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Brian Daboll talks Dolphins offense

Brian Daboll's a good guy. Very competitive. Smart. Hard worker.

But the Dolphins offense isn't producing and Daboll is the offensive coordinator. So he takes this stuff personally.

"There are two types of people," Daboll said Thursday. "Excuse makers ... and you got people that roll up their sleeves and go to work."

Daboll's been working on improving an offense that is coming off its lowest point production of the season last week -- managing only two field goals -- with backup-turned-starting QB Matt Moore at the helm.

In the video below, Daboll discusses Moore's penchant for locking on receivers in his first start of the year. He tells why the Fins tried passing the ball to unproductive rookie Clyde Gates when he was matched up against Pro Bowl CB Darrelle Revis last week. He discusses the effectiveness of rookie Daniel Thomas, particularly in the red zone. He discusses his other wide receivers.

Take a gander:


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The Henne/T-Bow rematch!

Oh, wait. T-Bow SUCKS!!!!

Never Mind!


Funny as s h o l e

I told you all before that I'm drinking tonight so probably better if we get all of the football decisions over with before we start threatening to murder each other etc.

My youngest graduated form HS this past spring.
No more going to watch him play ball etc.
So that leaves me with 2 hobbies: smoking and texting with you a s s h o l es. Wait there's more: I quit smoking 26 days ago.
So all I'm left with is this team and you a s s h o l e s.

If I'm translating correctly, Price Master sounds like he's ready to Murder some A ss Holes!

Go get Em Tiger!

At this point I'd settle for seeing Moore throw the ball down field like a man not like NoodleArm.
Moore is a good guy.
I have nothing against him.
In fact this is Moore's team this year and next until someone comes here and supplants him.


Looking forward past this season:

Matt Ryan went to a talented team. Atl has 12 pro bowlers on the team now. Ryan has not won a playoff game yet but he's considered successful.

Bradford went to a team like ours and started right away. He is doing horribly. Were all the geniuses wrong? Or do the other 52 people on the team matter?

Stafford went to a team like us also but didn't play for a couple years because of injury and so DETROIT PICKED TOP 5 FOR LIKE 5 YEARS IN A ROW. That's the secret.

Take Luck but don't play him. Wrap him in bubble wrap and put him in a nice safe place. Start Moore/Devlin the next 2 seasons and pick top 5 3 years in a row.

Fu-k you, Fu-k them, Fu-k everybody. GN.

You guys are forgetting: we did sign a rookie QB: Pat Devlin
Our future at QB is intact already.
We don't need Luck.
1st pick: Khalil T USC


Put the bottle down PriceMaster...

You are approaching alcohol poisoning level....

Thanks for honoring UF on our home field. Hope you guys miss out on Luck.

Finished the Jim Beam and 2 tall Buds.
Going for the next now.

How many times to I have to tell you guys?! Football is played on Saturdays. Sure, the stuff they play on Sunday bears some resemblance to the game but the real game is played on Saturdays. Watch it then. You'll enjoy the game more.

And with our first 2nd round pick: the biggest meanest tackle available from the best team in SEC/Big-10/Big-12; we'll start him at RG.

The sad thing about great college football players; they eventually become professional football players.

If Peter Konz decides to come out this year and Miami can get their prized franchise quarterback in the first round I would take Konz if he is available when they pick in the 2nd rd. Konz is a 6' 5" 315lb. center from Wisconsin who pummels opposing defenders.
Miami would do better to pick up a center like Konz and move Pouncey to right guard where he would be able to help them tremendously with his ability to pull. Pouncey is a very agile player and can play the right guard position without skipping a beat. Unless they could find a way to get David DeCastro from Stanford at right guard this is the way I would go.

I doubt that would happen, though, because DeCastro will be gone in the first round. So, Konz would be a very good choice for this team.
After that I would seek out some help at the safety position. Miami's safety play has been horrible and they need to get better play from the free safety, especially. Trenton Robinson would make sense for them at the free safety position. At strong safety a guy like Harrison Smith from, where else, Notre Dame would be a good prospect for this team.
Miami needs football players. Smith is a football player. Konz is a football player. Luck is a football player. Landry Jones is a football player.
Finally, get rid of the prima dona's on the team that require too much attention. Trade Brandon Marshall and get a draft pick for him. Draft a "football player" in his place.
This team is in need of some football players. Plain and simple. They are out there. They just need someone smart enough to find them.

Prof Lou is in the house. Evidently.

Someone remind me: what is Koa Misi better against the pass or the run?

T-Bow wa pretty good against college level defenses.

He should burn us for at least 30+.

I'd like to see Marlon Moore an Clyde Gates starting on the outsides with Bess and Marshall trading off in the slot.

We need to try mixing things up a little and it's not like we'll suffer any drop off. That's pretty much impossible.

(Is it just me, or did there use to be more people here night before the game?)

Daboll seemed to make some good play calls in the pre-season but regressed since then. It will be interesting to hear what the real deal was when the current regime is fired. Tony prob made him call more conservative plays in the "play to not lose" vein instead of going for the win. I dont think Andrew Luck would play for the current Dolphins team, he would demand a trade to a more competetive team. Hopefully we will have a new regime next season with a respected coach. Luck would be the guaranteed starter and we have enough cap room to give him a big contract. There are worse areas to play football in than Miami. Anyway if we had to trade the pick we should get great compensation as long as Ireland is gone. I have a feeling Carl Peterson will be our new GM due to his relationship w Ross. Redskins fans do not have happy memories of him but who knows? As far as coach I have no idea. Hopefully they pick an offense oriented coach, Rob Ryan will be a candidate for some other teams like the Rams who are going to fire their coach also but he has limited knowledge of offenses. I guess Cowher would be ok but he reminds me of Sporano too much in his philosophies. I really thought we had Gruden lined up until he signed the new ESPN contract. All we can do is cross out fingers and hope for the best. One thing is for sure, the staus quo is not an option. BTW the rumors in Gainesville was Tebow sure liked to spend a lot of time in the showers with the lineman after the game, My bet is he is first pro athelete to come out of the closet.

