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Dolphins banged up on a short week

It's a short week to prepare but also a short week to recover from injuries as the Dolphins prepare for Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos.

The team has a lot of recovering to do.

Brandon Marshall has a quadriceps injury and missed practice today. Reggie Bush has a groin injury and missed practice today. Reshad Jones has a knee injury he's nursing and he also missed practice today.

The club also has a handful of players that worked on a limited basis as they also continue to nurse injuries. Chris Clemons (hamstring), Daniel Thomas (hamstring), Cameron Wake (hamstring), Nolan Carroll (hamstring) and Will Yeatman (shoulder) all were limited during today's practice.


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joe and DC, its funny as fans we remember the plays we get burnt on but the coaching staff doesnt? in the nfl that play will be called in the future because we have shown no awareness/ability to stop it. its very sad what our team has become. many of us began warning of this 2-3 years ago. cracks in the foundation were clearly visible.

Not being in South Florida I'm curious as to this bizarro Tebow game. Have heard it is going to be a sell out. Who are all these people buying tickets? Are they passive Dolphin fans who like Tebow or Denver fans or something else? On TV the stadium usually seems split 50/50 with the other team's fans as it is. Is this going to be like a Denver home game?


It's all my doing!

I confess!

I'm a real zombie and I ate Ross's brain in january! (not that anyone noticed)

I ate sporanos brain in april, incredibly, he got dumber!

I ate Ireland's brain before the draft!

Iwas gonna eat the player's brains but there wasn't much there!

Next season...... I'm going after Bellychuck!!!!

Also, it's funny (well, I mean sad) that other teams always trick us for easy TDs, yet we hardly EVER can trick anyone else for an easy TD. Like that Henne pass a couple games ago, when he hid the ball, GREAT PLAY!!! Perfect execution. Why can't we do more of that?

Chris, it's U of FLA fans. But they can be from anywhere in Florida, so maybe Tampa fans or even Jacksonville fans. Not necessarily Miami fans.

I think it's gonna be weird, because I can't believe there will be a bunch of Denver fans there. It'll be solely fans of Tebow. So they might even be supporting the Dolphins, but cheering Tebow too. Strange.

But Mike Dee loves every second. He made some comment how it'll probably be a sellout. Ross won't have to buyout the rest of the tix this week. We'll see what he does for all the other games.

Oh no, what will we ever do. We'll never win now without Bush and Marshall! Who gives a flying #######! We're 0-8 with them.

Here's a new cheer to heat up the Denver game:




It is obvious the HC and GM will be gone by seasons end. The way things are going the fins will not suck enough to get Luck either. It is too bad the trading deadline has passed. The Dolphins should have had a fire sale to stockpile draft picks. There are too many players on this team with losing attitudes and trading them and starting from scratch might be the best approach.
A new GM that will not make trades like the "Marshal Plan", skip on Dez Bryant, draft that fumble and injury prone rookie running back. etc. etc.
A Head Coach that is young and innovative in his game plan instead of 3 point Tony.

I refuse to attend this game. Is this game blacked out?

For those of you that missed this the first 15 times I posted it let me repeat:

Andrew Luck is not coming here...
Neither Cowher nor Gruden nor Fisher are coming here...
There is no stockpile of draft picks cleverly accumulated...

NFL.com reported this week that some in league circles are concerned Luck and his father, West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck, might say Luck won’t play for the team with the worst record and try to force a trade. Luck has one year of eligibility left but is widely expected to turn pro

Jeff Ireland, and Stephan Ross have pulled hamstrings also.

Told you guys for the last two years the mighty air-breathers were going down hill with Dumb(Ireland)and Dumber(Sparono) Guideing this ship.........

The first 6 players that the Dolphins draft next will be starting in these 6 positions:

Where should we plug in the 6th rounder? Starting NT or RT?

I think it's great Luck and his dad say they want absolutely nothing to do with any "Suck for Luck" nonsense and that he will NOT play for a team not trying to win.

