offense

Brian Daboll's a good guy. Very competitive. Smart. Hard worker.

But the Dolphins offense isn't producing and Daboll is the offensive coordinator. So he takes this stuff personally.

"There are two types of people," Daboll said Thursday. "Excuse makers ... and you got people that roll up their sleeves and go to work."

Daboll's been working on improving an offense that is coming off its lowest point production of the season last week -- managing only two field goals -- with backup-turned-starting QB Matt Moore at the helm.

In the video below, Daboll discusses Moore's penchant for locking on receivers in his first start of the year. He tells why the Fins tried passing the ball to unproductive rookie Clyde Gates when he was matched up against Pro Bowl CB Darrelle Revis last week. He discusses the effectiveness of rookie Daniel Thomas, particularly in the red zone. He discusses his other wide receivers.

Take a gander:


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No thank you, better things to do with my time.

Gee, why are we surprised that last years worst ranked OC is not producing points? What was anybody expecting, he'd come to Miami and the sun would make him smart?

Unproductive ? When have they used Gates ?
I saw him open, the ball was to far out front vs Revis but he beat him. He was also open deep. The guy is super raw, so before trashing him, think longer.

I thought the offense was productive when Henne was in there except in the red zone of course. But with Moore in there we'll go 0 and 16.

I have to admit, out of all the Coaches, I like Daboll the most, and think he's been doing the best job out of them. No, red zone offense isn't where it should be. No, not EVERY call made was the right one. But I think Daboll more often than not this Season put the offense in a position to score points. I can't fault him for dropped passes, or errant throws, or sacks or pressure on the QB. If Chad Henne was playing Monday, I have to believe we would have beaten the Jets.

Daboll got Henne to play the best he ever has (no, not good enough, but the fact he played better shouldn't be overlooked). Daboll has a MUCH UPDATED offensive strategy (especially compared to what we had before him). And, between the 20's, we're one of the best in the league (and that can partially be due to Daboll's offense).

So, I know he'll be gone with Sparano, not saying he should be kept (unless the next HC wants him, which I doubt). But I don't think he's nearly as bad as many of us thought he would have been when we heard of his signing early this year.

If Chad Henne was playing Monday, I have to believe we would have beaten the Jets.

What leads you to believe that DC.....the 0-4 record pror to the jets game....

or maybe it was last years 7-9 record.....

or maybe the year before that when we went 7-9.....

C'mon DC.....Henne is injured not DEAD....lets not cantonize him for sainthood just yet.....

Daboll is who WE thought he was....

The architecht of the 31st ranked Offence last year......

If Chad Henne played we still would of lost. Henne is who we thought he was!! And some of you guys want to crown his ass. Then crown him!!!

Name one thing that gives a fan a reason to be excited about this team? This is the worst playing team in the NFL. Half the time it's obvious the players aren't motivated. Just blow it all up and start over...how could it get any worse?

Hey Kris,

Great minds think alike!

What Offense ?

Spiderman...lol.....it would seem so....

I watched Nick Foles last night against UCLA and he looks pretty good. Anyone watch Nick Foles much? I've only seen him in a few games this year but like what I see. I am thinking he's be a great alternative in case we don't get 1st pick in the draft.

I wish to know your comments if the OL would give more time to the QB like the ones of the patriot or the jet. Maybe Henne or More could play better.thanks

Foles is predicted to be a 2nd round pick. I asked about him as well ,but I didnt get a response.


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I like his offense but there have been many head scratching play calls that have gone directly against conventional wisdom.

The biggest thing I question about him is choosing to Run Bush between the tackles.

Of course, I don't know if it's Sporano or Daboll making that decision and being stubborn about it

If you are going to run Bush between the tackles on first down you might as well just offer the defense to start on 2 and 10.


We had something in the neighborhood of 10 first downs Monday night before the Jets were able to get 1!!! We should have been up 21-0 by the half. The number 19 on BM jersey has turned him into GINN MAN. The man cannot catch in the clutch.

We suck in the air and on the ground
We punt like u aint never seen

We're the worst football team

The Miami Mullets

Miami Mullets

Miami Mullets #32 !!!


