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Dolphins not a total mess on some decisions

We are all quick to point out when the Dolphins get things wrong. Let me take this opportunity to point out a couple they got right:

David Garrard.

Kyle Orton (sort of).

As you know, the Dolphins talked to David Garrard for two days when they learned starting QB Chad Henne would be out for the remainder of the season. The Dolphins wanted Garrard. But Garrard wanted a guaranteed amount of money the team wasn't willing to offer.

I reported Garrard talked with Jeff Ireland and the Miami GM came away lacking a good feeling about Garrard's desire to play for Miami. So the Dolphins did not sign the player who seemed the best available QB on the market.

Turns out that was the right call. Today while the Raiders were chasing Garrard with thoughts of signing him to replace injured Jason Campbell, Foxsports.com reported Garrard was told this morning he has a bulging disc that will require surgery.

The injury had been bothering him for some time but Garrard apparently got final word on the issue today. So while I would not rip Garrard for not telling the Dolphins of his injury, I would applaud Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland for backing away from Garrard. Of course, even if they had not, I assume Miami's doctors would have picked up Garrard's injury in the physical.

Glad it didn't come to that.

As you well know, the Dolphins also didn't add Kyle Orton in the summer. I reported in my column today that Orton is not a Dolphins player today because Stephen Ross himself ordered Ireland to back away from the idea of signing Orton.

A source tells me the Dolphins were going to extend Orton's deal two years at $9 million a year in addition to paying him his base salary this year. But that, plus the second-round pick asking price in trade, convinced Ross to tell Ireland to get away from that deal because he was told by the Dolphins personnel dept. that Orton is not a franchise QB.

Now, I do not applaud an owner making football decisions. I also cannot applaud the Dolphins allowing Chad Henne to come into training camp and, indeed into this season, with absolutely zero competition for his starting QB spot. They should have drafted someone.

But backing away from Orton? He's having a bad season. He's lost his starting job. It seems the Dolphins got that one right.


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orton sucks


hope sparano and irelands resumes have been updated recently

source says no win after bye week = instant firing

hope sparano and irelands resumes have been updated recently

Dolphins not drafting a qb this season only shows the chicken indeed has his head cut off!

As long as you have Ireland and Sparano calling the shots, nothing will go right.

Lets not forget McDrabb getting replaced by a rookie!

How about Vince Young stepping in, throwing an interception, then leaving the game.

So it's a "hat trick."
Three no go bozos.

Quick fact for everyone.......

Miami is 3-0 against the Jets at the Meadowlands the past three years. Ryan has never beaten the Dolphins at home and is just 1-3 overall against Miami.

As long as you have Ireland and Sparano calling the shots, nothing will go right.

Tebow blows too. Sure he can turn lemons to lemonade in helter skelter moments. Its when things are not helter skelter when you have to worry about Tebow most.

That's why he'll never be a franchise qb.

If the Dolphins play hard tonight, they might win. The talent level is pretty even b/w them and the Jets. But the organization is in such disarray, I am not sure they will play hard.

Quick fact for everyone.......

Miami is 3-0 against the Jets at the Meadowlands the past three years. Ryan has never beaten the Dolphins at home and is just 1-3 overall against Miami.

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | October 17, 2011 at 03:54 PM

Then Matt Moore became our starting qb. Just another quick fact.

makes you wonder when the team owner realizes that the proposal for Orton is not in the team's best interest - I don't like the owner making personnel decisions either, but I like it even less when he does and he is right - what does that say about our personnel chief?

and why didn't they draft a qb?

All i know is that the Man that Mr. Ross tried to woo over the summer is sitting Pretty in San Francisco at 5-1. They just took out the Mighty Lions.

Dont knock Ross. Its on Ireland and Sporano. if we weren't looking at a lock out i believe Ross would've let Sparano and Ireland go.

C'mon Ross You have to clean house after this season.

The owner should NEVER make personnel decisions UNLESS a desperate coach/GM is making decisions that are not in the team's best long term interests in order to save his job.

Good job by Ross vetoing the Orton deal. You can't give up a 2nd round pick for a caretaker QB.

if i was them i wouldnt update my resume. Nothing they have done recently will help them get job. Except perhaps buying Bill Parcells actual groceries, which is a two man job.

