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Brian Daboll talks Dolphins offense

Brian Daboll's a good guy. Very competitive. Smart. Hard worker.

But the Dolphins offense isn't producing and Daboll is the offensive coordinator. So he takes this stuff personally.

"There are two types of people," Daboll said Thursday. "Excuse makers ... and you got people that roll up their sleeves and go to work."

Daboll's been working on improving an offense that is coming off its lowest point production of the season last week -- managing only two field goals -- with backup-turned-starting QB Matt Moore at the helm.

In the video below, Daboll discusses Moore's penchant for locking on receivers in his first start of the year. He tells why the Fins tried passing the ball to unproductive rookie Clyde Gates when he was matched up against Pro Bowl CB Darrelle Revis last week. He discusses the effectiveness of rookie Daniel Thomas, particularly in the red zone. He discusses his other wide receivers.

Take a gander:


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Las Vegas. Revise your odds. Now!

I am a lifelong dolfhan and anyone who STILL thinks that this team is going to win even one game this year is in complete denial. The 2007 team had heart and character, this team has neither. The coach has quit, there is absolutely no team leader, and our "best" wide receiver couldnt catch a TD if you threw it to him underhanded. The Broncos will win on Sunday for many diferent reasons, one being they have a better QB> Tebow hasnt done much, but he is better mentally, physically, and has more heart than all of our players combined. We eill go 0-16 and still find a way to mess up the first pick in the draft if Mr. Ross dosent have some kind of revelation and forget about being hollywood and decide to get some football people to run the show for him.

Here are a couple thoughts from me.

About Tony Sparano, the real case is he can't motivate at all, he doesn't know what to tell the existing players about how to be successful or how to win the one on one battles. He simply doesn't know how to teach this and if you listen to his press conf. regarding this team he's quoted as saying "I don't have any answers for this." That is because, he doesn't! He has lost this team and he knows it. When you see him talk to the media it is a small insight to how he replies to his players. In closing, how it must really feel to him that his boss, Mr. Ross (Ireland too.), were talking with his successor or they had hoped and we all know what happened there.

Here is my take on his replacement, enter John Gruden, yeah I know he signed a 5 year deal with his current employer, but for me it is just a contract, if it's true. When he was the coach of the Raiders, he took them to the super bowl (RIP Al Davis), and that game could have went either way as we all know. Fast forward to the Bucs, I know a lot of you say that was with Dungie's players, yada yada, he takes the Bucs to the Super bowl and wins. Can you deny this guys passion and energy for the game? I think this is our best choice to be our next head coach, and if not, who else possesses that fire for the game? I just hope it ends like this and begins this way. Like most here, I am a very disgusted Fin fan. I live in Florida, and I have personally seen John Gruden and I've taken my Dolphin hat and pointed at it to him. The way Gruden was let go in Tampa Bay, can you imagine Gruden being the head coach of the Dolphins and play the Bucs in the Super Bowl? Here is a coach that was fired with a winning record! LOL

I'm known for short statements, sorry but this time I could not stop myself.


To all the Gruden fans...

Let's take a stroll down memory lane. Gurden took over the Bucs from Tony Dungey and in his first year won the SB against the Raddddders...

He had to credit Dungey for setting the team up for years and Gruden was on Dungeys coattails. After 7 years with the Bucs Gruden was FIRED and went to da Raders.

95–81–0 (Regular Season)
5–4 (Postseason)
100–85–0 (Overall)

COWHER is the logical choice and is much, much more experienced and disciplined and the Fins if under Cowhers control WILL be prepared and not the embarrassment like our opening against NE when Wake was being tossed around by a rookie Guard all night and the cramping and conditioning was a failure on the HC and all his kids.

In Cowher’s 15 seasons, the Steelers captured eight division titles, earned ten postseason playoff berths, played in 21 playoff games, advanced to six AFC Championship games and made two Super Bowl appearances.

He is one of only six coaches in NFL history to claim at least seven division titles.

At the conclusion of the 2005 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers had the best record of any team in the National Football League since Cowher was hired as head coach.

Now folks... If you don't like COWHER that's fine BUT you can NOT argue that COWHER IS the best choice as he has a proven record and TODAY, Mike Tomlin reps from what COWHER built with the Rooney family backing him up.