This years offense looks so much better, but the reality is that it has been less effective. We are scoring far less than before.

Focusing solely on results: Daboll < Crusty old Henning.

There is no way I see a positive there. Daboll's first two OC jobs will have lasted only one season each. There is something to be deduced from that.

We move the ball up and down the field. Nobody wants the ball in the red zone. A bunch of choke artists.

if you think dabocale is good go back to last years cleveland browns team, they had the same problem they could do nothing after the 20 yard line. so to say dabocale is a good coach is stupid. he sucks just like our offense. How come no one is giving Mike Nolan a nod at HC, i know he had a hard time in san fran but at that time the talent level out there was not all that. give him a shot, at least he could win us a couple of games????

Quiet in here today..........thought maybe my refresh button wasn't working

is brandon marshell's middle initial "u"
that would explain his dropps " B.U.M." got it

Being in Arizona I've seen a decent amount of Foles. He beats up on inferior defenses. Seems to have a good arm. His receivers are considered above average. He looks average against better defenses. I like him about as much as Barkley but don't want him as our franchise QB.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"There are two types of people," Daboll said Thursday. "Excuse makers ... and you got people that roll up their sleeves and go to work."

You ever heard the phrase.....Its alot harder not to work than it is to work.

Goofing off at work and not getting caught is a skill....not everybody is able to pull it off.....Its somthing I proudly have listed on my resume.

Making excuse's as to why you are not working is an art form.....In some circles I am considered a master in the medium.

Brian Daboll is nothing but a snot nosed kid who knows nothing about real world employment

Soiled :)

Soiled for President

I'm thinking her really wants to say, "What the hell you expect me to be able to do with Tony as head coach? All he wants to do is run and first and second down."

If the number 19 is turning him into Tedd ginn, then we would've won Monday. Ginn was a jets killer. Long bomb on Monday night, two returns in one game.

LOL, I knew I'd get pushback from that post.

kris, I may be a moron (and many here believe I am), or a homer, but I refuse to believe Henne DOESN'T see Clay wide open in the end zone on that play after the turnover. If we score there, go up, what, 10-0, 10-3, then the whole outlook on the game would have been different. Henne wouldn't have had single-focus on Marshall, he would have spread the ball around. I'm not saying this because I have faith in Henne, but more in how inept the Jets were in that first half. Henne would have been able to capitalize a bit more (IMHO) on that failure there by the Jets.

But I like the canonize line, that was a classic.

Solely on results, ok, you're right. But like I said, I'm not blaming Daboll for dropped passes or sacks, etc. AND, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt of installing a brand new offense in a shortened year.

If you take all of that, give the guy a teenie weenie bit of understanding, you have to at least prefer the direction of this offense from Henning's. At least I don't fall asleep watching this offense. Watching Henning's teams was like watching paint dry. Complete inaction.

And, honestly, there have been less plays this year where I was like, "what the h*ll, you call THAT play NOW!!!!"

And to both of you guys, I'm trying to be deferential to at least ONE person on the team. Can't I at least say something good, so the haters don't come on and call me a fake fan, lol? I'm trying here. And I've already said the field's looking good and the kicker is MVP. What else can I say that's positive? Work with me.

Fins Fans PLEASE open your eyes!!!!!!!!!

Even if Chad Henne had played, against the Jets, we still would have lost.


And I hope, next season, he is well healed and on another team.

Oh, and last year, Daboll lost Colt McCoy, and had to work with Jake Delhomme. This year, he lost Henne, and had to work with Matt Moore.

Dang, how does a chef cook with no fire, no electricity, no pans, no utensils?

No wonder the guy is bald.

Moore's Exaggerated penchant for locking on receivers is a huge problem;

~he missed a wide open receiver in the end zone locking-in on BM
~Hilliard was wide open on the 3rd and short pass to Gates (covered by Revis)

Dolgirl, my point exactly, even a BACKUP could've beaten the Jets Monday.

Moore isn't even a backup, he's a practice squad QB.

"Hey Kris,

Great minds think alike!"

