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Dolphins continue to be hamstrung by hamstrings

The Dolphins announced today that cornerback Vontae Davis and running back Daniel Thomas are out of Sunday's game against the Giants.

Unfortunately for both players and the team, this is neither a surprise for either player. Davis and Thomas have been undone by hamstring injuries for several games this season.

Davis will be missing his third start in seven games. Same story for Thomas, who earlier missed games against New England and San Diego.

Look, I recognize hamstring injuries can be nagging and frustrating. But at the point where two players are missing their combined sixth games, one has to start questioning the manner in which the Dolphins are managing the hamstring injuries.

The Dolphins fine their players for discussing injuries and then don't discuss injuries themselves so much of this is speculation. But it seems neither of these guys has been 100 percent healed from their hamstrings at any point this season.

Perhaps it's time to bypass the rush to get these two back ASAP at the possible expense of bringing them back before they're 100 percent. Perhaps it's time to shut both down until they are 100 percent and then hope they can actually stay in the lineup -- something they've failed to do so far.

As far as replacements for both players:

Look for Lex Hilliard to get more carries than usual. Steve Slaton might also be player the team turns to. He should be active.

At cornerback, the Dolphins will likely turnn to roookie Jimmy Wilson at cornerback while also asking more snaps from Will Allen.

Oh, if that's not enough, the Dolphins also announced wide receiver Clyde Gates is now questionable for the game with a groin injury. Unlike Thomas and Davis, Gates traveled with the club to New York. But his status is definitely game-time related.

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Sparano is hamstrung by his brain

Whats the over/under for Dolphins QB's knocked out of the game tomorrow ? I set the line at 1.5

I give up, it's one thing after another, this is like a really bad soap opera. I'm already looking forward to April's draft. I can't believe I waited since last season's end for this crap. Give me a break.

Mando any comments on USC -Stanford game ? Luck looked phenomenal on the first drive..so so after that . Not impressed with Barkley at all , looks all too average to me

Snowing like crazy here in New York ...Phins not gonna like conditions tomorrow...cold around 33 ..snow and gusting winds around 40 miles an hour

Is yeah! Dead?

Ha! I keep telling you guys football is played on Saturday! Look at all of the great games played today. Why they call that nonsense on Sunday's "Football" is beyond me.

I think vonte doesn't want to play so he is not associated with this team I mean he is good but not great!! And I'm sorry smith is not good at all. But I really think that vonte is waiting it out!!!

Hamstrings. Get the frick out of here!

Holy crap! Andrew Luck looks like the Geico caveman!

I honestly think the lockout has to do with a lot of the hamstring injuries league wide. If you read the injury reports - as I do 'cause I have no life - it seems muscle injuries are a higher percentage than usual. We are finding out these offseason workouts and constant team supervision mean more than the player would care to admit. I may be off base but it seems that we IMHO.

I rather see best at work and the best, work on Sundays.

The Stanford HC is an even bigger A-Hole than Sparano, he`s got A.Luck and on 3rd down at USC`s 15 yardline down by 3 he takes the ball out of Luck`s hands and goes Wildcat, then fist pumps a redzone Field Goal, sheesh!!!! I got all kinds of deja vu just watching it.

Luck in a nailbiter against USC - threw a pick six (OK, he's human) but here's to seeing what kind of a come-from-behind guy he is

Luck leads the comeback for a tie, now going for a TD in OT. 1st and goal at the 3.

I haven't checked, but wondered if the rest of the NFL is having as many hamstring problems as the Fins.

I watch the pregame shows and read several sports websites every day, but haven't noticed a lot of hamstring injuries throughout the NFL.

Anyone have any data on an increase of hamstring injuries this year in the NFL? Just curious.

Barkley matches Luck with a TD in OT, tied again.

I was gonna go to the Dolphins - denver game last week but you see what had happened was. I saved alot of money by not attending Miami home games and I pulled a hamstring while pulling out my enormous wallet. It appears that Im done for the season.

Can we just have andrew luck now?

Look at that stupid tree. Stanford has the worst mascot ever. Andrew lucks voice sounds like napoleon dynamite.

impressive victory for luck. the mental toughness to bounce back after that interception - man, good stuff

Agree Jamison liked everything I saw him do after the pick 6. I know they will say he got lucky with the personal foul but his WR should have caught a rifle pass he threw on the money. I also like the smarts with him calling his own plays will help him transition to the Pro Game alot.

