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Broncos beat Dolphins 18-15 in OT

The Dolphins snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

God, they are terrible.

They allowed Tim Tebow, who was sacked seven times and didn't seem to have a clue for 3 1/2 quarters to author a comeback victory. He helped the Broncos score two touchdowns and then get the winning field goal in overtime.

Owner Stephen Ross spent the entire final 5 minutes and overtime standing next to former Gators coach Urban Meyer. That doesn't mean anything short-term because Meyer isn't a coaching candidate today. But add him to the eventual list that will interest Ross. No doubt.

Also, the future of current coach Tony Sparano hangs in the balance tonight. Check back later for updates.


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Let's see now Armando, are you ever going to write the real story, the story of a terrible owner who has terrible coaches? 0-6 now, Ross hang in with Meyer...mmmmm very nice and no he wasn't chatting about coaching, Ross is legend in his own mind, he likes being near celebrities, minority hollywood owners, doesn't that give you a clue.....good riddance to the worst Dolphin start of season in history and will only get worse u der the ownership of Ross.

At least Mad Dog wasn't here to witness this disgrace in person.

What was the last team to lead by 15 with 6 minutes left and loose????, Answers please..

I've never been happier
to see Miami lose! I say let
Sparano stay a while longer!
(They bring in somebody new
he might inspire these losers
to win one...) God,
I was getting ready my sign:

"Sorry: No Luck for Miami!"
And: "Miami's Luck
Has Sunk Like A Rock!"

But now I can finally be happy
about a Miami game (probably
for a long long time to come).

PS. I know the coaches and players
and hot dog vendors will be blamed
for a train wreck like this year. But,
let's put the blame where it belongs:
The OWNER hires the people who hires
the people & also hires the people people.

And that's the truth. (Heck, at
least the Broncos started Tebow
and traded their good receiver.)

S D Rodrian

"The Rams are worse, if that helps. The Rams are way worse than this."

Heard that about Denver too

We are the 99%ers...no more wins...we want a LUCKy bailout

Moses Sparano will lead us to the promised land

They should let the ball boy coach the team for the rest of the year - just think, the ball boy and Sparano have the same amount of coaching wins over the 9 NFL games.


Going winless after being the only undefeated franchise in history would

Ross is too stupid to keep Sparano and keep losing.


Here's a plan for the draft...
Trade down, accumulate picks, get more acorns like Odrick.....
Accumulate more Cowboys rejects...
And fist pump it up, baby!!!!!!!!!!!

unbelievable, utter c**p

so glad we went for the 2 point conversion looks like at least one coach is looking for a high draft pick for his successors

how thoughtful

What are the chances Miami can lure Gruden or Cowher out of the broadcast booth? Or maybe Shula's tired of playing with the grandkids!

Man this team REAL SUCKS AND THE OWNERS fuc... Mark anthonyn or selena fat williams , this team is maybe close to my flag football team in my 40 and olger leage

Lure Jimmy Johnson out of retirement!


Well, anyone who hates on the Suck for Luck campaign needs to get their head checked. Why push to win win when you can get someone who will be 'THE MAN' for the next 10-15 years. It's well worth it at this point. Suck for Luck baby!

The only way we can survive is just clean house right away.....fire sparano and Ireland now. That way we can show Andrew luck that we aren't interested in being the same putrid pile of poo we have been for the last decade any longer

Trade the whole team for Belichick.

Stay the course. No cutting and running.

Solied Bottom....Got it. Clever. I would imagine that the fans deserve, and have every right to protest, and wave signs. And That Sparano, and Ireland..Should soon join the ranks of the unemployed.

tired fan, tired fan...too many years of futility...not certain I even care anymore...

I just dont get it.. Why would Ross want to fire Sparano?

Fatty Parcells please explain how Ross has anything to do with thise mess. He tried to get a new coach and it didn't work out, It will this year believe me. But the fact of the matter is Huzienga is the one who put the newest three in charge and gave Parcells all the power. Ross just bought into this mess.

1.He came up with the orange carpet thing
2. He tried but failed to get the coach he wanted in his first attempt to make this team better.

So what has Ross done beyond that? What has he done that is so bad that you would say the Dolphins will never be a good team as long as he's the owner?

My opinion? That is one of the most ignorant, nonsensical statements that has been written in here.

Kind of funny many of us spend $500 or so for the football package and spend 2011 watching dreadful teams. When not watching the Dolphins I find myself watching the Colts and Rams. That's bad. Can barely remember what a good team looks like.

As a life-long Fish fan, i can honestly say that was the most enjoyable last 15 minutes of a game, EVER. Andrew Luck, welcome to Miami Gardens.

don't fire anybody, let these coaches finish the season along with all of us fin fans.

let these coaches and players suffer along with us !!!

The 2008 Lions are starting to get worried, as their place in history is obviously no longer secure.

Great points Frank! You know,,, if you had actually made any.

