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Dolphins banged up on a short week

It's a short week to prepare but also a short week to recover from injuries as the Dolphins prepare for Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos.

The team has a lot of recovering to do.

Brandon Marshall has a quadriceps injury and missed practice today. Reggie Bush has a groin injury and missed practice today. Reshad Jones has a knee injury he's nursing and he also missed practice today.

The club also has a handful of players that worked on a limited basis as they also continue to nurse injuries. Chris Clemons (hamstring), Daniel Thomas (hamstring), Cameron Wake (hamstring), Nolan Carroll (hamstring) and Will Yeatman (shoulder) all were limited during today's practice.


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After Sunday's loss, it will become apparent that Miami will not win a game this year! sad, but true.

Miami will win this week~~~~~~~~~

Andrew Luck is not coming out this year~~~

DC Dolfag and her sister Krissy are Moron's~~

does sparano want to be the players best friend or does he want to actually coach a professional team? you can't do both. this is the 3rd year players have "mailed it in". many of us predicted a last place finish.

See Ya next season Bill Cowher:D

its not Luck that we Suck...Ireland Parcels and our little league head coach is why, so yes we suck and thats not Luck...

I have an idea...the winless teams should play each other to see who sucks more,than there would be no Luck !!!

Colts, Rams, Dolphins...I'm not sure who has the worse Head coach, but damn sure we have the worse GM...

i hope we dont pick an older retread like a cowher,fisher,ditka even gruden. we need a up and coming collegiate coach full on new ideas and enthusiasm;someone the players will follow willingly(like a harbaugh). these college guys know about the "team concept";something the fins totally lack. players may like sparano but they wont "play" for him.

greg, let me illustrate how poor the coaching is here. Remember the QB sneak by Sanchez Monday? First, how many times have you seen that play run on us for a score in the Sparano era (I can remember at LEAST 4, with the most memorable the Houston Shaub run 2 years ago (maybe 3) where they won the game at the end with that score).

But, if you watch that play, Reshad Jones was spying the QB. He's pretty much the ONLY guy in the middle. QB sees it, and sends a receiver in motion. AND JONES FALLS FOR IT LIKE AN IDIOT, LEAVING THE ENTIRE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD OPEN!!

How does he NOT know to leave that guy and stay in position? If you follow the play, there was another defender there to cover that guy. Jones didn't need to do it.

This isn't a mistake by a young player, this is DEFENSE DISCIPLINE that a COACH pounds in his players' heads. Makes them think about what they are doing intelligently, and understand their role as well as what the offense is trying to do.

And we fell for it again. HORRIBLE COACHING! Nolan, I don't care what his past says, is EFFING up this year. Doesn't look like he's coaching at all. Either that, or the players are just THAT dumb, that they don't understand what they're doing.

Or, like you said greg, they mailed it in. Don't care anymore. Not willing to learn, or get better, just playing out the Season like it doesn't matter.

Which in the end, is fine by me. Many of these guys will be gone next year (like after '07). And we'll get a great pick in the upcoming Draft. And the Coaches will be replaced. All that is positive.

Bo, not even close. We have the worst head Coach and it isn't even close. The Rams have injury problems, that's why they're not winning (they will be when they get healthy).

Colts are stunned without their leader for the last decade or whatever. It's like a shock to their system. And since they are such a finesse team, it's hard to find that rhythm on offense, but again, they are learning to manage. They've always had a soft defense.

But us, we just plain suck. We sucked in '09, sucked in '10, and REALLY SUCK this year. What's that tell you?

Biggest reason Sparano is the worst, is his specialty is oline. He was an oline Coach. Oline has been our WORST unit 2 years running. You're telling me an oline Coach CAN'T get his oline together, with 3-out-of-5 first-round draft picks along there (Long, Pouncey, Carey)? That's a JOKE! He hasn't done ANYTHING as far as Coaching that unit. There are NO holes for RBs. QB gets decked multiple times a game. It's a disaster. They finally played ONE decent game Monday, that's it. One game in like 22 dating back to last year.

Doesn't sound like a Coaching legend to me bro. Sounds like a guy who's going to be coaching high school next year, maybe even Pop Warner.

