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Chad Henne seeking 2nd opinion, surgery an option

Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne will this week await a second opinion on his separated left (non-throwing) shoulder, with the word from the doctor probably determining if he can play through pain of the injury or require surgery, The Miami Herald has learned through a team source.

The Herald's Barry Jackson is reporting Henne and the team will this week be sending X-Rays of the quarterback's injured shoulder to an independent shoulder specialist. The specialist will say whether Henne would be better off having surgery on the shoulder or could simply let it heal naturally.

If the option is to have surgery, Henne would miss significant time and possibly the rest of the season.

Henne, who obviously missed Tuesday's practice, would prefer to have the injury heal naturally. That would give him the ability to play as soon as he can handle the pain and manage taking snaps with a stabilized left shoulder -- perhaps the Oct. 23 meeting against Denver.

There is even one scenario under which Henne has been told he might play at the New York Jets on Oct. 17. That, however, is considered a long shot.

Henne will not leave town to seek the second opinion. The X-Rays will be overnighted to the specialist, the club source said.

As Henne is awaiting the second opinion, the Dolphins continue their attempts to sign another quarterback, suggesting the team is not exactly planning to have Henne for that next game against the Jets.


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congraduations to all the sports writers who wanted Henne down. Got your wish Mando and Omar

I didn't even know we had a quarterback.

Bummer for him. He seemed to work hard to get better, and this fabulous o-line that our grand head coach f'd up again along with Sexy Lexy listening to the sounds in his head and missing the audible.

could be the best thing, why should he sacrifice himself anymore for this crap team. his #1 receiver is not giving an effort. His right tackle is in the same 3 point stance from week one.

Henne is long gone anyway, gone with Italian o-line phenom coach.

Shut him down, bring Delvin in and see if he is worth looking at next year.

I'm pretty sure you don't have to actually "overnight" anything anymore. It's probably already in the other doctor's hands via email.

What happens if Moore takes us on a winning streak? That will really make things complicated.

Not really Devil.

Even if Henne fixed some red zone issues, we were drafting a QB and this coach is gone imo.

so if Moore goes on a strreak, I think it is looked at the same way, or at least I hope it is.

Delvin! Delvin!

Has Henne taken his last snap as a fin? Only fitting that it would come on a broken play to a third string RB.

Henne will be a free agent. If I were him, I would look to prove himself somewhere else next year.

Henne will be a free agent. If I were him, I would look to prove myself somewhere else next year.

Hope he goes out of this organization and lack of fan support. The guy gives his all! Nuff

OK,so now I'm seriously conflicted.Last season I was all for benching Checkdown and giving Thigpen or moore a shot.But,now that the Fins are tied for the Suck for Luck sweepstakes,I'm thinking Checkdown should play.

Well the upside is we should at least get to see Moore a few games to evaluate how he does in the redzone. That will end speculation as to whether the problems are more on Henne or the entire offense.

I thought Moore did ok stepping on the fly, he has only been on this team 2 months. Let's now see how he does after having a full two weeks to take snaps with the starters. He will be going against a great defense, so if he is as bad as some think, it should show against the Jets, and if he does well...could be just another case of this FO not knowing how to evaluate the talent they have. I've heard all the pro's and con's of his performance in Carolina, so lets see how he does on this team.

I agree let's hear the cheers from the sports writers...you wanted Henne gone...and soon enough Sparano...and before you know it, the Dolphins to Los Angeles.

Like it or not...it is happening folks.

I'm curious to see what Moore can do with 2 weeks of 1st team reps under his belt.

Checkdown... interesting, hardly this year.

you watch Freeman last night for Tampa, all he does is check down. Funny thing though. His teammates work hard to get 1st downs and in the end zone. they also catch balls when Freeman hits them in the hands. He's the "next big thing", check down Freeman.


Jets D is a mess. But I do look forward to seeing what Moore can do. He has something to prove.

Its a shame for Chad Henne. He is a hard working guy who has done his best. However, the NFL is a cold, cold business and this might be the un-expected opening to move past the Henne era and focus on who will be th QB next year. Bring in Gerrard and let him and Moore finish out this season. Next year the Dolphins will have Luck or Landry Jones as their QB. (Along with a new Head Coach)

I'm hearing a lot of analysts starting to talk about how good the Cowboys YOUNG O-line is getting....more salt in the wound.

lets go moore!!!

Bet Moore cannot play QB and Offensive line. any guy that comes in better be ready to get next to Henne in a hospital bed, his life will be on the line!

It's not the offence thats killing us 14 in the NFL. It's the DEF 30 in the NFL

Henne would not be a starting quarterback on any team in the NFL. Most experts know that.

Than why was he ranked 6th in stats last week?

Moore will start Monday night against the Jets making him the 16th starting QB for the Miami Dolphins since Dan Marino retired in 1998

Poizen your right. Freeman is so overated! The press love him why I do not know.

