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Dolphins healthier than Jets as Monday night approaches

The bye week was kind to the Dolphins because they have licked wounds well enough that when coaches meet Saturday evening to finalize which players will and will not travel, no one is definitely out of the running.

Miami's toughest injury situations right now are Nolan Carroll (hamstring), Chris Clemons (hamstring), Daniel Thomas (hamstring) and Will Yeatman (shoulder). All are listed as questionable. All were limited in practice every day this week.

Vontae Davis (hamstring), Tony McDaniel (hand), and Koa Misi (neck) are probable. McDaniel and Misi practiced full speed this week. Davis did a full practice Saturday after being limited earlier in the week so that is an obvious sign he is coming along well.

Davis will start at CB for the first time in two games.

I expect Thomas to travel but I know the Dolphins put a lot of practice reps on Lex Hilliard this week. Thomas last week said he would play against New York. So we'll see. The Dolphins obviously want Thomas to play because he's their best back right now.

Coaches will have an interesting decision along the defensive line. Everyone is apparently healthy now. That means someone who is healthy will likely have be scratched from the game. I assume the decision is between McDaniel and Phillip Merling.

"You got a bunch of hands there right now," coach Tony Sparano said today. "Having Tony back is good, no question about it, because he’s an active player but obviously you got a bunch of guys there. This week will be difficult that way because it’s kind of you’re getting enough guys healthy coming off of the bye. The last couple weeks some of these guys I knew were going to be down where right now it’s a little bit the other way. You’re hoping that some of these guys are going to be up. There will be some hard decisions this week."

The Jets are having a harder time of things. They have four players -- WR Logan Payne, DL Ropati Pitoitua, DB Donald Strickland, and DB Isaiah Trufant -- out for the game.

Center Nick Mangold, who missed practice early in the week because of an ankle injury, has been improving. He is listed as questionable.


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RGIII showing very good accuracy on the deep ball. He would be one helluva great 2nd option if we dont win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

Luck would still be my unaminous choice with the 1st overall pick. RGIII is very exciting and will sell lots of gameday tickets, but Luck is the best option to win championships.

I see a qb heavy top 10 selection in the 2012 draft. I see at least 3-4 qb's going in the top 10. Just hoping the Dolphins can at least slip into the top 5 overall draft position.

Andrew Luck, 6'4 235lbs

RGIII, 6'2 225lbs

Which do you think has the greater chance of eluding nfl pass rushes? Both have great deep ball and throw on the run accuracy.

Texas A&M's Tannehill's really upstaging RGIII today. 6 td throws today, Baylor's shown me there really are defenses worse than the Miami Dolphins.

The interesting question now is:

Is RGIII really as good as advertised? Or has his great 2011 performance been part RGII and part extremely lousy defenses faced?

One thing's certain, the 55-28 drubbing suffered today will deal a very serious blow to his Heisman positioning.

RGIII's most important numbers today:

5 Sacks and 1 int.

I suspect the team injuries are directly related to the new CBA contract, which degraded practice exertion during the week.

A proffessional athlete in any other sport takes advantage of the free time between matches by practicing.

Even the fake WWF take their work ethic more seriously.

Expect to see a ten-fold increase in league injuries for the next 10 years...

The next CBA doo-doo fight.

Dolphins healthier than Jets as Monday night approaches............................

BUT...Jets are a better team than Miami as Monday night approaches......................


I really hate the Jets, but I really don't want the Dolphins to win too many games. Arggghh....I guess one season of the Jets sweeping the Dolphins followed by a decade of the Dolphins sweeping the Jets is a good thing.

With the 1st pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins Select Cordy Glenn Right Guard Georgia.

UGA has some studs on the O-line!

Dear Mr. Salguero

"The bye week was kind to the Dolphins because they have licked wounds"

After the first 4 weeks of shooting them selfs in the foot are we sure 1 weeks worth of licking there wounds will do the trick ?

If I would have thought of it sooner I would have sent my dogs Bosco and Buddy down to Miami to help lick there wounds instead of them hanging around here licking there nuts.

Soiled :)

Luck is definitively #1. I like RGIII and Weeden of OSU looks like he could be a solid pro QB as well

My name is bRockolee.
I am Rocko's gay brother.
Don't let Rocko fool you.
He likes to "play for the other team."