DC what an idiot you are! Must be a liberal

If Sparano gets fired after the Broncos game (if we lose), I'd much rather Karl Dorrell become interim Coach over Nolan. Nolan can't even Coach HIS side of the ball, why would they want him to spend LESS time with them to have to Coach the entire team? At least with Dorrell, Nolan can keep his attention to improving the defense. And Dorrell has HC experience in college.

Also, there's NO CHANCE of Nolan being the next HC, so it wouldn't hurt his feelings to be interim knowing he's not in the running for next year. Dorrell would probably understand he won't be HC next year, so it won't bother him as much.

DC Oscar is right, we do have talented players, but they are coached to a much lower level. Look how many players regressed after their rookie years! Put these players on the Pats and watch them perform. You're a blow hard and you are not a know it all. You shouldn't be insulted by Oscar's comments, you should be insulted when you look in the mirror. Later loser. Oh try to look for a job huh!

Oh, dolfnman, do we have another "fan" that only can think 2 seconds into the future and wants to play to WIN RIGHT NOW? Is that your thinking?

And you call ME the idiot? LOLOLOL!!!! You're a joke, go back to digging ditches.

Blow up the practice bubble and bring back the 12 minute run.

Teams are supposed to come down here in the early part of the season and have the Dolphins run rings around them by the middle of the third quarter.

liberal, right wing nut job, I don't care about political views here, DC gets it right about 98% of the time so back off dolfnman

Sparano may be the most personally likable coach since Shula, but he get's my vote for the Dolphins all time worst coach bar none.


Cam Cameron, bar none. (who the f$&! Drafts Ted Ginn, on a bum ankle was it?) I'm just glad he passed on Brady Quinn

NH, it's cool. dolfnman is one of those people happy with mediocrity. That's why he defends a system with ALL THE MONEY going to the Top 1/10 of 1%. He's happy being a yokal digging ditches, living under the poverty line, renting while he watches the Dolphins in hi-def on his flat screen that he bought on layaway with a year's salary.

All he wants is to see his team win. LOL!! He just can't understand what's wrong. Every week, him and his 6-pack of Budweiser, squeezing his armchair watching another lead slip away.

Poor dolfnman, isn't smart enough to recognize when it's time for change. Please don't be too hard on him. We must pity him and those like him. They are the backbone of America, yet keep getting f*cked in the ass, and then come back and be the bodyguards for the elites who use and abuse them.

Hey dolfnman, do you have a charity, I'd love to help you out brother?

This team is pathetic....this year; next year they're playoff bound #luckitup

Dude, Dolfan.

Get a life instead of venting your anger towards other fans of your horrible pathetic team with no heart, thats why they are losing.

No Heart

Sparano is not the one dropping TD catches and running out of bounds with nothing but daylight ahead of him. Sparano is not the one tripping over his feet and running wrong routes.

Brandon Marshall is a pathetic human being and player with no heart, and from the looks of how your treating others on this board your one of the same yourself.

Time for me to step in an defend the little guy, or in this case attack the little guy...you.

Bring it you pathetic Dolfan...I'll make you like Marshall did on the 99 yard INT return...you'll be trippin.

This team has no heart, and no coach can get this pathetic group of players to play.

The stories are out there again this morning that Carl Peterson will take over this team at the end of the season. We can deny them and say it will never happen but the stories are there. And it makes some sense. Ross and Peterson are friends and business partners. Consolation in all of this guys is that Cowher and Peterson have a realtionship from their days in KC. If this is the final result I would be fine with that. If Peterson ends up as President and there a way they could get Colbert out of Pitt then all the better. Don't know if this is what's going to happen or not but it could be a lot worse. At least we'd be getting a GM who has some experience. Could be worse!

NH, people here will start to turn on each other, because they feel helpless to the situation. And in order to feel safe, they fall back on what they know.

People like dolfnman only know "go, fight, win!" They aren't intelligent enough to understand strategy. That sometimes the best move is a step back.

You are more sophisticated, so you can understand the issues. No franchise QB, no attempt to seriously get one for a decade. Instead of keeping players with football intelligence, they get rid of them for inexperienced youth. They trade earlier round picks to stack later round picks because you can't have too many special team players. They don't fill holes soon enough, but wait WAY TOO LONG (i.e. Safety, TE).

