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Dolphins sign Losman, place Rosenfels on NFI

The Dolphins will be nursing starting QB Matt Moore this week because he's taken a beating and has sore ribs and could be limited in practice.

So they figured Sage Rosenfels might have to take more reps and might even get a chance to play against the New York Giants. Except, Rosenfels wasn't ready to play against the New York Giants or anyone else because he apparently was still suffering from the affects of the blood infection and strep throat that landed him on injured reserve earlier this season with the New York Giants.

So the Dolphins today placed Rosenfels on the non-football injury list and added J.P. Losman to the roster.

"I am thankful for the opportunity the Dolphins gave me to come here and play, and I was looking forward to contributing to the team when I signed," Rosenfels said in a statement released through his agent Rick Smith.

"When I first joined the Dolphins, all tests showed that I was healthy and ready to go. But after practicing for a few weeks, especially in the heat, some new indications made it obvious that I need to rest and allow my body to regain all requisite strength.

"I want to thank the Dolphins for their understanding and wish them the best of luck the rest of the season."

One hopes the best for Rosenfels ... while the Dolphins continue to struggle with, well, the worst possible circumstances.

Losman, 30, has seven years of experience with Buffalo, Oakland and Seattle. He's not exactly a star. He has thrown 33 career TDs and 34 career INTs. The only season in which he threw more TDs than INTs was 2006 with the Bills.

His career has been on the slide ever since.

Yup, the hits just keep on coming.


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My name is DC, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. I love you Poizen blah blah....


I agree Henne would be a good back up but just not in Miami. If say Miami doesn't get the #1 and draft Jones or Barkley instead why have Henne around we already know he is not a capable starter and can't pull off more then say 7 wins seems to his magic number. And don't apologize for someone else and their asinine comments. Top 10? And what evidence do you see that supports that? He has a strong arm? You threw for 30 TDs in Madden with him? C'mon dude get real!

I'm out.

DC, it was all good, I got pissed because I did not want to rile up all this Henne crap again like this.

Everyone reads a post and thinks "they know someone now" and they don't.

I got aggrivated with what was coming after you post, it is all good though. Still have respect for ya! :) I actually earned more respect for Joe than ever since he has backed off his chance to attack on the henne thing... lol.

So anyoway, I have to leave for the day, talk to you all tomorrow.


In case of a tied for worst record, the team determined to have had the weakest schedule will get the first pick.

Every weekend I keep looking at the NFL scores hoping to see the Lams and the Dolts beat someone, I feel secure in the knowledge that as long as Sporano is here, we won't!

I'M BACK GUYS FOR MY FINAL BLOG THIS YEAR!! I'm in way too much pain to continue reading all the posts and going through this weekly aggravation.

This past weekend was my first trip to Miami and Sunlife Stadium. I've have been a diehard my entire life, and this was very exciting for me. The 0-5 record really didn't matter once you are in the stadium with your fellow fans!

The sickening feeling to lose that game was just overwhelming. We all knew in the stadium, once it was tied it was over. You could cut the KARMA with a knife. Tim Tebow was brutal the entire game, and becomes the hero!

Simply, the Miami Dolphins just find ways to beat themselves everytime. Here are the two major things that stuck out to me.

First, going for the 2 point conversion at 12-0 with 13 minutes left in the fourth proved to be a huge mistake and for giving Sparano the benefit of the doubt on most everything, this I can not! We all know you go for the 2 point conversion when you need it. Turns 15-0 could of been 16-0 and Denver would of had to make two 2 point conversions to tie it!

Second, Daibol's play calling around the 6 -8 min marks. Trying to run down the clock with no creativity. Simply dive left and right getting stuffed every time. No balls! Run a bootleg, a sweep, something else. Nothing!!

Now onto the front office!! Ross and Mike Dee should both be removed period!! Ross is a joke as a owner and should sell to football people who care about tradition and what matters to fans the product. All this garbage with celebrities is a joke and has no place in football.

