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Brian Daboll talks Dolphins offense

Brian Daboll's a good guy. Very competitive. Smart. Hard worker.

But the Dolphins offense isn't producing and Daboll is the offensive coordinator. So he takes this stuff personally.

"There are two types of people," Daboll said Thursday. "Excuse makers ... and you got people that roll up their sleeves and go to work."

Daboll's been working on improving an offense that is coming off its lowest point production of the season last week -- managing only two field goals -- with backup-turned-starting QB Matt Moore at the helm.

In the video below, Daboll discusses Moore's penchant for locking on receivers in his first start of the year. He tells why the Fins tried passing the ball to unproductive rookie Clyde Gates when he was matched up against Pro Bowl CB Darrelle Revis last week. He discusses the effectiveness of rookie Daniel Thomas, particularly in the red zone. He discusses his other wide receivers.

Take a gander:


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Very rarely, have I seen a guy open in the end zone for about 3 years now. On 2 occasions Monday night, I seen 2 people wide open, as wide as Jlo's butt. And that is some space. But Moore throws it to BM with a u in the middle.

So Daboll calls the right plays. We would have been 14 - 0 but nope. We have the dumbest players in the NFL. All talked out by Sparano. What the qb was looking at on that play is beyond me. I hope Moore wasn't afraid that BM with a u in the middle wasn't going to sic his ex on him.

Do I miss Ted Ginn? He looked good in the first half on Sunday but in the second half he jumped out of bounds 2 yards short of a first down, so he is still a chicken turd and I don't miss him at all. They beat Detroit with a good coach who is not a chicken turd. Why didn't Ross give this guy all the keys? Why? He should have said, here are the keys and the whole budget. Spend it as you see fit and keep the rest for you.

Time to look for someone else than Marshall in the red zone.
Last year Hartline has made some good red zone catches.

I think we should hire Tony Siragusa as head coach!


Moore may have a rifle arm. He may be mobile. But what Moore isn't is smart (in the football sense). That's why he throws dumb INTs (like Rex Grossman). That's why he pinpointed Marshall all night long. And even when he didn't throw to Marshall, he threw to Clyde who was being covered by Revis. That's why he's nothing but a 3rd-string QB.

QB is more mental than anything else. You have to know the game. Everyone's role. Be able to read the defense. Be quick enough to react. Moore is none of those things. He's a guy with god-given ability and nothing else. He won't succeed here, he wouldn't succeed on Green Bay, he'll NEVER succeed in this league, because he's limited upstairs.

Moore doesn't have a strong arm, it's average by NFL QB standards. I agree with everything else. Him locking on Marshall the whole night was a joke.

Hope we get more out of Moore Sunday afternoon, My feeling is, that if we lose on Sunday we could really not win a game this year! and I don't know if I have another 2004-2007 in me, P.S. A-lot of Dol-Fans forget about 2004, that was a bad year also.

Andy, what's the tie that connects '04,'07 and '11?


We thought JT was bad luck, I PRAY Bell isn't on the team next year.

Watching Moore throw Monday reminded me of NoodleArm.
Once the Jets had the game in hand they really started to administer a beating to MM. He must have been pissing blood after the game.
Moore seems like a good guy but I think it more like that he ends up hospitalized than starting the rest of the season.

Has Jared Odrick registered a sack this season?

Or how about any pressure?

JD, Odrick's still on the team, lol.

Yes, he had 1 pressure I remember a couple games ago. But I don't fault him for last game. I think he said he wanted to be Casper the Ghost early for Halloween!

This guy talks just like Sporano. This is not inspiring.

I am absolutely convinced that Parcel's made a deal with Ryan and the Jets, before he, Bill Parcels, would take over the Miami Dolphins to keep them from becoming a winning franchise so that his beloved Rex Ryan and the Jets cold win another SuperBowl before Miami ever could! There can be no other reasonable explanation for such mismanagement in any professional sport!

It's going to be interesting to see what Ross will do (or won't) do if we should lose to Denver. On paper, the Dolphins have a slight edge over Denver and should win. But if they should falter, then it's evident that the players have shut down for the season and Sparano has lost the locker room.

If Sparano's job is still secured after a loss, then it's quite palpable that Ross is after Luck.