You killed me with that one SB. hahaha

The only guy I know on the Jets is Strickland. I don't think that injuries have slowed the Jets any and I hope that they win all of the rest of their games except for the ones against us. I also hope we lose all of the rest of our games so we can draft an actual qb. 2-14. Or we go 12-0 in the rest of our games and make the playoffs. Either way I will be happy. Please not another 8-8 season where we get to pick 18th and Ireland picks another d lineman. Please no.

Hey, you know there are some REAL lesbians here f.y.i. even if we just read these blogs rather than post here much. And I'm anything BUT a "cackling old hen" LOL.

Best place in all of South Florida to watch the Dolphins is Georgie's Alibi in Wilton Manors. We even welcome breeders!

What the heck is a Carosel Of Lesbians, anyway? Sounds like a ride I might enjoy, LOL!

Does anyone know where Case Keenum(Houston) and Kellan Moore(Boise ST) are projected to go?

Jets Suck

Does anyone know where Case Keenum(Houston) and Kellan Moore(Boise ST) are projected to go?

Posted by: morphin | October 15, 2011 at 04:50 PM

Nobody knows. Nope.

If we only get one win this season I want it to be this one....stick it to the Jets today and then let's go draft a QB in picks 1-3

By today I mean Monday of course...

The Dulphins have no chance at winning at NY. Hamstrings mean, not in shape. If u were a Dolphin would u want to play? Whos gonna watch the game besides Mondo. He has to give us the inside scoop on how badly they played and how Sparano says he can fix this and that, when in reality he cant fix noth'n. I wish the lock-out was still in effect.

I got a reply from Lucy & Ricky's next door neighbor.

You see, you see, I told you never to address other bloggers as Guys in Internet, even in a Football Blog. People fits best.

Monday will be the most painful night of the season so far as I cheer for the Jets to win against my beloved Dolphins, a team I have followed since 1986.
Like many fans this is how desperate I am for us to change a decade of mediocrity, I am sick of watching NFL shows and people mocking the Dolphins or most of the time they're not even worth the mention, and why???
Because they all see year after year of questionable decisions, failure to land a star QB, well 12 more games of playing like we have and all that begins to change, bye bye Sparano and hopefully Ireland.
Hello no 1 pick and Andrew Luck, maybe Cowher who knows but things are finally looking better providing we don't somehow discover how to win a few games.

What the Hell is with all the hamstring injuries on the team this year? Who is the team's strength and conditioning coach? Fire the guy now!! Seriously, I have never seen a team with as many guys with hamstring injuries. And don't blame it on the lockout and shortened training camp. Get new guys in to do these jobs when the regime changes, 'cause the guys we've got doing these jobs are crap!!

You win, husketeer, and everything else will be taken care of. Guaranteed.

Mentioning QB's in the upcoming draft, i've mentioned Russell Wilson at least 3 times around here. Don't just get STUCK on Luck.
Don't forget, his dad is Oliver Luck, a really mediocre ex QB. Now an AD somewhere...can't remember where.

But I'd take Luck the younger in a heartbeat. :>D

Andrew Luck or Landry Jones, either one will be the best QB since Marino retired. RGIII makes sense for Indy, assuming Peyton comes back and they don't get the top pick or decide to trade it for a kings ransom. I think he'd be there at the top of the 2nd round and seems like he could use a few years learning the Pro game. Pretty much whoever gets the top pick gets Luck, the second team in need of a QB (Denver) takes Jones, Seattle takes Barkley.


You people are pitiful wanting them just to "suck for luck".It makes me sick.We will get a quarterback in this next draft,mean while we have a season to finish.I believe that we aren't the only team with hamstring injuries,it's all around the league.



This could be Tony's last game, good riddance!!

Never mind the draft picks suckathon, I'm all for beating the jet a couple of times- starting this monday. Huzzah.


Luck using his TE. We had better get one.

Any chance at getting Marino back?

I've been a Phins fan since 1966 my oldman was a season ticket holder all through the glory days at the Orange bowl.
I am deeply sadened to see this once great franchise plunged into the depths of mediocrety for to many years now, even with Dan Marino at the helm the Dolphins were never a great team ie..one Super Bowl appearance in seventeen years.
What seperated lets just say the 72 Dolphins from the teams that succeeded them was in those days was how they played as a team and in todays Nfl it's all about the money and superstardom. Look at todays great teams Pittsburg,Greenbay,Baltimore,New England all play as a team and have great communication between their players on and off the field.
no matter how great the coaching staff is,without these two prerequisets the no team will never be great!
I live in Nc now but will always be a Phins fan through thick and thin so every game they play I cheer for them to WIN!!!!

