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Broncos beat Dolphins 18-15 in OT

The Dolphins snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

God, they are terrible.

They allowed Tim Tebow, who was sacked seven times and didn't seem to have a clue for 3 1/2 quarters to author a comeback victory. He helped the Broncos score two touchdowns and then get the winning field goal in overtime.

Owner Stephen Ross spent the entire final 5 minutes and overtime standing next to former Gators coach Urban Meyer. That doesn't mean anything short-term because Meyer isn't a coaching candidate today. But add him to the eventual list that will interest Ross. No doubt.

Also, the future of current coach Tony Sparano hangs in the balance tonight. Check back later for updates.


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Anyone know how I can find my owner?

That figures. "Tony Sprano" can't even spell his own name.

Vince young? Brainfart your as smart as the dolphin GM and COACHES!!! These guys don't deserve to win!!! Sean smith is terrible they threw all the passes on him!!! NOW I ASK YOU WHO DIDN'T SEE THE TEBOW RUN FOR THE TWO POINTS?THERE WAS NO ONE BACK THERE THEY WERE SPREAD ALL OUT I MEAN WHO IS COACHING OUT THERE ???OFFENSIVE, defensive coaches SUCK!!!!! EVERYONE IN THE LEAGUE AND IN THE STANDS KNEW HE WAS GONNA RUN!!!I MEAN COME ON!!!!

One thing im worried about after seeing how happy Ross was with the whole gator day and Tim Tebow. Im just hoping he doesnt hire Meyer and trade 3 number 1 picks to Denver to get tebow to qb the dolphins. That would be worst than going 0-16


I'm not worried about Sparano having too much of a negative effect on these young guys. Odrick really hasn't been around the team that long and this is really his rookie year. Jeff Fisher or Cowher or whoever else will hold these guys accountable and they'll comply or they'll be somewhere else. I don't see how Nolan coming in is all off a sudden going to teach thse guys good habits. Does that mean he's not teaching them good habits this year as their DC?

Guys...we have to be VERY VERY careful with this Suck for Luck campaign....what if Andrew Luck decides this is a POOR franchise and decides NOT to come to the Dolphins..?????

Just LOSE quietly.....

I think Tony Sparano is CLEARLY out of his depth and will be replaced...but lets chalk up at least another 5 or so losses....we NEED the No 1 pick...we NEED to have a good chance to land a GREAT QB prospect....do not remove Sparano...bad move...we need that fist pumping imbecile just where he is....

Luck, Griffin 111, Jones......any of these will do just fine...

My biggest fear is theyl decide to get all cute and draft a Right Tackle....you watch...!

These guys are too clever by half....

What makes you guys think I won't suck for anti luck?

Wow what a Truly Great day for my beloved Dolphins. Thank God for Tim Tebow (and I'm not even very religious). The WORST thing that could have happened for this team almost happened today but this organization came through in the end. Thank You. I've been a Dolphin fan for 40 years and I'm TIRED of way this team has been run since Marino was premanturely forced out. We NEED a new coach, we NEED a new GM, I'd say we NEED a new owner but that isn't going to happen, and we NEED a new QB. ALL these things mean the BEST thing for this team and it's fan's is for the current LOSERS to stay in place and this team lose EVERY game. EVERY game.

You almost BLEW it today. Don't BLOW it Dolphins, your and OUR Future TRULY depends on you NOT winning a couple of MEANINGLESS games this year.

Was there a Mercury siting in the ESPN studios in NY??


johnsdolphins, I agree with your point. Everyone in my house knew Mr. Tebow was going to run for that conversion, including me, myself, and my pet goldfish. And yet our "Dolphins" couldn't stop a thing.

Why am I hearing "Don't Stop Believing"?

Think ahead 6 months-

We replace Ireland with a talented personnel manager.

We replace Sparano with a talented head coach.

We draft a franchise QB at the top of the 1st round.

Our new GM upgrades the roster around our new QB, our new coach develops the talent and gets the most out of them, and we start winning- make the playoffs and start winning championships again.

There, doesn't that make you feel better?

ROMPER, who has been a DOLFAN since the mid '60's, told everyone at the end of 2009, at the end of 2010 and at the beginning of 2011 that Sporano and all his side-kicks needed to be fired! NOBODY would listen then and after today's EMBARRASSING DEFEAT with Sporano and Crap, Inc. in control, ROMPER says
again,"SPORANO AND ALL HIS FRIENDS and Henne need to be FIRED and the owner ROSS hanged for
his ignorance! ROMPER HAS SPOKEN!

You can bet anything that Ross is considering Urban Meyer for HC position. And, based on his record in College, and the way I saw him coaching up Tebow before the game, I welcome him here.

Didn't hear that stat Cuban but I'll wait to hear official word.But if it is true, realize that guys like you wanted to get rid of Satele when he was a rookie as well. Look hows he's doing in Oakland!

And Pouncey is WAY better than Satele ever was as a rookie. He had one bad game in his rookie season at one of the top 3 hardest positions to learn in the NFL and you want to get rid of him? I just wish people would stop "just sayin" and start, "just thinking".

Even I knew Tebow was going to run for 2.

