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Dolphins consulting with Eric Mangini

Remember last year when deposed Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini called team owner Stephen Ross to discuss I-don't-know-what?

Well, the Dolphins shoved that phone call under the proverbial rug as simply a coach reaching out to an owner because the two had an ongoing relationship rooted in Mangini's days with the New York Jets and Ross's residency in New York.

Well, the two are talking again.

Multiple sources are telling me Ross talks to Mangini on a fairly regular basis to get his opinion of the Dolphins. Apparently Mangini tells Ross what he thinks of various areas, including coaching. This is interesting considering Mangini is not ever around the team to find out what game plans are, what injury concerns the team is nursing and other factors critical to decisions made on and off the field.

Despite this relationship and the fact Ross obviously respects Mangini's opinion, I am told the former Jets and Browns coach is absolutely, positively NOT a candidate for the Dolphins coaching job either on an interim basis should Tony Sparano be relieved before the end of the season, or as a long-term option following the season should the Dolphins fail to overcome their 0-5 start.

Again, Eric Mangini is not a candidate to be the Dolphins head coach.

But he is regularly speaking with the Dolphins nonetheless.


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Not with that defense.

You just set this up as a diversion. Way to create chaos. This complete post serves no purpose other then to cause grown men to act like babies.

Sour for Cowher!

Mando, why won't Tony just quit? He has to know by now his dumbarse will be fired in 3 months, 12 days, 18 hours, 58 minutes and 22 seconds.

Posted by: Tony Suckrano

Tony, not sure if you know this, but Sparano has some issues with clock management...


I guess Rich Kotite was not available.



Not sure if you were including me in on the morons, but I was agreeing with you that we should keep Marshall right now?

I also think it's funny how the stupid MNF crew spent an hour bashing Marshall for his statement and then he was an upstanding citizen the whole game, lol. Idiots. Berman drives me crazy anymore, stupid Bills fan.

what can you say .... unbelievable... mr ross should just shoot him self and save the rest of us fans further embaressment. this is getting ugly very ugly. we used to win ...now well????

Anyone who says fire sparano and Ireland are right, because this team is getting worse and even commentators are shaking their heads.
But anyone who follows it up with getting rid of our two playmakers invalidates everything they say. Bush is a good compliment to Thomas. He just needs to be used by better coaches. And Marshall leads all our wide receivers, and was better than all of our receivers and te combined last night! Doubt it?

I don't want anything for Marshall. Get rid of him. It will be addition by subtraction. He is not worth the uniform he wears.Denver could not get rid of him quick enough. Nobody will offer anything for him because he is a locker room killer and pain in the ass to deal with. And by the way inimounts, you seem to have all the awnsers but offer no suggestion, you spineless troll.

Mangini and I have something in common: we both took the Browns to the 'superbowl'.....nowhe will help the fins going to the same place.

Not even in jest should you EVER suggest that!!

Blog Fodder wrote: I guess Rich Kotite was not available.

--ATTEN-- mr. ross

after more thought i came to this conclusion, please don't take this as an insult, it is meant to be constructive crticism, as i am everything dolphins, but i believe it is your own doing, as the problem seems to be more that you have not given or made the qualification of "RELIABLE" the PRIORITY it must be. if you had RELIABLE personel to hire RELIABLE players your team would look much different. you need to RELY on your front office and make certain that they understand that first and foremost you want a reciever who can catch BAR NONE, size, speed, and y.a.k. is very important but NOT and i repeat NOT as important as a RELIABLE set of hands, and so on to every position so that the MAIN skill to man such position must be RELIABLE.

"reliable" defines consistancy and reliability, above all else, is the PRIORITY.

Yes, a guy who has 5to touchdown drops in 5 games and leads the NFL in drops since 2007 and gets 10 mill a year is all pro, a hall of gamer, and probably should run for mayor. Yeah, I'm the idiot.

I'd like to retract the Rich Kotite thing...sorry.

Did I also mention the stupid penalties he takes?

If he's cut tomorrow, I won't cry. He hasn't been a deciding factor in any game he's played here. Fukk him

Inimounts are you aware that Marshall leads the league in dropped passes over tha last few years? Are you that ignorant that you can't acknowledge a flunkie when you see one. Talk about dipshits!!

The only thing I can say about Marshall is this....

It appeared that last night...he sucked for luck.....

I don't know any other way to explain it....

Mark in Toronto: Leave the football stuff to us...

Thanks for Wake, now go watch the CFL...


