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Dolphins healthier than Jets as Monday night approaches

The bye week was kind to the Dolphins because they have licked wounds well enough that when coaches meet Saturday evening to finalize which players will and will not travel, no one is definitely out of the running.

Miami's toughest injury situations right now are Nolan Carroll (hamstring), Chris Clemons (hamstring), Daniel Thomas (hamstring) and Will Yeatman (shoulder). All are listed as questionable. All were limited in practice every day this week.

Vontae Davis (hamstring), Tony McDaniel (hand), and Koa Misi (neck) are probable. McDaniel and Misi practiced full speed this week. Davis did a full practice Saturday after being limited earlier in the week so that is an obvious sign he is coming along well.

Davis will start at CB for the first time in two games.

I expect Thomas to travel but I know the Dolphins put a lot of practice reps on Lex Hilliard this week. Thomas last week said he would play against New York. So we'll see. The Dolphins obviously want Thomas to play because he's their best back right now.

Coaches will have an interesting decision along the defensive line. Everyone is apparently healthy now. That means someone who is healthy will likely have be scratched from the game. I assume the decision is between McDaniel and Phillip Merling.

"You got a bunch of hands there right now," coach Tony Sparano said today. "Having Tony back is good, no question about it, because he’s an active player but obviously you got a bunch of guys there. This week will be difficult that way because it’s kind of you’re getting enough guys healthy coming off of the bye. The last couple weeks some of these guys I knew were going to be down where right now it’s a little bit the other way. You’re hoping that some of these guys are going to be up. There will be some hard decisions this week."

The Jets are having a harder time of things. They have four players -- WR Logan Payne, DL Ropati Pitoitua, DB Donald Strickland, and DB Isaiah Trufant -- out for the game.

Center Nick Mangold, who missed practice early in the week because of an ankle injury, has been improving. He is listed as questionable.


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The Dolphins are the biggest stench team in professional sports.

Bar none.

They smell like whale poo.

Being a player in my day, I can't imagine a player rolling over.


Two questions....

Do you swallow?
Are you in the Miami area?


I agree with the other post about all the hamstring injuries maybe the team should hire
Sal Alosi he did such a good job of tripping and injuring Carroll last year it couldn't hurt.

I swear to god if we draft that idiot out of baylor(rgIII) i will start rooting for another team. Anyone who watches football should no that he is not smart enough to run a pro-style offense! Can you say Vince Young?

Iam glad they banned the alcoholic/drug addict Odineye, The blog well be better off.

I'm still pretty high on RG III even though Baylor lost to Texas A & M. Baylor's offense is RG III, for the most part, and their defense isn't that good so the final of the game is no indication of how good this kid is. He was valedictorian of his high school class and graduated from Baylor in 3 years with a degree in Political Science. His parents are both Master Seargents. He is a very intelligent interview and he is far from Vince Young. However, that is not to say that, if Miami gets a chance to pick Andrew Luck, I would oppose it. Andrew Luck should be the first option. Landry Jones is also another top-rated qb prospect and he had a so-so outing against a lesser Kansas State team. He finally got it rolling as the game went on but his performance was somewhat pitiful in the first quarter of the game.
All things considered, Luck should be first and Jones second. Where everyone else falls, Barkley, Tannehill and RG III is going to be tough to say. It will probably depend on which teams need to draft a qb next year. In any case, this draft has much more talent at the qb position than the one that took place this past April. No comparison. The only one of the five I'm not sold on is Tannehill. Not a complete enough body of work to hand your hat on. He only attempted 234 passes last year. So, I'm not getting where the #4 qb prospect rating is coming from.

My apologies. I meant to say RG III is a very intelligent quarterback. But, if you do happen to watch his interviews on YouTube you should be impressed.

The Jets may have their issues but are far superior to the piece of sh-t stinking up Sun Life Stadium these days. I don't see them beating anyone this year. Head case Brandon Marshall is gonna make the loss even more embarassing by running his mouth. If I were 0 and 4 I'd keep my mouth shut until I won a game. Also did anyone understand the gibberish Sparano was sayimg?

What the Hell is with all the hamstring injuries on the team this year? Who is the team's strength and conditioning coach? Fire the guy now!! Seriously, I have never seen a team with as many guys with hamstring injuries. And don't blame it on the lockout and shortened training camp. Get new guys in to do these jobs when the regime changes, 'cause the guys we've got doing these jobs are crap!!