And most importantly, they coach for 2001 when they are playing in 2011.

Not hard to see why dolfnman is upset. In his world, you can just get physical with someone to get your way. He doesn't understand that in this division, against Bill Belicheck, your most important weapon needs to be your brain.

That's big talk Better than You. I'd take it to heart if you had the balls to post as a recognizable name. I've never seen you hear, so looks like you just made a name to hide behind. Which means you're pretty pathetic to be talking about "heart", lol.

You'll see me here today and always under this name. I'm man enough to be open with my opinions. No one has to agree, and I'm happy to debate. But I'm no sissy hiding behind a fake name. That alone makes me (and everyone else who posts under their name) better than YOU!!!

People are fiesty in here this morning aren't they!

With all the injuries on this team these players did not take care of themselves during the lockout. This is a very unprofessional team.

LOL Joe, tell me about it. I come on here and some dude is calling me "Dolfag" who I haven't spoken to since last year, lol. Looks like my winning personality is shining through!!!!

I've already embraced our SUCKITUDE, so I'm not angry or bitter at all. I'm just waiting to see what happens next year (already wrote this year off). Just trying to help others find that happy zone too. It's not their fault this organization is dysfunctional. But the Owner is on it, things will change soon enough.

ROBERT, question I have is why didn't we have all these injuries in '08? If you remember the stories, Parcells pretty much kicked people out of the training room, calling them wimps unless they were really injured. Seems Sparano is much more accepting of people staying out because they are "hurt" and not "injured."

Then again, if it was you, would you risk your body to play for THIS team? Risk your future for 0-16? Not on your life.

DC, I'm with you man.
Been a lifelong fan and got very spoiled during the Shula/Marino years where we OWNED the AFC East.
Buffalo did give us a good run in the early 90's with Jim Kelly & Thurman Thomas, but we were always in the top 5 of the AFC Conference.

What has changed you ask?

1. Head Coach
2. No "Hall of Fame" QB

Done, end of story.

I was preaching since late last season that Henne was never going to bring this team to the promised land...toss in Sparano and you have a toxic mix of ineptitude.

I was the first one to jump on the "Suck for Luck" bandwagon because I'm intelligent enough to see without real talent at the QB position, your team will drift around and never win on a consistent basis.

This talent almost always comes from the DRAFT and not FA...the lone exception was Drew Brees and we all know how that one ended.

I wanted to see good plays on Monday night by our key players, but was very vocal in my desire to see the Fins loose.

From the ashes the Phoenix will Rise!

Cowher + Luck = Return to the Glory Years!

This team leaves me feeling so conflicted. I hate the regime, Sparano and Ireland are inept. I want them gone. But, not yet. Let them suck so this team picks in top 3 of draft. There are other good QB's other than luck.
I also want to root against them, but find myself rooting instinctively for them. I can't help it. Against the Jets, as bad as I want them to go 0-16, I couldn't possibly root for the horse toothed, fat hippo Ryan.
Screw you Dansby, I think you are overrated and overpaid. I think you are a poster child for the underachievers on this team. Although I feel you should be cut, I root for you on Sunday's. I just can't help myself!!!

I understand DC what you are saying why risk getting hurt for a hopeless season. The coach would rather be the players best friend than be respected sad but true.The one thing I worry about if this team does get the 1st pick will Andrew Luck pull a John Elway and not want to play here. I am sure his father Oliver will have a lot to say where his son will sign.
From the outside this organization looks lost on all fronts every decision they make from here on out will have an impact on the next draft. Fire Ireland and Sparano now and work toward next year.

We need it NH. I'm behind you with the changes, but in the long-run, we're killing ourselves changing guard as much as we have last decade. We can't ever build anything if we're always bringing in someone new who knocks down what was here and start all over again.

We need to settle on a GM/HC that can be here for at least 6-8 years. Create stability. Set-up a system on offense and defense.

Let's pray this next duo will be it for awhile. Hopefully, with a franchise QB, it'll be more likely to happen.