My scoring predictions:
1) MIA 9 DEN 6; or
2) MIA 6 DEN 7 (a Tebow TD)

But Moore was going fine through his progressions at Carolina, I have watched plenty. Is obvious that he's being told to lock into Marshall.

please denver do not lose this game. if we beat denver we screw our entire future up

Why are you guys trashing Marshal, you have to be serious, here we have one of the BEST receivers in the NFL and you have to trash him. Look around and smell the roses. look who's throwing the ball to him, yes even Henne. The Finz need a QB - PERIOD. all great teams have a great QB. look at the Colts. do you really think they would be this bad if Payton Manning would be in there COME ON MAN!! Be serious.The Dolphins better do what ever they have to do to finally get the best fricken QB next year or they will just keep going down the tubes...The Fins front office better start looking at them selves not everyone else, how many coaches are theey going to go through, is Sparano really the problem, was all the other coaches they fired, was it really their fault?????? THEY HAVE HAD NO FRICKEN QUARTER BACK, HOW IGNORANT CAN THEY BE!!!

Daboll Does not have what this team needs he is too loose and not that brash! we need someone with some huge footballs. He needs to know what he is doing the next play and Dabolls does not. He just doesn't Didn't he come from Buffal last year. Enough said. Where was Buffalo last year!!

joezfinz, you're right abou Daboll being slow to call plays. Gruden even mentioned they're taking the whole clock to get the play off. That has really been the stumbing block to the offense having no flow. Dabol was Clevelands OC last year. I hope the Dolphins lose against Denver. You know though, with our luck we're going to be 3-13 or 4-12.

I can't wait until the tide comes in and covers the stench of this team.

Joe Robbie's corpse

Even the blog response totals are down.
Apathy is winning.

Dropsy Marshall needs to be benched.


I'll say it again after seeing 5 games this year....Daboll by name and Daboll=ocks by results.
Totally useless.

Just another face heading for an exit...thats all Daboll ever was when it came here.....

Roll up the sleeves.......And find a new job Brian.......

Well this is the same guy who was the non productive Cleveland OC., is there a correlation or what? He goes to Brandon Marshall against the Jets over and over again with the best CB in the NFL covering him. What ever happened to going at a teams weakness? Did Sparano tell him to keep going to Marshall in the end zone? Armando quit protecting Sparano, clearly he is not a HC. Regarding Daboll, I'm not sure how much is a lack of talent on the Dolphins or could it be the conservative Sparano calling the shots.

Daboll is just burying himself. It is put up or shut up time. I had great hopes for him but so far, so bad.

..I would grade Daboll about a C. The one area that has to be looked at is the misuse of Reggie Bush. Why has he not been targeted more out of the backfield as a reciever. This should be easy money. I understand that the pass protection has left little to be desired, and it has forced the backs into blocking instead of getting into routes. But still...Bush has been rendered useless as a feature back. Because of this, it has caused play action to be obsolete on first downs. It has also had a negative affect on playing ahead of the chains..As most of Bush's runs on first down yeild little in the way of positive yardage.

I know some will say that Bush had a few nice runs last week, and he did. But does not have the physical makeup to be the back the Phins are trying to make him. I also understand that Daniel Thomas has been dinged up. They still refuse to give any carries to Lex Hilliard, who I still believe would be a better inside the tackles runner then Bush. The one problem with Reggie is that he struggles getting up the field without making a move. When he has, he has not done well enough following the design of the blocking. Which has been actually pretty decent(as far as the run game goes)

After a complete analysis, FBI forensics determined that the white substance previously unknown to Dolphin offensive players was the goal line. Practice resumed when the FBI decided that the team would not be likely to encounter the substance again this week.

Shhhhhhhhhhhh, listen,,,,,,,hear that? Taps is being played very softly in the background.

henne was ruined as a rookie by entire offensive coaching staff and their boss sparano if it weren't for pennington we would have gone 7-9 three years in a row it's all on the boss

Lol @ killerdolphin...Great Post.

I like Dabol. Not his fault he has to work with the worst rated RT, 3rd worst rated RB, and what would be a 3rd string QB on any decent team. And thats not even mentioning mediocre Incognito, Fasano, and Henne. Thanks Jeff Ireland, hope your house sells fast!