Now to the even bigger issue!! To allow the Florida Gators Alum to be the halftime show for there last National Championship team with Urban Meyer on hand was the biggest disgrace of all time!!!! To see half the stadium filled with Tebow shirts and Bronco jerseys was the biggest joke in sports!! ALL DONE FOR MORE MONEY!! THIS IS WHERE THE MIAMI HURRICANES PLAY!! I was at the game on Saturday too!!!! This made it even more sickening!!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent -- :(

Cool Poizen.

Andy, I'm sticking up for Poizen because he's already regurgitated all this before. You haven't been here for awhile, and Poizen's already said he'd rather have a new QB here. We were talking about the oline, and Poizen made a statement, and I responded and opened up the can that you and others doused him with.

I like posters here who defend unpopular positions, I think it's a sign of intestinal fortitude. So that's why I'm defending Poizen. All my favorite posters on here have stood up for what they believe at one point or another. If you did it I'd stand up for you too.

I dont know what's worse Armando writing or JP Losman as a QB?

If Moore can't play, no way we win with LoserMan.

I wonder how often Tony thinks about his preseason 'This team will win' speech he made to the public? I think about it every time I see his name. I knew that would come back to haunt him.

Or Marc Coloumbo blocking?

Is this a joke?

Ross obviously doesn't want to give this FO of knuckleheads another dime. Rather than try to find a real replacement for Henne, we get those that fit into the 'guaranteed to fail' category.

Didn't Marc Anthony play a little ball in Puerto Rico? Why not trot his cheating butt out there next?

Season is officially over


We need to stare at this horse from the arse end first.


My goodness... Penny got knocked out. Henne got knocked out. Moore appears to have been knocked out. Sage did the math and knocked himself out. So the O-line is krap right?

Reggie Bush is Krap. Marshall acts like Krap. WR corps....krap. Defense is krap. Coaches...krap.

Who on the team is any damn good?

I realize that looking forward it is much more important to secure the proper gm and coach then getting luck...here is to hoping Stephen Ross makes the right decisions!


...Someone already mentioned Pat Devlin. At this point what is the harm of letting him play? This season is going nowhere. At least we get to see what we have in a game situation. It's not like the Quarterbacks we have available are able to put points on the board anyway.

This is what happens here. Other teams allow their young players opportunities to play on Sundays. This team, not so much. Why keep a guy on the roster(practice squad included) if you do not think he has any ability to help the team. This isn't like college where the kid that is red shirted loses eligibility if he is called into duty. If Devlin has been poor in practice why has he not been waived in favor of another player? You cannot honestly think that J.P. Losman gives this team any better chance then Devlin.

I can't believe that this is even an issue, or something that is debateable. Ireland should be on the hook for how he delt with the quarterback situation after watching Henne the second half of last year. I understand that the pickings were slim, and there was some effort to aquire Orton. But we failed to see the writing on the wall, and going into the season with the combo of Henne-and Moore.....That must have caused a lot of teams some headaches when thinking about preparing for this team.


What the NEW management needs to do is draft a QB first then in the next round get one of his WR's so we can have some organization at least for 1 area of need & FEED THE ROOKIE QB TO THE WOLVES & LET HIM RUN!!!

Poizen you may be gone...and maybe you will read this later today.....

I stand behind what I write...and I stand behind....IF....Henne was a good QB the next coach will sign him....

You don't let talent walk.....it could cost the owner MONEY....it could cost a coach a JOB...and his reputation....

Forget what you, me, Joe Schmoe, DC Dolfan, Delvis Advocate, Spidey...or any other host of tallking dildoes think.....

NFL people are watching tapes in ways you, I, and others can only imagine....

Their gonna due their Homework....then thier gonna make a decision....i'm willing to bet a slice of HUMBLE PIE

The deal is still on the table...are u in....

The Marks Brothers and I are available to sign. So is AJ Duhe, Zach Thomas, Nat Moore and Larry Csonka. What, we're too old? Guarantee that we can go 0-6 as much as these clowns can.