Id take andrew luck calling his own plays over the morons calling offensive plays for us now.

We should get a top 3 pick, with Luck at the top, it would be an upgrade with Jones or Barkley, now only if the front office don't screw it up. Bill

...The league is littered with hamstring injuries. This isn't just isolated to the Phins. This said. Keep these injured players on the sideline until they are fully healed. Why risk further, or more serious injury in a season that is already a disaster?

On Andrew Luck..That was a very impressive bounce back after he threw that pick 6. More impressive then some guady numbers in a blowout. No quarterback is perfect, and Luck has been put on a pedestal that every negative thing he does will be magnified by those looking for any chink in the armor. On the other side, anything he does positivley will be equally overblown. But in a game where I don't thin he played his best. I think he showed some major nut sack by rebounding from what could have been the deciding INT.

My top 2... Luck and Jones

Put em both on the IR... Neither one makes a difference anyway!

"I honestly think the lockout has to do with a lot of the hamstring injuries league wide. If you read the injury reports - as I do 'cause I have no life - it seems muscle injuries are a higher percentage than usual. We are finding out these offseason workouts and constant team supervision mean more than the player would care to admit. I may be off base but it seems that we IMHO."

Yup. Ive been saying this for a month. The players are 2 blame. Especially with them mandating the only 16 contact practices and pretty much how often when and where was dictated by players, not the coaches.

Since when do players at any level of sports know best about practice?

Please... They may get paid to play a sport but forget how they got there

Yeah, so BFD if Gates does not play. It's not like we can't put devon "fair-catch" bess back there to down kickoffs as well as Gates. And, we are going to get LOTS of chances for kick returns this week.

They are sucking for luck.

Wow 0 and 6.,I figured they'd have at least 1 win by now.

With Thomas out the odds that Moore leaving on the Charter flight back are 1 to 4, Another words, He'll be hospitlized come sunday flight time..

Snow and heavy winds play into a poor teams hands. They only have to run the ball and kick it away. Something that Tony S likes to do. Dolphins 12- New York 10.

I think both of these players have the potential to be one of the better at their position league-wide. Vontae pretty much shut folks down for a stretch last year. I really like how Thomas runs when he gets ANY blocking at all.

I say let them heal completely. The last thing we need is for one of them to suffer more serious injury for no real reason in a lost season (see Jake Long last preseason).

I am not looking forward to Games anymore. That thrill and that agony, I don't feel. I don't care.(regarding the Miami Dolphins)

What's the big push to get Ireland out of here? Ross, being a Major As-hole, surrounded himself, with, probably, bigger As-holes than himself. Ireland. Mike Dee. But, the quality of being an As-hole does not necessarily mean incompetence. There are many As-holes, and good football players, many of the reporters down here are so(excluding Edwin Pope RIP). Me. I'm not an as-hole, and extremely competent. Thank Goodness.

Worst NFL Owner is,

Miami Dolphins

Mr. Ross.

Miami is headed straight in the direction of Las Vegas. But bigger, much bigger. I love it. I love the Action, the glitz and those bright lights(and the riinnging sound). Most of all, I love People, being surrounded by them(and them by Me). Will that be good for Football in this Town. Hmm..

Miami Dolphin apparel for sale, cheap. I used to wear it with pride, but anymore it's really embarassing, when i go out all i get is pity or worse yet snickering. Maybe i won't sell it, maybe I'll just box it up and keep it for the day when Ross sells this team, and someone with football knowledge buys the team and makes the right decisions. I can't get onboard with the suck for Luck movement, I just can't give up like that, I understand the folks that are with the movement but imho I really and truly believe that Luck will refuse to come here.

Feel bad for Matt Moore,now with No running game at all,look for the Giants to blitz,a lot.The way that O-line blocks,this game will get ugly.

This is the perfect excuse to cut Clyde Gates. :-)

In some ways I'm glad Daniel Thomas has had hamstring issues this year. This is a throw away season and Thomas shows some promise...thus it's probably for the best he gets minimal mileage this year. We should probably have the remaining 4-5 guys that will have value next year feign injury as well for the same reason.

Question for you: Cowher, Gruden, Fischer,and Reid not available or just out right refuse to come to Miami, who should we target for out next coach? Just want to get some opinions.

Also who would be the top 5 players you think we should trade or cut at season's end?

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