Posted by: Spiderman

Hi Kris & Spiderman...Love ya Soiled:D

Daboll IS better than Henning. Still not good enough.

We could have had Mallet. The season is done, Put Pat Devlin IN! He could be our QB into 2012 +............

Remember: Sparano told Ireland that he didn't want to draft a QB. Instead,he put all of his 'eggs' in the Henne basket and didn't want to have any competition at that position.(thus cutting Thigpen and Brandstater) There is a good QB (Pat Devlin) on the practice team that they could bring into the game but Sparano says 'NO'. Sparano does NOT want to improve this team. Mr. Ross needs to CLEAN HOUSE! These 'Dallas Rejects' have RUINED this team.


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we should give Dansby the rest of the season off.

I agree that Henne is not a franchise QB. Any average QB can move the ball between the 20s. Only the great QBs are good inside the red zone and can generate TDs for their team. Henne has always fit the mold of the average QB. Maybe with 4 or 5 more years under his belt, he can develop into one of the better NFL QBs... Maybe... But I don't think that is a risk the Fins and fans of the team are willing to wait for.

We as fans have waited around for years, decades now and want to see a winning team again. Just think, the last time the Fins were in the Super Bowl was in 84. That was nearly 28 years ago. That’s a long time to wait.

Facing facts, the season is over. The team is in total disarray, and there needs to be a lot of changes made either now, or during the off season to set this team back on the right course.

Lastly, a comment about Brandon Marshall. He is one of the elite WRs in the league. However, he is not playing like it at all. He is playing frustrated football, being aggressive on one play and another playing like he doesn't care. If this team had any leadership he would be held more accountable for those “I don’t care” plays. But that is yet another issue this team needs to overcome.

I wouldn't have any problem with resigning Henne as a backup. Think he'd be one of the better backups in the league. Suppose he'll try and find a starting gig but in looking around the league not sure he is going to have many opportunities. Shoot, we could even give him a pay increase.

However, he's taken quite a mental beating in Miami so wouldn't blame the guy for wanting to get the hell out of dodge.

So much for being favored Sunday. We opened as two point favorites and have steadily dropped. It's currently a toss up in several sports books. A tie would be fitting.

You know what? I have decided not to watch this game on TV, rather, listen to it on the Radio. No boycott or anything. Just preventing embarrasment(less) when I see most of the People, IN OUR STADIUM, rooting for the Broncos. Fu-k no.

we dont have a "team"; its just a assemblege of bodies. the only thing different is that we became irrelevant sooner this season.

another locker room warrior!

it would be better to make excuses daboll!

the alternative is that you're an absolute failure in two cities!

. piss me off!

Texas Dophan,
CBSSports.com has Foles currently ranked as the 102nd best prospect in the upcoming draft which places him in the early 4th rd.
NFL Draft Scout.com has him as a 4th-5th rd pick at this time. Now, he may improve his status with his play. He has very good size and a strong arm but his decision-making has been questioned which makes me wonder what people are looking at.
It seems to me he is taking the brunt of the blame for his teams woes. He is having his best season this year and did well last year. The problem is Arizona hasn't done well the last two seasons. They were 7-6 last season and they are 2-5 so far this year.
It's hard to guage where he will end up going in the draft but my guess is he will go somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd rd only because he is considered to be in the 2nd tier of qb's with guys like Moore, Cousins, Weeden, Wilson and Lindley.

Dabol said there are "excuse makers and people who roll up their sleeves and go to work." You think the "excuse maker" thing was aimed at Sparano?

Ross, whose idea was it, this Tebow/UF Homecoming? Your's, Mike Dee's, or both? The Miami Herald's Greg Cote, an experienced columnist well versed in Dolphin's Football, expressed his opinion that this "event" would not be good for the health of the Miami Dolphins franchise. But you didn't read that column or you couldn't back out of your/others idea by that time. What gives?


Random thought, while both with the Dallas cowboys, didn't bill parcells strip Sean Payton of play calling duties?


It is Daboll, god-ammit. Learn how to express yourself or you will become irrelevant, as those that you are criticizing are.

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