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Dolphins lead G-Men 14-10 to start third quarter

One the one hand, you have to be proud of what is happening at MetLife Stadium.

The Dolphins are fighting the Giants and getting the better of them so far, 14-10. Miami scored its second TD in the second quarter when coach Tony Sparano passed on a FG opportunity and went for the TD on fourth down. Matt Moore scored on the quarterback keeper for the second TD of the game.

The Giants answer with an 84-yard TD drive before the end of the half.

Miami's corners are struggling. Jimmy Wilson is playing like a rookie. Sean Smith, checking Hakeem Nicks most of the game, is getting the worse of that matchup.

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Man Jacobs really sucks. The New York fans will kick him out of town.

Got a sneaking feeling Giants about to tie this sucker up......

Posted by: superPHIN | October 30, 2011 at 02:59 PM


Get ready for the wheels to pop off.

Seeing we're 0-6 right now. I would like to see Gates begin to get much more playing time. We need to know more about Gates for the incoming regime!

lol eli u idiot. quit messing around with this game, throw the ball downfield!


They might want to copy the Favre /Rodgers BUT... Not that I have any inside information except that this kid Luck is not going to sit on the bench and learn.

I say that because he was very content in remaining vs coming out as he is getting his degree and having the time of his life playing. He doesn't strike me as someone that will want to go to a team and sit it out. he strikes me as a kid that wants to continue learning (not coming out) and playing for fun (not sitting on a bench).

Just a feeling I got with Manning. I believe he is dying to get dressed and toss some balls and win. I don't believe he wants to see the Colts lose, especially going 0-16.

Something is going to happen after the season.

If the colts go 0-16 my prediction is two fold.

One being that Luck will have conditions that if he has to sit until Manning retires, Luck will not come out or asked to go to another team.

Manning wont want Luck and wants to finish his carrier as a Colt. With Luck there he will be under unnecessary pressure if he starts to falter.

Hence is why I believe he will ask to be traded if they draft Luck.

Just my opinion on the NFL globel look of things.

That Mitchell kid should get more playing time. Can't be worse than Burnett.

Almost an UGLY pretty play for giants...good thing that was not a fumble...almost a first down.....Yuck!!!

"Jason? Did you forget to wear your cup today?"

"Oh man. You caught me."

Bess: undisputed king of the fair catch.

What are the chances we get aggressive here and use the middle of the field for deep slants or crossing routes? Has anyone seen Fasano today?

Rams up by 24.

gilbride is a retarded rock, just throw the ball downfield vs this horrible fins secondary damn

At least 5 qb's have both good accuracy and deepball touch in the upcoming draft.

Not to worry suck for luck fans!

This Giants team is average at best. 4-2 is a bit misleading. The Dolphins are playing a good game but the Giants aren't that impressive imo.

He has great hands. Thankfully.

It's unlikely that the Colts or Rams would draft Luck even if they ended up with the first pick...Colts made Peyton the highest paid QB last year and Rams just drafted Bradford

Burnett is probably the worst newcomer on the team this year.


I see what you're saying and that all makes sense. I HOPE they don't have to worry about it. I hope Luck is ours.

WOW..deep middle-they finally listened!

Oline's protecting fairly well today!

Reggie Bush just might get his second 100 against the same team - something about the Giants' scheme?

Funny, its obvious Moore is better than Henne. Not much but just enough. So why wasn't he the starter from day one?

Is Sparano coaching the Giants today, forget Jacobs throw the damn ball against us, tight ends kill us c'mon we might actually win this

Don't let Bess-fair catch-return again!!!

yes giants suck they lost at home to seattle. but they better find a way to win this game


If we'd have played like this vs Denver we would have won by 20.

Mike Pouncey out of the game. Something wrong.

I wonder if Miami packed their hearts today for the trip. They can win this game if they only had their hearts with them.

another timeout, hilarious mickey mouse

Another wasted timeout!!!!!

LOL---Tony Sporano, proudly wasting timeouts CONSISTENTLY since 2008

WTF? Another blown timeout!

Another timeout. Unbelievable.

Man.....We can eff up some time outs


Another time-out!

Dolphins going with Garner at center now and put in John Jerry at left guard.

Pouncey tapped out already.

I agree 100% NY G. My brother is a big Colts fan and his thinking is similar. The problem is if they get the top pick and open it up to the highest bidder, Miami could very well be out bid. Seattle and Denver, those regimes could offer Ditka like compensation to Indy. I think Carroll and Elway are completely clueless and will most def do something dumb

Waste of another TO.

I'll wait till the end of this game to see if Matt Moore pulls off a win.

It's looking good so far.

Could these Fins go 9-7?

Time out for a incomplete pass..nice

Mando - what is the percentage of plays that are SUCCESSFUL following a time-out for this regime?!


thats the play call they came up with during to

And look at that...another PUNT after a timeout...WHO'D A THUNK IT!!!

3rd and 4 and we go to Bess? Why not Marshall? Is he triple covered or something? Bess sucks!

Come on Bess-it's this or bagging groceries

ELI pick coming...he is due

starting to get scary now with bradshaw out of game, jacobs is awful

Have to admit Giants are running nowhere

The Giants are still running the football despite facing a crappy secondary. No wonder Coughlin and Sparano are friends. Both of them are retards!

HAHA...SEAN SMITH trailing...That should be his full name

Our corners + safeties need to pick it up!

Jamison, I cannot count that low. Is there anything lower than zero percent?


Rams 24-NO 0!


Here we go again.......Same Old SH%T AGAIN!!!

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