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Dolphins consulting with Eric Mangini

Remember last year when deposed Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini called team owner Stephen Ross to discuss I-don't-know-what?

Well, the Dolphins shoved that phone call under the proverbial rug as simply a coach reaching out to an owner because the two had an ongoing relationship rooted in Mangini's days with the New York Jets and Ross's residency in New York.

Well, the two are talking again.

Multiple sources are telling me Ross talks to Mangini on a fairly regular basis to get his opinion of the Dolphins. Apparently Mangini tells Ross what he thinks of various areas, including coaching. This is interesting considering Mangini is not ever around the team to find out what game plans are, what injury concerns the team is nursing and other factors critical to decisions made on and off the field.

Despite this relationship and the fact Ross obviously respects Mangini's opinion, I am told the former Jets and Browns coach is absolutely, positively NOT a candidate for the Dolphins coaching job either on an interim basis should Tony Sparano be relieved before the end of the season, or as a long-term option following the season should the Dolphins fail to overcome their 0-5 start.

Again, Eric Mangini is not a candidate to be the Dolphins head coach.

But he is regularly speaking with the Dolphins nonetheless.


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Whether anyone likes it or not, Mangenius is better than Suckprano.

The number one problem with this team is the management and coaching, period. An intelligent person listens to all points of view before making informed decisions. The problem with the current owner is that he continually receives extremely bad advice and takes it.

How can one team be so bad for so long??? Sell this team back to my family and my spirit will live in the stadium that once bore my name. I will right this sinking ship.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Joe Robbie's corpse

@ NY "G": Francesca is a fat bag of crap, only total losers take his gassy thoughts seriously.

I never saw a city roll over and die so easily. All the boob jobs, tattoo's, and gold teeth in the world can't save this place. If the Dolphin's organization had any class they would immediatley refund all the season ticket holder's for this "run-out".

Chris Russo,

LMAO.. good one.

Armando, do you really think that Mangini or anyone has to know what the game plan is from Sparano to realize that the Dolphons coach has a flaud game plan every game. Why throw to Marshall with the Jet's best player on him? That's not exactly going after the weakness, which is what most decent coaches do.

Scenario if you choose to answer.

If the Dolphins, Colts, Rams end the season 0-16, who gets the #1 pick, #2 and #3 pick???

Will that be determined by PF, PA or flip of the coin or lottery?

Is he still the coach ?

Mr.Ross 0-5 is unacceptable. we want Bill Cowher as the coach of the Dolphins Tony Sparano could not do the job in 2010 and again in 2011. The time for change is now.

remember the Mark Brothers...those guys made catches+yards after the catch.remember marshall........marshall who!

Posted by: FULTON WALKER | October 18, 2011 at 12:12 PM

they went from the Marks Brothers to the Marx Brothers-Groucho, Harpo and Zippo!


Bill Parcells now running (ruining) the Raider organization. Gives up two first rounders for Carson Palmer.

I know it's not true but you've got to admit it isn't much of an exaggeration.

"Eric Mangini is not a candidate for Head Coach." Which means he is first in line for the job.

all you people who support marshall are out of ur minds. yeah he puts up good mumbers but not where it counts. are u sure this team even knows what the painted part of the field is called? oh yeah, the endzone!

Scenario #2...

With the NFL turning very Liberal with it's rules such as you cant touch the QB or receiver like the good old days when you could flatten em out.

Liberal like when we now each Sunday, Monday are subject to on field Women giving sideline reports (when was the last time a women played in the NFL).

Liberal when we need to watch grown MEN wearing PINK for a month.

Liberal when a HC cant shake hands hard like harbaugh did without ESPN and the rest of the blowhard NFL analysts talk about it so much that it becomes a item.

With all that, and the NFL, ESPN, talk radio, TV sports talking about Sucking for Luck, the question is..

WHAT could the NFL do to a team that is known to be sucking for Luck and they have evidence.

What WILL the NFL do when it becomes apparent that Miami will get the #1 and pick and what will the NFL who HATES THE DOLPHINS ever since 1972 do to prevent the Dolphins from drafting Luck. Lottery, suspension and the loss of the #1 pick?

hey, just say-in...

Marshall and his head games, he is playing everybody.

Did ya'll see Ronnie Brown was traded to the Lions......didn't last too long in Philly

"Yes, I have heard about Suck for Luck, and I think it's stupid. I would not want to play for fans who have that mentality"

Interview with Andrew Luck, Oct 8th 2011

In other words Miami "Fans" even Andrew Luck knows you guys are fake morons

Have you seen this one?


