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Dolphins not a total mess on some decisions

We are all quick to point out when the Dolphins get things wrong. Let me take this opportunity to point out a couple they got right:

David Garrard.

Kyle Orton (sort of).

As you know, the Dolphins talked to David Garrard for two days when they learned starting QB Chad Henne would be out for the remainder of the season. The Dolphins wanted Garrard. But Garrard wanted a guaranteed amount of money the team wasn't willing to offer.

I reported Garrard talked with Jeff Ireland and the Miami GM came away lacking a good feeling about Garrard's desire to play for Miami. So the Dolphins did not sign the player who seemed the best available QB on the market.

Turns out that was the right call. Today while the Raiders were chasing Garrard with thoughts of signing him to replace injured Jason Campbell, Foxsports.com reported Garrard was told this morning he has a bulging disc that will require surgery.

The injury had been bothering him for some time but Garrard apparently got final word on the issue today. So while I would not rip Garrard for not telling the Dolphins of his injury, I would applaud Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland for backing away from Garrard. Of course, even if they had not, I assume Miami's doctors would have picked up Garrard's injury in the physical.

Glad it didn't come to that.

As you well know, the Dolphins also didn't add Kyle Orton in the summer. I reported in my column today that Orton is not a Dolphins player today because Stephen Ross himself ordered Ireland to back away from the idea of signing Orton.

A source tells me the Dolphins were going to extend Orton's deal two years at $9 million a year in addition to paying him his base salary this year. But that, plus the second-round pick asking price in trade, convinced Ross to tell Ireland to get away from that deal because he was told by the Dolphins personnel dept. that Orton is not a franchise QB.

Now, I do not applaud an owner making football decisions. I also cannot applaud the Dolphins allowing Chad Henne to come into training camp and, indeed into this season, with absolutely zero competition for his starting QB spot. They should have drafted someone.

But backing away from Orton? He's having a bad season. He's lost his starting job. It seems the Dolphins got that one right.