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Dolphins consulting with Eric Mangini

Remember last year when deposed Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini called team owner Stephen Ross to discuss I-don't-know-what?

Well, the Dolphins shoved that phone call under the proverbial rug as simply a coach reaching out to an owner because the two had an ongoing relationship rooted in Mangini's days with the New York Jets and Ross's residency in New York.

Well, the two are talking again.

Multiple sources are telling me Ross talks to Mangini on a fairly regular basis to get his opinion of the Dolphins. Apparently Mangini tells Ross what he thinks of various areas, including coaching. This is interesting considering Mangini is not ever around the team to find out what game plans are, what injury concerns the team is nursing and other factors critical to decisions made on and off the field.

Despite this relationship and the fact Ross obviously respects Mangini's opinion, I am told the former Jets and Browns coach is absolutely, positively NOT a candidate for the Dolphins coaching job either on an interim basis should Tony Sparano be relieved before the end of the season, or as a long-term option following the season should the Dolphins fail to overcome their 0-5 start.

Again, Eric Mangini is not a candidate to be the Dolphins head coach.

But he is regularly speaking with the Dolphins nonetheless.


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Ross did have one thing right. He figured out that Harbaugh would be better than Sparano. Unfortunately, Harbaugh figured out that the Dolphins' franchise is hopeless, and proceeded to take less money to go to the 49ers. Miami is no longer a destination job for anybody. I would not surprise me if Harbaugh calls is college QB and advises Luck to stay at Stanford as soon as Miami locks in the #1 pick.

Harbaugh opted to go to the Niners because he has a young family that didn't need to relocate and it was a good opportunity for him to stay home and coach a relatively promising young team that already had some pieces in place. I don't find that hard to understand, nor do I think Miami's woes had much of anything to do with it.

The Dolphins were never in an advantageous position to get him.

cosmodo...if I traded anything with the Bengals, it would be their water boys for our coaches! That answer your question??? My point being is our leadership is "jacked up from the floor up!" Sporano needs someone to run him to Walmart, isle 6, get that dude a can of "Courage," a bottle of "Intestinal Fortitude" and whatever else you can find so the Dolphins are not the laughing stock of the NFL. You can see it him (Sporano)...failure is an option it's just a matter to what extreme is acceptable to him.

It's blackout time for miami, this will be a good thing since watching the team SUCK is more painfull that listening to the team SUCK also the radio can lie and say the team really tried to win when on TV you can see the truth. Gee I wonder how many muffed balls the MONSTER will have with denver and with the best CB's in the NFL this game will really SUCK.

Ross is doing his homework, and I am all for it.

Mangini may not have been a successful coach, but he is a disciple of Belichek, well dialed in to the current NFL, has plenty of AFC east experience, and I don't see why he couldn't give a worthwhile critique.

This does not mean he is not going to seek other opinions as well. He has got the ball rolling. We see his first choice is working out very well in SF, so let's give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | October 18, 2011 at 09:25 PM

You're giving Ross too much credit. Ross going to Mangini for advice is a further indication that he doesn't have a clue as to how he should run the organization or who he should hire to run it for him. Ross allowed Parcells to come in and bring with him two people who are totally incapable of doing their jobs and have allowed them to take this franchise to the lowest depths in it's history.
In four years they have managed to almost destroy the fan base by alienating thousands of fans who are disgusted with the lack of progress.
Ticket sales are terrible, nobody is attending the games and the team is the laughing stock of the NFL. Even a commentator on ESPN said the Dolphins should be 0-5.5 after the way they played on Monday.
Changes need to be made and they need to be wholesale changes but, if Ross doesn't start surrounding himself with more talented people than Mangini, us Dolphin fans are in for another long, disappointing stretch.

judy finkle,

Ross found Parcells and his guaranteed contract, and Parcell's disciples here when he purchased the team from the garbage collector.


Might want to check your notes. Ross inherited Parcells and the stooges.