Can Jason Taylor just please go away now?

Fin 78, Take off the blinders bro, This team is really bad.........

I will be really waiting for this writer to anounce the clown coach has been fired.

I'm still in favor of re-signing Pat White as Moore made this mess into a game. A loyal fan, but we are not good. This is private industry, fire them all.

14 -10 VIKINGS and they are driving on the Green Bay 32

RANDOM QUESTION: Why are we still running a 3-4 DEFENSE when our personel WAS and still IS clearly more suited to run a 4-3?


Long time man. Listen if Andrew Luck decideshe doesn't want to come here, then so be it. Trade the pick for a bounty of picks and get Jones or Griffin. The bounty for Luck is at LEAST two first round picks and very likely a lot more. Trading him to the Colts then, he can sit behind Manning for a couple of years and let's strip them of their entire draft. Works for me too. Whatever happens, Andrew Luck will be the guy everyone wants and the price to get him will be steep.

Vukings got FG 17 -10 over green bay with 55 seconds in 1/2

I would rather the Dolphins get an established coach, with long experience and something to prove. Why not someone like Dennis Green?

I was driving my car and hearing the updates on XM Radio.
Blew a 15 point lead...then into overtime we go.
Moore gets sacked and the Broncos recover.
Then....the FG to win it for Denver.

....I actually had a little fist pump!


0-16 !!!

I don't care anymore! What liberating feeling!

Sucking 4 Luck wont guarantee him wanting to come here. With the Rookie cap in place he wont make that BIG money that Stafford or Bradford made. He can very well pull a John Eli Manning Elway and opt not to play in Miami. 1st things 1st, Fire Coach Morono and the entire coaching staff and let some hungry high school staff take over for the remainder of the year. Couldn't be any worse than this dumpster fire thats there now...

First time posting....Thought it was worth the comment. Tony Sparano needs to be fired before his post game press conference. This was the most embarrassing loss we've suffered this season. He over-coached himself to try and save his job.

Followed fins since '66 and this tops all of the games watched.
When does someone (Mr. Ross?) put a stop to this farce.
Or maybe the Cowboys will give us Romo for 2 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd.
He can compete with Henne in 2012 for the backup QB spot.
What a freaking' circus.

Shyt if Ireland's still around he'll select a D lineman in the first.

17 seconds left on the clock? I won a game beating Miami with less than that on the clock.

Even our kids knew Tebow was going to run for 2.

The 2-point attempt is absolutely unforgivable. That late in the game you're seriously thinking ahead to what will happen if a team you're shutting out to this point comes back and scores two TDs while you don't put another point on the board???? That's a loser mentality. Screw "Suck for Luck" I say "Suck for Sparano/Ireland's Firing." Hopefully that decision is announced later tonight.

-absolutely disgusted Dolfan

1 And 12 at home in the last 13 games............... Please Idiot Ross shoot the bullet to end our suffering.... Please... Then Again you are a Idiot so Iam sure you'll just let it runs it's course... Like Mud-Butt...

I for one don't want to see them quit. The stench of a team that purposely gave up would be with us for years. We need a long term rebuilding plan, anyway, one draft isn't all or nothing.


Dumpster fire, freaking circus...I'm sensing some negativity here today.

C'mon guys...it's the best thing that could've happened.

The legend of Timmy T has begun!

5:42 in game, up by 15 ball on 35. What makes this team believe they won!??? 3 runs up the middle, kick then prevent defense. That right there summed it up. I don't get it. That game killed me. Need firings right now, not tonight, tomorrow or any other time. Really sad, especially for a fan who sticks with this team through it all

As someone else said, APATHY...Have a good night fellow bloggers, I'm going to get drunk and laid

I'm not worried about Sparano having a bad effect on the young guys. Doubt they're listening to him anymore.

Guys say what you want but there's prestige at being the number one pick in the draft. Manning was. Elway was. Gusy want to be the number one pick. A lot of these guys are all ego and I don't believe Luck will be any different. There will be a new head coach in place and hopefully it's someone with some credibility. This will seen as good for stability for the young QB. On top of that, there is nowhere to go but up for this team. Gusy want to be a part of that. Stafford went to the Lions who were brutal and Bradford went to the Rams who were awful. I believe Luck will come to Miami. What, if any of the situation would be more desirable? Rams won't pick him. He'll likely sit behind Manning. Jaguars and Seahawks are a mess. I don't see a more desirable situation.

No Craig it goes so deep in my opinion regarding Sparanos influence over these young players. You just watch and can tell these guys think they're way better than they are. They walk around and talk a big game and then are shell shocked and can't figure out how they're getting torched. I feel it is a direct result of Sparanos cheer leading and constant trophy rewarding ways. Always telling people how well a player is playing or had played after we all sit and watch them suck. How exactly does that push them to be all they can be? It's on a subconscious level at this point imo. I could go deep into my theory on what Sparanos mentality is doing to effect the teams personality but don't have the time. Obviously and once again it's just my opinion. And I'm seriously not worried about these guys getting inspired if Sparano leaves. If they do then we will see which players are keepers and were just effected by Sparanos mentality and approach and if they don't then we get a possible first pick.