This is a no brainier.. COWHER IS the first choice. Give him the tools and guaranteed the Fins will be turned around as one of the best Teams in the NFL since Shula.

Gruden has never proven and cant hold the apron strings for Cowher as there is just no comparison whatsoever and mentioning Gruden in the same sentence as Cowher as better is being naive as the numbers don't lie.

He calls the same stupid, aggravating plays that Henning used to call in the red zone.

Yes. Charles Clay was open. Others, were open. But,it was Brandon Marshall.

lets face it daboll sucks. do we really expect one of the worst offenses in the leagues oc to come to miami and be any better? taylor sucks too and needs to go as well

What Wonderful Weather!

This dolphin team is coached by a group of clowns. I can't grasp the idiotic mindset that landed so many inexperienced and losing coaches beneath the big-top - the carnival this franchise has become.

This cast of Bozo's couldn't run a flea-circus.

Hate to be a stickler here, But Gruden went from the Raiders to the Bucs,
In 2002 won the SB with Dungies team, after that 3 seasons under .500 and his last two with the Bucs were both 9-7.His record with the Raiders 2 8-8 seasons, 12-4 and 10-6 when he left to the Bucs.

What if COWHER (decides to stay with CBS), FISHER (who has mentioned he is done with coaching for now)are not available to replace Sparano? Who do we look at then. Ok we have covered Gruden, for my taste enough. Who is available, who will be available. Just some names I came up with that could be on the hot seat and available. (please note I'm NOT RECOMENDING ANY OF THESE just looking for some Coach chatter)
Andy Ried: if things end again in the play offs or before he might be looking for a new job.
Jack DelRio: Please nobody mention his name
Norv turner
Tom Coughlin
I have no other ideas of available coaches, anybody here? got any ideas. Actually this should be a hot topic, considering our own coaching situation.
Some other names of possibilities that currently do not hold HC positions.
Russ Grimm
Perry Fewell
Gregg Williams

How about the Panthers OC.....

The wagon train for a new coach is at full speed. Some are on the Gruden buckboard, others wishing for Cowher or Fisher.

Checking out the other losing NFL team's tabloids, these three coaches are in great demand...

The odds of us getting either of the three are stacked against us.

Harbough is an example.

Dear Mr. Salguero

If I win the lotto guess what I'm gonna buy

A franchise quaterback
A franchise coach
A franchise general manager
A franchise defensive coordinator
A franchise offensive coordinator
A franchise quality control manager....but I may just hire my brother instead....nepotism rules

No more hand me downs and thrift store bargains for SoiledBottom

Soiled :)

Ahh, the Casinos. I love to see People there, gambling and having a good time, when I go to see the Boxing matches and have a good dinner. I have a good bet today in Calder's first, but I'm afraid it won't pay much.

"Hey Kris,

Great minds think alike!"

Posted by: Spiderman

Hi Kris & Spiderman...Love ya Soiled:D

Posted by: Dolgirl Crying | October 21, 2011 at 01:02 PM


And hello to you Dolgirl Crying.....I always to to speak back when spoken to....I was traveling all day yesterday after those brief post.....

I kinda like Russ Grimms Resume, asst. to Cowher, and now asst. at Arizona. A pretty good resume, never held an HC position.

I just have a gut feeling Fisher and Cowher are not going to take an HC position here, if anywhere.

Hey Soiled, If I win the Lottery Im gonna buy the team..Does that mean your gonna be working for me?? lol

Dear Mr. Salguero

Want another example of coach Sparano being to conservative ?

When Mr. Ross tried and failed to replace him as head coach all Tony Sparano did was hire his son as team quality control manager.

If I was in Tony Sparano shoes I would have hired my entire family and put them on the Dolphins payroll.

The Dolphins would look like a roach infestation of SoiledBottom's.

The only way to rid yourself of me and my family would be to put a tent over all of the Dolphins facilities and then gas us to terminate our nest.

But thats just the way I would have handled it

Soiled :)

OC panthers Rod Chadunsky doubt I spelled that right, not bad resume either..Not familiar with him till I read up little.


What I like about Chudzinski...is that he is an NFL guy.....some some hotshot college coach who will have no idea on how to deal with or motivate grown millionaires.....

He has ties with the Chargers....and the Chargers know offence....

He is working wonders with Cam Newton in a strike shortened off-season....

