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2011 starting to resemble 2004 and 2007

Chad Henne is done for the season. He has been told he will require season-ending shoulder surgery and expects to have that surgery next week, a source has confirmed to The Herald's Barry Jackson.

The Dolphins are working on adding quarterback Sage Rosenfels to replace Henne on the roster, a source tells me. Rosenfels needs to pass the team's physical, which is the only hurdle left for him before rejoining the Dolphins.

And this is starting to feel more and more like the disaster of a season I've already covered in Miami before.

What do I mean by that?

This season is feeling a lot like 2004. This season is feeling a lot like 2007.

This season, only a month old and still 12 games from being complete, is every day looking more and more like one of the worst seasons in Dolphins history.


Those other seasons had a theme. They had a vibe to them. They had certain characteristics to them.

And this one is starting to be just like them.

Those terrible, awful, forgettable seasons included starts that simply didn't feel right: 2004 started with the surprise Ricky Williams pulled when he walked away less than two weeks before the start of training camp. 2007 also began in uncomfortable fashion. Cam Cameron frayed nerves with veterans such as Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor immediately, was off-putting with the press, and was caught unprepared for the start of camp when Daunte Culpepper was still around in the locker room and on the field despite the team's intentions to get rid of him.

This year? Well, the lockout and labor strife put the Dolphins behind the proverbial eight ball. The club seemed unprepared to get things done right away. While the New England Patriots were able to trade for a player such as Chad Ocho Cinco and get him on the field immidiately (because they didn't need to redo his contract right away), the Dolphins traded for Reggie Bush but he had to miss the first couple of weeks or practice under the new CBA because they did have to do a new contract with the running back.

Even after new players joined the practices the big focus was Miami's seach for a new quarterback instead of the players on the field. That much-anticipated search for a quarterback capable of challenging Henne failed to turn up a QB capable of the competion.

In the midst of that, Henne heard chants of "We want Orton" from Miami fans.

And fans stayed away from practices that were open and free in ways they had not before.

Then there was the disatisfaction with the head coach. In 2004, fans were done with Dave Wannstedt. They had grown tired of his double-speak and failure to deliver improvement. In 2007, folks scratched their heads when Cam Cameron declined to coach in the final preseason game so that his assistant Dom Capers (who had more NFL head coaching experience) could take over and get the feel for being head coach -- a strategy meant to guard against Cameron having to miss a game for family reasons or in case of some other emergency.

This year, folks had Tony Sparano on the hot seat before one game was played because Stephen Ross unwittingly put him on that seat last January with his Jim Harbaugh flirtation.

Ther are more common themes.

There are the quarterback problems, of course.

In 2004, it was a misbegotten competiton between Jay Fiedler and A.J. Feeley. In 2007, it was the misbegotten acquisition of Trent Green to be the starter -- a move that caused Jason Taylor to utter the famous words, "scrambled eggs," in reference to Green's brain which had suffered several concussions including a season-ender the year before.

This year? I think we already know half the folks out there wanted the team to draft or sign a franchise type quarterback and the club intended to do just that. Then failed to do just that.

Then the injuries came.

In 2004, it began with starting WR David Boston, then starting DT Larry Chester, then starting RB Lamar Gordon (after he played his one an only quarter for the Dolphins), then Junior Seau, then Miami lost Fiedler for the season, then Yeremiah Bell was gone. The other member of the starting backfield, fullback Rob Konrad, went on season-ending IR later. The fact linebacker bust Eddie Moore went on IR later was less about hurting the talent on the roster and something more akin to being fitting for the abortion that was the season.

2007 followed similar themes on the injury front. Starting safety Yeremiah Bell blew out his Achilles' tendon. Then Trent Green suffered a concussion trying to make a block on a broken play (a fumble by Tedd Ginn) and was lost for the year. Then Ronnie Brown blew out a knee trying to make a tackle on another interception the following week. Then starting strong safety Renaldo Hill blew out a knee trying to stop Randy Moss from scoring a touchdown and Cameron Worrell suffered an injury on the same play. Then Worrell was later placed on injured reserve. Then Zach Thomas was placed on IR with migraines, effectively ending his Dolphins career. And Channing Crowder was not far behind, out for the season one week later. Then Andre Goodman went out for the year.

This year?

Obviously Henne is the biggest hit so far. He was placed on injured reserve after blowing out his left shoulder on a broken play. A broken play, I say.

