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Dolphins in sight of season's first victory

The Dolphins continue to hold on to a 6-0 lead going to the fourth quarter. The way things are going today, the Dolphins own a two-score advantage.

But seriously folks, this game is ugly.

But in a beauty contest of wildebeests, the Dolphins are the one without the hideous beard.

The live blog continues in the comments section. Here we go.


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sparano went for 2 up 12-0,lol this is awesome, please please finish this game off denver

The defense simply does not have the talent, personnel to stop that QB draw on the goal line.

snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. how you like the sound of that kris?

I simply am dumb-founded. They don't want to win. They don't know how to win. They don't know how to catch.

If they lose Sparano has to be gone tomorrow. And sadly this one isn't his fault (though they should have just kicked the XP rather than go for 2)

Tony says he loves this team well F tony he's gay and so is half of this team

Let's co COLTS, let's go Rams...

Armando...OT thread?

Didn't mean that to offend anyone but honestly I'm drunk and pissed and yea F this team

17 seconds!

Why try and win?

Fist Pump!!!!

(SpOrano should be fired on the spot-Pu ssy!)

please, not urban meyer.

Ken that was me with the tie, but I said 6-6. 15-15 works, too!

Tebow owes Marlon Moore a gift basket for dropping that onside kick, this comeback never happens against a competent team.

Why take a knee? WTF???

Classic F'ing Tony! You got 17 seconds to get into field goal range. WHY NOT RUN IT? Run the time out or it could be a big play?

PS...Urban Myer might be the next head coach of Miami. He seems chummy with Ross.

pick 6 baby

we need a fist pump

Still time for a pick six!

If Miami loses this game, Tony is fired.

worst team in NFL history??? Maybe, they sure are trying catch those 76 Bucs

WTF? Why knee the f**king ball? At least try you f**kers.


omg i wish we didn't suck

wowwww ROSS is LOLing with MYERS!

OT thread

OMFG!!! What the hell was that?

Ross talking with urban a lot on sidelines?

Can't stand ToiletBowl (TeBow). OVERRATED as an athlete and as a human being. Dolphins, go stick up yourselves. "Suck for Luck"? ONLY five games in to the fricking SEASON? These guys are TRULY pathetic. Dolphins Management knew WELL ahead of THIS season that THIS team WAS total crap. I do NOT plan to attend ANY of these sad-sack games this year....and probably not NEXT year either.


Dolphins lose, called it.

Ross is flirting with urban

Could be the longest game in NFL history, beating the KC game of the 1970s. Both these teams suck.

3 and out, Tebows leads Stinkos to 3pt victory!

Even in overtime the o line can't get 1 yard-3 1st round picks and how many millions?!?

It's simply remarkable how this team can find a way to lose in any circumstance.

one yard?????

Ross hires urban...news at 11

Sparano must be fired- I will not play for that idiot

Hey, I have an idea. Let's give the Thomas the ball EVERY FIRST DOWN to pick up 0-2 yards each time. I like Sparano, he seems like a real nice guy, but I have furniture smarter than he is.


i have been cheering for the Dolphins since 1966. This is the first time I have ever cheered against them. So far they have not let me down.


I guess JT was all BS! Its obvious they are tanking the game. Denver sucks but Miami gave up 15 unanswered points.

Fields worst punt could not have had worst timing.

i'll bet sparano fells great seeing ross chat it up with meyer. but i guess he's used to being stabbed in the back.

Cant believe I thought the game was over with a 15-0 lead and 3 minutes left to play! ROTFLMAO!

Tony sparano takes his job back as short order cook at olive garden...news at 11

Wonder how issed Elway is.....lol

You guys do realize there's an OT thread? No, OK


Pffffft....Let's just conceed defeat. Awful is just what we do. The big hats are gonna give us one last parting gift on their way out.

Ross...sell the team....heck, sell it to Urban Meyer at least he is a winner....

Tony Sparano= nice guy but I need someone else to coach....

Please save our Phins!

Tony Suckrano, stop lying. Those points were answered. The answer was, "THANK YOU!"

Randy Starks-i didn't know he was still on the team

This crap game might end up being a tie.

Dolphins run off RG on 3rd and 1 for zero gain. The problems on the right side continue.

tony will be fired tonight if he loses this game.

Even the 0-16 lions weren't this bad. They played hard and with heart and that something that this team has none of. Not the coaches the players or the management. We just suck so bad.

Two worst teams in the league, both trying their hardest to lose

this will be ended by a moore int.


Dansby is another player I didn't think was on the team anymore.

BM's biggest gainer of the day.

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