So you guys hoping for 0-16 are forewarned. Not only does Luck have the ability to simply stay in college for another year he is also good enough to decide WHERE he wants to go in the draft---just like Elway did years ago when he was drafted by the Colts.

The "Suckers" are already nutty...this latest news from the Luck's should send you all running over a cliff!

He wants NOTHING to do with people like you!

PriceMaster, here's why I'm not buying that. The #1 pick in the Draft ALWAYS goes to a sucky team. Think Bradford wanted to go to the Rams? Or Stafford to the Lions?

THIS team sucks, but the Owner will fix the organization at least after the Season. So Luck will the confidence in a new GM, new HC, and if he turned it around here would be probably MORE loved in Miami than even Dan Marino.

If I were him, I'd come here in a heartbeat. Now, if Ross kept Sparano, and even Ireland, then I'd start grumbling (like Eli). Minus that though, I think Luck would be happy to come to Miami, he'd be a King instantly walking off the plane, even more than LeBron. The kid would OWN Miami.

So I disagree with what you're saying.

I kind of miss Henne.......

At least back then we were all arguing about whether his play on the field was winning or losing us games.

Now we just have people fighting about suck for luck

dr. j, I'm hoping we get the 1st-pick in the Draft...BASED ON our poor play, not based on the team giving up on purpose.

Go back and read Joe Schmoe's post this morning. This will all happen organically, not on purpose.

Seeing how our defense has been struggling with traditional NFL offenses it should be interesting to see how we adapt to Denver's college style offense. On the surface it should be an advantage for us given their WRs are basically a non factor with Tebow at the helm.

Reason not to play for Miami: The grafitti, noise, crime, smell and despair. And that's before you leave the stadium.

Dc, Ross is part of the problem,He'll probably hire Jim Tressel and keep Ireland who in turn will draft a O-Lineman as a #1 pick.....

a lot of fans want suck for Luck. There isn't a single player that is on that ship. It'd be a lie and a shame for him to rethink his draft status because of fans desire to have a star QB again. No team would try to lose. If so they should be removed from the league or forced to change cities. I'm not for the suck for luck. I do think we need to draft the first QB available but but to not worry about draft position. You never know who will be the best QB out of this draft. It could end up being RGIII or Landry or Barkley. Point is we don't know yet.

Quality coaches will coach up any player, whether that player is mediocre or not. Between bad coaching and players not making plays on offense we don't have a chance. Losing breeds losers. It's a cancer. We should have stopped featuring Marshal in the passing game long ago. Now he has all the other receivers playing at a low level.

Beerphin, That's the Beutiful thing about this team, Iam sure there's not one player on the team that would "Tank" a game, Its that there not good, From coaching, Ownership, and player standpoint there a horrible team, no reason to "Tank" games here..

Does our D Line realize that they are actually allowed to try to get to the QB and either make them rush their throw or tackle them?

I think the notion a team would "tank" is ridiculous.

A. the coaches/GM won't be here for the 1st pick and presumably want to get another job some day so why would they want to make themselves look bad?

B. many of the players won't be here...SEE A

The only person who could impact this is Ross himself. He could impact the season by firing/leaving the coaching staff intact through the season. I think leaving them intact would hint at tanking only because a coaching change often fires a team up for a game or two. Or he could tell Ireland not to bring in any more FA or extend any current player contracts. Am I missing something?


nfl.com is reporting an interview with Dansby point-blank saying he won't assist in tanking a game this Season. He actually thinks they can will the rest of the 11 games (player's mentality). Honestly, that's great he thinks that way, it's how you want your team to think.

But realistically, in the back of his mind, Dansby knows this team sucks. They don't need to fake anything, just keep doing what they're doing.

This dolphins season has become so uninteresting that I started to one thing I was never tempted to do -gamble. That's the only thing that keeps me interested in Sundays now. Ross, I'm billing you for my losses and subsequent counselling bills.