But there are so many bad teams in the nfl that the Phins getting the first pick is a long shot. Andrew Luck coming into the draft is not a definite nor is his health, he could get injured before the draft. I'm not worried about getting Luck, there will be 3 other QBs we can take that look awesome right now.

where can i mail all my dollphan paraphernalia?

Who is Mud-Butt? Parcells? What a loser. He brought this mess on us.

Was Jason trying to win or was he trying to come up with the next sound bite?

Today, I am proud to be a Dolphins Fan.

Who cares about Sparano's influence on the young players?

Who even CARES about our young players?

When the Dolphins win the SB in the (distant) future, none of the guys on our current roster will be on that team, anyway.

All this talk about Luck not wanting to sign if Miami picks him...what is the basis for this?

If Miami holds the #1 pick there are two ways Luck stay out of Miami

1. He declares his final year of eligibility at Stanford and plays college ball next year...thus giving up a guaranteed $30M contract.

2. He pulls a Eli Manning and somehow "forces" Miami to trade with a big city market? Maybe the new GM does this...get a 1st & 2nd round pick, then take Landry or Griffin later?

...can a player say "no, I refuse to play in that city?

If it wasn't so funny I would be pissed. 5 years ago i would have broke my TV. i don't even care anymore. This team sucks..........Bad. 1976 buccaneer bad. sparano is pathetic.

I totaly agree shaggy. I feel the same way buddy.

:42 in game, up by 15 ball on 35. What makes this team believe they won!??? 3 runs up the middle, kick then prevent defense. That right there summed it up. I don't get it. That game killed me. Need firings right now, not tonight, tomorrow or any other time. Really sad, especially for a fan who sticks with this team through it all

Posted by: bobbyd12 | October 23, 2011 at 05:38 PM

Sorry Bobby, But Welcome to G.O.D... (Gang Of Defeat)

Cuban you're obviousl;y drunk or just not paying attention on purpose. I never said the team wasn't bad. I asked you how replacing the owner made any sense and why you want to give up on our rookie center who has been grading out excellent this year. How you took that as me saying the team is good can only be explained by a severe reading comprehension problem on your part.

Yes, a player can refuse to play in a city, or obviously refuse to play, period. Though he won't be playing with any other NFL franchise anytime soon without some sort of deal being made.

As someone else said, APATHY...Have a good night fellow bloggers, I'm going to get drunk and laid

Posted by: Marc | October 23, 2011 at 05:39 PM

Marc, You could'nt get laid in a five dollar Hohouse with a fist full of fiftys....LOL

If Miami drafts Andrew Luck #1 and he decides not to play in Miami they would probably get some team's #1 and #2 for the next three years. There is no way you trade that guy away for anything less. You should be fired if you did

Here is what I don't get. And this should truly sum it up for everyone.

Why not stack the box on that 2 point run by Tebow? He wasn't going to win the game with his arm. EVERYONE KNEW HE WAS GOING TO RUN IT!

I even think Denver called up to Miami's booth for the play. It was like they asked Nolan where were they weak so we can score easily.

Damn bobbyd12, first time I've heard you trash the team. Things must be desperate.


Changing to Nolan now improves the teams chances of NOT getting the first pick. That cannot be debated. I don't care about what happens in the next ten games, as long as they lose.

Again, I think you just have to look at what happened in SF from last year to this to see what is possible. Jeff Fisher will knock this losing sh*t out of these guys are they won't be Dolphins any more. That you can be sure. And I've said it before Sean Smith will be first on the chopping list. THIS will be the last season that Smith comes into a season not prepared. He'll change or he won't be here. There will be others.

Why doesn't this coach make a change before or during games. Every other coach out there makes that decision. Tebo started today. Ponder started today. This clown coach don't do that. Why. Remember when we lost to the Ravens in the wild card game when Pennington was all banged up. I was screeming for this clown to make a change, to give himselve an opportunity when you knew we were not the favorites to win that game. I was so mad by this clown not doing so. What happened? we lost. Maybe we could have found an spark at the end of that game. Do I have to mention how many times this coach made poor and bad decisions since 2008? He just said last week he needed to coach better. If I am the owner and my coach says something like that, I will be calling him to tell him to pack and leave. What is this owner waiting for? This coach is the real problem. I will be really disappointed if he coaches past tonight. And if he does, I will show you how bad he is. Let me ask you this. Wouldn't you switch QB's for next game to see if you can at least win the game? no he won't. I will prove it to you. We are cursed people and it is beeing shown with this coach. Please fire this clown now!!!! Better days will come. It has been three years and we keep regresing. I need everyone on here showing their displeasure with this coach. Fire this clown now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 more to go....don't change a thing right now.... plenty of time for that after the season.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Free yourselfs of the thoughts and expectations of wins my brothers and sisters,
For they wieght you down with the sadness of loss

Do not follow the false prophet of Denver

Have ye faith in Moses Sparano for he will lead us, the Chosen fans

The day will soon be apon us my brother and sisters

There is only one true Franchise quarterback and his name is LUCK and Moses Sparano will lead us unto him for he will be our team savior

The Book of Dolphins

Soiled :)

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