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Dolphins lead G-Men 14-10 to start third quarter

One the one hand, you have to be proud of what is happening at MetLife Stadium.

The Dolphins are fighting the Giants and getting the better of them so far, 14-10. Miami scored its second TD in the second quarter when coach Tony Sparano passed on a FG opportunity and went for the TD on fourth down. Matt Moore scored on the quarterback keeper for the second TD of the game.

The Giants answer with an 84-yard TD drive before the end of the half.

Miami's corners are struggling. Jimmy Wilson is playing like a rookie. Sean Smith, checking Hakeem Nicks most of the game, is getting the worse of that matchup.

The live blog continues in the comments section below. See you there.


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Burnett got lucky I miss channing clam chowder

With Bradshaw out...the G Men will pass more....

Dansby in pass coverage against a tight end is awful. How much money are we paying this guy???

just throw it every down gilbride u fool

Now, how bad do you have to be to hold Igor?

Why r the giants bothering to run? Just pass the ball bc we can't get any pressure on eli and our dbs couldn't cover pop Warner receivers.

Sorry about my prediction... it appears that you actually have to cover people before you get a chance for an interception

That was NOT a catch

Armando, what's up with Pouncey? Injury I guess?

And now, Miami Dolphin Fans, we present you with the next 15 minutes of misery.

giants kill themselves every week with penalties, coughlin u suck!

Jimmy Wilson-pick it up-intercept-turn around-play fast!!!
Do something-even if it's right

UH OH.....4th Qtr...yikes!!!

11 for 18 and 108 yards? Someone said Moore was better than Henne? Lol! Not to say Henne was so good but c'mon all 108 of those yards and he's good? Must be a jets fan who also thinks Sanchez/ less than 150 yards is good; unless it's a Pitt or Baltimore defense you better be tossing at least 200

Giving Jimmy some help.

Crowder wasn't a Pro Bowler, but compared to Burnett he looks like Ray Lewis! Another brilliant move by Ireland.

One stop and a offensive td can win this game for us.

Are are our balls going to get sweaty.

the live blog continues in the fourth quarter post.

nice now throw every single down!!!

YOUR best pas rusher on a zone blitz????????!?!??!?!?!



Yeah, I know. Hopefully that dosent happen and if it does, the Fins new GM/HC should look to do a Ditka to get him.

Cameron Wake covering Cruz? What's wrong with that picture?

Jimmy Wilson made a play!

We have not won a game in 2 years. Enough already! Win! Win! Win!

unreal giants refuse to try and win this game just keep running it for no reason at all

wow another run, gilbride u pos. guy is so dumb

It took 7 games for Burnett to finally make a play

No way in hell that was pass intrference

Great sissy call!

WORST PASS INT CALL ON MARSHALL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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