Cleveland and Detroit this Sunday by the way.

What they need to be doing like right this second is signing Terrell Owens like immediately ... it could only help and honestly if he plays well enough we could make Marshall our #2 just until he realizes that his play has earned a demotion and it won't change until he actually starts making improvements on the field Sunday!

Some of ya'll may already know this, but I just discovered that the Fins traded their 4th round pick for Bush.

The issue is not Luck.
The issue is the talent that has left this team in recent years for which we got no compensation and now we are severely lacking in talent.
Examples: Matt Roth let out of his contract...Satele allowed to leave to Raiders and then we trade to get Grove from the Raiders...Pat White no compensation...Chad Henne no compensation...Channing Crowder we got nothing.

Now we have Dansby, Marshall, Long, Bush & Solai taking up huge cap space. Add the contract for Luck and we cannot replace our expiring contracts other than with draft picks: QB, RT, RG, NT, OLB, FS.

Neither Luck nor a top HC is coming here because Luck doesn't want to be crippled and the HC does not want his reputation ruined.

Imagione Andrew Luck literally crying from the beating that Henne took everyweek and Moore took Monday night and a HC being literally powerless to stop it.

Very true that Luck does not HAVE to go to the team with the first pick. He's good enough to force their hand and wind up elsewhere if that's what he wants. Elway did it.

Having the first pick does not guarantee Luck, folks.

Karlos Dansby said we're "not real fans if we root too suck for luck".

Hey Karlos I've been a fan for 30 years and have spent a lot of money following this team, supporting this franchise. How much money and time have you put in following the Dolphins?

F**k you. Go make a tackle, get an interception to change the game,,DO SOMETHING! Instead of chastising fans who have suffered for over a decade, go to work and do something.

We are most definitely real fans,,,,of the DOLPHINS. We couldn't care less about you as you will go where the money is. If you care so much about the Dolphins then become a leader. You don't stand out in any way, doesn't look like you care as much as you would have us believe.

When you are long gone I will still be rooting for the Dolphins, I would like that time to be spent rooting for a winning team with a franchise QB. Oh yeah did I mention we spend a lot of money to watch the games, that pay your salary, that sets you up in a cushy life style? So you want us to root for you so you can win 6 games and further set our franchise back by making us miss out on our franchise qb? Bwahahahahahahahahahah just do what you know how to do, lose to Denver and get your coach fired.

They aren't that bad they are just playing that bad right now. Has Marshall or Dansby ever had seasons this bad in their entire career's? No. Can they play better? Yes. Will they turn it around this year... I don't think so but it won't change the fact I'm still rooting for 11-5. Call me delusional or high I don't care cuz it's most likely true but I won't stop cheering for the fins to win every single game.
There is talent on this team they just cant put it together and that starts w Coaching and team Leaders ... We need a QB that can assume that role. Henne wasn't it but I'm glad he atleast got his chance. Honestly if he didn't go down I think we'd have a real shot at righting this ship now but w/o a real QB it doesn't matter how much talent we have we will always be held under 20 pts or even 10. That's the grim truth but it doesn't stop me from hoping for a defensive stomping. Or even some Camarillo like fluke happening
Keep hope alive Go PHINS!

Dave Hyde on the SS has the best article on Miami's woes (and how to fix them), and funny how it exactly mimics what I (and others) have been saying here for years.

For all you "we have talent on this team" fans, go read that article. Wannstadt, Saban, Jimmy Johnson, ALL SAID the exact same thing about Miami's problems...."YOU NEED BETTER PLAYERS!!!"

Now, sure, every Coach will say that. But it's true, if you look at the 16 QBs we've had since Marino. It's true if you look at our offense this decade. It's true if you look at the defense post Zach Thomas/JT years.

We have AWFUL talent acquisition. And we don't develop players while they're here.

