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Dolphins lead G-Men 14-10 to start third quarter

One the one hand, you have to be proud of what is happening at MetLife Stadium.

The Dolphins are fighting the Giants and getting the better of them so far, 14-10. Miami scored its second TD in the second quarter when coach Tony Sparano passed on a FG opportunity and went for the TD on fourth down. Matt Moore scored on the quarterback keeper for the second TD of the game.

The Giants answer with an 84-yard TD drive before the end of the half.

Miami's corners are struggling. Jimmy Wilson is playing like a rookie. Sean Smith, checking Hakeem Nicks most of the game, is getting the worse of that matchup.

The live blog continues in the comments section below. See you there.


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Wheres YEAH!

With out YEAH! we may be JINXED to win

So, what's on the other hand? Seems like an incomplete thought...

We will find a way to lose this game today. No worries. The quest for Luck will continue ladies and gentlemen!

We will win this game. I'm counting on seeing Sparano's muscles during the press conference afterward.

Regardless of how this one comes out that first half will save TS for another week.

Just like the calm before the storm....I wait for the poop to hit the fan


I looking scores around the league, and looks the good teams are playing with the line in Las Vegas, in the first half...all of them loosing

manning should light up this horrible secondary second half, giants win by least 10. rams winning, might be just us and colts left winless in the quest for luck

The Colts are milking this season with Manning.

I believe very soon you will all see something official come out with a Colt conspiracy which unfolds that Manning can play but the colts wish to keep him out and milk the medical crap.

Manning will not be a Colt next season if they draft Andrew Luck. Look for Manning to potentially become the next Dolphin QB.

Just say -in.


At best we finish the final 10 games 5-5. That's even with a wing and a prayer.

A 5-11 final record still puts in great position to draft a huge upgrade to Chad Henne. Last I checked we're far moore than Andrew Luck alone from being a great team.

It's STATUS QUO you idiot! STATUS QUO!

How can you expect anyone to take you seriosuly when you can't even spell?

Sorry I'm late guys - what I miss?

Arrmando, you is confusing I with all these hi..Blogs.

Cmon Giants, you can't possibly let us win one

The colts keep sucking it for Luck; they're horrible and proud. They should be fined for playing this poorly on purpose.

Andrew Luck looked unbelievable last night. This kid is the real deal. Unfortunately I for some reason think he's going to remain in and decide not to come out. The kid loves and is having the time of his life with his teammates.

His post interview showed that he's more about his team then coming out, IMO.

There's still lots of foootball left. Didnt 4-12 get the Titans 1st overall pick this year?

Its not totally out of the realms of belief that even 3-13 could secure 1st overall pick in 20012. Please dont root for 0-16.

How can anyone who calls them self a fan root for this team at this point? 0-6, what do you hope to accomplish? By the way, Rams are up 17-0. Don't tell me we can't be the #1 pick. Luck is the real deal, the only other decent QB available would be Kellen Moore. The other guys are just pretenders. Don't get sidetracked.

You know what I hate - Dolphins fans get all this crap for SFL but the Colts might be the one team at the top that actually is going for it! I just heard Irsay say he will definitely draft Luck and Caldwell will definitely be back

if the coach is definitely sticking around and knows it, he has ZERO incentive NOT to Suck for Luck


Armando I read your column today and my question is:
do you expect Ireland will respond to all of your real Question?....cuz all are very very real, and to be honest I don't think he has the b***s to respond

luck was unreal last night, guy is so good. barkley looked solid also

Wow that's some conspiracy theory "G"

I can't really see Manning going along with it, myself. He seems too proud, too much of a warrior. And the end game is for him to finish his career elsewhere?

How we he go along with that?

RAMS UP 17-0!!!!! INDY WILL BE OUR #1 PROBLEM!!!!!!!!

luck was unreal last night, guy is so good. barkley looked solid also

Posted by: dusty bottoms | October 30, 2011 at 02:37 PM



Easy Marc.....

Dont get ur panties in a twisty Knot

Breathe easy....let one out or do whatever it is u do in order to take one of "THOSE" pills to calm u*lol*

How long before we self-destruct? Will the 1st half extend Sparano's tenure? Can Jimmy Wilson make a play? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Nothing for nothing.. we will continue on the path of self destruction if we win 1,2,4,5, 7 games as we will just end up with zero at the end of the season and picking a franchise QB will be off the table.

We need some LUCK really bad.

Anyone notice the difference with Garner at LG instead of Incognito?? Amazing!

Will be unreal to get another red zone td here!

redsky giants will win this game easily. id throw every down, worst secondary in nfl. giants get to least 31 points, doubt fins score again

How long before we self-destruct?

Posted by: redsky | October 30, 2011 at 02:39 PM


Well said Soiled... (@ 2:31pm)

Haven't we been here 50 times before???

No One (and I mean N O--- O N E)
is going to feel comfortable until the Dolphins are leading with 30 seconds left in the game.
Sad but True

FIST PUMP!!!!!!!!!!!

31-17 final, giants win quite easily

second half - Field goal time

starting to look familiar

Montreal, that is soo true. Especially in the running game!

clearly pass interference

Hopefully this game becomes nfl upset special of the day!

Will be unreal to get another red zone td here!

Posted by: yesterday's gone | October 30, 2011 at 02:40 PM


17 pts. That will probably end up being all the points we score today. Usually around our average. Now Sparano and Daboll will run 90% of the time.

Athletic MF, isn't he?

Bush 87yds rushing already. WOW!

Jimmy Wilson Buffet Feast special coming up for GMEN....

Poor Tony though, no field goals to fist pump in the first half. :p

Joking, no matter what I think of him I root for him and this team to win every week. It's just hard to see this team and this season when I was raised during the Shula era. I've seen losing years before, but I've never seen them look like they just totally gave up as a team.


I don't know but if you watch Pattens facial expression on the side lines he looks in a lot of pain, not physical pain, pain such as he wants to get out there and something is keeping him from doing that.

I go back to all the seasons and he wants in. There is too much scuttle butt going around with this.

As far as him leaving the Colts goes. It's guaranteed that if they draft Luck he will ask to be traded. He isn't going to mentor his replacement and the colts know that Luck isn't going to come to them knowing he's going to be on the bench for the next 5 years +/-

No more field goals, Tony. You know how i get when you do that to me.

Who was that questioning Reggie Bush? Oh, yeah, it was Aloco.

Mando, how 'bout you, Barry Jackson and Dan LeBatard interview Ireland?

Yeah.. that was PI on Marshall but there is a 7pt lead still.

You can say that again, Soiled, Cooz.

it wasnt like the fins offense was even good in the second half, just broken plays with moore scrambling helped them. look for that to get shut down with fumbles this half. eli should throw every down, too easy

ELI TIES IT UP 17-17!!!!! LETS GO!!!!

We need a JT sack, its been a while.

Landry Jones is really good too, just saying


...IRELAND has made himself Unavialable to all media interviews in effort to concentrate on the OL draft choices he's salivating over for next year.....

Brilliant! JT on a slot receiver!

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