I've always enjoyed your insight, especially since I've become more of a regular poster on here this past year.

You seem a little on edge today though.....

jrljr2...I hear ya on Dansby!
He was a BEAST on the Cardinals SB team, then arrives here and becomes average at best.

This just proves the point that all humans are a product of their environment.

We have a losing environment and it has become a habit...a bad one, but a habit nonetheless.

The root cause of this bad habit is the lack of real leadership that Sparano brings to the locker room.

Sure he's a hard worker, showing up at 5am to watch tape. But true leaders are born with a gift and Tony was in the wrong line when they handed out these gifts...sorry Tony, I like you as a person, but you cannot lead an NFL team to victory.

jrljr2, don't be hard on yourself man. It's natural to support your team. Look, when we played Monday, at the start there when it looked like it was a winnable game, I was hootin' and hollerin' too. I won't root against us on game days. There's nothing wrong with that.

Consider it as a win-win. You win if the team wins, and you win if the team loses.

But winning won't do ANYTHING good. This team will have a new HC next year, it's pretty much guaranteed. And possibly a new GM. Those guys will determine who stays and goes. Add to that a new QB.

AND, we're already realistically out of Playoff contention as it is (even though not mathematically eliminated). So, winning only hurts us in getting a better QB in the Draft. It's hard for some to understand, but it's the strategic truth.

We should root for the team on game day, but keep that in the back of our minds. Losing is better for the long-term success. Just how it is this year.

I don't understand the suck for Luck crowd & the crowd who has a problem with it.

This team tries to win. This should appease those who don't wanna suck for Luck.

This team tries to win but can't. This should appease the suck for Luck crowd.

What's the problem? We suck. It's not debatable. We try to win & can't. In the process, we're in the Luck sweepstakes.

Stop fighting the reality of Miami's situation & embrace it either way. None of the bickering solves or proves anything.

Great Points Joe........

I wonder how different this entire team will actually look for the first kickoff next year? This offseason could be more exciting than any in last decade

LOL Ohio, not on edge, I'm cool. You just have to understand how it is on here. I came on this morning, and posted a response to greg z. (who I am familiar with and respect). And brought up an issue with the NY game (you can read above). It wasn't negative towards anyone (but Sparano and the Coaches). Then some guy wants to come on and call me names because I'm offending "his" team.

One thing you'll learn about me, I LOVE TO ARGUE. Everyone says I should've been a lawyer. Debate is my mothers milk. So I came back at him. And then someone other poster hides behind a fake name to bash me. It's ok, I love it. But I'm not gonna run and hide (like them, notice they haven't responded to my comments). I'm gonna speak up for myself.

But I'm very happy for people to call me an idiot if they don't agree with something. H*LL, NH, Craig M, a bunch of guys here disagree with me all the time. I don't call them names or anything, I like the back and forth. Some people just take offense when I'm as forthright with my opinions as I am.

Sometimes I go too far, I agree. And try to apologize if that happens. But that's life on a blog full of people who don't know each other. We get our feelings hurt sometimes (even me).

In the end, I'm here to support the team, and see what other supporters think. I don't see a problem with different points-of-view, that's what makes this country great. I've been in countries where you can't express an opposite view, and they are no fun, believe me. We all should be defending everyone's freedom to express themselves how they want (or is that too LIBERAL an idea?).

Anyway Ohio, careful out there, there might still be a monkey loose.

The " Suck for Luck " people are runing a bad campaing by name. I think Andrew Luck won't come to Miami just for that reason.

Agreed Ohio, Joe had post of the day @ 9:59am. Should be the banner on this blog every day this year.

DC Dolfan continues to be a blowhard idiot who talks (writes) way too much. Shut up.


Blogs like this are more fun if people disagree sometimes anyway, I didn't think you went too far, was just curious if the season was starting to weigh on you.

It does get annoying when a good debate is going and some moron jumps in with nothing substinative to add.

I live pretty far from that monkey by the way, so hopefully he doesn't travel far

DC, Miami stuff aside. I'd like you more if you were less liberal. Actually, we could be best friends if you had no liberal in you.

Trust me, the current players are not dropping balls on purpose to try and get Luck next year.