Seems like an up and commer tp me.....

some some= not some

How is that unemployed football players come to this team and are immediately starting?
Columbo. Olshansky. This safety we just signed. Pat McQuistan last year. McQuistan started at like 5 different positions after being out of football for the first half of the season.
(By the way McQuistan was re-instated at Radio Shack.)

Daboll has justifiable excuses for having a bum offense. He came in the midst of a turmoil; no running backs with experience in the program, having to change an offensive scheme with very little time because of the strike and then again because of the strike minimum "pad days". Then Henne goes and gets knocked out of contention when he was starting to look good. The guy who should hang his head in shame is Nolan...talk about disappointment... I would have bet my house that our "D" would have won games for us this year, instead the opposite is fact. Bummer!!

Henne took that beating for 4 games. Any predictions on how many games Moore will last?
I say 50-50 he gets hospitalized tomorrow.

Hey Fin Bretheren,

The team is in full flux.

The Tony Sparano situation is why keeping a "lame duck" coach around is not a good idea.

I believe Tony was an ok coach at one point but he seemed to lose power and connection with his players motivation, control and accountablity more and more each year after his wondrous 1-15 Outhouse to 11-5 Penthouse run.

Ross is smart enough to know he wants the face of Fins to be a bigger splash with a higher level of communication skills. Tony tends to end many sentences with "that way" or "in that way". He HAS to add more vinegar to his team assessments. Just rambling on about how the Gates'z and Clay'z and R. Jones'z of our team are all "Improving" is beyond comprehension.

This when us as fans and media get the disconnect as he is off from reality. Clay has not caught a cold let alone done much on the field. His hands have seemed suspect to me from jump street. R. Jones has regressed not porgressed in his second season. Gates has tried to make a few plays and seems has the best chance to accel in the NFL to me.

TS just seems like a guy that sees the writing on the wall and would rather alienate the fans and media with his polyanna answers more than alienate the players he sees everyday. I get the sense he is kind of saying no sense going "All Lombardi" on them now.

In a sense saying "Why does it matter if I squeeze any juice from these grapes of,err WITH wrath."


I guess at this point it is easy to see that those calling for heads to roll last year were the ones that were more correct.

Relax, this is not a lookie I'm right post.

Just that stability may be an overrated item when you are talking about stabilizing the "wrong guy". Heck, we could still have Cam Cameron and call it stability.

If Parcells did have a great mantra lost in his dated ones it was "Your record says exactly who you are." That one works well for me. We are 0-5 and could have played our way into a win or two with better execution, passion, conditioning, coaching, play calls etc.

An example of a Parcells mantra that failed or was dated is "Every football player has to fit some rigid height,weight, size parameter or they can't play for me". Ask Wes Welker how that is working out.

We have had return woes for a loooooong time. We had Stefan Logan in our building and Parcells clipped him before he even set foot on the field. Parcells thought he was too small. He is not the greatest returner in the league but he is plenty explosive and 5 X better than ANY returner we have on our roster.

Talent recognition is key. You HAVE TO BE ABLE to determine of a guy is an NFL football player and keep him on your roster if he has that "it" factor. The starting OLB for the Patsies is Rob Nincovich! (Nice first name, lol) He was IN OUR CAMP before the Pats picked him up! Is there ANY plausible argument for Nincovich to at least be backing up Misi? I say he is a better player than Misi straight up and would start ahead of him.

Collect the talent!
Coach up the talent!
The wins will come!


Armando, you have skills and have been covering the Dolphins for a while now. Sparano never should have been given as much decision making power as he currently has. The Hiring of an Ofensive Coordinator, deciding who plays and who gets thrown to, the offensive and defensive game plans are also controlled by this guy who was Parcells puppit. Parcells, a stone age coach who has never won anything without Bill Belichick. No more excuses from all of these losers. They will all be fired by the end of the season if not sooner......All the press conferences are academic to the ultimate; your services are no longer desired goodby! Tony Sparano just does not have the skills. There is not another owner in the NFL who will ever hire Sparano as head coach. A guy like Mangini has some excuses being fired in Cleveland and his track record with the Jets was not bad. Mangini has skills and could be the next Miami Dolphins head coach. Tony is a stretch for anything but a position coach. A position coach without personnel making power. Tony is a good guy who is just in over his head.