So, yes, we need Coaches. But MOST OF ALL, we need a franchise QB, and then we need more talent here and need to develop them correctly once they get here.

Nothing remarkable or surprising about that.

As for Luck coming out he said in a recent interview he stayed in this year because he wanted to obtain his degree and finish out what he started with his college recruiting class. Done and done.

And what do people expect him to say about "suck for Luck"? Of course he's going to downplay it and call it stupid. Now whether he would try and force a trade out of Miami for some other reason I have no idea but it won't be because of "suck for Luck".

PM, I agree totally on talent. But a franchise QB will go a long way to improving the offensive play (and Luck knows it).

Now, if we kept Ireland, then he'd be right to worry about talent acquisition. But if we get a new GM, then that would show him we're trying to fix that.

Anyways, if we had the first pick, and Luck refused to come to Miami, you know what we'd get in return for another team getting him? Enough picks to take the 2nd best QB AND a bunch more talent and probably be better quicker than any team that got Luck.

So either way it's a win-win. Point is, hopefully we're in that position (to get the #1 pick). Then let's see what happens. It's a moot point if we don't have that pick.

bobbyd12 that is so short sighted. Do you seriously want us to root for a 6 or 7 win season,,,,,,AGAIN!? How does that help this franchise mover forward? How does that help to end the fan suffering? If we miss out on one of the top qbs there is no one in free agency to be had. No one worth while, not a franchise qb out there as Brees will be franchised. So what's your plan? Keep being mediocre for the next ten years? Go with Henne and Moore and pray that they actually miraculously turn into franchise qbs?

I mean sure I always want them to win, I'm a fan so secretly while knowing how important it is to get one of these qbs I'm always hoping they pull it out and win. But while I'm thinking that I also understand the dire need to have a qb and that losing is actually okay when we are basically already eliminated from the playoffs.

The coach and team have given up on US!!!!!!! What is so hard for people to understand about that? Do these players or coaches really look like they're giving it there all, that they're playing and coaching as hard as they can? It's obvious to anyone with eyes that they are not. But we should root for a bunch of quitters?

Just not understanding this mentality at all maybe someone can help me out with an explanation.

every team needs more talent every year. That's what good GMs are supposed to do. That is their job to improve the team from the year before either with FA acquisitions or the draft. Our problem I believe lies with TS mostly for not being able to get the most out of our draftees. Ireland for bombing on a few FA pickups as well. They should have been fired last year so obviously to anyone not named Stephen Ross i guess...

Chris, this is a total non-issue. Like the other week, when Chris Cooley (of the Redskins) said he was happy to see Romo get beat when he was hurt (duh, what SHOULD he say about his most hated rival?). Then everyone started bashing him on that statement.

That's what people do now, make big issues out of non-stories. It keeps Twitter in business, the journalists and bloggers in business, it's ALL to keep people in business.

Absolutely makes ZERO difference in the end. I guarantee, if we get 1st pick in the Draft, and take Luck, you'll see him in Miami next day to collect his millions. He's not stupid!

Luck commenting on "suck for Luck" today: "it's stupid and I don't think fans should ever root against their team".

Luck commenting on "suck for Luck" on draft day: "I am honored to be going to an organization and fanbase that have shown such passion for wanting me."

Bank on it.

DC here's a question for you. I read the article as well and it just srikes me odd that the Dolphins need better players when most of the players we brought in and drafted were standouts on their last teams. How is it that Dansby,Burnett,Bush,Marshall all super bowl or pro bowl players who contributed heavily to their last teams success all of the sudden are no longer "good players" when they're in their primes? How is it that we drafted players, all of whom would have been drafted by other teams, all of whom were standouts and most of which had great success in college, how is it that these guys all of the sudden aren't "good players"? What's your theory on this?

