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Dolphins consulting with Eric Mangini

Remember last year when deposed Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini called team owner Stephen Ross to discuss I-don't-know-what?

Well, the Dolphins shoved that phone call under the proverbial rug as simply a coach reaching out to an owner because the two had an ongoing relationship rooted in Mangini's days with the New York Jets and Ross's residency in New York.

Well, the two are talking again.

Multiple sources are telling me Ross talks to Mangini on a fairly regular basis to get his opinion of the Dolphins. Apparently Mangini tells Ross what he thinks of various areas, including coaching. This is interesting considering Mangini is not ever around the team to find out what game plans are, what injury concerns the team is nursing and other factors critical to decisions made on and off the field.

Despite this relationship and the fact Ross obviously respects Mangini's opinion, I am told the former Jets and Browns coach is absolutely, positively NOT a candidate for the Dolphins coaching job either on an interim basis should Tony Sparano be relieved before the end of the season, or as a long-term option following the season should the Dolphins fail to overcome their 0-5 start.

Again, Eric Mangini is not a candidate to be the Dolphins head coach.

But he is regularly speaking with the Dolphins nonetheless.


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Albert, just stop talking lol

We could have as low as the tenth pick 'in' the draft. Anyone counting on draft needs to wake up.

Should of drafted Andy Dalton, TCU. Another QB we could of had. Add him to the list.


I would trade him for a second round pick, First off he's not worth 10 million dollars, Secondly, what do you mean get him a QB? There has been 2 QB who threw catchable balls to him he dropped. Thirdly we need talent at every position, so if you can a second do it I doubt it though.

My post are for people saying cut him or trade hime for a 4th round pick now that ludacris.

Ohio dolfan how many tds didnhe have? How many yards. I've watched every game Carson has played, and he is a top ten qb. The bengals are missing
Him this year that's for sure. They have a schedule that makes 08 for
Us look hard. I don't like him, but the dolphins needed him more
Than the raiders. He wouldn't come anyway

Time to go. Goodnight all

inimounts: you're braver than me. I wouldn't do it. Palmer is at the peak of his career - he's only going to go downhill from here. Oakland wants to win now and they've placed all their bets now. I think they're delusional if they think they are a serious SB contender.

Disclaimer: I gotta head off to a meeting right now - so you won't hear from me for a while.

You have to be a crackhead to trade two first rounders for Carson Palmer. He hasnt played in a year and is washed up. Didnt he throw 18 picks his last season.

Whata think the teams gonna look like next year?

The Dolphins are consulting with Mangina....

The Raiders traded for Carson Palmer....WTF...



A lot of people thought the Raiders were stupid to give up a first round pick for Richard Seymour but in the end it was worth it. He brought a lot of leadership to the team. You can love or hate the Raiders but at least they try. I wish I could say the same about our Dolphins.



Hmmm a first round pick??


Leadership from a layer who isnt a pro bowler or best at his position??

I'll take first round pick.

Trade Marshall.
Get 2nd round pick.
Fire Tony
Fire Jeffy
Hire Cowher
Draft Luck

Rinse, Repeat.

The best thing Ross can do for the team? Sell it to a passionate football person who is so competitive he'd run his mother off the road to be in front of her. Mark Cuban fits that mold. Mega bucks, hates to loss, lives and loves to win, hates to lose! The man is a quack but darn he will tolerate nothing but a winner! He'd be a PIA to work for, but we'd win! That's all that matters to him. He a crazy fan for the Mavs and he's got passion and guts...we need a total change of personality down here.

ronni brown traded to detroit....

Implants, no I don't like our team and especially not our coaches. If you read my posts from going way back you'd know that. Stop speaking for me.

I have decided to become Chinese.

Ronnie brown is done.

Ross is such a freeking joke.

He is at the root of all our issues, and man alive do we have many.

I can't stand this owner and what he has done and is doing to our team.

Who will want to come coach for this guy, and come play for this clown of an owner?

Please sell the team.

It's all about talent acquisition and the players you bring in to your organization. The Dolphins have done poorly in that area. That's what we're seeing now.

Not even going to read the posts. I can only assume there is the normal assortment of crybabies who will somehow use this story as a way to bad mouth the owner.

All we know is that the owner and Mangini have some sort of friendship and they talk once in a while. We don't know what the conversations are about, they could be talking about lasik surgery for all we know.

Or they're talking about football. Either way it really has no effect on the Dolphins moving forward. He's not going to be the coach, end of story.


I DO NOT LIKE what you reported.

I smell a rat (not you) and if Ross hires mangini I am DONE with the Dolphins forever. I been a fan since the AFL merger and am ready to call it quits.

That POS Mangini is as useless as all the rest of the crap HC we have went through since Shula.

Again I smell a rat. I wouldn't be surprised NOW if in fact Mangini IS named the next Dolphin HC, GM, Football czar or Ross butt wipe up until your post.