Remember this comment SHULA COULD TAKE HIS AND BEAT YOURS OR HE COULD TAKE YOURS AND BEAT HIS NOW REMEMBER THIS sparano could take yours and lose to his or he can take his and lose to yours

who ran two minute offense with 1.04 left in half and one time out and was afraid of revis because of what happen earlier ????

DC, Ok Im gonna work with you on this one.. I have to agree, I dont think Dabol has gotten a fair shake here. I cant blame him. Our offence looked more exciting (between the 20's) than I have seen in a while.. Lets look at it this way, Dabol works with Henne, Henne begins to look like a fairly good QB, other then the OL, the offence was coming together..somewhat..NO its not the same as the Pats, or Colts (with Manning) but it was a positive step forward. Now take in the fact he has to work with a QB thats more like a third string QB. Im not sure how much time previously he spent with moore. But I would have to venture and say NOT MUCH. Take the dead running game (unless Thomas is healthy) and OL with as many holes ass swiss cheese, and what does he have to work with..Sorry but I can not put him in the same pot as Sparano..And Im not even going to talk about dropped passes..The play calling is no where near as poor as when Henning was here..

Dabol said there are "excuse makers and people who roll up their sleeves and go to work." You think the "excuse maker" thing was aimed at Sparano?
Dont know..but that would be a dangerous move if your hoping to hold on to your job when Sparano is gone.

ARMANDO SAYS >>> Brian Daboll's a good guy. Very competitive. Smart. Hard worker.

Mondo, you been spending to much time with the "people in the know crowd".

Why are you towing the Dolphin talking points that Soprano, Ireland are spitting out?

GOOD GUY? Who gives a rats ass if he's a good guy or not. He SUCKS and HE is the HEAD of HIS "O" and his "O" SUCKS

VERY COMPETITIVE? Pleeeezzzeeeeeee Mondo.. The ONLY thing he's competitive with is keeping pace with the Colts and Rams.

SMART? Why don't you go and ask all the Browns fans how "smart" they think he was. He SUCKS and Mangini SUCKS (just thought I would throw that in there also).

HARD WORKER? The only thing he's working hard at is getting himself fired in December. I cant comment on his work ethic.

There is light at the end of this tunnel...

This is so SAD.


I think Reggie is being used as an all down back, because Thomas can not remain healthy..(another gimp player brought to you by ireland), you have to at least pretend your going to make plays up the middle, to set up your plays on the outside.. why they dont use hilliard, I dont know. But he has not realy proven to be a steady all down big play RB. at least not to me..

Please hire John Gruden.

Wow...even CNN.com wrote an article about the whole Suck-for-Luck campaign in their U.S. section! They have us down at a favored 2-1 odds. Thanks Sparano.


If we would have wanted, we could have had Palmer, long time ago, even before the season started. But we did not pursue him, rather made a half-hearted attempt on Orton. Obvious, we did not want an upgrade at QB, even though we needed it.

One of these days, if the mood strikes me, I will publish all these tidbits that are on my Computer, that, added together, prove that this Season was programmed to be a losing one, before it's beginning.

Not that it will do any good, this year.

Seriously, I can't listen to anything anyone in this organization says.

Just lose, baby!


We don't need Hilliard to be a big play back. That isn't his game. What we need is the ability to gain positive yards on run situations that give us managable 3rd downs. Now I'm sure that some will say. If Hilliard isn't capapble of the big play who needs him. Well that isn't realistic.

For one, we are dealing with the players on the roster now, not our wish list. Hilliard at least gives the team a better shot at staying on script. Bush, may have the ability to break a big run. But he has to many rushes in the 1-2 yard-no gain variety to be given carries on first down. His opportunities for big plays should come via the short pass, use it as an extension of the runnng game. We have yet to figure this out.

I do agree that injuries to Thomas have forced our hand. But I think even if Thomas had been healthy. The geniuses here would still be using Bush as the feature back. This is how they said they wanted to use him before the season started, and have not skewed from this of yet.

this administrations biggest failure was to have henne as our starter to begin the season. they will all go down together and it's unfortunate.

QB's that go to teams like ours have careers like Bradford and Henne.
QB's that go to teams with 12 pro bowlers have careers like Ryan, Sanchez, Flacco, Rogers & Stafford.
They all have something in common with Marino: They are going to jerk off thier fan bases for years because of thier huge contracts.
This franchise hasn't won anything since Bob Griese retired.

