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Dolphins lead G-Men 14-10 to start third quarter

One the one hand, you have to be proud of what is happening at MetLife Stadium.

The Dolphins are fighting the Giants and getting the better of them so far, 14-10. Miami scored its second TD in the second quarter when coach Tony Sparano passed on a FG opportunity and went for the TD on fourth down. Matt Moore scored on the quarterback keeper for the second TD of the game.

The Giants answer with an 84-yard TD drive before the end of the half.

Miami's corners are struggling. Jimmy Wilson is playing like a rookie. Sean Smith, checking Hakeem Nicks most of the game, is getting the worse of that matchup.

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Is Keviun BURNett for real, geez!!!??

...IRELAND has made himself Unavialable to all media interviews in effort to concentrate on the OL draft choices he's salivating over for next year.....

Posted by: superPHIN | October 30, 2011 at 02:46 PM


Only team that can be the Giants in this game...IS THEMSELVES...!

Mario Manningham looks like Jerry Rice against our corners...

good lord burnett is awful

BURNED-ET got lucky again



Is Keviun BURNett for real, geez!!!??

Posted by: Big I | October 30, 2011 at 02:47 PM

I don't know, am i?

Misi...That's a name you don't hear often...

Unreal how we can't cover a tight end. And we waived A.J.Edds. Another brilliant Ireland move.

BURNED-ET got lucky again - HAHAHAHA

Figure this out. Bush is injured most of his career with the Saints and he comes to this team and he's the one running back that is healthy.

The Dolphins should stop blitzing. They're not foolin' anyone.


Smith did nothing on that play, yet pounds his chest in self-praise at the drop. C'mon Man!!

misi,lol another horrible pick trying to be different

Smith needs to find another job cuz this one will not last too long.

Sean Smith and Kevin Burnett, the perfect picture of your 2011 Miami Dolphins, Horrible!

Misi is in so few plays I forgot what he looked like

Good, as a matter of fact, very good.

This is Sean Smith's final nfl season!


I thought Irsay wanted to copy what Green Bay did with Rodgers and Farve. Let Luck sit and learn for a few years. I haven't heard anything about a trade.

You think Manning is able to play but they won't let him play? I guess that's possible.

dont kid urself in this one guys...the dolphins D is doing nothing to stop the giants passing attack......The Giants are killing themselves alone!!!

Big, Sean Smith is NOT a man. He's a she. Rumor has it it might be Serena Williams.

Dan Dierdorf is a traditional Miami hater. We know him well.

The next regime will cut Sean Smith!

This is how you put your defense in place to make a play. They blitz Manning from his right side with Will Allen covering Manningham. The hot read is to Manningham. But, Dansby doesn't come up to help Allen. If he does, he's in position to make a possible int. But, he stays back in the middle of the field.

Who would have known they were gonna run it there?!

true superphin but giants do that in alot of games, they better find a way to catch the ball and win this game. we have to lose here

Uh Oh! The reals Dolphins are showing up.

SuperPhin, acorns my friend, acorns! He's looking for nuts!

Told you Sparano and Daboll will run 90% of the time now.

Why is Reggie all of a sudden laying it out on the line?

Time out, LOL

Shannon Sharp should spit his gum out before he tries to talk.


As I said...bonehead timeout at least once per half

Timeout now?

Miami Just doesnt believe in USEFUL timeouts...another flaw in this coaching staffs long resume of errors!!!

Is the TO burning result of bad coaching or bad players?

I swear no team in the league wastes timeouts like Sparano and the Dolphins do.

No way Peyton sticks around if Colts plan to draft Luck IMO. Actually, I think Luck might pull an Eli and refuse to go. Why would anyone wanna follow Manning, let alone sit on the bench behind him for 3 years

Montreal - you called it Bud

two runs in a row

MCRIB is back!


Awesome 3 and out c'mon Giants

Why blow a timeout for that?

Need a qb that can throw with touch.

Tony Sporano, proudly wasting timeouts since 2008.

MaCo, probably a bit of both.

Lets go defense!

Why are we throwing sideline routes to Bush? Do we not have a competent WR on the roster to do that?

No way Peyton sticks around if Colts plan to draft Luck IMO. Actually, I think Luck might pull an Eli and refuse to go. Why would anyone wanna follow Manning, let alone sit on the bench behind him for 3 years

Posted by: Jon | October 30, 2011 at 02:55 PM

That's an encouraging viewpoint since Indy seems to be our top competition for Luck. I hope you're right.

That last throw was simply a bad choice on Moore. Someone was running all alone throgh the middle

Have to maintain the good offensive calls from the 1st half.

Got a sneaking feeling Giants about to tie this sucker up......

How many gamblers are going to lose some money today with that St-Louis-New Orleans game? What a shocker.

Need a JT sack.

Turnover! And I dont mean puff pastrys!

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