DC Dolfan, I apologize to you..I apologize your mommy raised you with the loser instinct, to give up and quit..During my years of playing sports, and being around sports, never, never, ever has the philosophy been to lose!! People come here and for most voice a few opinions, and ask a few questions..you my loser friend are always on the attack..Trying to belittle people, trying to make them sound stupid..If your mommy raised you as a loser so be it..you dont need to thrust your stinking philosophy on the rest of us..
The Lions have been a debacle for decades, and not once have I ever seen, read, or heard the fans rooting for an 0-16 season..They might have worn bags on there head, but they still wanted there team to do one thing...WIN! WIN! WIN!, thats the teaching in sports from grade school on up, do your best, play your hardest, if you dont win this time, work harder and try again..
And just a question DC Fan, were'nt you on the chop Crowder campaign too!! just wondering.

Miami should be the ideal place to come to next season.

I look at it much like the Rich Kotite coached Jets in 1995 & 1996. Parcells took over the following year and hardly had to do anything to make them competitive. In fact within 2 years he had them back inthe playoffs.

My point is that there is a lot young talent that is being misused. With what appears to be at least a top 5 pick coming up (hopefully Luck) and a new Regime taking over this could change around in a hurry.

Provided they bring in the right Head Coach.

Now I have to wash my keyboard because I typed "Jets" on it - LOL

beerphin, it's the drafting PHILOSOPHY that ruined us. Sure, Long's a great player, so is Pouncey. Will they ever score a TD? Check this year's list of top rushing teams, and see how many have winning records (does Philly, does Minnesota?). We traded back a couple years ago, and got a DL average player and a OLB average player. Are those 2 players better than if we stayed where we were and got ONE PLAYMAKER?

You're telling me in 12 Drafts and 16 QBs, no GM could risk a 1st-round pick on a QB? SERIOUSLY?

That's our problem with talent acquisition, we are employing the wrong strategy. Instead of getting playmakers, we fill needs with lesser talent than what's on the board. We needed a CB a couple years ago, so we got Vontae. He's been ok. Guess who was picked right after him? Clay Matthews. And everyone knew his pedigree, he wasn't a possible good player, he was touted as a great player coming in the league. Why didn't we get HIM?

Bad philosophy, bad strategy, bad choices in talent acquisition. That's why we need a new GM, and one that knows what they're doing, not one with the same philosophy we've had here last decade.


Told you guys for the last two years the mighty air-breathers were going down hill with Dumb(Ireland)and Dumber(Sparono) Guideing this ship.........

Posted by: Cuban Menace | October 20, 2011 at 11:24 AM

Welcome to the Club.

DC, the talent on this roster & the coaching are both bad. I don't think just a coach solves anything. People are overly optimistic that we have alot of good players. I don't see it.

Even our so called best players (Long, Dansby & Marshall) are proving to be far from very good this year. I give Long a pass cause I know he's injured. But, this team lacks talent all over the roster. I hope fans are ready. Hope I' m wrong but this is gonna be a long project.

Maybe, jst MAYBE, a legit coach can get them back to .500.

Mark in Toronto,

I saw you post earlier this week that Detroit would beat Atlanta. Are you giving me the 4.5 points I see posted other places. I actually like Atlanta to win this game. I know you think Atlanta are frauds this year but I actually think it's Detroit who is being overhyped. I'm not saying I don't like their team, I'm saying I think they are being overhyped. I don't believe they are quite there yet. A playoff team? Yes, I'll concede that and I think they have a lot of good pieces on offence and defence. Let's see how they hold up under adversity. Matt Ryna has underperformed this year and I think this is a big game for him and the team. I'll take the 4.5 points and that was before I read that Jahvid Best is being encouraged to sit out the season after his second concussion of the season. They won't be able to run the ball without Best and they may end up being their achilles this year.

oh, I have job ALoco, Im on vacation..:-)

"Neither Luck nor a top HC is coming here because Luck doesn't want to be crippled and the HC does not want his reputation ruined."

