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Brian Daboll talks Dolphins offense

Brian Daboll's a good guy. Very competitive. Smart. Hard worker.

But the Dolphins offense isn't producing and Daboll is the offensive coordinator. So he takes this stuff personally.

"There are two types of people," Daboll said Thursday. "Excuse makers ... and you got people that roll up their sleeves and go to work."

Daboll's been working on improving an offense that is coming off its lowest point production of the season last week -- managing only two field goals -- with backup-turned-starting QB Matt Moore at the helm.

In the video below, Daboll discusses Moore's penchant for locking on receivers in his first start of the year. He tells why the Fins tried passing the ball to unproductive rookie Clyde Gates when he was matched up against Pro Bowl CB Darrelle Revis last week. He discusses the effectiveness of rookie Daniel Thomas, particularly in the red zone. He discusses his other wide receivers.

Take a gander:


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However, this team WILL get in the record books. Largest collection of men with both balls missing from their sack. Harvey Greene (media guy for the Dolphins) took a reading in the locker room after practice the other day. And it's official, the pitch of their voices is 4 octaves higher than a normal group of men. Conclusion, we may have some post-op trannies on the team. Check their adam's apple.

During Oct, all other teams wear their colors, with accents of pink. Miami is the only team that chooses to wear pink, with accents of aqua and orange. So what's that tell you about this squad?

Also, for all you short-term thinking haters out there, go read what Dungy said on the Dan Patrick show the other day. Pretty much EXACTLY what most here have come around to. That at this point, best outcome would be to get the 1st pick in the Draft, and getting Andrew Luck.

Dungy even suggested trading Peyton if he still wants to play a long time. Think about that. If we had Marino still, what some of you would say if anyone had the gall to suggest trading him for an unproven commodity.

That's why Tony Dungy has a SB ring and you people DO NOT. He knows how to stay 3 moves ahead of the competition to put his team in the right place to compete. I wish we had such forward-thinking people leading THIS team!

Darrelle Revis getting touchy on a NY radio interview over the Brandon Marshall INT with a no-call PI penalty by the blind ref. What a baby?

I'd love it if we had the MICROSCOPIC chance to shut him up next time we play them. Too bad that's not in the cards this year. Next year can't come soon enough!!

CNN is going to do a special on bullying. Just confirmed, in order to hear the effects it has on the ones being bullied, their guests will be the entire 2011 Dolphins team.

Loud shrieks were heard from Davie yesterday. At first everyone thought the team was watching Paranormal Activity 3. Turns out, they were just previewing the matchup with Tebow and Denver.

Not a good omen.

Remember when you were a kid, and didn't want to get out of bed to go to school? Your Mom would pull the covers down, tell you you had to get up and get dressed. You would pull the covers back over your head, pleading to let you keep sleeping and not go to school.

That was the scene this morning in 53 homes around Miami. 54 actually, I forgot Sparano.

Wow, what a shame. I have been mocking the team for HALF HOUR, at 8am, and no one's come on to tell me to shut up. That means either everyone agrees with me, or people decided to go to Church and spend their day doing ANYTHING but thinking about the Dolphins.

Never thought I'd see the day.

Well, it's just you and me Mando. What do you wanna talk about? How's the family?

Oh, can you expand on the Clemons injury? I mean, I've heard hamstrings take a long time to heal, but this is ridiculous. Are they holding him out purposefully?

Don't worry Mando, at least I still got your back. Won't desert you bro, you're my man hundred grand. You need pages, I'll be a one-man team for you cheeko.

Now I know how cons feel in solitary confinement. I'm starting to lose my mind here people. Hearing voices. Uncle GG, is that you?

Look at the pretty colors.


Ok, I give up.

(tearing up) I tried, I really tried. But it was all gone. Like a nuclear wasteland. There was nothing left. Everyone disappeared.

In the end, so did I.....

We will be totalayl humilliated at home today by a QB who is making his FIRST start in the NFL. We cannot score more than 10 pts in a game and we have NOBODY who even looks like they play with heart. Coach Sparano quit on the season on monday night with 1:23 left in the first half. We are the new emabarrasment in the NFL and will continue to be so until Mr. Ross decides to dump hollywood and return to the NFL. You cant sell tickets if your team stinks, no matter how many j-lo's you have in the VIP area.

great canes win yesterday. now come on denver find a way to beat us today and we will be front runners for luck!

Wassup, Arrmando?

Miami Dolphins players today, if they have any hope of winning, should be provided with ear plugs. What embarrassment!

I will NEVER forgive Ross for pulling this stunt.

Ross, are you doing this sh-t on purpose? C'mon, just between you and me, nobody else will know.

Would be nice to put the hurt on Tebow and get him out of there. But that will impair our chances of winning?, losing? I just don't know anymore.

That was a funny series of posts. Tensions run high on game day.

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