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Cowher: 'I do not plan to coach next year'

Everything you've read about Bill Cowher going to the Dolphins?

Yeah, forget that one.

"I know the speculation is out there. I like what I'm doing here. I do not plan on coaching next year," Cowher just said on the CBS pregame show. "If I have to repeat this again in December, I will. I like the people I'm working for now."

Cowher also said he has not been contacted by the Dolphins or anyone else, thus confirming Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins had not reached out to him through any avenues -- direct or through intermediaries.

I am not quite sure what Cowher means by having to "repeat" things again in two months. Perhaps he takes a new look at the landscape and changes his mind. Maybe he just repeats himself to dash whatever speculation there is at that time.

But it seems quite strong and definitive what Cowher just said. 

Obviously this affects the Dolphins. As I've reported to you from very, very reliable sources, owner Stephen Ross intends to start his head coach search looking for a star.

That means he'll either try to find a star head coach who will have say over the personnel department, or he wants a star personnel man to bring in his head coach.

I cannot tell you what star personnel men there are out there. Star head coaches? Cowher's stance seem to leave only Jon Gruden and Jeff Fisher at the moment, although others may emerge.

Gruden, by the way, signed a five-year contract extension with ESPN and has privately told the network he probably will continue to work on Monday Night Football. But, the contract does not preclude him from actually taking a coaching job.


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Dang it Soiled!!

If it's about the Giants D-Line versus the Dolphins O-Line (if you can call it that) this will get really ugly really quickly.

What's the back up plan if Matt Moore and JP Losman both go down?

Now what?!

Or...do we believe him? I'm not a great poker player, but I thought there was a tell when Cowher was saying that stuff about next year

Do you really believe that? LOL.

Mando is turning into Omar...

Just as I thought.

The fire burns in his belly no more!!!

No Cowher = No Big Deal.

We'll find someone but our search has to be extensive, thorough, and completely exhaustive.

Go Miami!

He said he doesn't "PLAN" on coaching next year dick.

Yup. He doesn't plan on coaching next year just like I didn't plan for a baby. Circumstances change.

"I will not be the Alabama head coach." - Satan
"If I return to coaching it will not be about the money." - Cowher

Not sure I believe these big ego coaches. Come January money will talk.

What's with the fixation on Gruden?
He is O.C. material at best.
Just ask the Yuckaneers.

The "Beat Down" starts in 25 minutes!

..The key word..or "out phrase" was that Cowher only said he doesn't plan on coaching. Well plans change. If he were to have said. I am not going to coach, or I am done..I would believe him more. Because he gave himself an out..He is still very much in play(IMO)

Cowher, like Marino is making big money and not having to put themselves through those hours and stress. Move on

I didn't plan on getting drunk last night either but stuff happens.

This news, if true at the due time, are simply GREAT.

Do you,Cowher fans really believe he would come and fix the mess? Why should he, why could he? He won the SB ONCE and it took him 15 years (and all the possible help from the refs.) under an organization that cut him all the possible slack during the early rough times.

He is not that good. He will not reach a good level, because there is no reason for him to be fired up again. Do you think he would be eager to coach for another 15 years? Or would he come with a "3 years plan" just like JJ,Wannstache, Satan, Camoron, and the Tunass to leave running as fast as they can after sucking all he could from the organization?

All of the owners have had goog will, yet no vision. Signing Bill Cowher or Gruden or Dungy or any who has already won the SB (Even A. Reed enters that category, because -if fired- he'll be tired and sick of all the pressure) would be the same.

IF you want a super star coach, then it had to be Fisher, cause he's rested and not satisfied.

Fisher to the fish. That's my option. And give him all the power and 5 years.

Second step: buy the shares from those "stars" who own the Phins, now!! I dislike JLo or Marc-Tony and even more the Stephans owining my beloved Phins (none of the make good music) and sell them to Ruben Blades and Willie Colon.

Exactly, what we have here is another case of Armando jumping on someone's comments and stirring the pot. Now 10 mins to go, bring on the latest loss, one more game closer to our Luck changing!!!!

Cowher's just one of the top hc candidates out there. Personally Im more concerned about the Dolphins drafting one of these 3 qb's. In this order I would prefer them:

1. Andrew Luck
2. Matt Barkely
3. Landry Jones
4. Kellen Moore

After last night's Barkley/Luck showdown Barkley moved past Landry Jones on my qb meter. Also after yesterday's college game RGIII has nearly fallen off of my qb meter.

Again, as for who's the next Dolphin hc, it wont much matter until we get a franchise primetime qb anyway. No hc, no matter who he is, can win consistently with mediocre talented qb's.

LIve game day Blog ?

Incognito is out? and the Turnstile is playing? this is gonna get UGLY!

PFT is saying Miami WILL NOT hire a big time coach because one, Ross wants to save money, and secondly, they want to go the route Atlanta did in 08', hiring an up and comer personell guy and coach. There was some speculation about Rob Ryan also...

The post Shula/Marino era has definitively shown us it doesnt matter who the hc is when he's not supported by a premium qb. Every regime since Shula ha made the critical error of not bringing in a premium qb.

Thus the results all of these hc's since Shula has remained relatively unchanged. It's also why we are presently chasing 0-16 futility.

If they keep on throwing at SS, he's gonna pick em .

We suck! Now go get Luck!

This season reminds me of that quote from The Waterboy. "Oh no, we suck again."

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