Just because we hear a report Ross talked to Mangini does not mean he is only talking to Mangini. It does not mean Mangini decides or dictates anything. Ross will make up his own mind, just as he did with cutting off the Orton talks.

Ross is a billionaire businessman who only recently bought the team. The best way to learn the business of running a team is to seek perspective from others that have been coaches and GM's in the league. That is a very tiny group of people, and Mangini is one of them.

Again, not that I am a Mangini fan, but let's think objectively here. He did make his way to two HC positions in the NFL and is now a consultant with ESPN. One can not dismiss the fact he has some knowledge and experience of value.

A once great and respected organization is now in total chaos...hope your proud of yourself Ireland and all the other mgmnt schmucks that are getting paid for doing the type of job that would get anybody in the realworld fired.

Brandon Marshall is an idiot and a head case and should be realased instantly. Runs out of bounds without being touched....Jesus. What's next....

I apologize. I did get that one wrong. I forgot Parcells was hired by the previous bufoon to run the team into the ground.

Mangini would be another Sparano or Cameron. We need a coach that is a leader. An very smart coach, with guts, with insight in selecting players. A passionate coach. A hard working one. Someone capable of recognizing and correcting mistakes. A natural born winner. Someone who has Dolphins tatooed on the skin. Someone who talks with the example not with useless words. Someone who will teach players not anyone who will learn from trial and error using this team.

Ross do your job man ! Find or hire someone to find a coach with such a profile.

Sorry Mike,but switching QB's with the Pats. won't do anything except get Brady killed.Have you not been watching our line play this yr.?

Just a note..1st pick QB's since 1970
70- Bradshaw
First pick does not mean your getting a Super Bowl, HOF, stud QB. Betting everything on the first pick of the draft, including selling the owner,trading everyone,loosing 16 games,re=painting the stadium, giving out free tickets,sleeping with Mando's wife etc...Does not mean Luck is taking us to the SB...

oh yea, notice that
Brady,Montana,Young,Marino,Rothlisberger,Griese,Staubach,are not on that list of first picks..

Dear Mr. Salguero

I understand what your article is trying to do.

I understand coach Sparano is a likeable man in person.

Fact is he is embarrasing the Dolphins.

Sparano is like a family member with a learning disability.

He wears one of the special helmets to protect his head for when he gets over excited does a fist pump and falls on the ground.

Neighbors look out there windows and say there's that Miami coach walking around outside unsupervised with a helmet on his head.

Coach Sparano has HEAD COACH special needs and we as a Dolphin family should do whats best for the Dolphins.

Ship Coach Sparano off to Dallas along with his slightly less learning impaired sibling Jeff Ireland...Jerry Jones is familier with there handicaps and special needs.

Soiled :)

Posted by: SoiledBottom | October 18, 2011 at 08:36 AM

This might just be the "POST OF THE YEAR" IMHO..... Well done Soiled..., Well done..

Kelly, McMahon just to name a few more left out the were 1st rounders

BTW Brady was not in the first round


who the f is yeah?Guy with no job or little kid on mom and dads computer?

Ive been a fan since the Dolphins were born, Ive seen it all with this franchise, But NEVER have I rooted for this team to loose..How could I, Im a fan..Read Cote's article, pretty interessting. What i actually wish, NO its not Luck, or that we go 0-16..I wish Saturday all fans would show up for the game. NO PAPER BAGS, NO Luck signs, just root your team on..Who cares if you think the owner, coach, and gm are all idiots. Your cheering the men on the field, many of which work hard, and are trying to win, want to win..thats who your rooting for..Geez, think about it, if your having rough times, down on your luck, what do you want? Your friends and family to laugh and point fingers at you? or do you want there support? My heart went out to the Lions in that 0-16 season, the very last game, the very last loss, when they realized they made history, Do you realy wish that upon your team? if so, your not a fan..Im in Germany, cant be there for the game. But I will be in front of my TV, ROOTING MY TEAM ON!!! Because thats what fans do..

And Mangini's track record is....??? Maybe Ross will hire another celebrity to coach the time. Maybe Paula Abdul?