Posted by: Craig M | October 15, 2011 at 06:18 PM

Couldn't agree more. This type of situation has plagued this team for years and I don't understand it. I couldn't believe that they were the team with their hands on their hips when they played New England. Shouldn't New England be the team that was suffering from the heat and humidity? Poor, poor, poor. This team needs to be fixed in every area and, just like Craig said, they need to get a Strength and Conditioning Coach who knows what he is doing.
It just goes to show how far away this team is from comepting with the elite teams in this league. If anyone knew what they were doing they would be questioning things like the amount of hamstring injuries this team has instead of offering up excuses like "it's due to the lockout." The problem with that arguement is, every other team was limited by the lockout TOO! idiots.



The problem with the NFL is that, as long as you have the money to purchase a franchise, you can buy one. To explain further, Ross is a businessman; a real estate mogul. But, he knows didly about football. Shouldn't "knowing something about the game" be a prerequisite to purchasing an NFL team? When you have guys who buy a team and know nothing about the game you're in trouble from day one. Ross has no interest in the game. He proves it every time this team plays at home because he is more interested in the "entertainment experience" at SunLife Stadium rather than the fate of his franchise. He thought he could fill the seats by having a bunch of washed-up pop artists sing songs before the games and forgot that the reason peopel go to an NFL game is to see their team play, not to see Fergie degrade the National Anthem.
Ross needs to decide whether he is going to be a fan of the game and begin to learn what NFL football is all about or if he is going to sit in his gargoyle's lair with Mike Dee bouncing ideas off each other about possibly bringing in another superstar to be part owner of the team. Maybe it'll be Bono. Ross's head is stuck so far up his anus that he doesn't see how his actions have affected the team in such a negative way. And, he doesn't know what to do. One has to wonder how he was so successful in real estate.
So, I implore you, Mr. Ross. Study the game. Learn it from inside out. Be a student and get some knowledge. Until you do this team will be on the losing end of the battle.





As long as this team has a coach who communicates like he dropped out of school in 2nd grade they will be in the cellar. If nobody in this organization can figure that out, well, it's going to be a long decade.




MIKE NOLAN........................ 1-10 LAST 11 GAMES.


I would have to disagree with that assessment. Bob Kraft knows enough about the game to understand that it is the team that fans come to see in the stadium. He doesn't distract the fans with other forms of entertainment. The fan experience in New England is all about the TEAM. It's not about anything else. He also understands that the fans want a winning football team. He built a winning football team. You can say he got lucky but he is the type of owner who will do what it takes to put a winner on the field. Ross, on the other hand, doesn't have the knuts or intelligence to fire a lame duck head coach and GM who should be gone by now. He's not smart enough to know that these guys don't know what they are doing and that it is time to get rid of them. He also isn't smart enough to realize he is in over his head when it comes to being an owner of an NFL team. He may have been successful in real estate but he has no idea what it takes to make a franchise successful in this league. If he did he would have already found a way to get someone like Cowher to be the head coach and begin the transition.

feed d.thomas the ball close to 30 times and we will beat the jets handily. i would rather be a part of putting a huge nail in rex ryan and the jets coffin than get the 1st pick in the draft.

suck for luck? those who say that should go suck something else. i still want a 12-4 season and the playoff!! heck 10-6 and the playoffs. we were in eery game but the pats game. this draft is deep with qb talent and we can always trade up.




Glad to see Brian Cox on the coaching staff has made an impact on the pass rush. About as much as Sparano's son has made an impact.

i have to agree with some that this "suck for luck" stuff is getting old. No qb can fix this team. We hard Dan and what we get? Nothing. Plus are we so sure Ross is gonna fire TS and Ireland? Ross couldn't even do it right the first time he tried. Lets just beat the JETS and move on.

One other point. When you have a head coach standing in front of the team talking about dis, dat and the udder ting it's pretty hard to have confidence that dis guy is going to get you prepared to play on Sunday. When he stands up in front of the media defending the play of Colombo the players are probably shaking their head saying, "he hasn't got a clue." "we're getting killed at the right tackle position and he's defending it." How motivated are players going to be to play for a guy like that. They may say they like playing for him and may defend him in front of the camera but actions speak louder than words.
If you remember back to the end of last year, this team laid down then. Maybe I'm wrong, but to me it seemed like they were sending a message then. "We don't want to play for this guy anymore!" The message seems to continuing into this season. The team is waiving the white flag but nobody sees it.jmho.

i have to agree with some that this "suck for luck" stuff is getting old. No qb can fix this team. We had Dan and what we get? Nothing. Plus are we so sure Ross is gonna fire TS and Ireland? Ross couldn't even do it right the first time he tried. Lets just beat the JETS and move on

"I'll let you guys know if you're doing a good job out there. Just look over to da sideline and I'll be pumping my fist."



this would be a great spot for the dolphins to start winning. they match up well with new york and the jets have lost 3 in a row. all it takes is 1 win to get the momentum going.