If we get 1st overall pick, besides Andrew Luck, we had better also draft one of his tightends. Looks if Luck's playing with Gronkowski and Hernandez right now.

Expect Luck and Landry Jones to go #1 and #2 in 2012's nfl draft.

If we cant suck for Luck I hope we can panzy for Landry.

Greatest thing about Andrew Luck seems to be his uncanny penchant for converting 3rd downs. Exactly what franchise quarterbacks are supposed to be about.

Watching the Nascar race the anouncers mentioned MNF and wondered what Brandon Marshal is gonna do......how about that Miami Dolphins and Brandon Marshal mentioned during a Nascar race.

My hate for Jimmy Johnson grows with every lap.
Soon he will be up there with Tom Brady and the stinking Jets on my petastal of hate

Soiled :)

Only a fool would still give a hoot about this organization.

There is just no longer one single likable thing about this franchise top to bottom. It's beyond me who could still care.

I see why Luck draws so many comparisons to Manning now. His #1 receiver goes down, and he makes his others better. His delivery and pocket presence also resembles Peyton. Still he is very young; I would hate to see him thrown into a quagmire.

Hey, let's talk about Luck non-stop until April. We have no lives.

Luck this.
Luck that.
Suck for Luck.
Luck Luck Luck.

Let's talk about Luck until we all throw up 9 times.

The heck with building a team. The heck with good coaching. Let's just draft Luck and pray he takes us to the promised land.

Luck this.
Luck that.
Luck Luck Luck.

We are so pathetic.
So pathetic are we.
Now we pray
For the day
To lose along the way
To get Luck.
Luck Luck Luck.
Luck Luck Luck.
It's not a team game, its a Luck game.
Luck Luck Luck.
Let's be bad so we can be good.
That is our best strategy.

Jimmy Johnson in a serious crash......Hate the driver but not the man...glad he's OK

Pride is DEAD in South Florida.

Sad, but true.

Andrew Luck today. "I don't want to play for any fans who are saying "Suck For Luck"

Ex-Fool = typical ass_hole on this blog


Nobody is a bigger FOOL than you.

Enjoy your tailgate parties.

Fool. Why not give your season ticket money to charity? You know? Something useful.


Please tell us what there has been to admire about this team over the last 10 years?

Tell us.

Don't tell us about roasted wiener tailgate parties. Tell us about what this team has done in the last decade to merit one ounce of admiration.

Tell us.

It's one thing to be a loser.
It's another to be a fool.
bobbydoosh12 is a rare case of loser/fool combined.

Rah Rah Rah. Hey, we could be 1-4 by Tuesday. Let's cheer. And if we are 0-5, lets cheer harder because we are true fans that accept any old bs stench.

Chill the F out. This is the first time I have seen Luck play. I am not ready to anoint him. Actually I think the most important move this team can make is to alleviate us from this staff we are afflicted with. I think there are QB's already in the NFL that will be available, and also very qualified to lead our team. I was commenting on ONE game I saw from a player.

Hey jerks, I am a real fan. I have season tickets. I support the team. The rest of you are morons.

I am going to eat my oscar meyer wiener's with pleasure at the tailgate parties and win or lose I will be a happy jock strap.

..It is obvious that we will be in play to draft a quarterback for the future. Luck is no doubt the top guy. But watching some games the last few weeks have convinced me that there are a few guys that could fill the void here.

This said. The team cannot just fold up ship week 4 in a mutinous effort to aquire the number 1 pick. This team may end up getting the pick because right now we aren't very good. But they are proffesionals(although at times you have to question this) They do have some personal pride that will not allow them to lay down for a prospect that offers no guarantees for future success.

What sort of message would it send to a prospect player or coach, that a team mailed it in so early because the belief of the franchise was it's only chance would be to get that number one pick? If Ross was worried that firing Sparano mid season would shake that tree. How would it sit if it came out that he made that call to lay down? I'm not saying he has, or he will. But the team has to play out the season as if each game was an opportunity to extend the season. If that ends up in losses, I can stomach it much more then just rolling over.

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