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Dolphins lead Broncos 6-0 to start third quarter

The Dolphins are destroying the Broncos, 6-0!

The Dolphins have caused two fumbles and recovered one. The defense is playing well. I can't tell you it's a beautiful game, but a 6-0 lead is better than a deficit.

Dan Carpenter is a monster!

As I write this, the Gator celebration is happening on the field. Most of the crowd is booing the "honoring of the Gators.

The live blog continues in the comments section. Join me there.


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The new yeah!



Miami-Denver is bouring by Marino & Co. on CBS

This is bad...really bad.

We may actually win.

Broncos need ot hit their FIELD GOALS

10 pts, thats all denver NEEDS.....

7 points might do it

we can't catch passes, we can't recover fumbles when they are in our hands, we can't block for the qrt so he can make passes, wwe can't sack a qrt back when he has 3 defensive people on him and then he runs for 21 yard-- We are 0-5 and we choose the punt the ball on 4th and 4 from the Denver 45?? Please no credit if due. Just like Dan Marino just said-- this is a boring game. Two real bad teams.

I think a 6-6 tie is a strong possibility.

Sucks we may only win this game because we have a better fg kicker than Stinkos!

2 safties and 1 field goal all Denver needs


SUCK FOR LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the person whose keeping up with stats in this game deserves a raise.....

Why is everyone hung up on Luck? I Want at least 1 win so let's get it out of the way here. Bradley from USC looks good, Landry looked good even though they lost, RG3 looks like the real deal. Plenty of options besides Luck, although I was drooling watching him throw and run that offense.

Wow Tebow sucks

WOW- a tie, that would be something. Both teams miss game-winning field goals in OT and finish with a 6-6 tie. Historic game (most boring all time) and would leave us ahead in the Luck sweepstakes! I like it...


Tebow makes Matt Moore seem like Tom Brady.

Give both teams offense's some coffee...lets wake thing up

Barkley not Bradley

wow Te-BOO benched on Gator Day?

cmon denver...give me some hope!!!!

1st game this season without a 3rd down conversion in the 1st half....amazing!

Ross just announced he will honor John Beck and Cam Cameron at halftime of Fins Redskins game 11/13

I thought we were bad.


oh a lil trickeration by denver with orton

Now people are going to start saying I'm soiled bottom.


Marino was right...Game is "boring"...Bell is is BEAST MODE though!

TEBLOW sounds about right!

They better not sully my good name

I think i FOUND a WORSE game than this one!!!! Seahawks, Browns LOL

It's a competition in who wants to make the LEAST mistakes.

Think we should get into the victory formation. Pretty sure Denver wouldn't be able to score 6 points.

I guess we had to win sooner than later at some point this year.............F#c%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My eyes hurt....


Wow we have a good punter!

Brandon Fields just punt the ball out of bounds at the three year line. Most effective player on the team.

Still no third down conversions......we love ineptitude on offense if nothing else from this game.....

Kevin Harlen,

We have to get excited about something, let's get excited about the punter! LOL

Special teams letting us down today!

This is a real Tidy Bowl fest we got going here.

Almost like both teams are trying to lose...conspiracy theorist agree??

I think Brandon Fields deserves the franchise tag!

I'm not sure who sucks worse in this game! so far carpenter over prater is the only advantage..

Just because they hand out gold medals in the special olympics for finihing first doesn't make us winners

SEAN SMITH is such a P-U-SS_Y it's unbelievable

Best PUNTER there is today in the game.....
Maybe Brandon fields can coach too

and be a GM, competent one at that

And maybe even a QB too

Hell, let him do everything!!!!

There should be a full consumer frauds congressional investigation if anyone's declared winner of this house of horrors suckfest.

So what are the Dolphins proving here?

Tebow looks like what I THOUGHT Cam Newton would look like in his 1st game. How wrong can a person be?

Broncos really seem like they're TRYING to lose! How dare they!

Fin fans we really have to ask ourselves is this the way we really want to lose our chance of picking a franchise QB, even Dan Marino is blasting this game as boring!!!!

Well, they're making a strong case that they never want to be on national tv again.

SEAN SMITH = TEDD GINN of the Defense

Bush is overratted in every aspect of his game

Cracking jokes with fellow frustrated fins fans is more fun than watching this snoozefest.

Say that real fast 3 times- fellow frustrated fins fans...

So what are the Dolphins proving here?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 23, 2011 at 02:48 PM

They still stink at everything they do.....

and that denvers making up for their only win of the season...by losing even more!!!!

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