Moore is more mobile. I think he will hang longer than Henne did.

Just my guess.

By the way (Not directed at you specifically), did Moore not throw a bunch of catchable balls that would have helped to sustain drives and thus probably net more points?

All things considered for how long he has been here, the drops, the general state of mind the Fins must be in, I think Moore is doing at least OK.

After reviewing that Jets game he committed a few Cardinal sins but bad reads and locking onto the target were his two biggest ones imho.

I am not even saying that he is anything to build around... I just think that if he stays healthy he will end up giving us at least as much chance to win as Henne did by seasons end.


Speaking of recognizing talent... this falls squarely on GM Jeff Ireland's shoulders.

Some have stated that "It was ALL Parcell's in all prior years". Knowing the planet sized ego on Parcells I'd say that is pretty safe to assume say Parcells was the final absolute voice of whom were the final "groceries" err, players.

That said I would imagine Ireland had to go out and form some opinions and put forth input. He is not without culpability during Parcell's EVEN during Parcell's watch.

This year was his first sans Parcell's ties.

Pouncey looks like he has game. Good you are suppose to nail a talented player with the first pick.

Even though I don't agree with how they went about getting Daniels he loosk to have talent as well. His style lends itself to being in the med-vac unit a ton and that has also proven true. Hard to make a mark on the club in the tub Daniels.

The next most talented guy is Jimmy Wilson to me. Gates has some skill as well and busy catching up to NFL speed from tiny Abeliene Christian.

So Ireland seesm to have some players that offer something.

The thing is that under his watchful eye, how many players have been "WOW" types? Any?

Closest would be Jake Long and his Pro-Bowls and play prove it. Jake has slipped a bit lately but may be more hurt than we all know.

4 years... 1 WOW guy drafted? Not much track record there.

Wake was going to be the "Monster" this season... I guess one off season for opposing DCs to study a guy can lead to massive drop-off.

Throw in the infamous "Is your mom a ho?" comment and it seems Ireland has major holes in his game as well.

Along with most Fin fans, I would vote he and TS off the island...PERIOD!


My early favorite for the 2012 first round pick is Baylor QB Robert Griffin III.

He has my #1 favorite QB asset in spades and that is ACCURACY!

Mediocre armed Joe Montana made a killing in the NFL with ACCURACY!

Mediocre armed Chad Pennington took us to 11-5 and won the division with ACCURACY! Some went so far as to say weenie armed Penny...still 11-5 is proof of his propeller was not too broken.

QB Robert Griffin also has wheels! There are many definite Vick-like and Randall Cunningham-like qualities to this lad.

He can buy time and keeps his eyes down field.

This protects our OL more by being able to escape and avoid sacks.

Griffin resets, reloads and fires the ball quickly and ACCURATELY. At one point earlier in this season he had more TD passes than incompletes! Wow!

He can make ALL the NFL throws and I feel the testing processes (Allstar Games,Combine,Private Workouts) will bring this out.

I also believe that the Fins will end up winning a game or two by years end and play their way out of the NFL's caboose spot.

If it ends up being Luck or Moore than I would be happy as they are franchise type material as well.

After watching what Cam Newton has done in the NFL I not going to doubt physical prowess as strong factor again. As bad as Tebow's delivery is and his lack of being a true dropback QB he has willed his way into some pretty impressive plays in the NFL.

Honestly think that Tebow would have been the ultimate "Wildcat" Parcells pick instead of Pat White. I know different drafts and Tebow was a 1st rounder. I am just musing.

Tebow is built to handle the rigors the NFL offers much better and is 100X better QB than Ronnie Brown. Thus presenting the kooky double threat that the NFL never saw in the Wildcat 1.0 with Ronnie Brown.

Once diagnosed as a 90% run play many teams were able to blow it up with much more regularity. You HAVE to be able to throw out of the formation with some regularity or it's too 1 dimensional.

As a side note, Ross would of sold a gob more tickets each week as Tebow is the consumate Pied Piper player.

Just rambling about "what if" scenarios. Seems as good of pastime as any regarding being a Fin fan. I can only lambaste TS, Ireland and Henne so much.


Sorry for blowing up the board with longer posts.

I have had a crazy as hell schedule lately and wanted to post but was not able much, although I try to read most meangingful posts.