Did'nt say Brady was a first rounder..By the way

Miami Sucks Miami Sucks because we have an GM and coach who don't know what they are doing. Players are overpaid and are not playing for the team and fans to win every sunday instead sucking it up to be the worst team in NFL history. We could be worse than 0-16 Lions if we go 0-16.
Please Ross you better do something otherwise Dolphin fans will not be going to games in the future and Sun Life Stadium will be empty.

Mark my words it's been a long time since Marino retired and this proud franchise was having good years.
We really need a Franchise QB and if it does not happen this time around we are in deep shite!!!!

Mangini??? Really??? Now he's listening to another loser!!

MANGINI, THE PIZZA MAN..................

No Billionare became so by being foolish, and Ross is no exception. Another true statement is that most of those very rich People's prority is to look after their $. Those are valid premises. The rest that we have to work with, to arrive at a conclusion about this Team present and future, are only rumors and innuendos up to now, so we can only conjecture. But conjecture we shall.




I'm pleased to announce my 50 year contract. Bill Parcells will come back to town and open a huge steakhouse next to the stadium.
To bring this franchise back on track we'll hire Rod Marinelli, formerly the HC of the DET Lions, use our 1st draft pick on a kicker, trade Jake Long for a 7th draft pick and bring Ryan Leaf out of retirement as our new franchise QB.

Mangini is another coach who does not believe in high profile playersKeep this guy away from the Dolphins!!!!

You dont have to be "around" the team to know the Dolphins do not use their players very well.

Ross, Ireland, and Sparano could fall into a barrell of t!ts and come out sucking their thumbs!!!!

Why don't we ask Don Shula's opion? He is the Best Coach the Dolphins ever Had, was the winningest coach in the NFL, Took us to the Super Bowl with Don Strock and David Woodley!!! H e play to his teams strength's with Csonka Kiick and Morris we were a running team and with Dan Marino we we a true passing Team. We Need A Quality Coach! Instead we consult a coach who never reached the super Bowl and only stayed with each team a few years before being fired!!

Hey Mando, Mangina just called you a liar on espn!

Eric Mangini just said on ESPN's "NFL live" that he hasn't spoken to Ross since the beginning of the season to wish him good luck. Said he swears it and that he would tell Jesus! Sooooooooooooooo


>Sparano is not the problem. QB is the problem. You switch the Dolphins and Cheatriots QBs and their records would be reversed.

You are an idiot.

the bottom line is ROSS, No one wants to admit it!! because he's the Boss!!!!!! He has to quit being cheesy! Start opening you wallet, get rid of the Offense of Coordinator, that's why they got rid of him at his last job because he SUCKS. it's NOT Sparanos' Fault!!! dam quit blaming him, How many coaches are you going to go through before the front office looks at them self!!! They are the ones who SUCK! REALLY BAD.They can not make the right decisions, and can not get the right players, they are CHEAP on getting the right players, IN ORDER TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL TEAM YOU MUST HAVE A SUCCESSFUL QUARTER BACK - Football 101!!! Dam when are they going to get that through their heads.....
I don't blame Marshall..I would be pissed too...Now your going to balme him??? The team sucks, When you have one of the best receivers in the NFL and no QB to throw to him I'D BE PISSED TO! Don' blame him you morons! yOU GUYS WANT TO BLOW UP THE TEAM, JUST SHOOT THE OWNER AND YOU WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM (I don't mean that literally)Ross will not open his wallet bottom line he is an ass! and will blame everyone but himself. Oh but he has celebrities oooooo- I am so pised at lla of you for blaming the wrong people!!! it's always the coach COME ON!!!

I just read some of the articles and find it remarkable that blame game is always on the the QB. Does anyone feel the offensive line is outstanding in QB protection and run blocking? All the dropped pass are also the some how the QB's fault. Marshall is is best wr but far from being an outstanding clutch player especially in the red zone. Some how the team needs to bring in a power running back and a tackle.

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