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Dolphins banged up on a short week

It's a short week to prepare but also a short week to recover from injuries as the Dolphins prepare for Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos.

The team has a lot of recovering to do.

Brandon Marshall has a quadriceps injury and missed practice today. Reggie Bush has a groin injury and missed practice today. Reshad Jones has a knee injury he's nursing and he also missed practice today.

The club also has a handful of players that worked on a limited basis as they also continue to nurse injuries. Chris Clemons (hamstring), Daniel Thomas (hamstring), Cameron Wake (hamstring), Nolan Carroll (hamstring) and Will Yeatman (shoulder) all were limited during today's practice.


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Wow is it possible we could be even worse this sunday

They don`t seem to be in Football shape at all????

Where is Yeah!

The injuries and short week are a good thing in this Bizarro World Dolphins season. Everything is backwards. Up is down. Right is left. Injuries and short weeks are helpful.

It's especially important to lose to the other bad teams in the NFL like Denver. It's basically a two game swing either way. The Colts and Seahawks are really bad. I hope they pick things up because the Dolphins are bound to win a few.


Maybe it would be easier to report who doesn't have a hamstring injury?

Dolphins 21 Broncos 17

Yeah, I remember when Jake Scott had a bum shoulder and Shula wanted him to play with it. They got into that famous fight everybody knows about it. The result? I can't remember. All I can remember is that Jake got 2 SB rings out of his stay with Miami, and he deserved them fully.

By the way, I am distant of being 70 years of Age, ALoco.

Do we have a defensive line?

What's that tell you? If we were going ANYWHERE, players would be forced to get better. Now, it's all lackadaisical, Sparano practically begging guys to get back to practice, lol.

So, last year, we put Will Allen out to pasture when he said he could have come back mid-season, yet this year Clemons is hurt ALL YEAR so far, and he's still wasting a spot.

And some wonder why Sparano doesn't get any love here. He's a JOKE!

EVERYBODY knows that we have the talent. NOBODY knows why we are losing.

Will Allen had a good Game last Monday.

Oscar, if you don't know why we're losing than you're an idiot.

The Owner castrated the HC before the Season.
That caused a rupture in the relationship with the GM and HC (how do you draft players for a system when you aren't on the same page as the HC?).
The HC's ONLY genuine source of football intelligence is on the oline, which is probably the WORST unit on this team.
The HC stayed with a outdated philosophy too long, and only THIS YEAR had a come-to-Jesus moment that, "hey, we need to throw the ball more."
The home record is 1-12.
Last game of last Season, the starting QB was benched for looking worse than a high school player, and comes back this year with NO COMPETITION for his job.
The team hires a WORSE OC (record-wise) than last year, when you had the 30th-ranked offense in the league.
If that's not enough, you lose your starting QB (remember, the one with no competition, who actually was playing fairly decent) and put in the guy who's the main reason Cam Newton is on his old team.

I mean, seriously. Do you know ANYTHING about football? Do you even watch the games? No one knows why we're losing?

EVERYONE knows why we're losing (did anyone expect much from Miami this year)!

Dude, open your eyes.

Tony, unfortunately for him, is not NFL HC material at this moment. Too stubborn.

Did I insult you, you MFDC?

EVERYBODY knows that we have the talent.
How many ProBowlers we have on this team? How many guys that were ranked by their peers Top 100 in the league? How many guys won SBs? How many guys we have who are Top 5 in the league at their position?

What, because you know their name you think they have talent? Because someone said they were once good?


Who CARES if you HAD talent if you have the most drops in the league and don't score TDs?

Who CARES if you HAD talent if you haven't yet had a 100 yd game?

Who CARES if you HAD talent if you only have 3-4 sacks to your name?

Who CARES if you HAD talent if your the worst 3rd-down and red zone team in the league?

You call THAT talent?

I pulled a hamstring just reading this article. :)

Dear Mr. Salguero

Miami Ownership and F.O. that worked on a limited basis as they also continue to nurse

Mr Ross(Bill Parcells Hamstring)
Mark Anthony(X Chromosome Hamstring)
J-LO( Mark Anthony Hamstring)
Williams Sisters(Big Booty Hamstrings)
Tony Sparano(Brain Hamstring)
Jeff Ireland(Acorns Hamstring)
Brian Daboll(Red Zone scoring Hamstring)
Mike Nolan(Defensive stops Hamstring)

Soiled :)

Yes, you're insulting me by not understanding the damn situation here. This is the worst franchise in the league right now (whatever anyone else's record is). Six games in and EVERYONE and their mother knows that's true. Football spectators around the country are LAUGHING at Miami, we are the LAUGHINGSTOCK.

And for a fan to come on here, day after day, and talk about we shouldn't be at this place and we should be better and we should be supporting the team regardless.