I had to get some of that off my chest. Blogging can be like therapy sometimes.

Don't quite know what to expect from Tebow Sunday but I guess that does make it an interesting game.

Note* Some sites are saying that Tebow will be a great fantasy play. For the psyche of the Fins I hope not.


I am not even saying that he is anything to build around... I just think that if he stays healthy he will end up giving us at least as much chance to win as Henne did by seasons end.

Posted by: Rob in OC | October 22, 2011 at 02:09 PM

Rob in OC.....that is exactly the point I am trying to make to DC....they are more or less the same QB.....stare down recievers....only look at the 1st option....and turn the ball over....

Moore is Henne with a bit more mobility......

Cower, Fisher, Gruden, Rob Ryan.....why are we debating each other over who WILL BE the next Dolphin HC?

The important thing is that we ALL agree who WILL NOT BE......

Cya Tony...have a nice life withn your millions of dollars in savings.......(cause it's for sure your not a big spender, judging by your wardrobe).

As for what's left behind amid this rubble of a Dolphin team......bring on anyone who can put together two declarative sentences...PLEASE !!!

Oh..and one more thought....

I'm tired of hearing that Tony is a good guy, Brian Dabol is a good guy, etc.

My brother in law is a good guy too....but he can't coach a minute of football.

Forget about apologizing for criticisms of coaches, players, FO staff, etc by assigning them the label "good guy".

We don't need any more "good guys"...what we need is a no nonsense ORGANIZER , who LEADS by example, and understands the game and the men who play it, and who can manage both effectively.

There is something to be said for the addage that "Nice guys finish last".

We don't want a "nice' or "good" guy necessarily; what we do want is a Coach who is a motivator, an innovator and a WINNER!!

Rob in OC...WHAT UP!!! Good seeing you here on ye'ole blog.

I haven't seen much of Robert Griffen yet. Not enough to make an assesment. Finding Baylor games isn't easy, and highlight reels(which he seems to the star of) make it difficult to check him out. I'm going to stand firm that if we have the opportunity to draft Luck, it should be a no brainer.

About the return game. It seems to be a sickness of this team. Whatever scheme they are using(like all phases of our team) Aren't working. Watching Gates, he really struggles setting up the return. Returning kicks is an art. There are certain instincts you see in all good return men, that Gates doesn't seem to have. They understand how the blocking is supposed to be set up, and look for seems to exploit, and get up the field. I don't believe that every return is set up as a "middle return". But Gates constantly runs into the center of the blockers, without letting the return form it's shape. The few nice returns he has had, he was able to get outside of the contain.

I don't know if it is the blocking that is poor, or if he is struggling with the scheme of the return. His speed is useless if he cannot grasp the concept, or design of the play. I thought he would be the perfect guy for the job, and perhaps he will with some time. We should get plenty of opportunities to get him returns. And it isn't like we are playing for anything more then evaluation, and experience at this point.

Question or questions there Mando.
Ross spent unknown millions of dollars for OL, DL, RB, WR's. Other millions on PZarcells, (new spelling), Sparano gets a new contract who hires Daboll. Paid top dollar to Nolan for a top defense. And the Dulphins are 0-5 this yr following a very difficult 2010 season.
Theres no 4th demention to fall into and find the Dolphins are really 5-0. My questions, Are the Dulphins bad because of A-Coaching, or B-no talent, C-Combination of A & B ?

Is HAARP responsible for sending pulsating frequency vibration waves at the hamstrings of now over 10 Miami Dolphin players, who are out or playing with
"Hammy Injuries" this week ???

or is it in the, ...

Toxic Chemtrails Over South Florida being aerosol sprayed thru jet aircraft w o marking or serial numbers flying in "military airspace" ???

thinkaboutit and have a HAARPy day :(

Darryl D!!!! Good to see you too my friend.

Likewise bro,... I'm always glad to see you are plugging away at the keyboard bringing thought provoking content well written.

On QB Robert Griffin III. Here are his actual stats :

78% COMPLETIONS! Sexy Accuracy!

22 TDs compared to only 2 Ints!

Nifty 10.71 Yards Per attempt!

He lead Baylor over TCU and Iowa State. Came within one point of Kansas State.

Lost to Texas A&M but still had 430 yards and 70% completions.

