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Dolphins sign Losman, place Rosenfels on NFI

The Dolphins will be nursing starting QB Matt Moore this week because he's taken a beating and has sore ribs and could be limited in practice.

So they figured Sage Rosenfels might have to take more reps and might even get a chance to play against the New York Giants. Except, Rosenfels wasn't ready to play against the New York Giants or anyone else because he apparently was still suffering from the affects of the blood infection and strep throat that landed him on injured reserve earlier this season with the New York Giants.

So the Dolphins today placed Rosenfels on the non-football injury list and added J.P. Losman to the roster.

"I am thankful for the opportunity the Dolphins gave me to come here and play, and I was looking forward to contributing to the team when I signed," Rosenfels said in a statement released through his agent Rick Smith.

"When I first joined the Dolphins, all tests showed that I was healthy and ready to go. But after practicing for a few weeks, especially in the heat, some new indications made it obvious that I need to rest and allow my body to regain all requisite strength.

"I want to thank the Dolphins for their understanding and wish them the best of luck the rest of the season."

One hopes the best for Rosenfels ... while the Dolphins continue to struggle with, well, the worst possible circumstances.

Losman, 30, has seven years of experience with Buffalo, Oakland and Seattle. He's not exactly a star. He has thrown 33 career TDs and 34 career INTs. The only season in which he threw more TDs than INTs was 2006 with the Bills.

His career has been on the slide ever since.

Yup, the hits just keep on coming.


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Goodevening Dolphin Fans
From Captain Midnight Lives

Say it ain't so!!!

Now that I broke the story about JP Losman coming to the Dolphins, Armando going to be putting up a blog real soon, like always.

Posted by: DKM | October 25, 2011 at 03:24 PM

Damn I dont want to toot my own horn but i'm good. Armando hand over the check buddy.



Sage said you want me to play for them?

Wow its hot...I don't feel so good...

Blood poisoning, yeah, that's it...

I am not going to die with Columbo watching my back...


From the last blog:

Joe, you're day's coming, lol.

Poizen, how about this? Forget the love thing. Let's start again. You said Henne was negatively-affected by the oline. I agree. Discount those plays. WE BOTH said drops were a huge factor in redzone efficiency, so we agree there too. Discount those plays too.

Someone brought up Robo-Henne, I disagree. Maybe he locked on to receivers more than we would have liked, but next to Moore Henne looks like freakin' Rodgers. AND compared to 2010 Henne, 2011 Henne was Mike Vick, so I give him those positive plays he created himself with his feet.

I give you all those plays that I'm not considering and ask you not to consider either. All we have left is the plays where Henne had time and receivers were open, yet the play wasn't successful. Just those plays alone. Would an Andrew Luck or another franchise-caliber QB take advantage of those plays and make them successful purely based on their own talents in your humble opinion?

Overthrows, not leading the receiver, errant passes, etc. I know there's lots of factors, but I'm just trying to focus in on what a QB can affect. Those other things are kinda out of his realm, but strictly on what a QB can affect, was Henne elite, or do you think that can be improved on?

My opinion is there are QBs I see in the league today, or on the horizon, who might (should) be able to do more with those areas that are in their control than Henne has been able to.

Is that a fair assessment to you?

Godly, everytime I read DC posts its like a story.

It always was way too optimistic to stockpile WRs and TEs and keep just a couple of QBs.

We should thank Matt Moore for his tremendous courage under fire, and wish JPL good luck and good health. Huzzah.

DC please do some work and earn your government salary.

How long have you guys been waiting for this....

6 games into an NFL season and a few of the next level QBs (not elite...next level).....are struggling a bit (according to the media).....

Bucs 4-3
Falcon 4-3
Ravens 4-2

Dolphins when Henne went out....0-3

Has Henne ever been 4 and 3....i doubt it.....I am positive he has NEVER BEEN 4 and 2....

Whats the most hilliarious from you donks is this.....Henne struggles and you blame everone BUT Henne....

Random QB struggles....and RANDOM QB gets all the blame.....

How Ironic.....

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/10/the-dolphins-are-10-weeks-from-the-kind-of-transformative-change-that-will-spin-your-head-there-will-be-a-new-head-coach-th/comments/page/4/#comments#ixzz1bpEliEHx

JP Losman yes finally a real QB in town. Now I will watch on Sundays. The best signing by Ireland since he's been the GM. I can hear them laughing in Buffalo as we speak.At least it wasn't ex Cowboy and Parcells favorite Quincy Carter.

