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Broncos beat Dolphins 18-15 in OT

The Dolphins snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

God, they are terrible.

They allowed Tim Tebow, who was sacked seven times and didn't seem to have a clue for 3 1/2 quarters to author a comeback victory. He helped the Broncos score two touchdowns and then get the winning field goal in overtime.

Owner Stephen Ross spent the entire final 5 minutes and overtime standing next to former Gators coach Urban Meyer. That doesn't mean anything short-term because Meyer isn't a coaching candidate today. But add him to the eventual list that will interest Ross. No doubt.

Also, the future of current coach Tony Sparano hangs in the balance tonight. Check back later for updates.


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When did the Dolphins and the Broncos join the WWF. Friday night wrestling never looked so good on Sundays!!!

You like celebrities? I have a suggestion
Hire Steve Wonder as a coach, he has sunglasses just like Sparano and can probably see better where we need help (it also dump that annoying chewing gum habit and probably far more pleasant to interview).
Hire Arnold Swazzenager as a GM, he is currently unemployed and probably a better judge of talent than Ireland.
While you are at it, do a seance and bring the spirit of Joe Robbie back from the dead and ask him how to be a proper owner respecful of your team, their history and what it represent to Miami

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