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Broncos beat Dolphins 18-15 in OT

The Dolphins snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

God, they are terrible.

They allowed Tim Tebow, who was sacked seven times and didn't seem to have a clue for 3 1/2 quarters to author a comeback victory. He helped the Broncos score two touchdowns and then get the winning field goal in overtime.

Owner Stephen Ross spent the entire final 5 minutes and overtime standing next to former Gators coach Urban Meyer. That doesn't mean anything short-term because Meyer isn't a coaching candidate today. But add him to the eventual list that will interest Ross. No doubt.

Also, the future of current coach Tony Sparano hangs in the balance tonight. Check back later for updates.


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..That was SWEET! What is there to say? Really, what do we gain by winning this game..Seriously. I feel bad for the players, as thet deserve a win..At least we are good at losing.

I can't believe that I feel this way. The reality of this season is that we are destined for change. This is the one positive to take from what is an emmbarasment of a football team. The more the loses mount, the less likely Sparano and Co. are out of here. The more losses equate to a real possibilty that we earn by ineptitude the number one pick. So even if this tean wins a few games, does it matter? Does it change anything except our draft position?

Anyone that has a problem with my stance on things, has the right. It is sad, to think this way. Why root for failure? I just see it as the best way to turn this team around. This team is a sacrificail lamb for hope in the future.

This was the best kind of game. I can't root against the Phins, and I like to see them playing well like they did the first 3.5 qtrs of the game, but coming out of it with a loss doesn't make me the least bit unhappy. Not in this season.

not a subliminal message, a typo.


The dolphins have the first pick in the draft? Im going back for my senior season.

yip shaggy i got 35 plus years with them, I hear yeah. My daughert (8) says they will finally win, I said no honey (this was after 15-0) too many pist fumps.. she said huh? I said watch it unfold.

Classless loosers, can't believe I was following this rotten Fish for 27 years.....

Walk on the Dolphins...we are the 99%ers....no more NFL wins...We want a LUCKy bailout....we are the 99%ers


Herbing for Urban!

This team is almighty God awful!

Tony should just quit tonight. There is no way this IGNORANT FREAK of professional football should be allowed to coach a pee wee league after this game.

Miami has the Dolphins, the crappiest football team, they flush the toilets coast to coast like no one's ever seen.

Just think: If Sparano had not gone for the 2-pt conversion, there would have been no overtime. Dolphins would have been up by one point. Way to go, Sparano!!

chad henne would have won this game... BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA NOT!!

Matt Moore's level of play has put him in the driver seat of the Suck for Luck bandwagon, whether he knows it or not.

Craig is right. Best to keep Sparano. Guaranteed continued losses if he stays - better in the long term for this club.

To be up by 15 against a team that actually seemed to be worse than us and to lose 18-15 is just beyond ridiculous. It's woeful. I need a stronger anti-depressant.

Anyone still think we dont suck bad enough for Luck???

HAHA...Even booby D12 hates the fins...That's when you KNOW they're bad!

Dont Fire Sparano...Steady as she goes Captain, Full steam ahead, Dont worry about the icebergs, there's plenty of life rafts

T-Bow magical?

Post of the day-ROTFLMAO!

Despite the win, Henne was right about T-Bow. 40 yards passing in the first half. He just doesn't have what it takes to compete in the NFL.

Unfortunately for us, neither does our GM, Coaching Staff, our players, especially and specifically our defense(Our Cheer Leaders are tops though).

T-Bow? Magical?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!

If he can play against a SpOrano coached team every week for the rest of his career(and I use the term loosely), he'll be just fine.

T-Bow Magical?

ROTFLMAO(wiping away the tears)! That's a good one thanks(oh God, I'm laughing at your boy T-Choke so hard I can't breath).


Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!!!!

I think Ross fired a shot over the bow that last 5 minutes with Urban holding his nut sack.

That was a must win game for Tony. Tony is gone after today. I have no doubts Tony is just another idiot coach in the history of the post Marino era.

Stay the course. This regime is taking us where we need to go. Top Five draft pick


I've given this team my heart and soul for forty years.

I see no hope on the horizon given current ownership and his relationship with Carl Peterson.

No more- I am finished and broken hearted.

Like George W. Bush used to say, "Stay the Course. Don't cut-n-run." #1 pick, HERE WE COME!

Fire every one......for real!!!!

seriously this is hilarious...my boys are bothering me about it and im just like youre right f it we cant win a home game or any game for that fact...i dont care what ya say...keep sparano and lets go 1-15(not like its new to us) fire everyone and draft luck or another franchise qb...im tired of this year after year of nonsense...i used to be a proud miami fan at least now a days its shameful

Please god not Urban Meyer! Last thing we need is to regress back to 2005 and hire another college coach.

There's some REALLY bad teams in this league. We're just one of a bad bunch. The team that beat is today is rotten too. Tebow is no the answer. I betcha John Elway is kicking himself today for the victory. Add the Rams, Colts, Browns, Seahawks and Jaguars to the list of teams we will be competing with to draft a top QB. They are ALL awful too! EVERY single loss we can get will help us get there. It's short term pain for long term gain and I for one am just fine with that.

This was just bad. Why play soft defense, clearly playing close kept Tebow off balance.

Please don't stop quitting.