This regime made 4 huge mistakes concerning our running game. (those mistakes I lay totally on Ireland). First you do not renew a contract with either of our current RB's from last season (even though you realize we have none). Second you bring in an RB via draft, who at that time was not healthy and still is not healthy ( he has shown promise). You sign Bush (probably realizing that your currently drafted RB will not be healthy enough at season start). Then you cut your only consistant, reliable offensive weapon aside from the kicker, Polite. By the way, Polite has never missed a 4th and 1..
I have nothing against Hilliard, but since arriving here i believe he has more recieving than rushing yards. and I also think his avg. per rush is somewhere around 3yds per carry..Not exactly scaring anyone..working with what you have is difficult here, well frankly you have little to work with..

Back on Daboll, Cleveland has been' well not exactly ripping up the field, even before Daboll. A coach can only be as good as the staff he has around him. So its not improbable that Daboll could leave Clevland and be a success somewhere else. Again, things were looking a lot better in the play calling with Henne and daboll, than under Henning.. of course some might say that would'nt take much.

Oscar, Palmer's price was way to high, along with Orton. In this case Ross stepped in. In my opinion this was the right move. QB's in FA this year were (when considering price tag,age etc.)limited, but I do feel they could have gotten someone better than Moore. Henne was bound to be our starter, unless Palmer became available, or Orton, but only at a very cheap price.


This was from Mando last blog Featuring Thoughts from Fisty:

We’re one of the top teams in the league in getting the ball down the field right now

WTF, Is this guy for real?????

The Dolphins rank 31st in the NFL in turnovers forced with three in five games (only the Steelers have fewer, two). Sparano said the team works on it in practice, but doesn’t stress it because “it’s like the pitcher pitching a no-hitter, nobody kind of wants to talk about it too much,” Sparano said.

“The more you talk about it, I think the worse it is to be honest with you
I hope he is kidding.Right?
player; Oh Coach I missed 10 tackles in the last 2 games.
Coach: Thats ok, we dont need to talk about that, take a half day off from practice.
player; coach I cant catch the ball, I drop passes all the time.
Coach: don't wanna stress that right now, it might make matters worse..
Man i know the NFL has changed. But I can remember Shula, when he had a player fumble, that player carried that ball everywhere he went even at dinner, and the whole team tried to strip it away from him..

It's an epidemic. YB said in an interview, "I don't really evaluate myself. It's about the team." Really? Again, what is wrong with this picture? If a player isn't going to look at himself in the mirror and say, "If I'm not part of the solution, then I'm part of the problem" there is a definite problem with how these guys are approaching the game.
Granted, there is no "I" in "Team" but every player still needs to look at how he is doing his job and try to step up his play to help the team as much as he can. A player needs to have feedback from his coaches but also needs to self-evaluate his play in order to improve his performance. Further evidence that the coaching staff needs to be dismantled.

Now that the team is down to backups at the safety position you would think their year is pretty much a lock. Gerald Alexander and Tyrone Culver don't exactly exude confidence at the safety position.
All of the injuries suffered by this team point directly to the lack of conditioning. You can't say it enough. Conditioning plays a big part when it comes to injuries but also stamina throughout the game. You can ask why this team wasn't better prepared but we've been asking that question for so long the answer is obvious. The coaching staff of this team has no clue how to prepare this team for playing during the season in every aspect of the game, from strength and conditioning, to practicing, to having them ready for every scenario that may happen (especially on special teams) and calling plays on offense and defense. They also don't know how to evaluate the talent they have on the team and how to take advantage of that talent to help the team. We aren't coaches but we still know reggie bush shouldn't be running the ball between the tackles. We also know he would probably be more effective running a crossing route against a linebacker. Do the coaches know that? You would assume they do. But, do they do that? No.
We all know that Devon Bess is worthless as a punt returner because he isn't capable of gaining any yards. Do they change that? NO!
We all know that scoring the most points wins the game but Tony Sparano thinks that you win moving the ball between the 20's.
We all know that Colombo couldn't block an old lady carrying a 20lb purse but Tony Sparano thinks he's doing a great job.
So, what is wrong with the picture when the fans (who know nothing about the game -Matt Millen, John Madden, etc.) can see where the major issues are but the coaching staff fails to recognize the issues. The only answer is: the coaching staff doesn't have a clue.

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