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Dolphins banged up on a short week

It's a short week to prepare but also a short week to recover from injuries as the Dolphins prepare for Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos.

The team has a lot of recovering to do.

Brandon Marshall has a quadriceps injury and missed practice today. Reggie Bush has a groin injury and missed practice today. Reshad Jones has a knee injury he's nursing and he also missed practice today.

The club also has a handful of players that worked on a limited basis as they also continue to nurse injuries. Chris Clemons (hamstring), Daniel Thomas (hamstring), Cameron Wake (hamstring), Nolan Carroll (hamstring) and Will Yeatman (shoulder) all were limited during today's practice.


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Craig, I have the lions at -3. 4.5 is a different matter but I still think they're good for it. Its a big bounce back game for them at home. I stand by the lions.

And they have Ronnie brown, lol

ALoco, thank you for putting me in the Gang again. Happy to be with you once again Cuban! Honored really.

Crowder? We're talking Channing Crowder as a difference-maker? That's funny!! He wasn't a difference maker when he was here. He certainly wouldn't make one big of difference if he was here now. Burnett's got the same syndrome as everyone else on this team, 'He doesn't play hard all the time'. They're all doing it.

What's next? Ted Ginn.....DIFFERENCE MAKER!!


VD= Venereal Disease
CM= Chlamydia Muridarem

does that help clear things up?

Dc, Welcome to GOD(Gang of defeat)(Or as Lil Aloco would say "Gang Of Defeet")I know it took you some time to join us but WELCOME....LOL

Craig, I'm with DC on the crowder issue. We got enough of a sample size while he was here to know that the defense was simply better when he played. No debating that one.

And Ted ginn this year in SF has been better than any dolphins receiver that's for sure. His special teams contribution alone trumps anything anyone has done for the dolphins.

Mark in Toronto,

The Brown trade got vetoed....not that it would have made any difference for the Lions. Harrison couldn't pass his physical. It might be you or I running the ball for the Lions this weekend....LOL.

I managed to get Atlanta at 4.5, so I'm happy with that. I like Detroit but I don't think people are giving Atlanta their due. I expect Julio Jones to be more of a factor as the season moves along and he gets more comfortable with Ryan.

Incidentally we're in trouble this weekend...Peter King is picking the Broncos to beat us. Probably means we can guarantee our first W on the board Sunday.

Craig just to add on a bit. I'm a huge hockey fan, in particular I'm a lifelong die hard Islanders fan. We as Dolphins fans don't even know the meaning of the word "suffer" like we Islander fans do. The building is so old that the sewage pipes burst and sprayed raw sewage all over the players locker room and equipment! That's just the tip of the iceberg up here, I won't bore you with the details.

The Islanders have been the laughingstock of the league for 20 years now, worse than the Lions were. They have had multiple high draft picks and decided to build through the draft 5 years ago. It's been slow going but they're building a great team and there is a lot of excitement. But they have been unsure of where they will be playing after the 2015 season when their lease is up.

And here's the point finally. John Tavares was the best player in the world coming out for the draft at 18 years old. Everyone and their mother wanted to draft him. There were rumors on a daily basis about him refusing to play for the Isles. That he would never sign a contract even if they did draft him. There were papers every where saying that he had already discussed this with people and that his father was against him coming here.

The day after draft day, and then again a month ago after he just signed on for another 7 years, he came out and stated that it was all BS. That the papers were the ones who were spreading those rumors because certain teams in those particular towns really wanted him. That people who were writing the stories were fans of those teams and were trying, in what he thought, to put the doubt in the Isles and everyone else so they could have a shot at trading up for him. Or he said they were just trying to sell papers and knew the controversy would get people buying.

Now Tavares is playing for the Isles and is leading the league in goals and points, or at least he was before they had 5 days off. He's turning into a superstar right before our eyes and the feeling is AWESOME. I only hope we can feel that same feeling here in Miami and drafting one of the top 3 qbs will do that. But I am 100% sure, in this day and age, that there will be no QB or coach refusing to come to the Dolphins because of the challenge, just aint happening.

So we definitely have something to look forward too if we get a top 5 pick, I am sure of it.

