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Dolphins and Broncos in overtime tied at 15

There's no way Tim Tebow, so terrible for thee-and-one-half quarter could rally the Broncos to two touchdowns and a two-point conversion right?


The Broncos did it.

And so the game is in overtime. The live blog rolls on in the comments section.


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already got mine a week agao craig, 20 bucks

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!


I was wrong about T-Bow, he's an All Pro future Hall Of Famer!

PS: Tony, great strategy. Why even try to win with 17 seconds on the clock when you can just blow chunks in OVERTIME! It's your own fault GOOFBALL. They scored 15 unanswered points, converted an onside kick and the refs were letting them hold Taylor and Wake. It's probably a new term for you Tony, it's called MOMENTUM. Much like KARMA, it's a be-atch-ROTFLMAO!

PSS: I think Olshansky and McDaniels are our two best defensive lineman. Neither were drafted by Jeffy and both are better than all his drafted defensiv lineman-DOOH!

I'm a hardcore Dolphin Fan, I can't stand losing and I hat the term, "lets Suck for Luck". Having said all THAT! I do believe, for the first time ever of being a 30+ year Dolphin fan, FOR THE FIRST TIME! I actually ENJOYED this defeat.

One last PSSS for Mr. Ross! Fire the WHOLE crew right NOW! If not for principle, do it for MORALE!

Allow me to sign off with a:

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

1-15 is guaranteed. KC is the only team left on our schedule that we could screw up and beat. Losing to KC guarantees a 0-16 finish!

ok, anyone who is not in the suck for luck bandwagon now, you in serious need of psychological evaluation and care. Bye bye Tony and company. Actually, it isn't even all on Tony,we just have bad players, period. Ireland, do us fans a favor and turn in your resignation ASAP!

Oh, and had the Fins played a good team, even a mediocre team, today, their a s s e s would have been handed to them earlier and there wouldn't have been an OT. PATHETIC TEAM ALL AROUND. Think Ross is eyeing that Florida coach, know who I'm talking about?

Ross will not hire Urban. He will go after Cowher. If you listen to Cowher, he seems like the Fins are a big enough challenge for him.

Good job TS going for that 2 point conv early. Another great call by the idiot. You don't go for 2's untill the end when it is the right time for those!!!!! This way it would have forced denver to go for 2's on both TD's.

I'm jumping on the suck for Luck bandwagon...There's just no reason to cheer for this bunch of losers right now. The only thing we have to look forward to right now is a new coach and next year's draft. I'd be furious if I wasn't sort of glad we're still in the running for Luck.

17 seconds is an eternity! I just don't know why Tony didn't at least try to win the game.


He took a knee, hoping he would get the ball in OT, then hoping Moore would come through.

LOL!!! I might interview as the next Dolphins head coach.

loooooooooooooooooooooooooool dude said stamford. hilarious. dude has no clue where "stamford" is

Fire all of them, that was the last straw. 5 minutes to go they treat the game like its over. Awful

Classless loosers, can't believe I was following this rotten Fish for 27 years.....

And dusty bottoms, suck my dik u piece of shyt

lol now bobbyd comes around. welcome aboard

God is punishing the Phins. We have . . .
- a spaghetti chef for a HC
- a realtor for an owner
- a washed up, sloppy seconds (or is it thirds now) Jets retread OLB
- a disgraced former Heisman Trophy winner who simply has no talent
- 0 competent LBs
- a CB who doesn't like intercepting the ball (or tackling the ball carrier for that matter)

On and on i could go, but how else could you explain this wreck on the highway? Divine justice is being meted out, and we don't have a prayer for any relief.

More plagues are on the way for Dolphin fans. May God have mercy on us all.

0-16 is all but in the bag. Raiders, Chiefs, and Jets are lousiest teams left on the schedule.

Already lost to the Jets, not beating Raiders with Palmer, and Chiefs already have 2 victories.

0-16, Andrew Luck, here we come baby!

Matt Moore kicks ass lmfao

Pice of sheet coach.......2 point convertion try ...when u r up 15-0
...? Stupid Ass hole...I want to throw up...!

If Sparano doesnt get fired during his post-game speech...

Ross made them loose on purpose...total classless bunch!!!!!!!

I guess I like Tony Sparano enough to hope he gets fired this week. He and everyone else knows it's going to happen. I hope he gets tossed sooner than later, and starts the long road to recovery.


we are getting so close to a franchise qb , its been 12 long years but finally

Tony Thanks...Your Fired...


1. Jeff Ireland.
2.Tony Sparano.

A franchise QB and a crappy 0-line....you can't go wrong there

I actually saw part of the comeback, (can we call it that?) at my pizza joint. Great pizza by the way. An absolute boring game actually was saved by the savior Tebow. Thank you father Tim, you just made the SFL train pick up some serious steam. Your magic is going to help the Fins clean house top to bottom.

Next stop....THE GIANTS baby. 0 and 7 on the horizon.

please... dont fire Mr. Sparano... Tony we need ya!!!!!... i apologize to ya... you are a genious, a piece of work... you and only you know how to get it done!!!....

sign an oline, or draft one with first pick of 2nd rd. new coaching staff and luck will do wonders right away

Welcome aboard the suck for luck train bobbyd12

God Bless Tim Tebow, we needed this loss. Good Bye Tony, you and your fist pumps won't be missed!!!!

Stanford...not Stamford

We need to pray that Sparano DOES NOT get fired. WE have too much talent on our team to go 0-16. We need Sparano because he is the great equaliser. Only he has the ability to make a decent team look terrible. If you really want Luck, you better hope Sprano stays on. Another coach might actually win a few games and mess up our draft prospects. Let's go St Louis and Indy!!


i would def fire Ireland tomorrow. Come on in Peterson. I like Sparano but we are terrible. We def. know he is gone by the end of the year but Ireland would be gone today. We do not have any players. Pathetic

Keep TS and JI until we secure that number 1 draft pick!!!

There is no way Tony gets paroled by Ross after this one. Mando, there is simply no way right?

I don't see how Ross makes the case of keeping Tony any longer than the next 2 minutes.

The season is over! What point is it to keep him until the end of the season? There is no point. The season is over!

This isn't new under Tony's leadership. We can't see to win our first 4 games under Tony. This guy totally sucks!

You're fired Tony!

Hey Smells, don't kid yourself about the talent on this team. There is very, very little. I saw a high school team friday night that was more fundamentaly sound than we are. A franchise quarterback can't do anything from his back or catch the ball after he throws it.JMHO

Here is a novel idea, All the players and coaches seem to answer questions with the canned response, WE NEED TO SEE MORE FILM. Well, maybe, just maybe, cut the crap, stop watching so much damn film, and simply learn to play football again. "We need to learn from out mistakes, we need to watch film, we need to stroke each other better in the shower (oops). Why do reporters even waste their time interviewing these guys or sitting in on those terminally boring press conferences?

This just in! Tony was told to turn in his biach card. I guess Ross does have some nuts.

Anyone think we can still go 10-6? LOL!!! Why is Tony still allowed in the got dayum stadium?

shoooooo shoooooo...all aboard the SFL express. Please have your tickets ready.

To all my fellow DOLPHANS.
Get over it and CHEER for the loses.
1 Pick in the 2012 NFL DRAFT is OUR GOAL THIS SEASON.
How many games must we lose before you DUMBA$$ES get a clue?

This is a perfect season to SUCK, next year we'll finally have a QB, picking 1st in every round should help bring in more good talent. We'll be younger and better next season.



@Slipperysoap I'm with you bro!

To all the faithful Dolphins who show up to every game this season, feel free to give OUR TEAM a standing ovation after lost.



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