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Broncos beat Dolphins 18-15 in OT

The Dolphins snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

God, they are terrible.

They allowed Tim Tebow, who was sacked seven times and didn't seem to have a clue for 3 1/2 quarters to author a comeback victory. He helped the Broncos score two touchdowns and then get the winning field goal in overtime.

Owner Stephen Ross spent the entire final 5 minutes and overtime standing next to former Gators coach Urban Meyer. That doesn't mean anything short-term because Meyer isn't a coaching candidate today. But add him to the eventual list that will interest Ross. No doubt.

Also, the future of current coach Tony Sparano hangs in the balance tonight. Check back later for updates.


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Even I knew Tebow was going to run for 2.

If you enjoy losing why do you not become a Jet fan.
Some of us old tmers know what it actually feels like to WIN.

Hi johnsdolphins, if Ross was sure about this staff when he hired them we would not have had the off season circus with him trying to get Harbaugh. You do not bred confidence by undermining your existing staff. No matter what Sparano has done he didn't deserve that. I give him credit for coming towork everday after how he was treated regardless of the bad calls and lack of team preparedness.

Ross is not a good owner in my opinion at this point. According to reports ont his site he talks to other people who were not very successful in the NFL. If those reports are true and he is listening to their advice or even hearing it where it is in his subconscience then this is only going to get worse. I have no confidence in his ownershipn of this team at this point and after the above mentioned off season fiasco I have very little belief going forward until I see some proof that he is in it to win not all the other crap.

Even I knew Tebow was going to run for 2.


Don't worry the good ole days will becoming back after we go 0-16 this season buddy.

kudos Scott, finally a focus fan.

For the record....
Stephen Ross did not hire TS, JI or BP, Wayne Huziengs did.
We can blame him for not sending them packing but we cannot blame him for hiring them.

"I wish people would stop coming here for these Dolphins games and come here for the real reason..... DANCING and MINGLING.... Lets go wooooo.. By the way, what was the final score? "

Stephen Ross

Sorry for the typo.

Soiled....you have written some legendary stuff on here.....but in my opinion....this is the best one to date....
-----------------------------------------------------Dear Mr. Salguero

Free yourselfs of the thoughts and expectations of wins my brothers and sisters,
For they wieght you down with the sadness of loss

Do not follow the false prophet of Denver

Have ye faith in Moses Sparano for he will lead us, the Chosen fans

The day will soon be apon us my brother and sisters

There is only one true Franchise quarterback and his name is LUCK and Moses Sparano will lead us unto him for he will be our team savior

The Book of Dolphins

Soiled :)

Posted by: SoiledBottom | October 23, 2011 at 05:48 PM

This one sir....is going to work with me........to cheer me up in times of sadness......


Sorry Moneyman 13 but Ross halfassed the "send them packing" this season. NOW is NOT the time to send ANYONE packing. If anything ROSS should sale the team tommorow, becuase HE SUCKS.


@ SoiledBottom SWEET! POST.

All you guys that say you want them to win, please tell me why? At this point just one win could be detrimental to the future of the franchise. How can anyone not see this. Have you ever heard of tough love? That's what it basically is.

Tony Sparano will be the coach of the Miami Dolphins for the rest of the season. He's the perfect man for the job.

Believe what you want about Mr. Ross and I do not disagree but
we need a new GM now to analyze the current team and search for a new HC.
Whether TS stays for now or leaves, it is only a matter of time.
This team needs more than just a franchise QB to compete in the AFC East.
Also, a "good" college scout might help rectify extremely poor drafts.

Indeed we need a great scout team but that comes at the end of the season. A franchise QB make it easier to focus and acquire the other need positions.


Agree 100% on the franchise QB.
Just feel we need to start the analysis of bang for buck on current players now.
Starting with the 12m NT, TEs, OLs and even the entire group of DBs.

The time for changes at the top is here and overdue. Please boss Ross, do something... anything.

The stench of cow manure around this team!

It starts with Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano and lingers heavily around the owners box.

Most of the clueless fans that were talking up the talent on this team are now aware how bad the players are. The GM sucks.

A gutless head coach running around like an Idiot and getting worse every game. Leave him to rot in the position he screwed up.

Same for the stupid GM, Jeff Ireland. Make him stay the coarse with these crappy players he put on this team. Start new next year with a real quarterback but make these ass clowns quit on their own. Make them face the fans who love the team but hate the GM and coach. I want them to squirm after every loss this year.

I just left the stadium that had more Denver fans than Dolphin fans in the fourth quarter and that is perfect for this farce of a franchise. The once proud team is now a joke and the owner may be the biggest joke the NFL has ever seen. Makes me want to puke.