Jake Long is playing injured and not at his usual high level. Karlos Dansby is playing injured and not at his highest level. Daniel Thomas has missed two of his career's first four games with a hamstring pull. Vontae Davis couldn't finish the first two games of the season and then couldn't start either of the last two games because of various malfunctions. Safety Chris Clemons hasn't been right all season and that's why he hasn't been a factor.

And we're only one month in!

There are other themes that make up a catastrophic season. One of those is dysfunction at the top -- with much of it the team's own making.

In 2004, Dave Wannstedt lost his "Final Say" powers to Rick Spielman when owner Wayne Huizenga instituted that change. It was awkward because Wannstedt had hired Spielman and had been Spielman's boss since 2000. Now Spielman was telling Wannstedt what was going to happen on the personnel front.

Spielman went out and got A.J. Feeley from Philadelphia for a second-round pick. Wannstedt wanted to start Jay Fiedler. It didn't go well. I wouldn't say they argued. It was more a passive-aggressive tug of war.

In 2007, Cameron forced Randy Mueller to trade for Green. Mueller wasn't enthusiastic about the move but did it anyway because he figured the coach deserved to have his QB. Mueller, in turn, pretty much forced Cameron to take back Ricky Williams because the team needed running back help midseason. Cameron hated the idea but lost that battle.

It was an odd pairing. Nope, it didn't work.

This year, I have reported for some time that the friendship coach Tony Sparano and general manager Jeff Ireland once shared is no more. They are not friends. They are now strictly involved in a professional venture and trying to work as professionally with one another as possible.

Neither really trusts the other. It is what it is.

In 2004 and 2007, as the losses began, the chippy nature of team staff with the media grew with each passing week.

Wannstedt hated The Herald and made us to be the villians with players and assistants. I guess he didn't like the fact I reported how he had an assistant coach mutiny before the season when Joel Collier had to step down as offensive coordinator for personal reasons.

So Wannstedt gave the job to Marc Trestman. But offensive line coach Tony Wise hated Trestman and threatend to leave and take some other assistants with him if the promotion stood. So Wannstedt, who had given Trestman the job one afternoon, took it away the next morning. He promoted Chris Foerster instead.

I found out and that made the Herald the villian. Wannstedt told players the media in general and The Herald in particular was at the root of their problems. He made what should have been a professional working relationship into an adversarial one.

(NOTE: Wannstedt was not aware making The Herald and me into an enemy is not smart.)

Some players followed the coach. Others didn't buy in. Division followed. Wannstedt lost the locker room.

In 2007, Cameron was off-putting with the media from the beginning. He believed himself always the smartest man in any room he walked into. He talked down to the media. He misdirected. He made it very clear it was "us against them."

As the 2007 Dolphins had trouble winning any "us against them" matchup, division followed. Players mocked the coach for spending more time reading the Internet than actually curing the problems that were being written about on the Internet. Cameron had no friends in the media. Had no friends in the locker room. And ultimately found himself on an island -- with no friends anywhere.

Not smart.

This year? Well, the Dolphins have fostered an anti-media stance since Bill Parcells took over. That is no secret. Parcells used the media as a foil to rally the troops. But it was done with sophistication. Even as he told his people to avoid the media he made friends in the media and always got his message out the way most favorable to him and the team.

He was in a word, shrewd, in his approach. It worked for him particularly because the man is a future Hall of Famer and has Super Bowl rings.

When he left, Parcells told the team -- including coaches and personnel people -- to stay together and not splinter. (It's too late for that now. Folks went in different directions last January.)

Anyway, this group has its media issues already. Inside linebacker Kevin Burnett and a Sun-Sentinel reporter had an issue last week when Burnett complained publicly about something the reporter had tweeted. The issue apparently is not resolved even after the two men met for about 30 minutes earlier this week. Burnett has even had conversations with teammates about the reporter, as if gathering information on a reporter is a wise use of time when there seem to be other more pressing issues to attend to.

Like, say, finding ways to make more tackles.

Leaks are springing everywhere. Even today, one person in the personnel department leaked to ESPN's Adam Schefter the list of QBs -- other than Sage Rosenfels, Brodie Croyle and Trent Edwards -- the club seriously discussed when deciding on a replacement for Henne.