This one's awesome:


The Raiders just got Carson Palmer. Hmmmm, what was Jeff Ireland and the rest of the rocket scientists running this organization doing today?

Posted by: Mitch | October 18, 2011 at 04:54 PM


Hmmm...I guess they were busy NOT giving up two first-round draft picks (along with any shot at Andrew Luck or another top-ranked QB next year) for an aging, damaged player.

Seriously, you must be completely brain dead if you wanted them to make that move.

Mr.Ross 0-5 is unacceptable. we want Bill Cowher as the coach of the Dolphins Tony Sparano could not do the job in 2010 and again in 2011. The time for change is now.

Posted by: Angryfan | October 18, 2011 at 06:21 PM


Are you suggesting they bring him in now? Because if that's the case you have ZERO understanding of how things work.

First of all, Cowher is under contact to CBS. That contract no doubt includes an escape clause, but not DURING the season.

Second, can you EVER remember ANY high-profile coach coming in and taking over a team during the season? It's ludicrous. Not only would they be inheriting a staff and players they had absolutely zero input in assembling, they would also be preventing themselves from exploring ALL their offseason options, which only a complete fool would do.

The change for a high-profile coach can ONLY happen after the season concludes. Period. You guys who think otherwise are beyond delusional.

In answer to an earlier post, tie-breakers in draft order are determined solely by strength of schedule. The team determined to have played the weaker schedule selects first.

Even head-to-head results are meaningless. For instance, if Denver beats Miami but they wind up tied at the end of the season and the Broncos had the weaker schedule, they would still select before Miami.

Hope tnat clears it up for you.

I have been a fan since Wahoo McDaniel played. I still love the Dolphins but I have not been able to watch the dolphins play in years.... we need some respectable backbone like Cowher or Tony Dungy someone that has some massive balls...

I like maginini as a hc for us...he has axe's to grind with both pats and jets...

Canadian footballers lol

Anyway, as for the topic of Mangini, I think he is the one floating his name around to make himself look relevant. His name apparently popped up as a consultant for Andy Reid last week. Reid denied all of it...
I have a feeling Mangini is trying to float his name with hopes that a position may open up for him.
As for our coaching situation, THERE HAD BETTER NOT BE ANY "INTERIM" COACHES. Hire the Coach now, put him in the Front Office as a consultant. Let him evaluate this team, get his own coaching staff together and let Sparano be a losing puppet with an awesome kicker nailing 18 yard fgs the rest of the year.

Not a Ross fan, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with him talking to football people outside the organization to pick their brains and get independent analysis from someone with no ties to the current staff. It's pretty smart, actually.

As to the notion that Mangini would be named coach, not a chance in hell. I'd bet my last dime on that.


Posted by: NICK M | October 18, 2011 at 08:25 PM

Why on Earth would any "name" guy like Cowher or Fisher deny THEMSELVES the opportunity to explore all their options after the season? Seriously. It's absolutely ludicrous to expect them to do that.

I hate to call your proposal delusional nonsense, but that truly is what it is. A coach would be an idiot to do what you ask, and you can be assured they won't. Would YOU in the same position??

I apologize in advance if my post shows up 2 X. Comp or this site is lagging badly.


Heh, heh, Armando.

TJ, you're absolutely correct about that. I posted the same thing a few days ago on the very same topic.

I get the frustration. Who doesn't? But to think a team can just bring in a name coach during the season is nutty. And as you said, why would they even consider it and not want to see what else is out there after the season?

I would like to come to your city and sample the finest pancakes. What is the airfare?

Chaz Bono could be a Man Genie!

Why pick Eric Mangini's brain when he has been a failure as a HC? Heh, to get the negatives.

You can fly on your own, Olga.

Yes, this is true but I prefer to sit in my cage here in Latvia and scrape my beak on a cuttlebone.

Still, I shall come to your "Miami" and sample pancakes there. You will accompany Olga for this, yes?

Ross is doing his homework, and I am all for it.

Mangini may not have been a successful coach, but he is a disciple of Belichek, well dialed in to the current NFL, has plenty of AFC east experience, and I don't see why he couldn't give a worthwhile critique.

This does not mean he is not going to seek other opinions as well. He has got the ball rolling. We see his first choice is working out very well in SF, so let's give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

Could be, Devils, could be.

Then, Olga, until you decide to come to Miami, fu-k you.

Denver is 1- 4, not exactly lighting things up. Yet, they are still favored to beat us by 2 points in our own stadium.