Mark, Does Ted(Sideline)Ginn still fall down in the Fetal position after catching the ball??

Mark in Toronto,

I know you're one of the few guys on here who stuck up for Crowder. We'll agree to disagree on him. When it matter most, when the team next to stop the bleeding and turn the tide and make an impact play, Crowder was never that guy. I'm not saying I've been impressed with Burnett at all this year but Crowder wouldn't have made one bit of difference this year. The Jets didn't run the ball on us Monday but we did self destruct at many points in the game. Crowder wouldn't have made one bit of difference to our pass rush or our problems in the secondary and those have been the achilles of the defence this year.

T.O. ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig, great point about the 49ers last year.

One of these brilliant reporters that abound here in SoFla says that this team needs a rebuild. A rebuild? We don't need to add anything. We just need to subtract, and fortunately for us only 1 position, the Coach.


I can relate to your Islanders story. I follow the NHL also. I remember all the Tavares talk when he was coming out. There were rumours he would only go to Toronto (why, I have no idea?).

Sorry about your luck being an Islanders fan but yes it looks like Tavares and the Isles are starting to turn the corner. I miss the old days of Goring and Gillies. Those were some great teams!

I'm not sure why people would want to worry about what Luck does or doesn't want to do. There's nothing we can do about it and it doesn't happen until April anyways. Let's all just try to think of brighter days.

We need a QB Oscar.....

Maybe another corner too

oh, and some pass rush

From Barry Jackson:

• If two teams finish tied for the worst record, the No. 1 pick goes to the team whose opponents have the worst combined winning percentage. It’s obviously too early to sort that out, but the Dolphins are at a disadvantage because they’re in a division where they are the only team below .500. The tiebreaker helps the Rams, if Arizona and Seattle finish with poor records.

Playing against tougher teams in the AFC East will come back to haunt us in YET another way at seasons end.

I think it's safe to say we're finally "bottoming out". I remember hearing "SOMEWHERE" that blowing the bottom out is the REAL first step to recovery.

Six weeks into the season and I'm checking out tie breakers for worst record scenarios.

Thanks Bill.

I Hear that the Davie Training facilites are being taken over by the EPA and is getting federal funding as a massive toxic waste dump.., Dc Can you confirm this, your in our nations capital, whats the 411 on this....

To all the guys that love Griffin III, are you CONFIDENT that he can step into the NFL and be impactful right away, because I am on Luck and Jones. I'm only asking because I haven't seen Griffin play yet. I hear so many great things about the kid and I have heard he's smart, so he's obviously a quick learner. Could he turn around this team in a season or two because I feel the other two could. It may just be me but I'm probably more high on Jones than most people here. Luck is the prize but I see Jones as being a great consolation. I only hope I'm right.

Yes, Ohio Fan, a QB, but only next year. I'm talking about the Now.

Butchy Goring is calling all of the Islander games for MSG+ ! It's cool hearing old stories from the glory days. And I know Gillies is still around doing something for the team. I got to meet him at an Islander game against the Rangers 2 years ago.

Oh and the Toronto thing was a joke. They were so upset that the Isles wouldn't trade the pick to them that they started an all out campaign against the team. That's actually where many of the rumors started about him not wanting to sign here and is exactly why Tavares refuses to talk to a few of the reporters from Toronto's main paper. He always plays with a little extra edge against the Leafs.


Chin up man. At least give us SOMETHING to be thankful for.

I haven't looked at it closely yet but my guess would be that the Rams and Colts would both have easier schedules than us. Probably Jacksonville too. The fact the Bills are playing well could come back to hurt us. We need the Jets to go into the tank, ANOTHER reason to cheer against the Jets!

Craig, it's always a question when a QB doesn't play in an NFL offense. So no, I'm not 100% confident (like Luck and Landry).

But watching him, I think he has all the tools (like Newton) to do it. Hopefully we don't Draft that high where we're now trying to find the 3rd or 4th best QB.

And now DC will disappear for a while before his whole World crumbles. Again.

I read that odinseye and can't for the life of me figure out why a team that plays against worse teams and still loses gets rewarded. What am I missing here? Shouldn't it be the team that had the tougher schedule gets the reward? I just don't get it.