The most disappointed person in the stadium was Elway. He can't stand Tebow because Tebow kinda/sorta plays like Elway used to, and Elway didn't have the luxury of picking him. Tebow might make people....forget Elway? Elway wants his own guy in there.

Ross hires Urban Meyer, and the Dolphins trade their #1 for Tebow. Tebow will win many more in Sun Lifeless Stadium....but in a Dolphins uniform! Bank on it.

please end the nba lockout already, I cant take this crappy team anymore

Wow, you guys SUCK!

We need Moses Sparano to lead us, The Chosen Fans.

We have wandered for four long years but the promised land is in sight...keep your faith my brothers and sisters of Dolphin land

The day will soon be apon us

Guys, One Guy(Luck) Cant help this team, It's gonna take a whole new Remolder, Needs....
A whole new Defense
this is a train wreck....
Another 10 year Project.
My Advice.... Ask The Federal Goverment for assitance.... They Need it....

It's Parcells' fault, not mine!

Ross is not a Dolphin fan. He is a buisness man. For the good of the team Ross needs to ell the team to someone who gives a rip.

Worse Dolphin loss I've ever seen. The players have quit on Sparano!

While we are all embedded in the presser anouncing Sparano and Ireland fireing we fans DO look forward to the other side of the coine which is keeping the tridition of the Cork popping on ESPN tonight as The Vikngs are beating Green Bay...

Perhaps, just perhaps we will hear the champagne corks popping tonight...

Why owner Cuban? Why does the owner need to be replaced? Is anyone going to actually give a reason why the owner should sell or are you just piling on for the hell of it?

I got news for you guys. Ross isn't going anywhere, he's waited his whole life to own a football team and you think he's going to sell because the last owner hired the wrong people? Are you people on crack?!


Cuban,,,,,Center? Dude go to bed, you're tired.

I'm available.

Vince Young woulda won that game.

"Are you people on crack?!"

Its a hell of a drug


Forget Tebow, if a good QB like the one we have next week we would have been in for way more TD then what happen today, you say Elie throws picks, who on the Dolphins would catch them? 1-15 is soon to be broken with 0-16, the guys on the ring of fame are holding there head in shame. Bill

Ok, well, this post has been about 9 years in the coming. I have been a dolphins fan since growing up in the Orange Bowl in the 70s.. I haves and died with every win and loss.

I have been so disgusted by Stephen Ross and the prostituting of the beloved franchise. He has made horrific decision and horrific decision. How did this guy ever build a successful business?

Anyway, I have nothing left to give him or this abomination of a franchise. He h simply made it no longer desirable to be a dolphin fan.

I am grieved to have to be brought to this decision, but I'm done. I've got nothing left to give, This organization is a reflection of you and Ireland's decisions. An embarrassment.


Worse Dolphin loss I've ever seen. The players have quit on Sparano!

Posted by: fins4ever | October 23, 2011 at 05:16 PM

F4E, The real problem is I think this was there best game..... That's troublesome, and is far as Idiot Ross goes... Lets just say anyone would be an approvement

There is no way im coming to Miami you guys suck!!!!!!!

I love watching Tuna on TV. He is just like Obama and takes no credit for the crap he did to destroy the Dolphins. But if they won he would be patting himself on the phat ass.

parcels you SUCK also.

this just in. Mando concludes Denver bested Miami instead of Miami just play old sucking.

Mando, I expect a complete pistol whipping of this coaching staff and front office tomorrow.

If I don't see it then you are still a Dolphin Homer.

Mr. Luck, I agree with you. Don't come here, we are at least 5-10 years away. It would be like Carson Palmer foolishly agreeing to play for the Bengals. You would be throwing away your career.

Bilge Pump! Flush all the turds down the drain.

But Andrew- WE did it for YOU!

WTF Dolphins Suck

I would just be happy if they would fire Mr Ireland.. Hes a ass and blames all this SH@!t on me.. Go figure.. By the way i just got off the phone with my boss.. He said im staying..

Talk me off the ledge I'm serious Armando I need a feel good post because I'm about to lay down on the highway

They need to fire Sparano. Urban Meyer was here today they should've pulled him to the side and talked to him.

The Dolphins are horrible. GM is Ireland.
The Vikings are also horrible. I wonder who their personnel guy is.....

Cuban,,,,,Center? Dude go to bed, you're tired.

Posted by: Phins78 | October 23, 2011 at 05:19 PM

Responsable for two sacks today bro... Just Saying..

Another one? Great, hey sean you still around? What are all of these horrible decisions made by the owner? You've been a fan that long and don't realize Ross didn't hire these clowns? How does that happen.

And Sean, he's not going to sell the team because he bought it when it was a mess. That's just a stupidly moronic statement. He will try and build a winning franchise so he can put his mark on his purchase. So I guess you had better pick a new team to root for because Ross is about to hire a new coach and VP and the team will have to move on without you. There are plenty of bandwagons you can jump on, good luck.

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