Yesterday's gone,

I wasn't making any predictions, I was just surprised by that fact.

I'm fully expecting us to play bad.....I'd rather have a pleasant surprise than another heart-breaker...

Of course as a die-hard fan I always seem to muster up to false enthusiasm right before the stupid game

Mando, none of those good decisions make up for the fact that columbo is our right tackle.

we should have signed Gerrard, Dolhomme, Orton, Favre, Pennington... all of them.

then put Columbo in at left tackle, he could single handedly put all of them in retirement or in a grave in one quarter.

We could make history, most lost pro-bowlers in a season.

Hate to say it, but Columbo going down for the season tonight would be a great thing.

Poizen! I thought you weren't going to be able to comment until next week?

I will be gone after today until next Monday. working today then driving to NY tonight.

then driving to the border of Canada, Ogdensburg NY, Tues Morning.

I bet I get to Ogdensburg before Columbo gets out of his first 3 point stance.

If I rolled a bowling ball from the Safety position Columbo wouldn't get a hand on it.

Keys to the game:

Dolphins - get Daniel Thomas going early and often.
This will keep the Jets secondary honest and should open up some passing lanes for MM8.
Put a spy on T.E. Dustin Keller and TACKLE him if he does make a catch.
P.S. - Good luck MM8!

Jets - shut down Thomas and force MM8 to beat you.


I have to admit, I'm excited to see Daniel Thomas play tonight.

Just run away from Columbo's side

I applaud the owner for making football decisions IF they are better decisions than the GM can make. Ross is starting to look better all the time. And that's good because of the three, he's the one who will be sticking around.


Hey, after the season, Early January, Who wants to go to Dolphin stadium with me, We can do some Columbo tippin'

He will be there in a 3 point stance from week 1.

I don't think there will be a huge drop off from Henne to Moore. Henne was inconsistent & lacked deep ball touch. Moore will be inconsistent, but I think his deepball is better. I expect more of the same.

I expect alot of screens & dumpoffs. Unlike years past, Bush can excel there where Ricky & Ronnie could not.

We'll see. Crazy as it sounds, I'm cautiusly optimistic.

A few quick comments:

As badly as the Colts are playing their "I don't care anymore" brand of football, it will be tuff to beat them for the #1 pick overall. It is beginning to look like Landry Jones or Matt Barkley will be our #1 pick.

Sparano is Dead Man (I mean coach) Walking...

The team needs leaders on the field, and currently they have none. That will continue to be a challenge next year.

Yo Marc. Good to see you in here. Been a while. Smash that girl tonight!

I echo the sentiment in here. When the owner has to override the idiot GM, the GM is toast. Bye Jeffy! A 2nd round pick and 9millthe a year for a guy that is supposed to challenge the incumbent and keep the seat warm while you look for the heir apparent. IMAGINE!!!

Bill Cowher + Dan Marino + Rod Woodson + Luck = next years playoffs baby !!!!!!

Mike from SD: I agree, I think Indy is a serious contender for the first draft pick. They have a really tough schedule with only Jacksonville (twice) and Carolina as the only two games they may have a shot at winning. But seeing how they played against the Bengals yesterday, I wouldn't place any bets on an easy victory for them.

Go Dolphins!
Good Luck Matt Moore!

(Chad Henne took a beating every week I hope you are prepared to do the same.)

Wow first all you read is peopel saying that we suck because we did not get Orton ( news flash he sucks) then we suck because we don't get David Garrard ( news flash he sucked,got cut and is hurt). Now people are bashing the owner for getting involved, sounds like to me he did the right thing. I will say we should have drafted a QB (not sure who or when) but we should have tried. However I will say this most of the moves that we did not make that fans bitched about turned out to be good moves on our part. Most likly it was pure dumb luck but at least we have not traded away next years draft picks on players that suck.

Yeah, MarK...Back at ya. Just haven't had the "care" in me this year to even get mad, LOL

Oh, I will...I'll even have her scream your name ;)

You wanted Orton BAD Mando. Bad.

Marc, I haven't cared much either. In fact I missed a few games to play with those items in my profile pic. Hmmm, watch them lose again or this....

Orton would've been a good pickup but not for a 2nd and a huge contract. But then again, never thought we'd be in the suck for luck sweepstakes.