The source, whose name I know because other people in the organization have told me he's leaking stuff to Schefter, told ESPN the Dolphins looked at Kellen Clemens, JP Losman, Jim Sorgi and Charlie Frye before settling on Rosenfels.

Makes you really confident about Rosenfels, doesn't it?

Look, everyone has sources. I have a couple. But as much as I want my sources telling me stuff, there is a gulf between the kind of source that speaks on background to provide information favorable to the team or correct facts, and the kind of loser that gives a blow-by-blow account of a chase for a quarterback replacement that paints the team as desperate and even inept. It's lame and cowardly, really.

Finally, the last common theme I can think of that followed the 2004 and 2007 seasons and now seems to be following in 2011 is the unexpected total state of suck.

The Dolphins were 4-12 in 2004. Terrible. But you must remember they were 10-6 in 2003 so the drop to 4-12 was sudden, unexpected and painful.

The Dolphins were 1-15 in 2007. But in 2006, they opened the year as Sports Illustrated's Super Bowl pick. There was optimism the year before and the 2007 team seemed plenty talented -- with Jason Taylor coming off a Defensive Player of the Year award, with the secondary seeming solid, the receivers mostly a veteran group and multiple high draft picks offering optimism. And yet ... they were terrible to a degree never matched in Dolphins history.

This year is only a quarter way through. But it is surprising to what depths Miami has already fallen. The defense, good a season ago, has rolled off the table. The running game that was supposed to be rebuilt is still under construction at best. Reggie Bush hasn't produced and I don't think he's even being used in a correct role.

It has been so bad that even with Henne not being the liability he was the past two seasons, the Dolphins have not been very good on offense.

I'm not saying the rest of the season will mirror the nuclear winters that the franchise suffered in 2004 and again in 2007. But, geez, the building common themes are sobering.


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Besides Andrew Luck what about Robert Griffin the 3rd as our draft pick? He's 6'2, 220 and in his season so far in 4 games

Season 93 113 1308 82.3 11.58 66 18 1 7
He is awesome and I think the dolphins could build around him. For his college career his stats are;

Career 602 903 7381 67% 8.17 99 59 12 59
As I said this guy is awesome, and he's a smart winner the dolphins can build around an win for a long time.

By the way Yeah! = Armando

This season is def resembling 2007, but at least there are some decent QB prospect in the 2012 draft.

By the way Armando I'm the one who first broke the Henne season ending surgey as well as the Rosenfels signing. I think you should sign your check over to me!


Look at the bright side, parking will be easy. Hope you at least can still enjoy the tailgate parties. Support your team and don't choke on the 'hot dog'.

Congratulations to Henne on opting for surgery, and good luck in the future.

I thought the 1-15 season was more relaxed and stress-free than this one. At least we didn't have the burden of this pitiful, hysterical sucking for a college player who might well not even up here. What care-free days!

Man, it's a long bye week, isn't it? Hard not to spiral into despair and make comparisons like these. Not going to argue. Just hope they don't come true.

Parking Spot A100. Look at the bright spot, no one will ever confuse you to be a man. You puss-ass, name changing little c@cksucker.

With Henne done, so is Odin. get that fool outta here! If he can't defend Henne whats his purpose? Imagine this blog w/out his liquer induced, Henne filled whinefests!

Rejoice bloggers, the end IS finally at hand!

Looks like Sundays will be date nights in my life this fall. Nothing more to see here

I broke the Henne is Done news.

What chu talkin bout?

I had to fight with both of Mandos Blog Hit Trolls over it for two days.

They used 8 different sign in names and went back two months into the blog archives to copy and paste fake posts to try and save face.


Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

You puss-ass, name changing little c@cksucker.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | October 06, 2011 at 02:56 PM

I mention hot dog, and you mention c@cksucker. That explains quite a bit.

I have always believed you can measure great teams by the quarterback, head coach, and owner. No doubt in my mind the worst of the three on the Dolphins has been the owner, ever since the Robbies' sold the team. Henne has played his last game with the Dolphins, Sparano is on his way out, now, if the team can just get an owner with some class, then maybe this team can return to the way it was. Because they have tried 16 quarterbacks, and 5 head coaches since Shula and Marino, the problem is with the owners.

hurray suck for luck amen gruden/luck 2012!

With Henne done, so is Odin. get that fool outta here! If he can't defend Henne whats his purpose? Imagine this blog w/out his liquer induced, Henne filled whinefests!