I sure ruined this team, didn't I?

its amazing how when davis and smith get beat they give up on the play instead of even putting effort into chasing the player down. and if I can see that Burnett can't cover a pass route why can't the coaches?

Hey, I hear you guys may be looking for some help with personnel. Just give me a call...

0-6 with 10 to go.

I've been a Dolphin fan for as long as I can remember....but I gotta tell ya.....I was rooting for Tim Tebow all the way. Clean cut guy, courage in the face of adversity, man of faith....what's not to like? Congratulations on a terrific win, Mr. Tebow!:)

Wow I thought when I got killed my life was bad but you DOLFANS have it worse than me.

Hey CraigM....guess what...im agreeing 100% with your position here...I think we can safely say that Chad Henne can be a great No2 or at least battle it out with our No1 pick to start next year...I wouldnt throw Henne out yet...I still see something there....

But surely we keep Sparano...that ensures LOSSES.....then we finally pick a QB.....and start over again....

Sean Smith to me is a wimp....sorry but he lacks heart....great physical attributes...but hasnt got balls...hoiwever withy better coaching?????

Sean Smith can't even recover a fumble right in front of him. He has Edward Scissorhands.

I like Tebow and everything he stands for...I also am a beleiver and proud to say it...

In todays society...if you follow the Universe or Mother Earth or the Frozen Sea Monkey or some other path your 'oh so cool"...white witches, warlocks etc...cool man...

But if you follow Christianity...the basis of what made the US great and dose more to assist the poor than any other faith...then your derided...

Well guess what....In GOD I trust....

Tebow is a man I admire...

I would only fire Tony if we win a game.

The whole team should be fired. This team really sucks!!!!!!

I love Tim Tebow so much that I would be proud and happy to give him my wife for a weekend

I agree with Phins78 that this is not the fault of Ross, other than bringing Sparano and Ireland back this season. Hizinga hired the gang of Spoiled Tuna we have now. Ross tried to hire Harbaugh as his first hire, which would have made this team much better, even with the same personnel we have this season. He is 5-1 with that lousy personnel that Singletary could not do anything with. With Luck and a new coach, this team could surprise next year. It's not like we don't have talent on the roster, they are just not coached well. The way I see it our only possible wins are @KC and at home against Wash. So please Fins suck for Luck and move on to 2012.

Back to football.....

I just think the team is playing lacking in confidence...and that comes from the top...

Ireland is not woeful...but hasnt made OBVIOUS moves that would have improved this team a lot...Boldin for a 3rd???...no brainer...Holmes..??..Edwards??...Cmon..!
He and Sparano are the Cowboys lost propert home...all their rejects....I think Sparano must be on a retainer from the Cowboys, some of the GIMPS he has signed...

To me the single biggest problem is Sparano and I picked it early when he couldnt manage the clock or when to throw a flag...I was dumbfounded....but it made me look closely at his management...its not just poor...he doesnt know what to do...

I say we keep him and accelerate to LUCK / Griffin

I'm so sick of these idiot players saying crap like "This isn't us". Umm, you're 0-6 - obviously that is who you are. You say the team is still searching for an identity, but it's clear that they found it early on, and Chad Henne summed it up perfectly - "These guys aren't going to stop quitting." There's your identity, losers.


They're going to screw this up and start making changes. I'm telling you if you put Nolan in there the team will get all inspired and start winning games, as the Cowboys and Vikings did last year. DO NOT change a thing. Let's not get clever. It's working out JUST fine ...
next year = new coaching staff, new gm, and lets pray for Luck !!!!!

I would only fire Tony if we win a game.


Did you guys see Luck last nite

wow ..thats what we need...

I understand that Ross did not hire these guys. However as soon as he pulled that crap last off season of looking to replace at least the coach and then change his mind, he is now the responsible party for keeping them here. Wayne H. is off the hook. It is all on Ross. For someone who is supposed to be a business man he should be able to make a decision and stick with it. His waivering makes this his fault.

who care Cowher and Luck are 305 bound! 0-16 Baby!

SOILED, you are the master. LOVE your posts, also love mila kunis

Thanks for quieting down all the lame azzed tim tebow SH@!T I heard way too much of pre, your epic fail as was the case.

While hovering over the stadium today I became concerned that the Dolphins might actually win a game. I am glad they did not disappoint me.

I will not play for the Dolphins if I'm drafted by them. This is a sorry franchise.

WOW, um Im speachless..I turned off the computer with less than 5 minutes left, shortly before that, typed in this blog, "I told yall we were going to win". Then I wake up from a dream, to this nightmare..wow, what can I say..