I'm calling it here, on record, we will win our first game next Sunday.

Olga will bite you when she comes to Miami!

Olga and all his aliases suggest one extremely bored individual with no sex life.

Denver is 1- 4, not exactly lighting things up. Yet, they are still favored to beat us by 2 points in our own stadium.

I'm calling it here, on record, we will win our first game next Sunday.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | October 18, 2011 at 09:34 PM

I agree with you. The Broncos have very little going for them and I suspect by the end of they year they will prove to be the worst team in the league. Obviously, they would select Luck if they get the opportunity.

I always try to delude myself that LV is wrong, but they are not.

Olga and all his aliases suggest one extremely bored individual with no sex life.

Posted by: Dr. Foster | October 18, 2011 at 09:41 PM


Expert analysis since it is coming from someone using an alias sitting alone in front of a keyboard, "Dr."

It's all about Morano ...Look how a coach with energy can spark a team ...Harbaugh..every team in the NFL has talent you need a coach with a strong pressence to change the teams confidence and fortune..Morano is just a terrible pressence!Confidence is in the gutter cause of him!

tired of this "disciple" of Belichick crap. so is Dabol, so is Josh McDainiels and probably another 10-20 coaches who hung around the teams he coached and still can't figure it out. He's a one of a kind, one in a million coach. and so what about Ross talking to people. As long as he doesn't make a fool of Sparano he can do whatever it takes to put this team on track. We are 0-5...it's his responsibility to solve this mess.

When LV says by 2, it means it will be a very close Game, separated only by imponderables.

Marshall went out of bounce cause he was scared of Cromartie running him down ..this guy is stupid..remember when the Fins played the broncos a couple of years ago ..and he said Joey Porter talking bad about him ..than on game day the fins stoped him and he had a bad game...also last year he said we will win the last six games and u know what happen...when it's all said and done the team who will have the #1 pick will be the broncos..Elway traded B.L. to the rams ..cause he knows he would give the broncos a chance to win and now he will help the rams win!


given your interest in LV odds you might find this interesting;

The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations, published in 2004, is a book written by James Surowiecki about the aggregation of information in groups, resulting in decisions that, he argues, are often better than could have been made by any single member of the group.

The opening anecdote relates Francis Galton's surprise that the crowd at a county fair accurately guessed the weight of an ox when their individual guesses were averaged (the average was closer to the ox's true butchered weight than the estimates of most crowd members, and also closer than any of the separate estimates made by cattle experts).


You is talking about oxes, I is talking about Football.

Aside from that, of course, the Collective dominates, as It always has.

I is talking about estimation- the weight of the ox, who should win etc.


Just because a coach did not win a SB doesn't mean they know nothing, or as you say 'couldn't figure it out'. No coach that has won a SB has ever been able to 'figure it out' on another team either as of yet.

This is not rocket science. There are a million factors that decide how well a team does and not all of them are controllable. Number of draft picks (some could have been traded away by previous regimes), draft order, how well the players available when you are picking meet your needs, injuries, no GM has ever avoided bust picks, and then one funny bounce of the ball, or one questionable call, has determined many a playoff game and prevented a team good enough to win it all go further.

If you are here blogging, you must think you have something to say, or others here have something to say. Fine. But you can bet not one of us here ever had a single idea that any of theses pro's have not thought of already. The reality is they see the details of the game far beyond any of us.

I'm no Mangini fan, and I don't think he is God because he worked for Belichek. However, I firmly believe it is wise of Ross to be seeking opinions from the few people on Earth that have Mangini's level experience.

Hey, Armando, before you go to bed, wassup?

just keep losing, its the right thing for the future of this franchise. this week is huge, denver has to find some way of winning this game.

DevilsAdvocate---Very well stated and agreed.

I'm not a Ross fan, but some of this mindset that everything and anyrthing he does is negative is simplistic in the extreme and frankly more than a little ridiculous.

Part of his job in improving as an owner IS to seek outside opinions. It's something that ANY smart person does, regardless of the business they're running. Soliciting opinions and advice outside the 'bubble' of your own organization is one of the best ways to see things in a different light and spotlight issues that those on the inside---with jobs and friendships to protect---may be loathe to voice.

I may think he still needs to grow a lot as an owner but see no reason whatsoever to find fault in this instance.

I get that guys here want to give Ross the benefit of the doubt... never heard the guy actually speak here, maybe others have. But if an owner is judged by the company he keeps, then that means Peterson and apparently Mangini, if that makes you feel hopeful.




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