Rejoice bloggers, the end IS finally at hand!

Posted by: Get Lost You Loser!!! | October 06, 2011 at 02:57 PM

Not on your life BuH-Dee!

Henne wasn't my mission. Making your life miserable here on the blog is, you miserable impostering Troll, you and your Bro "Smalls", Heh, heh.

Fair warning: After having completely discredited you as JTO and Just The Facts the other day. I'm working on a new trap, Who, Ha, Ha, Haaaaaaaaaa(my diabolical laugh).

Ain't it fun TROLL-IN ?

Yea Mando, another disaster season.

Talking about the draft in week 5.


If i'm the source for adam schefter I become a little worried.

Mando has you in his crosshairs.

I like how they are saying that Henne is done for the season. Let's be honest, Henne is just plain DONE. Clean out your locker Chad, your time in Miami is through. I think with the right amount of loses we can turn this franchise around.

A loser calling other bloggers a loser makes you? Exactly, A Bigger Loser. Only you can wear that badge of honor so proudly.

Now STFU & go back on your morphine drip you drunken retard.

Anyone want to sell their season tickets? Give me $300 and I will take them off your hands.

I am happy about this because we can get a guard with our high first round pick!

Then we can play him at left guard and everybody will agree we surely have a stable left side of the offensive line.

Then we can build the team around this left side of the offensive line. It will be ready in 2021.

Well if there is a year for the team to suck this is it. By all acoounts Luck is the best QB prospect to come along in years. I've read some reports on him that he has a chance to be better than Manning. If you respect what Jim Harbaugh knows about QBs you'll know that he think awfully highly of this kid. What we need to be fearful of, are there any OL in this draft that they might take ahead of Luck...LOL. In all seriousness, you have to laugh at the whole situation. What else is there for us to do? Guys wanted Sporano and Henne to be gone and there's going to be no doubt that will happen now. There's nothing left to do but watch and laugh and hope that we get our guy, or in this case guys, because I'm really hoping that Jeff Fisher sees the Miami job as an attractive one with a possible franchise QB running the show. So remember this guys, it's October 6, 2011....things seems to be at their darkest right now. But this is a team that went from 1-15 to 11-5. Doesn't matter how they got there....they go there. This time it's not going to be done by way of smoke and mirrors. We're going to get the top talent in the draft (or one of the top talents) and we're going to do this piece by piece. As I said, we look DREADFUL right now but we can sure turn this around in a hurry. Doubt?.....then watch!

Whitlock had a goord article today, I recommend checking out. Looks like the Parcell's and cronies -haters may have a point.
I mentioned the resemblence to past pathetic seasons before. Feels like it, looks like it, quacks like it. Except I said this before the first game. Tooting own horn, sorry.
Hindsight still solves nothing. Like I said before, I am already finding hope, solice, and a real possibility for being a proud Dolphin fan again in next season's draft. Yay 2012!

I hear the Fins are already looking for a RT to draft #1 to go with Pouncey and Long. They think they can get a good QB like Weedon or Tannehill in round 2.

Just remember you heard it here first!

After the way they lost in game 3, I knew for sure it was over. It could have been better, but it was not. 4-12 or 3-13 or 2-14 or 1-15 is better than 8-8. A 500 team remains a 500 team. Teams to be successful must either rise or fall or stagnate with never a chance to be successful.
At 12-4 you have good players wanting to come her for free agency. At 4-12 you get to pick good up and coming players to fill in holes. At 8-8 you get middle of the road players. Nobody really wants to play here or they are just capable of being a NFL player by thin margins.

Start sucking like you've never sucked before. Like golf balls through a garden hose sucking. There is light at the end of the tunnel but it starts with Luck. Please God!! Please!

Go Vikes and go Rams! I think Peyton is already getting a little nervous in Indy. He is talking about coming back this season to win some games and get Indy out of the Luck sweepstakes.

Thanks, but I think it's just the Morphine and Valium the Doctor prescribed for me. I had a nasty injury yesterday.

What do you think of todays aquisitions?

Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 04:49 PM

Oder, You were talking all day how you "Got Injured",(What you do fall over the steps while drunk Iam Sure) and were givin Morphine, Own up to it tough guy.

Posted by: Just The Facts. | October 05, 2011 at 06:13 PM

For now on I'm just calling you "Glutton For Pinishment"-LOL!