I am a lifetime (45 yrs old) Dolphins fan. And there is very little chance that we beat the Jets on Monday night. We just dont have enough talent to compete with better teams. What talent that we do have is either underachieving, Marshall, or not being used correctly, Hartline, Bush. It is time for all of these coaches and front office to go. Mr. Ross should bring in a true football person to lead this franchise and worry less about celeb. presence. I know he is trying to sell tickets, but noone will pay to see a losing team.

Dolphins in contact with bill cowher. Well, they already suck so thats the one part of it, the luck part who knows. There are plenty of other good qbs in college they can get.

I wont be surprised if we end up with two more key injuries, and suffering two re-injuries.

If only Sparono would collapse, clutching his chest...

That would be a win.

Haul the sheet in as we ride on the wind that our
Forefathers harnessed before us.
Hear the bells ring as the tide rigging sings.
It's a son of a gun of a chorus.

Where it all ends I can't fathom, my friends.
If I knew, I might toss out my anchor.
So I'll cruise along always searchin' for Miami 27 NY Jets 24
Not "Luck", a thief or a banker.


I just got caught up on these posts from Mando and the replies back and forth from Fans. A few days ago we were all replying to Mando's suggestion that the Fins trade Marshall for a 3rd or 4th round pick.

I said that would be ridiculous and you asked me about what if Marshall blows up during the Jets game and causes a penalty...would I feel differently about trading him.

My answer...No. The Fins need TALENT and Marshall is one of our the team's top talents. Trading him away with the hope of replacig him just adds to the list of talent we need. We have a horrible track record of using the draft to bring on talent that actually pans out. We have a top flight talent in Marshall you have to keep him.

I will be a the game tomorrow and I expect the Fins to lose. Just like I expect them to lose most of their games this year. So, if Marshall vents his frustrations and draws a penalty or even gets kicked out...who cares. We still stink as a team. The difference is that we are frustrated fans. He is a frustrated top talent who busts his a-- everyday at work with the reality his teammates and coaches aren't at his level.

That is frustrating too!

The Glass is half full and, ...

Brandon Marshall breaks out of his slump

Haul the sheet in as we ride on the wind that our
Forefathers harnessed before us.
Hear the bells ring as the tide rigging sings.
It's a son of a gun of a chorus.

Where it all ends I can't fathom, my friends.
If I knew, I might toss out my anchor.
So I'll cruise along always searchin' for Miami 27 NY Jets 24
Not "Luck", a thief or a banker.

Posted by: Home 4 Gruden 2012

Iam glad they banned the alcoholic/drug addict Odineye, The blog well be better off.

Posted by: Coalition to rid Odineye.forever | October 16, 2011

Hey, I miss odinseye's posts. They are more amusing than yours!

Luck and Cowher.

Sounds real good.

You are extraordinarily boring people.

Always with the negative waves, man.

Ok, so let's say we do go 0-16 and use the first pick of the draft to get Andrew Luck...I hope Miami fans realize that the next 3 or 4 QBs selected after Luck will probably be going to better organizations and, therefore, will have more early success.

Miami fans are going to have to fight off the urge to compare stats between the QB we select, and the others we don't. Because, I can hear it now, "Luck sucks, he's a bust". And then all the "I told you so's" will come out and I'll be forced to stick something sharp in my own eye.

Please don't make me do that.

Does everybody realize that Harbaugh's formerly putrid QB (Alex Smith) now has a QB rating of 104 for the season? Coaching & scheme has everything to do with that. This organization needs to change before any QB can have any success here.

Hello, my name is Carla and I am from Baltimore. It is a pleasure to meet you. Hello.

By the way...for all the Henne haters...I guess you could say that it took 7 seasons for Alex Smith to develop, or, maybe, it just took 1 good coach.

Glad to see Brian Cox on the coaching staff has made an impact on the pass rush. About as much as Sparano's son has made an impact.

Posted by: Turd Ferguson | October 16, 2011 at 07:10 AM

Excellent observation.

"Hey, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat."

"Great trick. I'll give that one fist pump."

"Ooops. Wrong hat."

I don't think 4 or 5 games of not sucking...counts as development.....

The division that SF plays in STINKS.....Alex Smith and all the other QBs have so much more room for errors....

In the AFC East....your margin is slim.......

Better competition....better players...better coaching....and with the emergence of Buffallo.....the margin just got even smaller....

I guess that would be a good point if they'd played 5 division opponents, but they've only played 1. They've beaten Philly, destroyed the Bucs and beat a very good Cincinnati Defense. Also, if you were to look, you would see that his QB rating has trended steadily upward.

so, what is your point anyway? that good coaching doesnt' matter?

Hy Carla, Welcome.

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