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Dolphins in sight of season's first victory

The Dolphins continue to hold on to a 6-0 lead going to the fourth quarter. The way things are going today, the Dolphins own a two-score advantage.

But seriously folks, this game is ugly.

But in a beauty contest of wildebeests, the Dolphins are the one without the hideous beard.

The live blog continues in the comments section. Here we go.


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Well the Denver Donkeys are truly worse than the Dolphins.

Leave it to the fins to screw up the first pick as well. Have fun celebrating the meaningless win while Luck goes to someone else.

how good is the Oklahoma qb

Tebow had the middle open AGAIN, but he sucks too bad.

TEBOW'S IN on luck seewpstakes....fox promised him a bigger contract as a backup*lol*

Denver needs to immediately recognize that Tebow is a football player and a proven winner, but he IS NOT a NFL quarterback.

i should be excited about the Wake sack.....but i'm not....

Denver is definitely tanking this on purpose. Tebow isn't good, but damn he can't be that bad.

Tebow is REALLY bad. WOW!

Lawd, Bess is slow.

A loss was within our grasp but riped out by the jaws of victory

Game over Im out.

This lucky shirt is going in the closet.

Is that Tebow, or Weurfel?

I've never felt this bad about a win. This is almost worse than any LOSS I've ever experienced.

this is depressing.......Denver, I hope Luck sucks balls for u guys next year.....take that elway!!!

I said we were gonna win..even if the MVP is our kicker

come on o line BLOCK for the running back

With this win Mr. Ross should fire coach Sparano

@AngryElf..Bess shouldn't be returning punts. He runs like he's slogging through mud.

Man, Denver is stupid if they think they have a better chance of winning with Tebow over Orton, bad for worse.

All those pointing out 7 days ago how bad our defensive rating was against the pass need to check it again tomorrow.

Easily the LEAST satisfying victory in my history as a Dolphin fan. Nothing good to take from this except the fact that there is no quarterback worse than Tim Tebow. Denver is in the Luck stakes and now it is official. Trading Lloyd and not putting Orton in today. We're going to suck, but there will be no Luck.

Landry Jones anyone?

I am shocked and amazed at how bad Tim Tebow is. Why isn't he on the Fins?

We are the 99%ers....no more wins...we want a LUCKy bail out

"Miami @ NY Giants"

And Miami returns to reality.

Chris, a good QB would have had a long TD against us today. Tebow misses wide open recievers worse than I have seen in a long time not even close

Winless no more! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LuSP4QaXiQ&ob=av2e

Yes Ken, it's AMAZING how many wide open receivers Tebow missed today. Almost seems premeditated.

is tebow on record bad pace anyone?
oh never mind, lol

What a defensive collapse!

See, if he hits a good pass they are open against our #1 secondary

taylor-sack 134

Love. No. 21's effort there ... no need to chase the receiver.

Even the Traitor gets a sack.

there is still hope!! Colts play the Jags twice. The Rams play the Cards twice and the Seahawks twice. We can still suck it up. "I know this team is not going to stop quitting"

unreal way to ruin our future also. this franchise is a joke. elway so smart playing tebow knowing he would lose and get luck. have fun with those super bowls denver while we go 4-12 every year. so pissed off

SEAN SMITH beat for a TD...Imagine that!

God this Kevin Burnett dude sucks...

Now on side kick so we can still suck for luck

Hold on, we may lose this thing after all!

Tebow was toying with us, ha

Sean Smith, part of the best db tandem in the league, burned again!

Vontae Davis and Sean Smith (Serena Williams) aren't even giving an effort. Garantee you if Cowher comes in they're both gone.

Come on we can still lose this

Where was this all game..........
Damn U Donkeys!!!!!

why aren't the Broncos going for two? Aren't they trying to lose the game?

I smell a COMEBACK! C'mon Donkeys! You can do it!

Time out on an extra point?????????????WTF???????

Sean Smith sucks and we call Another time out

Was that Wake - who was untouched - and whiffed?

Tebow is sewage.

This isn't over yet. Three and out or onside kick and Denver has a shot.

why aren't the Broncos going for two? Aren't they trying to lose the game?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 23, 2011 at 03:45 PM

Because if you go for 2 and miss, the game is over. At least you give yourself a shot if you make the extra point. Always leave the 2-point conversion until you really need it. It makes no difference now. Geez, Mandy, aren't you supposed to be a sports journolista?

come on cleveland!!

Fins always screw up, LOL!!!

The announcer said "mitts."

Elway just spilled his champagne

Right...XP now and 2 pointer later.

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