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Dolphins lead Broncos 3-0 in 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have a short field goal from Dan Carpenter.

Matt Prater has missed two field goals for the Broncos.

It's a shootout here at Sun Life Stadium!

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Why do you think Cowher would be the best fit in Miami?

wonder if ross will be pleased when miami courts a 9-0 win today....THIS SHOULD SAVE TONY SPARANO*lmao*

Hey Armando, how about holding up a U sign during the gator day lol

Dan Marino just said this game is boring!

At least the Jets are getting killed right now. Thats the best part of football today, because the coaching staff in Miami really sucks.

Cowher challenged to dolphins team in the pregame today to step up and play hard, hmmmmm lobbying for a job perhaps?

So now it's come down to honoring the opposing quarterback in order to sell tickets. I could understand if Tebow played for UM and was now a Dolphin, but he played for UF and now plays for the Broncos. Why in the world does Ross feel the need to honor him? Oh yeah, ticket sales. That's disgraceful and disrespectful to the players and Dolfans!

I perfer the "blowup this staff" or *U cant win for #hit* signs honestly

Oregon Dolphin Fan, because he turned a struggling Pittsburgh franchise into a contender for over 10 years. Let him choose his GM and let's get it started. Biggest difference between Sparano and Cowher? Sparano gets excited about a FG, Cowher would be giving heck to the entire offense about it. He's BY FAR the best available out there.

Boring*lol*.....actually its been pretty comical watching miami play this year and still think that this is a NFL football organization.....


Pratter gets $100K bonus for every missed field goal.

Good question superphin,

does Ross believe in the run 1st Sparano/Parcells approach to offense is what I wonder.

If his is then he might be pleased with the win.

I cant help think though that Ross wants to bring some pop, some excitement to the Dolphins offense and he sees that Sparano can not bring it.

One can ONLY pray and Hope ODFan


If Ross decides to keep Sparano because the Dolphins end up beating the Broncos 9-3, that speaks volume about his football knowledge.

Things are getting clearer. We used to blame Henne for everthing. Now we know he is all we had!

If anyone wonders why coaches get paid so much money just look at the Dolphines and see the price of not hving any!

There is no need to compare Cowher to Sparano. Sparano is a clown, Cowher has proven he can manage game situations well and be a good HC.

Back when Cowher used to coach I recall him being a run 1st offensive approach.

For myself, the Dolphins have been way overdue to become a spread, shot gun, passing offense.

I wonder about Cowher being able to run a modern passing offense.

Excellent point Oregon. We'll see what happens. I'm not sure Cowher wants to return coaching. I could be wrong.

3rd and long and we ALWAYS go underneath to Bess. Crappy, crappy play calling.

some fine punting going on here.

Great play calling, well not really I wonder why they come out and throw the ball on every down and they wonder why they cant win a game. Wow they suck

This is just horrorific (is that a word?)

defensive shutout?

or Tebow shutout? not sure who to credit...

McGahee grabbed Sean "transvestite" Smith's facemask.

Denver has more punts than passing yards and we're in the 3rd quarter. And you guys thought we sucked. LOL!

Spectacular punt!!

I read somewhere Armando, that Ross is intent on bringing in a big named HC or GM so that clearly places Cowher in the picture.

yet also seemingly excludes some younger coaches like Joe Philbin in GB.

It will be very interesting to see what happens as this moves forward.

Armando, could you look into this for me? One of my "sources" tells me Sean Smith is really Serena Williams.

One word for this game, BORING!

Bess can't block and has ZERO speed. Get rid of him.

Sean smith? Why would you give him that much credit? Serums? THIS TEAM IS AWEFUL!! It gets worst every week !!!!

Dolphins have to run backwards, fumble the ball in their own endzone and wait for a bronco to recover...or else, lose Luck.

They can't tackle, can't intercept can't get first downs can't score can't catch can't cover can't return can't run can't block I MEAN WHAT CAN THEY DO??? Ive never seen a team that can't do ANYTHING!!! And if by chance they win this game it means nothing cuz Denver looks as bad as us!!!!

LOL at the commentators chanting the first down

Way to go Ross. Just lost half your fan base.You suck big time.

Mando, you fall asleep face down in your food? No 3rd qtr blog?

Now, now, don't hit Timmy too hard. Orton might come in and win the fu-ing Game.

Just noticed...this game has gotten so pathetic fans have stopped asking for links to see the game.

Hey timmy, Luck says thanks.

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