By the way, Mando, how about some apologies for the fabricated bs you posted in here about Marshall the other day?


I know this Bill Bellichek and Tom Brady would not let Brandon Marshall within 10 miles of their team. He is a LOOSSER!!!!!!

No, not Mangini - SHULA! Or at least Marino. Talk to someone who actually dedicated their life to this team - not some used car salesman. What's wrong with you, Ross?

Kris, don't you see that he got 100 yards receiving? It doesn't matter that he was targeted about 15 times. Heck, if they throw the ball to him on every play, we may eventually score.

Look it up, for the amount of times he's targeted, he's very, very average.

Y r yall mad that we lost, if yall not looking colts r still winless also n i believe there really r going to go 0-16, just to sit luck 4 a few years, so y not keep loosing too n have him shine 4 us, hmm, i wonder if 2 teams go 0-16 who get luck??????

Ross can talk to Mangini all he wants. He cannot hire him in any capacity because fans will not stand for it and Mangini has never won or been successful at two previous stops in the NFL. One thing we experts are certain of Bellichick, Mangini is not!

I don't know what's worse, that Marshall keeps dropping touchdown passes or that the dip$#hits running this outfit won't acknowledge it and do something about it.

When we're in the redzone, yank Marshall, play Wallace or Moore or anyone else that might accidently hang onto one.

Designated Receiver....that's what we need.

Mangini and Carl Peterson...Boy, we're on the rise. LOL!!

But anyone outside of this blog would agree, that getting a hundred yards against probably the best secondary 'in' the afc, is not sucking for luck, especially compared with what bess hartline and gates did, which was turnover, no catch, dropped passes, turnover. It's a shame that ur not jets fans. They could use the stupid crybabies

Nick M, I was a dolphins season ticket holder for 5 years. So go fukk your mama!!

Some of you guys are a bunch of idiots. Cut Marshall? What purpose does this serve? Again I ask is Brian Hartline better? How many TD does he have? What about the speedster Gates he cant even get open! And Bess just WTH have he been doing? Didnt he fumble should we cut him?

How does cutting Marshall make the team better?

they have to throw the ball to Marshall 15 times a game because if they don't he pouts and becomes a distraction. Shame on Sporano for babying this LOOSSERR!!!!

Even with all the drops he has he's the best we got. And hell no he's not worth 10 million. But is Tony Sparano worth 1.55 million he's getting?

And my city does host NFL football and will most likely be the new home of the buffalo bills when old ralphie punches his ticket. Si don't pull that American superior bullcrap on me punk!!

That's probably the funniest thing about u morons.....Marshall leads is 'in' almost every category, but u still want to yank him. For who? Wallace or Moore? Wr have NOONE that catches td passes. Bess has like five 'in' four years as a full fledged starter 'in' this league. Hartline? Same. Wallace and Moore? Please. But keep
Wanting to trade him. So retarded it hurts this is where dolfans are. At least u stay away from
My canes. And I know that online is where the retarded come
Out from the gmas basement...but still.

True, Marshall drops the football...But he often tops 100 yards receiving a game. If we get rid of him, who do we throw it to? Hartline? Bess? Fasano? You think our offense is bad now?

Thank u dkm. It's like talking to
Dumb brick walls isn't it.
It was mark who said we should and
Wouldn't trade for
Marshall 'in' the first place, remember? Don't
Think I don't. U have never been right? And ur boyfriend Albert is just new to this blog and stupid so I'm trying to ignore him

OK, I'm guessing Ross is talking to Mangini simply because Mangini has intimate knowledge of how the Jets and Pats are built. AAm I right?

Other phone calls Ross made:

(1) milkman

(2) Waste Management

(3) Chevy Motors

(4) His wife

(5) dinner reservations

(6) a couple other friends

(7) his secretary

(8) more old friends

(9 some Biz calls

So what's your point Mando ???

Are u Stoned Mando ???

Can u also tell us what meaningless magazines he read?


please cancel this blog Mando is doping again

This is just another fine example of the superb leadership of this team. Funny he's spending time discussing "things" with Mangini...he sure as heck didn't make much of an effort anywhere else. NEWSFLASH FINFANZ, Bengals/Raiders are dealing a trade for Carson Palmer. Obviously the Raiders continuing to pursuit a winning season, unlike our beloved Dolphins.

This whole organization sickens my stomach!

Toxic Chemtrail's in South Florida are everywhere

Check out this blog. LMAO

Check out Brandon Marshall and his attempt at speaking!