Other good decisions :
Drafting Jake Long, Signing Davone Bess, Trading for Brandon Marshall, bringing back Jason Taylor, letting Ronnie Brown walk.

Not bad at all MarK...Good job

Here are examples of why Miami is a bottom feeder in the NFl today:

Philip Merling selected ahead of: B. Flowers, Jordy Nelson, M. Forte, F. Davis, D. Jackson, Ray Rice.

Kendall Langford selected ahead of: Jamal Charles, J. Finley, M. Manningham

Vontae Davis drafted ahead of: C. Matthews, H. Nicks, K. Britt,

P. White ahead of S. Vollmer, M. Massoquoi

Trade dwon from 12 to take Odrick & passed on Bryant, E. Thomas, Pierre Paul, Lupati, M. Pouncey, D. Mccourty,

K. Misi drafted ahead of R. Gronkowski, J. Cunningham, G. Tate, B. Spikes

J. Jerry over J. Graham, E. Sanders, Colt Mccoy, J. Shipley

Just examples of how Ireland & Parcells protype & vision for a big team has cost us above average & elite players around the NFL.

Other teams should send thank you cards to Miami for xmas every year.

Good run down Joe Schmoe. Did you gogle that or is that off the top of your head?

Let's also not forget the endless carousel along the O-line where Sparano was supposed to be an expert.

Lot's of wasted picks and free agents that would have changed the direction of the team on a lot of other fronts.

I just envision Ross smacking Ireland over the knuckles with a ruler yelling "No Jeffie!! Bad Jeffie!!" during the Orton fiasco.

Rocko won't forget the carousel...he's always quick to mention it. He's a big fan.

Orton needs to go to a team that has playmakers like Oakland or Minnesota.
Bringing Orton to this team would be like sending Bradford to St Louis.

Who would have thought that the one team Henne beats frequently would be the Jets?
Oh well.
I bet the announcers speak highly of him tonight.

Anyway I don't know much about Matt Moore other than he gets paid twice as much as Henne and seems like a good guy.
I hope he doesn't get hospitalized.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"David Garrard.

Kyle Orton (sort of)."

Lets not kid ourselfs here.

The rounds were chambered and the gun was pointed at our heads...we were just lucky that the gun mis-fired.

Soiled :)

So, what Ireland and Sparano got right was the non-moves? Boy, that gives the fans a lot of confidence. Don't make any moves because that will be better than the moves you do make. Welcome to Dolphins bizarro world.

It's even worse than that.
Contracts expiring: QB, RT, RG, NT, OLB, FS

Draft picks will start at all of those positions next season.

Looking back to the Parcell's hiring it is easy to see why the Phins have no identity. An outdated philosophy compounded by poor personnel decisions have dug this hole. And when you ask coaches who have no experience with an open passing offense to change their philosophy 3 years from the original flawed blueprint, then you have what we have today. No direction, accountability or confidence. This was Huizenga's hiring. I give Ross a bit of a pass and a chance to hire people equipped to be successful in today's NFL.

Alright all.... GO PHINS!!!! BEAT DEM JETS!!

I am out until next week! Have a great week everyone.

Unless Dansby and Marshall are traded before the deadline tomorrow then they will continue to take up huge cap space.
Luck will cost $15mil year.
That means no FA's.

Of course the Cowboys will let us continue to browse through thier trash pile.
Cleveland has denied us trash pile priveledges.


At least it won't be Ireland and Sparano drafting those positions. My main concern is this need for a "superstar" coach or football czar. It didn't work with Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban or Parcells. Why keep doing it? Go after a football guy who has proven to be a talent evaluator. Someone in the Steelers or Ravens organizations.

How did they get Garrard right? You wrote earlier Ross shutdown the Orton deal. What makes you think they were serious about Garrard?

If Ross wants a franchise QB that means we need to race to the bottom. I say fire the whole lot after they lose tonight then get on the horn with Cowher. I actually think Rob Ryan is someone to look at. His defenses give people hell. Plus, it would totally screw up Rex.

Cam Newton got about 22 mil over four years with the new CBA deal. Luck won't get much more.

we will have more than enough cap space. henne wont be resigned and the 12 million franchise tag on Solia is coming of the books quicker than a DE gets off of a Columbo Block

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