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Dolphins in sight of season's first victory

The Dolphins continue to hold on to a 6-0 lead going to the fourth quarter. The way things are going today, the Dolphins own a two-score advantage.

But seriously folks, this game is ugly.

But in a beauty contest of wildebeests, the Dolphins are the one without the hideous beard.

The live blog continues in the comments section. Here we go.


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Cowher is not the answer. It will be J.J. all over again.

I fear Tebow will WILL the Broncos to a win.

End of Sparano era.

We love losing


It was meant to be


well, it wasn't an int, but a fumble.

oh well it looked like a win a few minutes ago...

how about a Moore fumble instead

Marc Columbo-sack-fumble-Dallas reject

Tebow didn't will them to win, we willed ourselves to lose

Austin, you were close...Fumble

They can find a way to lose any game. It's just amazing.

Bye-Bye Sparano! Happy Trails....if this is the meltdown we need to get rid of TS than this is a great game for Miami:(

Matt Prater revenge

well, this is a fitting end to the sparano era. best to move on now.

Urban meyer wont take the dolphins hc job. Hes on his way to columbus oh next year. This hc job with this owner is career suicide.

And the offensive line problems continue.

Sparano is long over due to be fired.

Poetic justice.

A field goal will end the Sparano era.

Shameful in Miami

sparano prolonging his career.



Nini ts

i guess we know now why marlon moore is usually inactive.

I believe the Miami Dolphins are throwing games. You can not lose like this under normal circumstances.

The Dolphins are on the clock...

Bye bye Sparano, Marino-Shula. I miss you every damn week.

Denver + Tebow have won 18 unanswered points

Our LUCK continues!

Tebow quit praying you idiot

slight fade with a 9 iron.


Great win for Tebow and the Broncs...and in Miami, we'll finally be rid of another hapless, inept coach. Ya gotta look on the bright side - you must hit rock bottom before you can get better. I think there's no doubt the fins hit rock bottom today.

Check out the "drop"on the onside kick. They have to be throwing games.

If I played for Denver, I would be pissed about how they are acting like Tebow was the only player on the f-ing field today. My God, we get it!! Enough with the Tebow already!!

How many total losses + losses at home-why would you buy a ticket to a Dolphins home game?

Until this moment, I didn't think the Dolphins had a chance of actually going 0-16. But now I really believe it. They've absolutely given away two games this season. They ALWAYS find a way to lose. They're the worst team in the NFL.

Wow, who will the Dolphins be able to beat this year?

Time to try new players at RT at least and possible RG too. Incognito out?

Mando, what would you call that a melt down. TS has to go!!!

15-0 en el ultimo cuarto contra un equipo sin QB y estos delfines se las arreglaron para perder. Definitivo ahora si estamos en la carrera. Suck for Luck amigos.

Bkaczor - what do you care if he prays. You have a problem with that?

Fire Sponano

Wow, just wow........can't believe it...15-0 with three minutes, and you lose. Not only does this make Tebow a saint, this just sucks...

It took a field goal to stop seeing Sparano fist-pumping after field goals.


F@%cckk this.

Dolphins in sight of season's first victory

This comment plus me with 3 min left thinking not even the fish can lose now, well Mondo and myself jinxed it for all of us fans that wanted a win, especialy being here in Mont with all these donkey fans.


spoke waaaaaay to soon armando

Will the new interim HC be Nolan, Daboll or someone else?

I've been watching for a looooong time......the Jets/Dolphins Monday Night game was like this, but I think this was worse...

HaaaHaaaaHaaaaHaaaaa!!!!!!Classless loosers, can't believe I was following this rotten Fish for 27 years.....

Hey Dolphins; the rest of country would like to say congrats on sucking more than any NFL team ever. Well done! You had the game won, and apparently decided to go ahead and give it away. Now the rest of us have to hear Tebow BS going forward when all we want is to never hear that name again. You had the game, and gave it away. F...you.


just under 5 min. left in the game, I shut everything down, even left a message in this blog "told yall we were going to win". Then I woke up, checked the news, and swore I was still asleep and having nightmares...WOW, realy? Im, well, basically, speechless..

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