Spidey, how's this? Losman/Rosenfels/Moore, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?


Serious question of which i cant find the correct answer.

If for some reason that the Dolphins, Colts and Rams ALL end the season 0-16, WHO and what determines which team gets the #1, #2 and #3 draft choices???


NY "G"

uuuuuuuh, the beauty of gov't work is not having to do it and STILL getting paid and NEVER getting fired.

So I'm good here all week bro.

LOL...Miami is a joke !!!

If you are going to either continue to justify Henne's performance or if you can't stand him look at the turnovers.

The guy has an interception in something like 9 straight games and at least one turnover in 16 of the last 17.

The glass has never really been half full. Mostly more than half empty.

DC, much better they all have one thing in common. THEY SUCK!

GET A LOAD OF WHAT THE BUTT WIPE DEMOCRATS are doing. Marching orders from Obama as he wants to bring down the NFL or at least get their profits for the protesters who hate capitalism.

Google ESPN and NFL and check it out. Pathetic freaking Liberals.

WASHINGTON -- Three Democratic congressmen are urging the House Energy and Commerce Committee to hold hearings on the impasse between the NFL and players union on testing for human growth hormone.

One that watched those turnovers should have also seen busted routes, off the hands, etc. If you minus that stuff out he did not have that many turnovers. How many did both Mannings have last year and Brees. I am not saying Henne is at this point as good as these guys, but turnovers come for lots of reasons.


See.....need I say more.....

DC, responded last blog, here it is

DC, I have already agreed multiple times to draft andrew Luck, or any of the top 4 QB's this year in the 1st round. we need to get a kid in here that has all the tools that is not shaken.

In the examples you made would Luck hit those throws. I think so.

I did not defend Henne as being an elite talent at any time. I did say he CAN be a top 10 QB and I believe that, still do. His maturity and improvement in just 4 games this year have been GREAT. the next thing that possibly would have come this year is 3rd down effeciency, 4th Q performance and Red zone quality. He was an improving QB.

I do not remember him missing wide open guys getting a lot of time to throw the ball all that often, not any more than any other QB.

that being said, even if he did not get hurt and he did break the top 10, drafting a NEW young QB needs to be done. Henne has shitlag from the 2 years with Henning. All of the sh*t he had to go through is still there in his game at least a little bit and he MAY never lose it. so drafting a new QB is necessary.

I defended him on here because I think there were far more people to blame instead of him. Not because I like him. I dont own a Jersey of him, and dont like Michigan. I could care less if he is here next year.

I think he will be good, I just think his chances in a Dolphin uniform are slim. A new coaching regime will want their guy, and quite frankly most of the fan base hates him.

I thought we agreed weeks ago that we thought a new QB needs to be brought to Miami. I was in that same boat, maybe different reasons, but same boat.

Kris responded to you also, who doesnt hold Henne accountable at all? Still looking for that person...

Can someone please inform me when was the last time the Dolphins won a game, I cant rememeber. What was the score as well?

NY "G"

if only Bush, Cheney, and Condoleeza were in charge, things would be much better.

We are batting a .1000 on our way to Andrew Luck or the consolation prize which I suspect is Landry Jones!

Does Miami have the crappiest medical personnel or what?

NY "G"

I suppose some of the clown GOP candidates will do better. NOT!

Pat Buchannan,

Yeah, I mean WTF??? We don't need politicians getting into the business of what the NFL and the unions are or are not doing. They need to stay out of the business of ALL sports and do us all a favor and take a vacation until the November 2012 elections.

Us taxpayers would all benefit from that.

No Pat let's put Hillary Clinton in charge..

Kris, Henne gets his fair share of the blame, c'mon man.

I can not wait for him to be off this team, that way this same ol' crap ends.

Posted by: Poizen | October 25, 2011 at 04:05 PM


I'm gonna tell you like I told Odin....

IF...IF Henne is what you say he is....the NO NFL COACH in his right mind will let him walk...If Henne has what you believe you see....Then COWHER....GRUDEN.....FISCHER...INSERT HC NAME HERE...will be beating down Henne's door to sign him.....


Because you don't let ELITE QBs walk.....nor do you let those with what the next coach believes has the POTENTIAL TO BE ELITE walk.....

not in todays NFL.....and not in tomorows either....

Sooooo.....if the NEXT HC signs Henne.....then I will admit you have an eye for EXCEPTIONAL TALENT.....