You got busted AGAIN Blog Hit Troll-ROTFLMAO!

Own THAT! You've TOTALLY lost all credibility LOSER ;) Good Job!

Just for the record, I injured myself while DRUNK on a trampoline with a Beautiful Blonde Hottie half my age.

Ah, Sweet Memories, painful, but SWEET.........

PS: Dufus, they give you a shot of Morphine in the EMERGENCY room when you break a bone. They don't give you prescriptions and vials of it to take home, driving or hunting, etc, etc-Sheesh.

You might want to consider things like this when you make up your next LIE about me :)

Posted by: odinseye | October 05, 2011 at 07:07 PM

Come on Oder, are you just to burnt out that you forgot this post?

The link to the Whitlock article:
*Parcell/Ireland/Sparano haters will enjoy.
By the way --FinsFanCT -- Don't look that high in the rankings for our QB. We can find a gem WAAAAY down there where nobody is looking.

Fair warning: After having completely discredited you as JTO and Just The Facts the other day. I'm working on a new trap, Who, Ha, Ha, Haaaaaaaaaa(my diabolical laugh).

Ain't it fun TROLL-IN ?

Posted by: odinseye | October 06, 2011 at 03:05 PM

Guess again. The funny thing about you is how you're always wrong but, still think you're smart.

Keep guessing. Its fun watching you laugh off your stupidity. Go change your tampon, your hymen just ripped.

wow this is too long to read

A loser calling other bloggers a loser makes you? Exactly, A Bigger Loser. Only you can wear that badge of honor so proudly.

Now STFU & go back on your morphine drip you drunken retard.

Posted by: LOSER Odin I | October 06, 2011 at 03:09 PM

You always do exactly what you accuse others of doing.

Ah, at the risk of sounding like a juvenile, YOU called the names Fella.

Let me reiterate: LOSER, Heh, heh!

We are lucky to have Mando for entertainment, but I actually think the media does have something to do with hurting the team.

the regime hurt the team,not the media although they need to blame something (besides themselves).

This was THE most awesome post ever.
Thanks for the internal look into the beat.

Oder, Dont kid yourself, Theres A LOT of posters here that are tired of your drunk, know everything posts, do us a favor, crawl back into your bottle.

"I am happy about this because we can get a guard with our high first round pick!

Then we can play him at left guard and everybody will agree we surely have a stable left side of the offensive line.

Then we can build the team around this left side of the offensive line. It will be ready in 2021."


This team is a joke...Top to bottom. I almost have ZERO interest left.

Enjoy surgery henne, best thing that could've happened to you at this point in your career...just dont expect to be a starting QB for this team next year my friend...my bet says that you arent even ON this team next year.....NEW COACH=NEW QB!!!!CYA!!!

Thanks for the miserable observation Mando like it can't get any worse. I still pray that Joe Robbie comes from the grave to save this franshise. I think we should have a new poll going now who do we want to coach this team.
Rob Ryan?
I'll take Ryan he is hungry to coach.
Let me know what you guys think.

And with that comes the 17th starting QB since Dan "retired". Pathetic!

"total state of suck." LOL!

pretty much marc.....the state of which this franchise apparently likes according to the steller leadership we have around here....P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!!!

Thanks, but I think it's just the Morphine and Valium the Doctor prescribed for me. I had a nasty injury yesterday.

What do you think of todays aquisitions?

Yes indeed dumbshyt-LOL You make this too easy. That was my original post.

The "KEY PHRASE" being YESTERDAY-ROTFLMAO!That was the DAY BEFORE we went TARGET SHOOTING-Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa!

Now, I don't know about you Meth Head Addicts, but when I get an injection of Morphine and Valium I'm just a tad hung over the next day.

The emergency room doctor prescribed a shot of Morphine and Valium. I was sent home with a PRESCRIPTION for a MUCH milder pain killer(uggg).

The NEXT DAY we went target shooting.

Thanks for making that perfectly clear, thus exposing your twisted, lying, fake posts-LOL ;)

If you listen to a liar long enough, he'll tell on himself...........EVERYTIME-Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!

PS: You can't hang with this, you know why? There ain't no cure for STOOPID-ROTFLMA!