Yeah I know a lot of the Tavares stuff came from the Toronto media and maybe even the Leafs themselves. Nice to see the kid playing well. Always liked him.

Butch Goring...one of the most classic looks, with the helmet and the beard. Key player on that team back in the day. Surprised he didn't give coach more of a try after Boston.

Check out the edited video of the Sparano presser posted at the SS under Hydes article.

He sure looks spent, depressed, and totally defeated. I can't imagine him coaxing anything out of these players now.

Later guys, wins are nice but won't get us anywhere next season. Losing isn't the worst thing in the world, it could be the best thing that ever happened to this team. See ya!


Think about it. If you lose against a weker team, rather than a better team, wouldn't that mean chances are you are a worse team? Case in point, the likelihood is we lose to the Pats most times we play them. But so do other teams, so it doesn't mean you're a bad team. But to lose to teams like the Browns and Chiefs....well you've got to be pretty bad, and the NFL deems those teams to be more in need of help, hence the better draft choice.

Life long isles fan? Ouch I can relate though watching hockey in this city. Sure the leafs started the season on a tear but I doubt Phil kessel can keep up this pace.

And Craig, I firmly believe crowder s impact didn't show up in the stat sheet but he was the gel, no doubt about it. In the end, would their record be better, who knows? But I know their defense would've been better.

Cuban, ginn is still a wuss but that doesn't mean he's not a great contributor. Problem is when he was here, we didn't have anyone else to throw the ball too. I know I'd rather have ginn blowing the tops off defenses and returning kicks than Clyde gates. And another example of sparano stupidities, ginn never returned punts here.

Craig he coached the Isles for one season, didn't go real well. He had some talent to work with but he just seemed unorganized. One too many hits to the head maybe:)


Just read that former bills centre Kent hull died. Man, he was a great one. Rip!

Oh yeah I guess that makes sense Craig, I see it now. But sheesh, we all know what it's like playing in the Patriots division and sure could use a reward.

Hey Mark good luck with your Leafs, you guys deserve a cup already! Hard to imagine they've never won one. I think I'm correct on that right? Sorry to the other football fans for having to listen to our hockey stuff, just happy one of my teams is doing well so far but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Now I really have to go!

Nope, still here oscar. Was there something you wanted, or do you just like saying my name?

Oh, and I did go back this morning to read if you responded last night. And that's fine if you want to wait until we're mathematically eliminated from Playoff contention to think about next year.

OK, it's official (unofficially). Ready now, lol?

DC, The Fins were eliminated from any playoffs this year in Feb 08.......JMHO..

D Advocate, u will play to win. Then u will lose every game. No one is saying they want to lose, u just know ur not going to win. Time to get Lucky.

LOL Cuban, more like the day Marino left.

"you play to win the game!" ~ Herm Edwards

Like I said before, injuries and boo-boos will start adding up. Players will take whatever opportunity they can to not be a part of this mess.
And can the Suck-4-Luck people, and the anti-Suck-4-Luck people shut up? It won't matter one bit wheteher we try to lose, or try to win the rest of the season. We will still lose. So don't worry about trying to lose the season. Just play, and it will end up how it will end. Teams are bad for a reason, and get rewarded in the draft - that's just the way it goes.
So get ready for a high draft pick, and stop worrying how it will happen.


Even you must start calling for Tony's head if we lose against Denver. Ross needs to send this team into a death spiral so we don't win any games.

One way to do that is fire the entire front office and Tony.

What are they recovering from anyways? That Jets game looked like they were just doing practice drills. They didn't even act like they wanted to play.

Mark in Toronto,

You're behind on your news. That Hull story is from a couple of days ago. Yeah, great player, great guy and apparently a great teamate. SAd news!!

Mark, Ginn was and still is a HORRIBLE NFL receiver. Alligator arms, not a great route runner, wouldn't go over the middle and constantly ran out of bounds. Were he here we'd still be 0-5.

phins78, I mentioned 3 guys specifically who are supposed to be our best.

Marshall has always cuaght alot of passes, always been a touble maker & also dropped alot of passes.

Dansby was a very good LB in AZ, not elite. He was very good last year & disappointing this year.

Long is injured.