Here's an inside look at the Dolphins huddle on MNF:

Moore: Brandon, run a quick out and I'll hit you between the numbers, all you have to do is tight rope the sideline...then just lean left and fall out of bounds.

Marshall: got it, catch the ball, then fall out of bounds so I don't score.

Moore: ok, on two.

Marshall: so, I don't score, right?

Moore: yes you idiot, you fall out of bounds around the 15 yd line

Marshall: shoot, if I don't score a TD soon I might miss out on my contract incentives

Moore: Come' on Man...get onboard, we are sucking for Luck, remember?

Marshall: dude, oh yea, almost forgot. sorry...I'll fall out of bounds just like we planned.

"Miami Dolphins on pace to pick early, grab coveted franchise quarterback"

I guess that headline was for those who have been in a coma for the past couple months.

Has there ever been so many rotten teams in the NFL in 1 season? Of all the years to potentially be at the top of the draft, I can't recall ever having so many teams in the running for the top pick.

By my count, 25% of NFL teams are AWFUL!


Just finishing talk to a knowledgeable co-worker/football fan...

See Ya next season Jeff Fischer:D

lol Joe. Well, one good thing, I've stopped praying to God. Now I just pray to the all-powerful JOB CREATORS, lol.

And I applaud killing people on Death Row. That's great. And let's build an electrified fence so it kills women and kids trying to cross the border.

Ok, let's stop. People will get upset we're getting away from football talk on the blog.

Sorry everyone.

Love you D;LKJA. Can't wait to see you here everyday under that name.

You're right though D;LKJA, I do write too much. I apologize for that. Working on being more concise.

Would it be a blog if we didn't write? :)

DC, i'm glad you mentioned that QB draw where sanchez runs it in untouched. i watched the game with my son and his friends. as sanchez walked up to center the kids said "its going to be a QB draw!" i kinda agreed remembering we never stop that play especially inside the 10 yd line. sure enough TD! wow,i cant believe our coaching staff that see it developing?????

greg, if YOUR KID sees it, how does no one on defense NOT see it? Unbelievable. Again, people will say that's on the player. I disagree, that's Coaching. You must get your player in the mental mindset to understand what offenses are trying to do. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed understand. Darrelle Revis and Jim Leonhard understand. For whatever reason, no one on this defense can figure it out (even though they've seen it MANY times). It's a disgrace.

Well, on 2nd-thought, Dansby is a FAR CRY from Ray Lewis. And Reshad is NO Ed Reed.

I'd love to have some players like that on our defense.



The HC stayed with a outdated philosophy too long, and only THIS YEAR had a come-to-Jesus moment that, "hey, we need to throw the ball more."

Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 19, 2011 at 06:44 PM

Actually it was Parcells, not Sparano, who had the outdated philosophy. Although.. They still need a running game to work the clock and for short yardage.

anyone catch the video of sparano after the game trying to respond to media questions??? wow,that says it all! i dont think he could intelligently answer any question posed to him. i laughed at his excuse for not trying to score before the half. he said they tried to score earlier and revis took it back 100 yds for a score. evidently that event paralyzed him for the remainder of the game. can he continue to lead this team?????????????????

greg z., funny you mention that. As soon as I saw Tomlinson clear out I told my wife it's a Qb draw. I instantly thought back to the game in Houston a couple years ago.

I think we've been killed by the QB draw a couple of other times as well but that one sticks out in my mind most.

DC, if they were in a man to man, Tomlinson was Jones' responsibility. I'm not gonna kill him for that. If it wasn't a draw, Tomlinson would have been wide open.

I put the blame on Nolan for the defensive play call. We've been burned by the draw so many times over the last 2-3 years, you'd think the coaching staff would have come up with a play call on the goaline to protect us from that play.

Could be Joe, maybe I was wrong. But I thought I saw a guy out there already ready to cover Tomlinson. Have to re-watch. I remember my first impression when I saw it was that Jones was covering the middle of the field (though he was over to the QBs left some), and then the motion, then Jones goes with the motion guy, and there's like 2-3 players already over there jumbled up and no one in the middle.

But could be play call, you're right. Either way, it was a HUGE error in judgment by someone. Like always!

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