The only way this gets any better is if I could see the look on your face when you realize you just told on yoursef..........wait for it...........wait..........AGAIN!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Never mind the new coaches and the sucking for draft picks...... what if the bantam weight brown-nosing Ireland ends up clinging to his job?

What then?

How can this team possibly be so bad? The only hope for this franchise is a terrible year and therefore drafting ANDREW LUCK and cleaning out the coaching staff. I am a Sparano fan, but enough is enough.

Told you I had ANOTHER trap set for you Troll.

You fell right into it too-ROTFLMAO!!!!

Guys, I know it probably doesn't mean much right now but better days are ahead. I know agree that the guys we've employed at key positions can't actually get it done. That's what I need to see....I think that's what Stephen Ross needed to see. I know everyone is down on Ross and theis franchise and EVERYBODY involved with the team. That's human nature. But you only need to look back to see what the Cowboys were when they were 1-15 or what the Colts were when they were 1-15. This was before Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning took over. If Andrew Luck is who I think he is and we get a top notch coach in here, happier days aren't that far away. Guys like Sean Smith will have to show up EVERY game or they'll be off this team. If we're really lucky this might be the last time we suck in a long time. We can only hope!

Ive got a sick feeling that if ross owns this team next year and we get the first pick that we will somehow find a reason to pass on luck. Folks dont buy luck your jerseys yet!!

I think the Miami Dolphins should apologize to all of their season ticket holders for this pathetic organization.

That being said, I think the best thing to do is lose them all, draft Luck, and get a new GM and head coach.

If Jeff Ireland is still GM next spring, I will not be renewing my season tickets no matter what.

If we get Luck I'm getting myself a Luck sweater. Marshall better start showing up every game and every play or SEE YA!! Next time, a top flight wide receiver. Better get your game together Marshall or you'll be hitting the road soon enough pal!!

Let's trade away brandon "team cancer" Marshall for some draft picks get Ronnie brown and Ricky Williams back and run the wildcat for the rest of the year and not worry about getting another qb killed?! What's the worst that could happen? We go 0-16 and draft andrew luck. I don't see the down side.

BTW, Your assessment of LONG was WAY OFF. He might be the WORST linman we have this year. He's being beaten, and beaten BADLY on almost every play. They might wanna put Carey back over there!

Marshall is dropping easy, game-changing catches

Bess is a non-factor

Bush is a non-factor

JT and Wake are non-factors

Dansby, nothing

This team is WORSE than 07 simply because we actually have some talent, they just all quit.


Estos Dolfins no sirven, brode. Hace falta que Ross mude a este equipo para Alaska porque ya nadie los quiere en Miami. Tremenda basura, mi hermano.

The season doesn't parallel 2004 or 2008 in that there's a franchise QB available in the draft.

The upper part of the draft was very, very weak in Saban's first year. Matt Ryan turned out to be a good player, but you can't fault Parcells and Ireland for drafting Jake.

In 2012, there's a QB deserving of the #1 overall pick. This is a once in a generation chance to get a great QB! Suck for luck!

Hey Armando...if you knew for a fact that a young Dan Marino was coming into the draft, would you not want to suck for Marino?

You guys got the countdown clock ready?

Well I see the escapee from the mental ward is in full force battling his conscience.

Two nights ago nothing was known, nothing was confirmed, people don't seek second opinions if there is no longer any doubt. There was no news to break, only the delusional think they have some higher source.

Either he has a crystal ball or a ball of crystal meth. I think the answer is obvious.

odineye = waste of time.

Oder, Dont kid yourself, Theres A LOT of posters here that are tired of your drunk, know everything posts, do us a favor, crawl back into your bottle.

Posted by: Just The Facts. | October 06, 2011 at 03:37 PM

Yeah, and we all know how many good posters don't even come here anymore becaue of you and your little brother "Smalls"-Heh, heh!

We could have drafted Aaron Rogers in 2004. QB was top priority. He turned out to be pretty good.

I've been telling you idiots now for more than 50 years that Miami sucks. Should have listened to me a long time ago.

It's going to be really interesting to see what happens with Marshall. The new coach is going to put up with any crap from him. Luck, or whoever else is going to need a number WR. Do we move Marshall now before the deadline and try to get let's say a second round pick for him or do we hang on to him, hope he gets his head on straight when another QB comes to town or what? I say if we can get a second for him before the dealine we do it. Doubtful that we'd be able to move that contract though....

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