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Dolphins lead Broncos 6-0 to start third quarter

The Dolphins are destroying the Broncos, 6-0!

The Dolphins have caused two fumbles and recovered one. The defense is playing well. I can't tell you it's a beautiful game, but a 6-0 lead is better than a deficit.

Dan Carpenter is a monster!

As I write this, the Gator celebration is happening on the field. Most of the crowd is booing the "honoring of the Gators.

The live blog continues in the comments section. Join me there.


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Marc I was going to say J Lo at Wide End. But was trying to be nice.

Who are these guys making plays?!

Game over. We'll kick a field goal and have an insurmountable 9-0 lead.

"Just Our Bad Luck"!

The guys that are playing the Broncos, worst team in the league.



SH$T shi# SH*1

So predictable. Mi lil sister knows when they are running or passing

Moore starting to slightly resemble an NFL QB. Nice through to Bess.

Here comes that great red zone O!

If Denver doesn't stop us...the red zone will


@ Soiled,


9-0...............FU Denver....thanks for nothin!!!!!

incredible... they actually is gonna win this!!!... the problem is that they gonna win against a draft rival!.... another "missed point" by this team... please someboby do something!!!

Our best weapon today has been Tim Tebow!

dolfins cant even lose when they are supposed to..idiots

Absolutely no chance we score a TD here.

It's over, we won!


You guys are killing me! LMAO

Whats a TD?

Damn, there goes Andy Luck. Hello 15 more years of Indy dominating the NFL.

Figures Andre Goodman gives up TD

HOLY MOSES!!!!!! TD!!!

left handed fistpumpp





I hope u congratulate TIM Tebow after the game....and ask sparano how much he thinks we improved this week on offense!!*lmao*

A TD... Had forgotten what that is.

what happened??

We hate you Tim Tebow!


run it with Lex on the 2 pt conv.

What a terrible 2 point play

Finally they put Bush in on a passing situation....and of course it draws the defense' attention and TD...FASANO! Lets learn from this!

Another game wasted......

MIami cant do anything right and Neither can Denver!!!!

Guys, it's a long Season. We're not going on a streak, LOOK AT US!! This is just a worse team. There's only 1-2 others. In the end, if we're not 1st, we'll be 2nd, and still get a possible franchise QB.

Maybe Tebow should be carrying his Bible in his helmet.

Go Fins!!! Feels good

11-5 Moore for MVP

Sparano was so disappointed we scored a TD instead of a FG, that decided to go for 2 and fail, so it would seems that we sacored two FGs.

Guys...On a serious note...Culver is playing free safety today... But isn't that Chris Clemons we see on special teams? Armando, can you confirm?

Tebow's unquestionably the nfl's worst qgb.


Wow!!! We're beating a lousy team. Sparano's job is saved!!!! Give him another contract extension! Ireland is vindicated and can continue making poor personnel decisions!

Goddamitt Elway is trying to undercut us to steal andrew luck from us! They put tebow in and trade there best wide receiver to set him up for failure. We can't even lose right!!!!! WTF!!!!!

@maco. That might be the funniest thing I've ever read. Watch Sparano pretend that we didn't score a TD and congratulate Carpenter's 4 FGs.

Clay is BEAST

Teblow would have to improve just to suck at QB.

Was going to wear my Emmitt Smith jersey today, but, this will probably be my best oppportunity to wear a fin jersey all year.

It's nice to see another team who sucks more at the draft than the dolphins.

This is over Im out.

Jesus may be the answer in your life but Tim Tebow is not the answer in Denver....

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