YOU need to get some additional information from that POS owner Ross or whoever you got that from.

This is NOT something that we fans want to read or hear about.

Hell, I'm pissed off just because of what you heard and reported.

Ross you are a complete butt wipe and POS for even talking or consulting with a loser Mangini. YOU do NOT deserve to be an NFL team owner.

Hyzengia YOU SUCK for selling the team to that POS Ross.

Your football knowledge takes up as much space as a pubic hair. What comic books do you read to get your football updates? Do us a favor and shut up.


You just made my point you ignoramus boffun. Yes Ricky and Ronnie where a big part of 2008. With Brandon Marshall on that team he would of been pouting because Ricky and Ronnie were running the wildcat or catching too many passes. Keep talking, the more you talk the more you make other peoples point valid.

I just feel compelled to say this....

Tony Sparano reminds me of Bob Dole when he ran for President years ago. He did everything that he thought his base wanted; he was boring, lacked any kind of personality and took no chances. After he lost, America learned he was actually funny and interesting.

Sparano, similarly, seems to have walked that line. The Wildcat was probably the only semi-original handprint he gave to this team. It is unfortunate that given another opportunity to coach in another venue, he may succeed after realizing his approach - one fostered by his mentor - is outdated in this new era.

I don't think it too early to say, "godspeed and good luck Coach."

*****POST OF THE DAY******

It's all about talent acquisition and the players you bring in to your organization. The Dolphins have done poorly in that area. That's what we're seeing now.

Posted by: Davidt

Concise, well reasoned and to the point.

Dear Mr. Salguero

How to be an Internet Football G.M. blogger in 5 simple steps

1 - Always type in capital letters...the larger the font the easier it is to read your point of view....plus it make it look like you yelling or very passionate

2 - When disagreeing with alternative views always use derogatory terms to belittle the other persons point of view....nothing says I'm smarter then you then a derogatory term.....bonus points if you use CAPS.

3 - Always bash the writer of the article

DO THE EDITORS OF THE MIAMI HERALD KNOW YOUR STILL ON COMPANY GROUNDS.... IDIOT...See I used capital letters for the bonus points

4 - General rule of thumb, Billionaire team owners and there partners know nothing and should always just sell the team.

5 - Never stay on the blog all day with the same user name....switch it up with different user names to validate the points you are trying to make with your first user name.

Well there you go

Soiled :)

We all know that this should be a rebuilding year for miami coming up(most of us that r sane anyway)

Ross just needs to clean house this offseason and PUT an end to this miserable front office tree stemming from any smell that has Parcells labeled on it....seriously!!!

Luck is not the only quarterback out there in the draft potentially. If he winds up becoming a Dolphin, great, but even if he does, it's no guarantee he will become a success in the NFL. What our Dolphins need most is an ace talent evaluator which apparently we do not have in Mr. Ireland. So getting a solid GM would be priority 1. There are other very high quality qb candidates out there: Keep an eye on Russell Wilson, Senior qb at Wisconsin. Great completion percentage, and he is mobile also. This front office never looked to the Wisconsin football team for any players, and that is a mistake.

anyone who goes to home games are as much a looser as our coach and GM....we must rebell...

Jeff Fisher for HC??? You cant be serious...

Exactly what has Fisher ever accomplished? Here is a comparison of Fisher, Gruden and a REAL PROVEN WINNER, STAR Coach and his name is COWHER aka THE JAW.

Fisher record below.

Career record

142-120-0 (Regular season)
5-6 (Postseason)
147-126-0 (Overall)

Championships won
1999 AFC Championship

GRUDEN aka Chucky Record below:

95–81–0 (Regular Season)
5–4 (Postseason)
100–85–0 (Overall)

BILL COWHER aka THE JAW record below:

Super Bowl XL victory (2005)

2 AFC Championship victories (1995, 2005)

AP NFL Coach of the Year (1992)

2× Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year (1992, 2004)

149–90–1 (regular season record)

12–9 (playoff record)

161–99–1 (overall record)

In Cowher’s 15 seasons, the Steelers captured eight division titles, earned ten postseason playoff berths, played in 21 playoff games, advanced to six AFC Championship games and made two Super Bowl appearances.

He is one of only six coaches in NFL history to claim at least seven division titles.

At the conclusion of the 2005 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers had the best record of any team in the National Football League since Cowher was hired as head coach.

Now folks... If you don't like COWHER that's fine BUT you can NOT argue that COWHER IS the best choice for the Dolphin's as he has a proven record and TODAY, Mike Tomlin reps from what COWHER built with the Rooney family backing him up.

This is a no brainier.. COWHER IS the first choice. Give him the tools and guaranteed the Fins will be turned around as one of the best Teams in the NFL since Shula.

Fisher and Gruden or whoever else is out there that you want to throu in and is availiable cant hold the apron strings for Cowher as there is just no comparison whatsoever..

The numbers don't lie.