Not Tebow! Nooooo!

As we speak Tebow is in Mia.
Please wake up the following non-champions to wait on him:
Dan Marino
Lebron James

mutha fucka

Smart money say Gruden have escape clause.

mutha fucka you mutha fucka, not me.


Tebow war lace panties and fishnets in the showers after the game.



Your right, he wears panty Hose too, when he goes formal.

Pumping hose throat swallow

T-Blow Swallows.

He buys his lineman isotoners, they buy him knee pads.


Dan Marino tried to do well!

Dan Marino was never a champion at any level.

All through the 80's and 90's we knew swomeone had to swallow and we never asked who or how much.


Who is the offensive coordinators of Green Bay or the Patriots? I dont even know their names and am ot sure they would work for a Dolphins head coach. It really could not be worse at this point lol.We really need a young offensive genius who can call plays and manage the game, not play like a fist pumper who runs out the clock w one minute to the half and a time out left while down by 6 points. We need a coach who can diagram some good offensive passes longer than 15 yards and make it work. Who will be that mystery coach?

Swallower Marino won championships in High School, college and in the NFL.

Never won the Super Bowl, but definitely a CHAMPION at EVERY level.

You sir are brain damaged

My Big Brown Eye


Marino did not win championship in college

In my whole life I do not recall any reference to Marino's wife? gf? children? seriously? wtf?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpQOia_8OWU The new Hitler Dolphins video. Its always funny, Ross should take notes.

Swallow As a freshman in 1979, Marino led the Panthers in a 24-17 triumph over West Virginia in the Backyard Brawl. He led the Panthers to a last-minute triumph over the Georgia Bulldogs in the 1982 Sugar Bowl by throwing the game-winning pass to tight end John Brown with less than a minute remaining.

Those qualify as Championships. I rest my case.

It may serve you well to give your throat a rest as well.

bootris i can't watch video, give me the 4-1-1 on Hitler Dolphins?

Ain't no f a g like Joe Namath but dig it ya'll I'm a guarantee a win tomorrow.

Tebow ain't got a chance beetch-feel me?


Ronnie Brown is a better QB than Tebow.


Tebows arm a little stronger but Ronnie throws a better ball.


Brown throws with touch and accuracy. Tebow throws spasmodic and inconsistant.


Brown extends plays with smart and athleticism. With Tebow it's the luck of the draw, needs to b surrounded by far superior talent.

In short, as we all know, TEBOW SUCKS.


Attached Hitler you tube video where he comments on the Miami Dolphins. He knows more about football than our current clown coaches ever will. Just a funny video, Hitler is pizzed about 0-5 too.


Hitler 0-4 dolphins video for those who have not seen it. If it pretty fuuny. SO I ask, who do the mob think should be hired as General Manager and Head Coach?

This just in!!!!!

The D sucked with Crowder,,,and it sucks without him....possibly just a teeny tiny bit more....
Check the tapes....look at the stats.....our D was horrible against good to really good teams....
against average to bad teams...the D shined.....remember....the VIKINGS aren't who we thought they were...last year
--------------------------------------------defence rankings 2010
MIA: rush 7th 3.6yd avg. avg pts pg. 20.8
afc east only Jets were better.
MIA: pass 8th 7.1 yd avg. 209 yds avg per gm.
11 INT. 39 SKS.

defence ranking 2011
MIA: rush 12 avg. 106.8 yds per gm. 4.0 per carry. only 1 fumble recovery avg pts per gm 28.4
MIA: pass 29th 8.5 yds avg. 284 yds per gm
dont even need to talk about INT and SKS
and those average to good teams from last season would include
I'll just throw in the Vikings..
I suppose I was wrong, defence is just as good as last season...NOT!

(Is it just me, or did there use to be more people here night before the game?)

Posted by: odinseye | October 23, 2011 at 12:29 AM

Because turds and only Alcoholics stay home on sat. night bloging. Loser.

Coalition must be a shytty alcoholic!

When it comes to being a loser turd, he's by far the resident expert.

Looks like odineye banned himself to get away from your drunken ignorance.

well here its allready Sunday morning, but the past few days there has been a drop in the bloggers..

Well I have a feeling its not gonna be a STAR HC. Probably an up and coming assistant HC or OC..I would'nt be shocked to see Grimm interviewed.

Fin In Europe, Blame the Alcocolic Oder-Eye for this, His constant drunk posts and drug induced rants have caused more empty seats here then in sunlife Stadium.

Oder Was banned for a week, I guess Armando felt sorry for him and let him back in. Big Mistake.

Where has Bess gone. He used to catch everything thrown his way, now almost every pass goes to Marshall and is dropped. A few go to Hartline and are usually caught but that is not enough. Bench Marshall, throw to Bess Hartline and Bush.

Davone Bess may look like he isn't having a good season but he his pretty much on pace with his last two seasons at this point in time. Miami's problems continue to exist because of the inability of it's coaching staff to identify players on the team that can help them move the ball offensively. Davone Bess is one of the best possession receivers in the NFL and he will only get better with the arrival of Andrew Luck on the scene.


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