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Dolphins lead Broncos 3-0 in 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have a short field goal from Dan Carpenter.

Matt Prater has missed two field goals for the Broncos.

It's a shootout here at Sun Life Stadium!

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6 points-instead of 14 points-I told you players to got to math class in college

Tebow sort yourself out, one TD will do it as we've forgotten what one is!!


C'mon PPL......Sometimes the follies with this team will never get OLD!!!!


SpOrano called the old fumbled snap play to line up the field goal.

AwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiight Miami!

Fist Fvcking Pump Baby!!!!

Optimism: Points off turnovers +3; not often we get on the board with that stat

I am stoked!! Carpenter has gotten
6 pts already!!! Yahoo!!

Moore is averaging an awesome 3.4 yards per attempt today. That's a pretty accurate indicator of the quality of the Dolphin passing game overall.

It's not all the QB. The drops don't help. As a unit, Miami's offense just can't move the ball through the air.

Tebow sucks. And who cares about the Gators.


If we dont get Luck. I really like Landry Jones anyone catch his 400 yard passing game yesterday?

knew this game could cost us

And were worst than the 2007 season....



This game is a snorfest

I don't know if I should keep on watching this crap or flip over to TLC and watch say yes to the dress instead.

0-10 combined for third conversions....who wants to sabotage their season more at this point.....

Denver looks poised......Miami However VERY willing!!!!

Somebody nudge Mr. Salguero to wake him up

@ DKM I think your right in fact I think laundry jones may be better than Luck. Lose for Landrey!!

Too late now to coach him meyer, that is crazy

Wow!!!! Way to go Tebow!!!

What should have been a safety-becomes a 1st down

LOL you couldnt make this stuff up




The only upside to there being other really awful teams this year is that there are several very promising QB's in the next draft, but the problem is if Ireland is still running the show he has shown a remarkable ability to misdiagnose talent and flat out blow personnel moves. If he stays we will continue to suck...period.

The revenge of Bell-If only we had more like him-10 sacks more than any other dolphin!!!

Jason Taylor??? He's playing today????

This is the NFL at it's worst

Sean Smith can hold the ball on the ground.

Sean Smith couldn't win the lottery if you gave him all the numbers, let alone INT or recover a fumble!!!

Lol Sean Smith and Paul Solai fighting for the fumble lol

we give back the fumble-wow

Comedy Central's PARADISE in sun life today....

The NFL version of Keystone Cops...absolutely horrific in every facet of the game. Truly an embarrassing display of football by both squads.

Devon-fair catch Bess

Bell is the whole defense

Time for sporano to take a knee

The one thing Tebow does have going for him, well besides the christian following/followers is that he has the new prototype QB size, with some speed.

solai is dumb. he knocked the ball out of smith's hands (which isn't hard to do).

The Tebow sucks chant was classic. Most life I've heard in this stadium since opener.

Take your pick-

Suck for Luck

Lose for Landry

Whiffin' for Griffin

battle of the bums!

Only the Phins could screw up their own fumble recovery

Bill Cowher we need you Sir!!!

I hope we lose all our games. Who cares anymore.

on pregame show, esaison remarked that myer was coaching tebow up...marion responds by saying it will take more than that.

What a waste of 12mil

finsfan72, LOL!!! That's a good one

Wow, what a half!!! LOL!!!

And now the Gator Day celebration.

worst game this season?

Wow, think I just watched the 1st half of Rutgers vs Mississippi State.

Conservative at 0-5 only says we need that Luck sweepstakes alive and well.....

Sean Smith is a transvestite. I'm sure of it!

today no Knee with 17 seconds, last Monday with almost three times 17 seconds they put a knee down losing the game.. is sparano playing with the line?


Broncos play Vikings and Chiefs twice in their remaining schedule, and already have a one win disadvantage in next years draft.. Fins play Redskins and Chiefs. I'm thinking a Fins loss here puts us in good shape for Luck or Landry..

Why do I get the feeling we're still waiting for the game to begin?

You're getting screwed, Mr. Tim Tebow. Have you felt it yet? You will.

Touchdown San Diego!!! Wooooo-hoooo!!

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