Rumor has it that their is a retired steeler coach wanting to start coaching again------

We suck,yes,but it could be worse.We could be the Colts.

It is a really sad year to be a Dolphins fan. I guess most years are, though. I love the Dolphins, but it hurts to watch them play sometimes. They are proving this year that there is a big difference between being the worst team in the league, and being the least talented team in the league. They have the talent at most positions, just no team chemistry, and very little creativity/ability to improvise. This is a team that I believed and still do believe had the potential to go 10 - 6 at the beginning of the year. I am revising my prediction to 3 - 13. I love the Dolphins, and they will always be my team. I am not on board with this suck for Luck BS, and I never will be. If we get Luck and he turns out to be the player is is hyped up to be, then great. If we don't get Luck, even better, because that means our team played with heart and pulled out a few wins.

Also. I would like to take a moment and mention how stupid of an idea it would be to fire Tony Sparano right now. It is certain that he will be fired at the end of the year. So, what does firing him now accomplish? Nothing. I guess it would satisfy the pitch fork carrying morons that want to gang up on someone, though.

Fu#k dansby and taylor and the whole suckphins team. You are a joke and shouldnt even be paid for that garbage they display on the field each week!

Mondo, had to laugh my ass off at the incompetence of Tony Sparano. This little drama wouldnt never have been made had Tony the Tiger NOT made an attempt two points after that 4th qt TD. There was no reason on earth why Sparano would attempt such a fool hardy thing. Someone should just throw a net over his guy everytime he trys to be a head coach. He dont have the brains for it. And that idiot Ross aint much better. All that said, I had to root for Tebow after listening to the assault on Tim by those two idiots who announced the game for CBS. Sometime you media types should just shut the f*** up.

It is easy to win when you have God on your side!

Tebow did not win the game - the fin coaches gave it to them - if Ross is as football unsavy as he seems please someone tell him the jump from college to the pros for a coach rarely works - urban meyer - let me say to sparano there was no reason to go for a two point conversion under the circumstances - sure it would make sense if Denver had done anything threatening the whole game - u didn't trust your D to stop them the final few minutes of the game as they had the first 3 1/2 quarters????? You are a terrible head coach and if Ross does not figure a way to land bill cower he is a terrible salesman. Leave it to the 21st century dolphins to make a crappy team look great!

Incognito, first off know what your talking about before you post!!! First let me say this I don't like the coaches either but first Wayne hizienga and parcels brought this staff in so Ross had nothing to do with it!!! If Ross doesn't change it after this season then he is to blame!! Second not always a college coach succeeds but there are some jimmy Johnson went to Super Bowl , look at the 49ers this year with JOHN H!!! Third there is a formula for going to the 2point conversion and he went with the formula!! Yes does tony sparano jump around like he won the super bowl when they kick a field goal and yes I'm afraid he is not a good head coach but they have a defensive cord and a offensive cord that call the plays and they take an offensive cord that had the worst offensive in the league and bring him in WTF???? IT'S IRELAND WHO DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING HE IS THE ONE WHO BRINGS IN THE COACHES AND THE PLAYERS HE PASSED ON GOOD GUYS LIKE DEZ BRIANT, Ingram, graham, got ride of both Ronnie brown and Ricky which he should have kept at least Ricky so we were sure to have someone in the back field that was a for sure!!!! And it goes on and on tons of mistakes!!! IRELAND HAS TO GO!!! Get a head coach/ GM TO DO BOTH ,he gets the players and coaches them ROSS NEEDS TO DUMP THAT BUM IRELAND!!! He knows nothing!! He did nothing in the last two off seasons!!!!! Geez

There has never been a Dolphin team so PATHETIC in franchise history! The WHOLE coaching staff HAS TO GO! Nolans D should of been able to stop that debacle before it went into OT!

The Spirit of Defeat that used to live in Detroit has now move to Miami.
Is there no professional pride in the players anymore?
How many ways can the Dolphins find to lose a game?
The Broncos and Tebow had more fans in the stands than the Dolphins and the players, the coach and the GM have nobody to blame but themselves.
The Owner, Ross does not care. he is a Real Estate dude from New York and his only religion is money
Sell the team please!!!!

Mondo, I think no one gets how big, the Dolphins going for two after their 4th qt TD. Say the Dolphins simply kick the PA. nows it 13-0 instead of 12-0. Dolphins soon kick a field goal its now 16-0. How much time is left after Timbow scores his 15? Hardly no time is left. No overtime period. Its that simple. You guys are missing the biggest blunder in Dolphin history.

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