The reality of the situation sucks as do all things Miami recently.

After Henne has time to think it through and listen to his agent, he'll opt for surgery.

Missing the rest of the season Ireland will have no choice but to offer some type of MODEST contract extension-AT BEST.

Henne's agent will decline. Henne proved that on an extremely rotten 0-4 team, he was 9th in the league(would have been top 5 if not for Marshall and the o-line). Henne's agent, knowing that other NFL teams have taken note of improvements from Hennings to Daboll and now a completely rotten team, will advise Henne not to sign and test the free agent market.

Therefor, now that Moore will FINALLY prove himself(Bhwaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa)and we'll ACTUALLY GET Luck(iffy at best)and Luck will be the sure fire savior(a complete unknown in all reality), Henne will simply sign elsewhere at the end of the season.

Thus, as usual, we'll receive no type of compensation WHATSOEVER. No player trade, no draft pick, no nothing. GREAT!

This has nothing to do with me being a Henne Homer, it has to do with more bumbling moves by this FO. Thanks AGAIN Jeffy!

Luck is an EXTREME LONGSHOT at this point, but man-o-man are we going to need him. Henne is as good as gone and we'll enter the off season with Matt Moore as our ONLY QB.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Freeman is a 2nd year player and has more upside than Chad Henne. He had better numbers his first season than Chad 3rd season.

He also has engineered 7 4h quarter comebacks in his short career. What has Chad Henne does? Throw a pick in 7 consective games. I'll take "Checkdown" Freeman in a heartbeat over Chad.

At least he doesn't melt when the pressure is on him in the 4th to produce!

Let me guess the excuse is Tampa has better talent around Freeman blah blah blah!

Ireland won't be able to offer Henne any contract that would compete with the open free agent market.

Henne really is done in Miami.

Well, we can now start hanging our hats on a guy that hasn't even completed his Senior year of College football. I hope Luck doesn't get any serious injuries.

Oh wait, what was I thinking, we'll still have Matt Moore to fill in and teach Luck the ropes.

ROTFLMAO-Well, we finally got our wish. Henne is GONE! One down two to go.

We BETTER suck for Luck-LOL.

Henne proved nothing, IMHO. Proud owner of the longest losing streak in the NFL dating back to last year, not to mention his continued 3rd down and 4th quarter problems. Was it all his fault? Of course not. Did he ever rise to the occasion to snatch a victory from defeat? Of course not as well.


Agreed- with all the uncertainty here, Henne would be a fool "to sacrifice himself anymore for this crap team." He should consider himself lucky his injury wasn't even worse.

Let me guess the excuse is Tampa has better talent around Freeman blah blah blah!

Posted by: DKM | October 04, 2011 at 03:12 PM

Call it want you want, it's a fact that's pretty obvious to eveyone else.

Blah, blah, blah-Dooh!

ROTFLMAO! Let's Go Matt Moore. You did it in Caroline, you can do it again. Suck for Luck.

PS: DKM, you can stop complaining about Henne now, he's getting a payday somewhere else for sure now. Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!

At this point, does it really matter? I mean really.

At this point F Henne F Ross F Sparano and F Ireland. How does ross come out and say "Sparano my man", Yada Yada whatever. But he flew across the country to replace him last year. F this whole organization right now! I'm pissed


The poster above is right. You can stop crying about Henne now.

He has a chance to move on from the truly woeful team. He won't pass this up. He is gone!

Don't worry though, you still got Ireland, SpOrano and Moore ;P

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!

You BETTER suck for Luck(and hope he's not another Ryan Leaf-ROTFLMAO!


I find it odd that the last 2 times we go to SD we loose our starting QB both times!! Hope we get to return the favor sometime when we can field an NFL level football team!!

this team is curse....call a babalao from Hialeah

Socalfan must be a relative of Henne or a personal friend of him, because Henne is mediocre for real. No football intelligence whatsoever. We all see that. The game against the Browns was a perfect proof to sustain my affirmation.

Henne will be out next year, That's good. Let's start all over again. If I hav been loyal and could wait already 30 years for another SB I can wait another three with the right people in charge and on the field.

The only players worth reamining for next year are Long, Incognito, Thomas, Bess, Heartline and Wake. Moore... let's see what happens.

Whatever happens, 80% of the team from botom to top has to be completely new. Begining with Ireland, Sparano, Nollan, Ross, JLo, Marc Anthony, G. Stephan and Henne.

I mean, Ross, you could have sold your share to a rocker who grew watching football and not to a salsero who understands a crap of football but looks nice in front of the camera!!

I find it odd that the last 2 times we go to SD we loose our starting QB both times!! Hope we get to return the favor sometime when we can field an NFL level football team!!

Posted by: ericatl | October 04, 2011 at 03:24 PM

Listen to your fellow bloggers. Henne wasn't worth a damn.

It's a blessing in disquise!