I like Wilson too but he's under six feet and was drafted by the Colorado Rockies. He's accurate, smart and very athletic but may go MLB.

Fire Saparano today! Bench Marshall for a game and each time he drops a pass...no bonus money! Make Nolan the interim coach for the balance of the year....Give Gruden what he needs to get out of his ESPN contract...bring in Josh Daniels as the Offensive Coordinator. Make Ross promise to stay completely out of football decisions and just write flippn checks! Sell the farm to move up to get Andrew Luck...sell the summer house to bring in a top notch back up QB. Luck starts his rookie year!

Andrew Luck.

Today on THE FAN with Mike Francesa, He said that Andrew Luck is guaranteed to be as good as John Elway and Paten manning and will be a STAR in the NFL, NOT A PLAYER a STAR.

Enough said.

Transcript of Ross-Mangini Conversation:
R: What do you want now?
M: I spread the mulch in back like you wanted boss, I'm gonna get some lunch before I clean the pool.
R: You idiot I told you the mulch goes in front.
M: You want anything from the bodega boss?
R: You moron I'm on the Concorde to Paris.

Ross should go across town and consult with Pat Riley. He knows a thing or two about getting some elite players!

The Raiders just got Carson Palmer. Hmmmm, what was Jeff Ireland and the rest of the rocket scientists running this organization doing today?

Just watched the Luck interview on espn2. He wouldn't talk about "suck for Luck" but said he came back this year because he wanted to finish it out with the guys from his college draft class. I take that to mean he's coming out. And he did watch the MNF game last night but wouldn't talk about the Dolphins.

A loser coach talking to a sling franchise. Yeah makes sense to me

Honestly, im not even oppossed to the idea of trading marshall at this point.....see if there is interest from anyone and what they could offer in return....

Maybe its a pathetic statement but really since marshall has been here, there's been more issues with him off the field which i prayed wouldnt follow him from denver and even his play has gone downhill since year1 with miami,

And its not like hes become a game changer in a lot of these games so far, so why not even think about it???

His biggest issue in a trade would be obviously the $$$ he's recieving and likely wont garner much interest without an opt-out cluase so its probably a moot point.....just sayin

(most of us that r sane anyway)

superPHIN, EXCELLENT disclosure. LOL!

Mike Francesa said today on THE FAN that the Dolphins are DEAD FISH WALKING... LOL, ain't that the truth.

He also was asked about what he thought of Andrew Luck.

Mike said that it's guaranteed that Andrew Luck is as great as John Elway, patten Manning, etc and will be a STAR in the NFL, Not a Player but a STAR.

DKM said it best....he only forgot one person: OWNERSHIP. It starts at the top people...

The Problems are

Offensive coordinator
Defensive coordinator
Defensive Line
Offensive Line
WR (Brandon Marshall)
Special teams

Wow we need to blow this up ASAP!

Mangini, another LOSER! and Ross seeks his advice! Shoot me please! Put me out of my misery!!!

Mangina's advice...continue to suck for luck!

The trading deadline was at 4pm today.
And the Raiders traded 2 #1's for Palmer?
That's crazy.
He wasn't worth 2 #1's when he was still at USC.

They should have gotten Orton.

I still cant believe they gave up 2 #1's.....that is F#U#K#I#G INSANE!!!!!!

I would shoot myself if i was a raiders fan right now.....!!!!!

NY G, Cowher is the guy, as long as he can pick his staff and FO!

I'm just curious, when Armando writes that "Multiple sources are telling me..." does that mean he's hearing voices?

No offense, sir, but I'd rather believe you're crazy than to think Ross is seeking advice from Mangini.


I agree 100%. Give Cowher the keys and let Cowher pick his staff.

NY "G"/superPHIN,

And there are idiots who thought the Dolphins should have given that for Palmer. People are truly mental. Palmer is injury-prone, MIGHT have a couple years left, and NEVER was a true elite QB, and someone would take him over a rookie that you can have as your franchise QB for a decade!!! Glad some people aren't controlling this team.


Thats probably the only thing I would credit Ross for doing it pulling the plug on not trading for guys like Orton or Palmer.....not after seeing the potential prospects at the QB position in next years draft

Raiders obviously believe that they can make a run this year is my only guess as to why they even thought of doing this deal.....and it was for a first round pick next year and 2nd round choice in 2013 according to nfl.com...still amazed that the raiders did this!!!

What a sad state of our Franchise....

Thank god. Get Cowher, and no one else, period. Then go get Luck or Jones and start over. We're absolutely terrible. Just terrible.

He's the one that made them hire ...Daboll and B.Cox...This guy is a terrible coach and as a tv guy..he saids things that every one knows!

Daboll and Cox will become offseason casualties in the next regime brought in....I can tell u that much, so their job security is pretty much out the door come 2012

I agree. This management is too dumb to Suck for Luck. They will win a couple of games and be out of contention. If we draft top 10 then we can still get a decent QB. I just don't think Ireland will abandon his boy Henne.

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