When I speak of a lack of talent, I am talking about the entire roster. Let's examine position by position, shall we?

CB - where is the talent? Smith has been a fraud, Davis is adequate & Carrol is awful.
FS - where is the talent?
SS - Where is the talent?
OL - outsaide of Long & Pouncey, where is the talent?
TE - Wheres the talent?
QB - Where's the talent?
RB - Outside of Thomas, where's the talent?
DL - I don't know if any of these guys is as good as people think they are. Do you?
LB - Wake & Dansby are good players. Burnett & Misi are proving not to be.

Don't tell me Burnett was great last year. In all his years in the NFL, he's had 1 good season & it was on the #1 overall D last year. A product of the system is more like since in reality, he's been a bencher almost his entire career.

So, what above do you disagree with? According to you, where's the talent?

Shouldn't it be the team that had the tougher schedule gets the reward? I just don't get it.

Posted by: Phins78 | October 20, 2011 at 01:04 PM


I was always in line with your way of looking at it.

Having said that though, I think their point is, if you play the worse teams and still lose, you are realistically the pits.

Now that I've read up on it and thought about it, I do agree. The Dolphin fan in me thinks it stinks.

Craig, we could have any non qb in the league and we would still be 0 and 5 because our coaching is horrible, and our qb play with Moore is abysmal. No player can overcome that. Even Adrian Peterson can't overcome that in Minnesota and mcnabb is better than Moore and Frazier is better than sparano.

Ginn is top 5 in both kickoff and punt returns and has 2 touchdowns. That alone would make him a better weapon than anyone we have in either offense or in the return game. You don't think the drafting of Clyde gates was an attempt to make up for the mistake it was in trading this guy? He's not a good receiver but he is a weapon.

Ginn Jr. was not utilized correctly as well. Why would Sporano not use him every time atleast as a PR/KR guy? Nobody can argue that he wasn't the fastest guy on the team. He had success too as a KR guy here as well when given opportunity. I believe he would've helped Marshall as well giving us a legit deep threat. Hartline is good but he isn't a deep threat. Ginn could have atleast been a good decoy at #2. I like Hartline and Bess in the slot but we need another true threat on the outside to help Marshall with double teams. Letting guys go for under their worth or for nothing is another huge mistake Ireland keeps making.

I dont think the argument is whether or not the Dolphins are sucking. I think any moron can see that. And no I dont think they are going to win the next 11 games either. Im not blind. It boils down to this, we are being made fun of, we are the blunt of all jokes. and its not because the team is loosing (or not just) its mostly the whole "suck for Luck" campaign..Most people are astonished that fans of a team are actually wishing ill fate for the very team they are suppose to love..there is the joke..Im not hiding with my head in the sand, but I do root and hope my team wins every sunday. If fans want to campaign for something, and even have the balls to display signs at the game. Then display this "FIRE IRELAND NOW< HE RUINED THIS FRANCHISE" that would draw more attention, less jokes, and be taken more seriuosly, because its actually logical. You would not be offending the players who actually work hard and are trying to win..who wants to try and win, when the fans are holding signs please go 0-16..thats our point, we understand the rest..
and excuse me if I threw you into that Crowder bandwagon. But I honestly do feel if Crowder were still here, the defence would look a lot different..he was the brain to that unit, he knew when and where players needed to be. when you look at it as a whole, the only significant change from last year on the "D" is loosing Crowder..

“Year after this I go free agent. Plus me and my agent got a couple of plans for life after baseball. So I am not about to risk major injury or deface this property for a collection of stiffs!”

- Roger Dorn

I am a devoted Dolphin fan. I was there when Joe Auer scored the first touchdown. It just makes me sad to see the team function as it does. I don't know the answer but I hope someone comes off the bench and turns things around.

CraigM, Agree Crowder was not a huge play maker, his contribution to the "D" was the brains, no joke intended. He was the play caller, he knew when and where players needed to be to make plays. The "D" was more organized with him on the field..Not every player on the 72 Dolphins were huge play makers, but they all had there role, it worked, remove one of those links and we would not be talking perfect season. in my opinion, thats what has happened with our "D" this year, that one link, that many find insignificant, was a lot more than that..

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