Link to stats: http://espn.go.com/college-football/player/_/id/378497/robert-griffin-iii

He seems to be a good leader of men and even though he can run he seems content to ONLY use it as a last option. He is a Steve Young/Steve McNair type QB as opposed to Tebow or the old Vick.

Gimmie a QB that can stay VERY focused down field the entire play yet gash a team when that opportunity presents itself. Commit to designed rushes and leave the passing element alive until crossing the line of scrimmage.

That is my ultimate threat.

I believe that dual threat ability is what makes Cam Newton very effective. First off he is more accurate than most thought and less dazzled by the "complex" NFL schemes than myself and some others thought. The fact that he is such a huge run threat makes it rough on LBs trying to decide to play forward and go after him or play back and not get gashed vs the run. Double jeapardy on every play he breaks contain.

Plus I believe Robert Griffin III can bring the excitement back to watching the Fins again.

How about a toss pitch right to Daniels (ex QB) and throw back to a 4.5 athlete in Griffin streaking down the left sideline?

How about a designed run option with Griffin hitting H-Back Clay or FB Lex Hilliard on a sneaky drag route after a feigned block?

Being the athlete he is, Griffin can reset his feet and throw with ACCURACY! Tough crap to stop.

How about re-introducing a true fade pattern back into the offense to BM (enter hands joke here). Somehow I still believe in BM's latent talent and think he can become better than he has shown.

Hard crap to stop brother.


PS If it ends up being A Luck I won't complain either. :)


I say C... Both A and C.


Think Ross should def FIRE SPARANO after a 24-6 loss to the hapless Jets at HOME in Chemtrail Death stadium

and hire Charlie Sheen as head coach,

Hell, we might as well enjoy the laughs :)

Brandon Marshall, a victim of HAARP mind control or NWO Toxic Chemtrails Over South Florida

LOL Home @ 5:23

Well we know Sheen cant lose any more games than Sporano at this point.

Maybe Sheens antics would relax the team and they would squeeze some of those drops?


I'm out. Good day all...try and check back in later.


There is a big protest taking place tomorrow at Dolphin stadium..hmmm, that should be interesting..and guess what? its not the "SUCK for Luck" people either..Ireland might be gone by weeks end..One can only hope..

All I can say is, Channing Crowder..There is your difference on the "D". this topic has been discussed, but however. Crowder was the communicator, the brain, play caller, he knew when and where players needed to be. NO not a big play guy, but his ability to get players in place to make plays..several players have been quoted as saying "communication on the "D" is not working". Other than that the other changes on the "D" have been primarily to add depth.

Loving the "U"!!!

You should su-k my di-k, Tebow, right about now.

This just in!!!!!

The D sucked with Crowder,,,and it sucks without him....possibly just a teeny tiny bit more....

Check the tapes....look at the stats.....our D was horrible against good to really good teams....

against average to bad teams...the D shined.....remember....the VIKINGS aren't who we thought they were...last year......

I posted before the season started that I was hoping the D would become a a LEGIT TOP 12....looks like it ain't gonna happen.....

Last year we were a phony top 10.......and now we are a legit...bottom 5......

Whats the difference between this years D...and last years D.....


The play of Solia and Wake.....

Wake has been scouted...and now is game planned for....

Solia is in cheesburger heaven....and is also...who WE thought he was......

For Ireland...that was a lose...lose situation....

Really, I have wiped my As- with chemtrails for sometime now; they smell good.

What's up losers!

Drinking night and just started!
1/2 pint Jim Beam to mix with cokes.
Then a six pack of Bud Tall Cans
And we'll see what transpires after that.
My fiance will drive me to store later if I want to but she'll be pissed!

The defensive backfield is really coming along eh?
Since we're short of personell and signing people off the street we should get McQuistan back. We could use McQuistan to replace Olshansky on the D-line, then have Olshansky replace Jason Taylor at OLB and then Taylor can also be moved to the backfield.

PriceMaster...whats his name...


My fiance will drive me to store later.......

Posted by: PriceMaster | October 22, 2011 at 07:15 PM

PriceMaster...maybe you didn't see it before....I asked...WHATS HIS NAME??????

The name of the starting safety we just signed off of unemployment this week?

I'm only joking.....don't take it all personal.....

Si, y muchos siguen apartandose de la Verdad.

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