Pricemaster, this mentality drives me f***ing insane. Luck is going to refuse to go to a bad team? I've heard this rumor circulating and I want to add this. Would any team want a QB who's psyche is so fragile that he wouldn't want to play on a team that has some adversity. So basically what that says is he's scared of a challenge!

Did Bradford refuse to play for St. Louis? Or how about Stafford, why didn't he refuse to go to the Lions? who in the hell does he think he's going to play for the Patriots? He's going to be the top pick, that means he's going to a shi**y team,,,,PERIOD! So now people are projecting that he will refuse to play for certain sh**ty teams and instead choose another s***ty team to play for? Why? Does our s**t stink worse than another teams s**t? NO, IT'S ALL THE SAME.

And a coach that doesn't want the challenge of returning a franchise to it's former glory, to make a name for himself by building a team from the ground up, you can keep that POS. Who wants a coach that is afraid of a challenge? Not me. I don't want a coach that is only interested in taking over a winning team because that also says a lot about his attitude. A coach like that would seem to have lost his drive right? I mean how many coaching vacancies open up on winning teams? Coaches are fired from lousy teams and replaced by coaches that want jobs, end of story.

This whole defeatist attitude is for fans. Professional players , (for the most part, there are always a small few exceptions)don't shy away from a challenge, same with coaches who are worth anything. I could name thousands of players/coaches that had no problem going to losing teams and turning them around. I can only name maybe a handful of players who refused to go to a losing team, can't really be sure on coaches. But my point is this attitude and or rumor about coaches and players refusing to come to Miami is invalidated conjecture and fans shouldn't be putting this idea out there for the media to latch on too, it doesn't help anything at all.

Phins78, it IS odd, isn't it. But it's also a question of timing. We got J-Peezy, AFTER he was a beast in Pittsburgh. I think it's hard in free agency, because just because a player was good one place, doesn't mean he'll be good everywhere. A lot of it is the system they're in. Take Deion Branch, he wasn't great in Seattle, because the Pats a great system.

On Burnett, I think they're asking him to do too much. Cover the TE's, lol. BY HIMSELF? We have GREAT TEs in our division, how can he do it himself? What are they doing to help him?

Bush is being used wrong. He's never been a between-the-tackles runner. Why force a square peg in a round hole?

Dansby, Marshall have been ok on this team. Dansby was a hero early part of last year. I don't know what's up with him. Marshall has more catches than a lot of WRs in past years. Again, I point to the system. Marshall has had a run-first offense, only this year going to a more passing one. Growing pains. Plus his QB has been inconsistent and not elite.

And, are these guys hungry? Doesn't ever seem like Miami is IN IT (except '08). These guys might just be happy making money and don't care about championships. When's the last time Miami has seriously competed for a championship (or even thought they could get close)? Everyone knows the history here. Players know you don't come here to win a lot.

Everything needs to change. That all needs to be built up. It can get better, but you have to start on even ground. With a good GM/HC, installing winning systems. Then get the personnel to make that system work. Start with a franchise QB. Don't give up until you get one. Risk everything for one. You can't win without one. Then round the team out around him. Get players to buy in. It doesn't take a decade, can happen very quickly if you get on a roll.

Plus you need a little luck, and we've had none here (except '08). That helps too.


I think that the draft falls as it falls last year no QB available at 15 I would go after... VD vs CM I think VD was the smart choice he was highly touted as either the best or 2nd best corner in the draft and in that year we had major DB issues... VD also has pedigree and it wasn't a bad decision. Hindsight is 20/20 that being said if VD wasn't there at 25 and them not picking CM would be a huge mistake but that's how the chips have fallen. I don't think drafts are the problem with Ireland it is the FA acquisitions that have bombed. Everyone knows the list. TS is not a good coach plain and simple. He probably isn't even a good coordinator. Players are obviously not being utilized correctly. He sat Wake for a year even though the guy ahead of him was injured and not playing well. Could have traded JP away while his stock was high but instead they flopped that as well. I have the biggest issues with Ireland and Sporano. They literally are creating more problems than the players. Which should never happen.