Watch sean smith try to Pose as a CB!

Watch sean smith try to catch the football!

*Chemtrail Awareness* NOW !!!

Inimounts, perhaps the solution is on another team, in college? I just know that Marshall is not it. Look at Denver, they got Brandon Lloyd to fill his shoes at a fraction of the cost. Marshall just is not working. Period!! I may be convinced to give him one more year with a different cast but at the same time, if they decide he's not worth and cut ties, I understand that too. His contract restricts the team big time.

inimounts, you're right, he leads in most TD passes dropped. why mess with that?

Mark in Toronto, right on brother! LOL!!

DMK, The best receiver the Dolphins have is Devon Bess. Marshall is an undiciplined rout runner, drops too many passes, Pouts and is a problem wating to happen. And inimounts when the Dolphins last ,made the playoffs and went 11-5 their receivers were Devon Bess, Greg Camarillo, Anthony Fassano and David Martin. You don't need a flunkie like Marshall on your team. Open your eyes and take the Brandon Marshall poster down.

We need Bill Cowher. If not, get Marc Trestman.

LMAO Albert u are a joke! He had one catch and fumbles it for a turnover 'in' a much needed drive!! And how many td does he have 'in' the YEARS he plays for us??? Look it up RIGHT NOW, I'll wait for ur dim witted apaolofy

And albert, when we went 11-5 and got blown out of the playoffs, who were our leading receivers? Do ur homework little boy. Ricky Williams and Ronnie brown. 1 and 2.
The wildcat was 11-5, we won 'in' SPITE of our receivers and because of our easy schedule.


Inhalation & Contact of, ... South Florida Chemtrails Fallout

Aluminum Oxide & Barium salts every where @ Toxic levels

*Chemtrail line looking like jet exhaust and then spreading into deliberate Toxic Chemclouds *

The New World Order says:

"Party On Slaves"


Inimounts, Don't ignore me. I'm here baby, talk to me. You like calling people names dont you? Come on talk to me. Spineless troll that you are.

Mark, they just traded Lloyd, and our shopping Eddie royal. That regime has no want for wide receivers apparently, since Marshall was traded after leading the league and now Lloyd the exact same.


First off 2008 was a fluke season we had the easiest schedule that year and Tom Brady tore his knee up. Secondly are you talking about the Davonne Bess whos been fumbling and dropping balls as well or the Davonne Bess that cant even get open anymore.

Im not proclaiming B Marsh is the best receiver in the game he not even in the top 10 anymore. Im saying hes the best we have, if you can unload him for a 2nd round pick do it but your not getting that.

Your seriously a dumb ass for bringing in that fluke 2008 season to your arguement.

finzfan: Oakland traded their first round pick for Palmer. Would you make that deal - especially if we are in contention for the top 3 QB prospects?

cosmodo, NO!!!!!!!!!

Cosmodo, they traded TWO first round picks...and my answer is absolutely. Are u kidding? Eight teams are vying for the top three. And who's to say theydont bust? Carson is a proven beast, as much as I hate him. And we draft horrible


why does anybody think we'd do any better with whatever picks we would get in a trade? Let's leave the dumb trades to the Raiders.

Dkm, who would u take 'in' the second round? Ur wrong. I know ur on my side but u are dead wrong. The point is...megatron would not score tds 'in' this system. Andre Johnson wouldn't, etc. Get Marshall a qb, and if he still sucks (ur def of suck is apparently 150 yards a game or less) then I say trade.

The problem with you dmk is that when somebody prooves you wrong you call them names and think you have made a point. Let's try this, before the Dolphins got Brandon Marshall they were 18-14 since they got Brandon Marshall they have been 7-14. Yeah, Marshall really makes a difference!! And no he is not the best we have. If you threw the ball to Devon Bess 15 times he would catch it more that 6 times.

Inimounts, are you truly rick spielman? Palmer is washed up. He will probably be finished before the Bengals make the 2nd of their selections from this trade.

My God, what would Jim Mandich be thinking right now? R.I.P Jim

cosmodo, the Raiders have an excellent chance of making the playoffs and have good players. We need our draft picks, we have needs at almost every position!! We need more picks if anything.

Lmao see? Palmer: big name. Mark doesn't want him. Mark likes the team we have now and the coaches apparently.

Palmer had 20 interceptions last year and is getting older and has had injuries.........Draft is the better chance to take here by FAR

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