I'm helping you out brother, you sound like a joke. A real joke! It's not one year, we've gone to the Playoffs TWICE this decade, and got bounced first round both times. DOESN'T THAT TELL YOU ANYTHING?

Weren't you around in '07? Can't you see the eerie resemblance? You need to pack it in bro. Open your eyes. It's time for a kumbayaa moment. We all need to pray we get the first pick in the Draft. The only thing that might get us out of this pickle is a better HC, a better evaluator of talent and a FRANCHISE QB! That's it.

This team won't do it. This team CAN'T do it. Accept it. Sticking your head in the sand is only making you look (and sound) foolish.

You seem out of control, DC. I wonder why. Now, now, let's be reasonable here. Actually, most of your points you expressed above are valid. But, it is the way you express them that reaffirms my belief that you are a Complete As-hole.

i am now rolling over

The problem with Sparano was he was elevated past his level of competence. He is a position coach pure and simple. Anything above that is beyond his abilities.

The problem, as I see it, is that he has, for some reason, lost his ability to even coach the O-line. Which leads me to the conclusion that it may not have been his coaching that made the o-line so successful in Dallas. Perhaps, it was the talent succeeding despite his coaching?

That's fine oscar, you don't need to like me. All you need to do is understand the best thing that can happen to this organization is after 16 tries, we FINALLY get a franchise QB to lead the team for the next 8-10 years. With a HC worth a damn, and a GM that KNOWS HOW TO PICK TALENT. That will create stability. Stability will improve our record. Once we learn how to win consistently we'll be competitive in the post-Season.

That's the goal. I'm sorry if I've hurt your sensitive nature, but this is the message every fan of this team needs to come to grips with. Why wait until we're 0-16, 1-15. Might as well do it now, and save your hair.

Nah, nah, DC. By now you must know me. I will wait until we are mathematically eliminated from the Playoffs. If and when that happens, I will gladly join you. How about that?

Shoot me if you want. Ridicule me forever if you want. I say this team is performing worse than the 2007 team, even though this team probably has more talent.

I remember well the 2007 team. They lost several starters very early in that season. Cameron had it tough. He wasn't a very good leader or motivator, but IMHO he was a far smarter coach than Sparano, which means he is smarter than a hamster.

Sparano may be the most personally likable coach since Shula, but he get's my vote for the Dolphins all time worst coach bar none.


I meant to add, as much as Cameron was disliked in the locker room, and maybe even for good reason, his team showed more heart on the field than this one. This team plays as lost and lazy as Sparanos meandering gibberish.

DA, I agree this team is worse than '07. The '07 team lost many games by 3 points. This team can only score 3 pointers.

Sparano is the kind of coach that gets the absolute least out of his players. His players love him too much, and don't fear him enough.

Dolphins 9, Broncos 7, it's a realistic score lol

BM took a beastly hit to the quadriceps at the end of the game. What about the two other receivers on the roster?

Well what can ya do I guess I haven't been on the suck for luck train yet but I couldn't see them winning any game till this one after we lost to cleveland! If this list stays the same we don't win I don't see anymore wins this season so common luxk

so now we cant even coach conditioning... PERFECT!!



You may like Coach Sparano as a coach and he may be good with the players, but I think after four years its obvious he is not HC material. He plays to safe, apparently the players are in horrible conditioning, to many questionable personal decisions(Not signings but how to use Bush, who to start, etc..), bad use of timeouts, he plays not to lose, after four years you would think he would realize you can't win like that anymore.

Only a fool would continue to give an ounce of attention to this team. There is not one single thing to admire about them top to bottom.



You guys are all friggen blind! You don't win changing your coach every 3 years!!!! Haven't we proven that????

Extend Henne's contract. Give Sparano another year. They are so close to breaking out. One more draft and this team will rock!

Why is Sparano still our coach ?

We waited the whole offseason for this? What a joke. The coach should resign if he had one ounce of dignity. He is still saying at the pressers how he saw some good things out there. Gimme a break!!!

3rd and inches and you have a first time starter throw to a rookie covered by Revis?

4th and inches in the opponents territory and you don't run it?

That is what you call a P_U_S_S_Y!!!!

Ross should sue Parcells for selecting this joker of a loser. The guy is retarted.

soiledbottom, you crack me up lol

why doesn't the whole team just sit the rest of the season out?

typical fin fan are you high on crack, drunk as hell or is it just sarcasm?

There are a LOT of bad teams this year. The truth of the matter is a half dozen teams could make a credible claim to being the worst and (like virtually any other year) the team that stinks the most will vary week to week. There is PLENTY of competition for that number one pick whether you want to accept it or not.

I'm checking in...and I see DC Dolfan working overtime to hand Oscar Canosa his ass....good stuff...

Devil.....I agree....I think this team is worse than the 0-7 team.....07 team played with heart......remember all those linemen throwing thier broken body's back in the game when we lost to Indy.....that was inspiring....

