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Dolphins lead Broncos 3-0 in 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have a short field goal from Dan Carpenter.

Matt Prater has missed two field goals for the Broncos.

It's a shootout here at Sun Life Stadium!

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3rd and 12 short pass for 6 yards. That is so Sparano.

This offense sucks and Daboll is calling awful plays.

Why call a timeout? You knew you'd end up punting anyway; so far it looks like Columbo is the problem, he's really awful, and Marshall's dropped passes.

This team is really frustrating, I'm already excited for next year

Prater will cost us Andrew Luck!!!!

The game is a marathon run by two very out-of-shape people.

Go back to the no huddle the offense was moving then. Oh wait we are playing at home and the last thing we need is players getting cramps.

0-5 3rd. down coversion where is the talent in this team?

Damn it Soiled.....knock it off with the links to the game

UR ruining some ppls lives by wasting it on this game......

Rare in the modern NFL where you see two teams as inept in the passing game in the same game.

Dont know whats worse the get it wrong fans or the got it wrong team.

This Broncos kicker sucks, cmon man were actually winning!!!!

Why didn't Moore throw beyond the 1st down marker? Why don't we go for it on 4th down-because they don't know how to call/execute plays-and They know it!

must be chemical trails....low scoring games throughout the NFL so far

Maybe it wasn't henning that was so awful...he was trying to mask the offense weakness......long for wildcat days!

I sense sarcasm Armando! I thought journalists weren't allowed to be sarcastic?

Nice play Will Allen. And we cut him at first. LOL!!

0-9 combined on third down........how does that keep your job as a PLayer or as a dysfunctional member of any of these coaching staffs!!!!

knock it off with the links to the game

UR ruining some ppls lives by wasting it on this game......


very sorry

And I was excited to watch this. When am I going to learn my lesson?

Jesus ******g Christmas with all of these timeouts

11 straight wins here we come!!! I had to I couldn't resist

Makes me sick to think we may win this game 3-0 and it be the one causing us to miss out on Andrew Luck.

Nice catch burnett

anyone else's turrets acting up

We can't pick off crap

wasted TO'S*lol*....some things will NEVER change

these are easily the 2 worst teams in the nfl, tebow is beyong awful. prater might of cost us our future so far.

Intercept-you SOB-instead penalty

Nfl rules suck

Penalty my a**...God the NFL has become a puzzy league.

Tyrone Culver with the forced fumble.

Settle down awfulins, youre only playing Denver.

A turnover aye!!!!! What a change in scenary

A turnover by Bell

third string safety forces a fumble.

Playing "Whoop there it is" ... man, how dated is that?

This sucks

running Bush again-great Caesar's ghost!
Next play Thomas-14 yards!!!

relax denver.....UR playing miami!!!!

Daniel Thomas looks like a good second round pick for the Dolphins.

Denver really really sucks!

People, which team is worst?

God our O line is sooooooooo bad

rmb, yes, they do.

Red zone. Now we're doomed.

we are watching our franchise fall further into meaning nothing. unreal if these clowns win this game. tebow is horrible, put orton in and win this game

Marshall is so dangerous on those 3 yard routes

6-0.....can feel it!!!


If we win this game I think Miami should be rewarded by firing Sparano


Dolphins get the FG. AWESOME!!!

BUT SO DO WE!!! Painful to watch...people should be embarrassed to pay money to watch this crap!

Wilcox says he pulled out rather quickly! and i thought "that's what she said"

6-0 blowout!!!!

This is tourter watching these teams paly

Sparano getting excited again with a FG. God I'm sick of watching it. C'mon down Bill Cowher.

elway so much smarter than anyone in fins organization, he knew he could start tebow and keep losing games. now denver will get luck and be good again. so pissed right now

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