Well, for Henne it is anyways-ROTFLMAO ;p

And I didn't think any good would come from the season!


hilarious garrard and delhomme turning us down. stick with moore and keep losing. i got my suckf for luck tshirt today in the mail. we are getting very close to a franchise qb finally!!!!!

just a thought..... Moore "stares down" his receiver way too much....just saying. Hope he's a good scrambler (and sturdy). Apparently, he's better paid than Henne was, so that's nice!

Henne will be out next year, That's good. Let's start all over again. If I hav been loyal and could wait already 30 years for another SB I can wait another three with the right people in charge and on the field.

The only players worth reamining for next year are Long, Incognito, Thomas, Bess, Heartline and Wake. Moore... let's see what happens.

Posted by: Lutz Alexander Keferstein | October 04, 2011 at 03:28 PM

Uh Huh! So you'll replace 45 player including 15 starters in 3 seasons?

And how did that work out the last 5 times you've tried?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Let's go back to the 2008 to see who were the worse teams.
1. Miami
2. St Louis
3. Atlanta
4. Oakland
5. Kansas City

2011 Worse teams
1. Miami
2. St Louis
3. Indy
4. Kansas City
5. Seattle

Whats wrong with this?

Super Bowl? Super Bowl?

You can wait 3 years for another SUPER BOWL?

ROTFLMAO! We don't have a GM, a Coach. We do have an incompetent owner. We do have a QB, Matt Moore!

Super Bowl? I'm going to need some Kool aid-LOL!

least henne will never play another game for us. next year cowher and luck will fill the stadium

Matt Moore won't want us drafting Andrew Luck.

Look for him to be playing lights out!

The reality is the entire team is in disarray. Top to bottom. The answer doesn't not lie in acquiring any single player.

We need better player acquisition.
We need better coaches, not just the HC.
We need a GM and HC on the same page.
We are not a few players away from anything, we have many holes to fill.

Luck on his own will not be the answer, just like even the great Marino was not the answer on his own.

Troy Smith is a decent option for QB. He's not good exactly but he could provide future value as a backup next season.

Without Henne the Dolphins just went from bad to worst. We may not get a win this season.

Moore is going to overachieve. Get ready for 4 or 5 wins, whether we want them or not.

Best scenario is to get luck, I'd love to see the fins finish the year strong but honestly who wants a qb that they are saying is once a generation player? I do that's for sure! Hopefully the new GM can figure out a way to get us up there to get luck

Look, I want us to draft Luck as much as anyone. Especially now with Henne positively getting out of Miami. I just hope Luck stays healthy and completes this season.

Having said all that though, what are the realistic chances we finish with the worst record in the NFL?

I see us picking 4th or 5th at best. Seriously and realistically speaking, it just ain't going to happen. The very first pick? C'mon man.

Then, even if we did, Ross would probably keep Ireland and he would just trade down to find more acorns.

THEN, there's always the chance Luck turns into another long line of sure fire can't miss-BUSTS!

So yeah, just keep drinking the kool aid and clicking your heels.

We BETTER SUCK for Luck! Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Hey Mando why don't you stick up for your fellow sportswriter Omar Kelly who got verbally abused by Kevin Burnett that great FA signing. According to a SD Chargers beat writer
Burnett abused Kelly.

Devilsadvocate above makes all points needed.
The players currently need to "step up" and EARN THEIR PAYCHECKS! They get paid big bucks to do what they do, enjoy the lifestyle they enjoy and this bunch gives the impression that now that they have their fat contract, you can't fire me! Oh reallllllllyyyyyyyy?! If Ross gets the cohones to bring in a taskmaster of a head coach, these players are going to be evaluated on performance! You play & produce..you CONTINUE playing...you don't, YOU'RE OUT! Basic rules of employment that you and I are subject to!!!! This team needs to go from boys to men! right now they are a bunch of lazy boys!

Henne not starting is a bad omen

now matt moore will win enough games for us to not draft luck dammit

Hopefully Moore does well. He has played for some crap teams. Not sure of his talent level, but for his sake, I hope he can be successful.

I cant see it behind this line, with the worst receiver in the NFL as his #1.

Hey Marshall, #1 in drops again, nice work. At least your number one in something.

to bad your wife does not drop the knife as much as you drop the ball, you may have had 2 less hospital visits.

matt moore is awful so it doesnt matter. only 20 bucks for my suck for luck tshirt and it looks very good. cant wait for april

i think the colts will win some games. but the rams and vikings scare me a little. but our schedule is the toughest so we have a very very good shot at this fellas! finally!

scary thing is though that luck is a junior and doesnt need money and loves college. could he stay another year?? worries me

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross: Tony Sparano ‘is the right coach’

The above which is in today's MH paper is a clear indication on how much Owner Ross is a MENTAL CASE.

Ross, YOU have been wearing rose colored glasses just like YOUR Head Coach Soprano.

Both of you as well as Ireland should commit

Hara-kiri - Seppuku (切腹?, "stomach-cutting

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