I'm also not buying this stuff that neither Luck or a top coach are coming here. That's bunk!! Until I hear Andrew Luck say that I'll consider this made up crap!! The Niners have been as incompetent as anyone for YEARS and Jim Harbaugh jumped at the chance to go there. Hell they didn't even a proper GM/personnel guy for a long time. The owner was on a par with Ross for being a complete boob. So I believe that if we have the first pick Andrew Luck will welcome the opportunity to come here in the same way that Peyton Manning welcomed the opportunity to resurect the Colts and Aikman the Cowboys. And if in fact he does decide he doesn't want to come here then so be it. We'll simply get the bounty that comes with having the pick and hopefully still get a guy like Landry Jones.


Is it a "side dish of Knowledge" today? :)

Joe I'll pose the same question to you. How is the talent all of the sudden bad when these guys were standouts in college, pro bowl nfl players, and superbowl players all coming into their primes and heavily recruited by many teams? We signed them and it would stand to reason that they should be improving on their past success.

So how is it that they are all failing so miserably at something they were so successful at on another team?

It's just my opinion but that fact right there is hard to argue. It's hard to argue that a better coach will not turn these guys back into the winners they were 2 short years ago and for some just last year.

think that the draft falls as it falls last year no QB available at 15 I would go after... VD vs CM I think VD was
Posted by: beerphin | October 20, 2011 at 12:25 PM


lol finfaneurope, like my attitude is the reason Miami is 0-5. Also, and I appreciate you putting me at the head of the "Happy with Losing" brigade, but I didn't start that. I jumped on the bandwagon. Ask any of the daily posters here, there were a bunch of guys who were down on the team and wanted change and were predicting big losses WAY before me. I wish I had that much foresight, but like you I stuck my head in the ground hoping for something to be different.

Even this Pre-Season, I was arguing with guys that we would turn things around. That Henne was getting better. That the defense was going to be Top 5. I believed!

But, I've seen this movie before. Didn't take me all Season to realize I was duped (again), and those other guys were right. And, analyzing their strategy, I felt they WERE absolutely right. The best thing for this team was to lose, get the #1 pick in the Draft, and take the best QB available. I think that's a sound strategy. Too bad you don't.

Lastly, wrong again on Crowder. I was a Crowder defender. I always said he didn't make plays, but had the football intelligence we needed on this team. I just hated that he was injury-prone. And, since I don't believe I know everything, had my mind changed when people here were hating on the guy and saying Burnett would be a huge step up from Crowder. So, yes, I let others change my mind, that it would be best to get rid of Crowder. Do I think if he was here, we wouldn't be in the same position? Nope. I think it would have made little difference.

So, there you go europe. Oh, and mommy raised me just fine, I was the love of her life when she was alive. I'm the love of her 95 year old's mother's life too (whom I care for). I don't need to belittle you, you're doing just fine all by yourself!


Again I'm with you on this one. The talent level is not that bad on this team. You've got a whole bunch of guys on this team underachieving for whatever reason. It's pretty obvious to me that these guys didn't work their tails off during the lockout to be in the best shape they could be and to be ready for the season. Whether that's because they didn't believe in Henne or Sparano or both, they simply weren't ready and that's showing in their conditioning, in their efforts and in all the nagging injuries that are showing up.

The Niners last year are the sample case to look at. Everyone picked them to win the division and at this stage last year they were 0-6 under Singletary. Completely unmotivated, underachieving and not putting the effort in. If we were on their blogs last year, I'll bet you the fanbase was saying 'there's not good enough talent on this team'. All of a sudden under Jim Harbaugh they are 5-1. Playing with fight and spark and a full 60 minutes. It can be done. We don't have any of that from our guys this year and it's because they know the team with Sparano are going nowhere.

LMAOJSBOMC, Lil Aloco is on a roll today..........

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