If no real attempt to sign Henne is made.....then you admit he MAY not be what you thought he was.....



I didn't bother reading your whole post as I glanced over did you say you believe Henne can be a top 10 QB?

You must be joking dude. You are truly the definition of a homer if you are on that. But no worries. There is no sense in arguing my point because Henne will never wear a Miami uniform again.

uuuuuuuh, the beauty of (BEING THE DOLPHINS HEAD COACH) is not having to do it and STILL getting paid and NEVER getting fired.

So I'm good here all week bro.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 25, 2011 at 04:02 PM

So, I took a little liberty with your post...


I didn't post that for a political reason. if it were repbs i would have posted the same and called them ass wipes also.

My point is they make things into a political circus and in this case, the Dems are trying to make believe that they care for the Union when in fact they don't give a rats ass about anyone except for themselves.

Here is my political chant which is TERM LIMITS.

Dont we realize..A good coach is more important than Andrew Luck...look at the Colts without Manning compared to the Patriotss that year they lost Brady..big ass difference, so lets get the right coach!!!!!!!!

Bo......thats one perspective worth exploring.....

Bills bust JP, really? Ok, where's Garcia? Shaun Hill? Ken Dorsey? Hell, someone please call Vinny

Isn't there another Manning brother we could work out?

The G-Men are going to wipe there ass with the Dolphins this Sunday.

Hope he does not wear a dolphin uniform and goes to a team where the fan base knows football and is not sooooooooooooooo critical of everyone. Like everyone has played and everyone has coached.. Henne has talent period and will make some people here want to pull out their bud lights and wonder why... Brees, Welker, need I say more..the answer will be you

Is sparano still the head coach ?


Good point and I agree but Miami needs both equally as bad and what good is a great coach without a face of the franchise QB. A QB makes the coach successful but I see your point you also need the QB in the right system to succeed.

I still say Miami's band of merrymen in Jason Taylor and Dansby find a way to steal one vs maybe Washington, Buffalo or Oakland

Tony Sparano pleas to refs saying “Now I’m getting fired” LOL. at least he sees the writing is on the wall...


Yeah! Is falling off...

Another example of this coaching staff making a bizzare decision. Why sign rosenfels if he cannot play? And maybe you should have thought of promoting Pat Devlin?

SO! Losman appears to be just like Moore & Henne. Consistently inconsistent!

Welcome aboard lad! You fit right in!

Regarding Henne, just looking at the teams he could land and potentially start in right now.

Denver, Indy, Washington & Seattle

All 4 of these teams may be in the market for a young Qb next season so not sure how long that courtship will last.

I don't think Henne will be a starter in the NFL 2 years from now let alone become a top ten QB.

Didn't we already have a spare QB on the practice squad? Is he not ready...to have his ribs bashed-in?

And Pozen.....

I hope your not typing 3 pages about Drew Brees.....i'll give you 2 reason's to not do it....

1. Brees had an injury to his THROWING SHOUDER.....

2. The Chargers had the foresight to draft his replacement IN THE 1ST RD.....who do we have the foresight to get....

Tyler Thgpen
Matt Moor
Pat Delvin
JP Losman

A whole different set of thinking.....might you agree?

Bo, both a good coach and QB are needed but I think your example makes the argument that a franchise QB is more valuable. When Manning went down the Colts became total garbage. Most consider Dungy a good coach but his departure had basically zero impact.

When Brady went down, while still good, the Pats declined and didn't even win the division. Just playing devil's advocate, with respects to Devil's Advocate of course.





After assessing Robert Griffin 3 youtube highlights, I dont want Luck anymore. RG3 might be better than Vick or Newton. He definately the most exciting QB in college. Dear Ross, if we are unLucky please draft RG3 and u will sell out every game. Go Fins is in 2012.

Here is some great news for all us DEAD FISH WALKING fans...

Peyton Manning (neck surgeries) could begin jogging this week, according to Colts president Bill Polian.

Despite an embarrassing 0-7 start in a lost season, Polian isn't prepared to rule out Manning practicing or playing later this season. Although he and Manning recently spoke about plans for 2012 and beyond, Polian refused to divulge any details. Oct 25 - 1:32 PM

NY, I certainly want to see Manning playing before this season is over & possibly help Indy steal a couple of games.

if we tie with another team, the strength of schedule determines draft order as first tie breaker.

the team that played the weaker schedule sucks more than the team that played the stronger schedule...

this puts us at a disadvantage in the tie break mode as we have Buffalo, NE and the Jets...

then again, since we will lose 6 to these guys, maybe we will avoid the tie.