I can see it now - the Dolphins hire Urban Meyer - he stays for a year or two, just starts to get something going and then decides he is going back to his "true" love of coaching college kids or he has to step down for health reasons. Hey Ross - HIRE A YOUNG, UP AND COMING NFL COACH WHO IS GOING TO BE AROUND FOR 10 YEARS OR MORE!!!! with the emphasis on NFL COACH!! Idiot.

the only qb that cannot beat the dolphins is Henne... bwwwwaaaaaaaaah

Denver may have Tebow and Jesus...but we have Sparano who will lead us to the promised land

Koodos to the Self-proclaimed best CB duo in the league....Sean and Vontae, you made my afternoom. You two douchebags couldn't cover a blindfolded Highschool WR......

ding dong... hi its rob ryan

Speechless can only describe the Dolphins. Now they can fire Sparano put closure on this and while your at it fire Ireland as well. What idiot (Ireland) could ever have thought Matt Moore can play he makes Chad henne look like Dan Marino. Yes they did drop passes but that is normal he has no pocket presence whatsoever.

Like I said before I got hurt - I can guarantee you that none of the guys in this lockerroom is going to stop quitting!

...Tebow was pathetic for 3.5 quarters of the game. I will say that he stepped up when the moment was at it's most crucial. Good for him. We should thank him for his performance the last 4 minutes...What good would a win today do for us? I can't believe that I'm writing these words. But really? I'm looking forward to seeing how many different ways we can lose games.

Soiled Bottom..Please explain the term 99'ers.

All my Sundays suddenly have become free to go fishing....wish me Luck.

LMFAO.....This is the type of game Tony loves, a cloud of dust and field goals, I bet he had a boner the whole game. How's it working for you Tony, you built the team to be a running, field goal kicking team. Hey Tony, Keep The Change. I'll keep hopeing for Dan Marino ball again.

i just pist fumped

Matt in NC,

Don't give up hope bud. Better days are ahead. But we've got to do this properly. Lions were awful a couple of years ago (winless) and they look much better with Stafford. Niners are much better with Harbaugh. Don't give up hope man. The Colts and Cowboys were one 1-15 too. It took some real sucking and some great QB play to turn them around. Let's do it right this time.

Sean and Vontae couldn't cover a bed with a bed spread even if you spotted them a maid from the Marriot

hi all its me Sage the savior, put me in I cannot do any worse than the other two boobs.

MNow my team is Pitts, sorry Miami but, you Real SUCK ALL from THE TOP to the waterboy

God is punishing the Phins. We have . . .
- a spaghetti chef for a HC
- a realtor for an owner
- a washed up, sloppy seconds (or is it thirds now) Jets retread OLB
- a disgraced former Heisman Trophy winner who simply has no talent
- 0 competent LBs
- a CB who doesn't like intercepting the ball (or tackling the ball carrier for that matter)

On and on i could go, but how else could you explain this wreck on the highway? Divine justice is being meted out, and we don't have a prayer for any relief.

More plagues are on the way for Dolphin fans. May God have mercy on us all.

Darryl Dunphy

Look up "Walk on Wall street"

allllright miami

Tony, go get a nice, stress-free job coaching some small college team. You can get the hell out of this cesspool of a city and have a nice life. We really love you as a person, but you are KILLING us as fans.

We'll send you Xmas cards, we promise!

Andrew Luck won't allow himself to be drafted by this train-wreck of an organization !

I'll trade that pick to New England !

If TS didn't have an explanation before I wonder what he thinks now?

I went out at 12-0 depressed as hell and just looked and saw we lost somehow.
How the hell this happened I don't know as Denver looked sunk but it's made my day much brighter, just 10 more games to go wahoo!!!

Great passing game, strong on the run, elite quarterback, strong red zone offense, top 5 defence, quality coaching staff, savvy owner. For everything else there's the Miami Dolphins..

I know Tebow has no rhyme or reason to be a quarterback in the NFL. His arm isn't sufficient, he's throwing motion is wrong, he is too short, he is not a pocket passer etc, etc, etc.The man is a magnificent athlete, by that I mean he will spend everything he has to win a game and when the game is at it's most crucial he calls his own number.
He leads by example not by bombastic utterances like some of our players do.
If the Phins really want to win, get Tebow forget Luck or anybody else. Get Tebow in Miami...and while we are discussing the immediate future of this franchise, Mr. Ross may want to consider the fellow he was hanging out with at the sidelines as the next head coach of the PHINS...

Craig M - I'm afraid we CAN'T do it right this time - not until Ireland and Ross are gone (assuming Sparano is gone, which he may be by the time I finish typing this). I hope I'm wrong, but we may have the dumbest (or should I say stupidest) owner in all of professional sports.


The Rams are worse, if that helps. The Rams are way worse than this.

SEAN SMITH is seriously the worst player on this team aside from COLOMBOZO...Why isn't Will Allen starting?

Sparano goes for 2pt conv., instead of an XP.......................................................... The sad thing is that I wasn't even mad. Sparano also applauded his guys after going 0 for 3 in OT. A moron with a headset.

I partly disagree Craig. Firing Sparano now means he no longer instills bad habits in rookies like Thomas, Clay, Pouncey, Gates, and Wilson.

He has already done possible irreparable damage to Odrick,Davis,Smith and the rest of the rookies he's been in charge of since they came into the league. Why give him more time to screw these guys up?

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