Typical Fin Fan @ 8:04 PM....funny....real funny.....

Dan......do you pick the argumentitive side just because......

I'm serious.....I can't even decipher what your trying to argue.....

Its the same thing others have said.....ONLY more condensending.....why.....

We know you were a HUGE supporter......now your eyes should be WIDE open.....so take your medicine.....and welcome aboard.....

Tony Sparano has had enough opportunity to do something with this team. If there had been some improvement in their performance over last year and you could see that things were starting to come together it would be a different story but you can't keep offering up excuses. It doesn't matter if he has new players to work with or new coaches to work with. Other coaches have been in the same predicament and have fielded winning teams.
Heck, this team lost it's starting quarterback for most of the season and still made it to the superbowl and won.

So, four years as an NFL head coach is enough on the job training for someone to make it "click." If it hasn't by now, it's not going to happen.

Uh, Kito, if you're going to call someone. "retarded" you might want to spell it correctly.

I'm about to jump on the train myself. Anyone know where i can find the ticket counter?

I fully understand the Suck for Luck campaign. I personally can never agree with not playing to win. I don't agree with it to get a high draft pick and I don't agree with it when playoff bound teams rest players at the end of the season.

It only serves to corrupt the league. When playoff bound teams rest players late in the season, they inadvertently change the whole playoff picture, by letting some teams in that wouldn't otherwise have made it and keeping other - better - teams out.

If sports are not fair, you have nothing but a jerk off league.

Play to win, even at 0-15. Even risking the #1 pick.

There is no bigger loser mentality than fostering for any reason an attitude of not playing to win.

There is no bigger loser attitude than not always trying to be the best you can, in all circumstances.

When the integrity of the game is lost, you have nothing worthwhile left. Nothing.

Encouraging a team to lose for some other gain undermines EVERYTHING.

I am thoroughly disappointed with this organization on every level. Yet, I can not get on board with the Suck for anybody campaign. No way. No how.

My comments weren't even directed at you, kris. It was a general observation. No idea whatsoever what you have your panties in a bunch about.

Directed at me or not....I commented on the Dan....

and will continue to do so to you or ANYBODY ELSE who makes their private thoughts PUBLIC by posting in this PUBLIC forum.....duh....

feel free to do the same....and welcome aboard.....

I'm sorry, but I'm not in the "Suck for Luck" camp. If you are a real fan of this team and support it you don't want them to lose games on purpose. That, in and of itself, serves no purpose. It's a ridiculous concept.
If you look at the Detroit Lions their fans have stuck with their team year after year, win or lose. More often than not it was "lose."

The Dolphins have not been good for a number of years. The search for head coaches has not been good. Coach after coach has been unable to right this ship. But, I'm still in the camp that would rather see them go out each week and put it all on the line. If they lose enough games to end up with a high draft pick, then so be it. But, I wouldn't want to be a fan of a team that puts players on the field that don't want to win. I can't imagine there are any on this team. They may not have won any games this year and their play may have been poor but I don't think I witnessed anyone who has quit for any of the five games they have played so far this year.
The defense played a hell of a first half but how long can you expect them to carry the team when the offense wasn't putting points on the board.
I'm all for trying to win EVERY game they play this year. I'm saying they will go 11-5 but I am saying they should continue to try and win every game they play. I don't know how anyone could root for a team that doesn't try to win.
Finally, improvement is necessary no matter how you look at it. They need something to build on for next year. There are some talented players on this team they are just not getting what they need from the coaches to enable them to win. Conditioning, or lack of it, has been a big part of their five losses. So, if you want to root for your team to continue to lose in order to get the first pick in the draft, so be it, but I can't be part of that crowd.

DevilsA, well said! I think the Dolphins are doing the best they can, it's just not good enough. Sad to say!

Is it a good thing the Phins don't play the Rams ans Colts? Those are bad teams as well and are going to struggle winning a game. It's not good to win games. A sacrifice that must be made.

Dolphins LB Karlos Dansby says those who support Suck for Luck aren't real Dolphins fans, says it "pisses me off.": ow.ly/72QyV
Andrew Carter Twitter
Dansby says what I believe

I need to agree with Devil's Advocate and Flavor Flam Fin Fan?. Both hit the nail on the head with their comments on the "Suck for Luck" campaign. Hell no, I won't do it, either!
This team needs to continue to win as many games as it can. Anything less and they would be selling themselves short. There is no reason to believe that they can't turn things around and start winning more consistently as the season progresses. So, My Team, Win or Lose, GO DOLPHINS!

I'm not down with the "suck for Luck".....and Devil makes some good points....like Devil....I can see why many would be on it.....by the 2nd half of games...i put my toe on it myself.....i am to conflicted at this point to really know where i stand.....i have never wished my Dolphins would lose a game....this is a weird place to be in.....eff sporano and ireland for putting Dolphin Nation in this place.....and making us have to chose.....

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