Nick M.....funny....but why does Ireland look like such a dork....


I am a Robert Griffin III fan too but he is just over 6'1 and no where near the athlete of Vick or Newton. He does make a lot of plays and is a good player but he is late 1st round if that.

Miami will F up and win a few I think in some win one for the gipper (Sparano) and have to take next best QB who is Landry Jones or possibly Matt Barkley who is more a West Coast offense QB.

But I hear you on Griffin's highlights. He is a stud

When do YOU think that we will be able to watch the Swanney POP the CORK on ESPN...

Below are what's left for the Pack.

Sun., Oct. 30 Open Date
Sun., Nov. 6 @ San Diego Chargers 3:15 p.m. FOX
Mon., Nov. 14 Minnesota Vikings 7:30 p.m. ESPN
Sun., Nov. 20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12:00 p.m. FOX
Thu., Nov. 24 @ Detroit Lions 11:30 a.m. FOX
Sun., Dec. 4 @ New York Giants 3:15 p.m. FOX
Sun., Dec. 11 Oakland Raiders 12:00 p.m. CBS
Sun., Dec. 18 @ Kansas City Chiefs 12:00 p.m. FOX
Sun., Dec. 25 Chicago Bears 7:20 p.m. NBC
Sun., Jan. 1 Detroit Lions 12:00 p.m. FOX

Just when Miami proves to be the suckiest team in the NFL and blows a 15-0 lead with under 3 minutes left btw which was the 1st time since AFL-NFL merger that has happened the Colts see our loss and raise us 55 as in losing by 55. This isn't Oklahoma vs Kansas it's the NFL and with that said.....

The Colts are now on the clock


The PAckers will lose on

Sun., Dec. 4 @ New York Giants 3:15 p.m. FOX

NY "G"

I go December 4th or possibly Dec 25th.


Good picks there AndyNJ.

Ok Poizen, I apologize dude. I see people are smacking you over the Henne thing, and that's why you're prickly when it comes to your association with him, and I only spurred it on by talking about your "love" for him.

I was wrong about that, I'm sorry.

I should have just said that I do believe an Andrew Luck, or any franchise-caliber prospect would do more with what Henne had than what Henne did. And left the personal stuff out of it. I really didn't mean it to come off like it did.

I'm not 100% in kris and Andy's corner by the way. Henne would make a fine backup IMO. But frankly, with all this back and forth over the last couple years, I'd rather Henne go somewhere else with a chance to start, and want to see what happens. Just so we can settle this (I mean the collective we as posters here) as to if Henne is an NFL-caliber starting QB or not. I think he was STARTING to prove he was this year, so I'd give him 50-50.

Also, I know things about you and kris that shapes how I view what both of you say. I know you're a former QB, and a Coach. kris is a former WR. That's why (IMO) both of you side the way you do (you towards QBs, him towards WRs). That's why I think you appreciate Henne more than others (not because you actually love him or anything). And that's why I think kris is quicker to put it all on Henne than Marshall.

So, apology accepted?

Kris, I am at work, not typing a book about Brees. could care less about Brees.

No one is knocking down henne's door because he came from a failed organization, and that can stick in the mentality of a young QB who knows nothing different.

Part of success in the NFL is confidence, not just talent.

Anyway, I can't keep up today, someone called me a homer now beacuse I think Henne can be top 10. I don't get that at all... the only part of the post agree with is he will not be in a dolphin uniform so drop it.

I have my opinion about Henne's talents, I dont want them here on the Dolphins, I want to move on. I can argue until i am blue in the face, you wont change my opinion, I will not change yours.

The point is the team needs to move on to a new QB and there needs to be some F'n winning. this losing crap sucks!

I think if we get the right coach, Luck will want to come play for us, I mean look at it like this, we are one of the few states that does not have a state income tax, the weather here beats the pants off the the weather in just about any other city that is shooting for the first pick in the draft, and we have the best looking women on the planet.

So all the intangibles fall to Miami, BUT we better get the right coach and I'm not convinced in any re-treads, I think a young up and comer from college with NFL creds is what we need.

Someone with a fire in their belly, that has played the game at a high level. Probably a very short list. Don't ask me because I don't know of anyone. Just setting the criteria.

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