Kris...I don't want to butt in to a debate that I was not involved. But I would like to weigh in...

I think there is no way Chad Henne is a Dolphin next year. Nor should he be. For him and this franchise to move forward. Both he and the team need to move on. He has had ample time here to prove he is a quality quarterback. He has failed the franchise..The franchise has failed him. We can make excuses all day for him. Some of them valid, but at the end of the day..They are excuses.

We have to move on. It is like the bad relationship with a girl you know is not the one. You make up ways in your mind to justify what you are doing. Knowing fully that the relationship is going nowhere, and you have seen the best of times pass. End it now, so that both sides can get better.

I HAVE THE SOLUTION TO END THIS CURSE OF THE DOLPHINS. This is what Gumersindo, a 'babalao' friend of mine told me to do.
Take a male chicken and kill him upside down.
Tie a red ribbon around the dead chicken's neck.
Place the dead chicken with his red lace tied around his neck in one corner of Giant Stadium together with a cheap cigar butt, a razor blade, a red apple, a little glass of vinegar and a candle.
Then light the candle and leave.
Repeat this at every stadium the Dolphins are going to play the day before game.

Why not get T.O.?

DD, TOTALLY, TOTALLY agree about Devlin. If he has long-term potential, even as a backup, effe it, put the kid in and give him real game experience. We're 0-6, lol. Not like he's gonna let the secret out of the bag that the Season is over and we're just going through the motions. Not like everything we've done last 2 weeks hasn't proven this FO is on the "Suck for Luck" campaign. It hurts absolutely nothing.

I mean, they COULD have signed a QB that's won in this league (Gerrard) if they were serious about this year. Once they overlooked him, and signed a guy with a BLOOD DISEASE, that's when I knew everyone was all in for Suck for Luck.

The team is already dispirited, they ALREADY know they're auditioning for the next HC and HC's around the league. Playing Devlin won't tell them anything they haven't already figured out. If Devlin can't even throw an accurate pass longer than 5 yards (like Tebow), then we'll know our answer, time to kick him to the curb and find another player for the practice squad next year.

I'm all for Devlin (just hope he doesn't surprise us and starts winning).

Good nite one and all!

Was Rob Johnson busy? Todd Collins got something better to do? WTF? Dolphins's QB depth chart: 1st string: Matt Moore (Questionable w/ rib injury). 2nd string: J.P. Losman. 3rd string: the corpse of Steve McNair. Gotta love it.

Armando Lossman 33 Td And 34 Int Is Better Than What We Have Including Henne . This Team Is A Joke , Now Rosenfels Is Not Ready To Play , Looks To Me That He Went Out And Save Sparano's Butt On This One BWAAAAAAAA, Sparano Must Be Hiding In A Closet ,I Really feel Bad For The Guy , I Truly Believe Ireland Is The Guy Most Responsible For This Mess

0-16 is looking more likely.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate

In case of a tied for worst record, the team determined to have had the weakest schedule will get the first pick.

THANKS. Do you happen to know what protocall is in place as to WHEN the NFL decides who had the weakest schedule? Pre season or Post season.

I'll need to look at that factor as to this pre season and who has the weekest schedule, Colts, Rams or Fins.


Pat Devlin has a PFA against the Miami brass that says they aren't allowed to play him the remainder of the season.

Terrell Owens might be better than anyone we have right now at WR considering how many crucial drops Marshall has had I'd bring him in atleast to help with work ethic and competing in practice

Why not get T.O.?

Posted by: beerphin | October 25, 2011 at 06:29 PM

37 years old

Torn ACL

Locker room distraction

Cut by 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, and Bengals.

Also NO NFL team attended the workout.

Say hell no to T.O.!!

So Sparano,remember the preseason-when you said the Fins were only carrying two QBs--we'd be fine?How's that decision looking to you now?

The reason Sparano is still around is because Ross has a thing for Italian men.

He calls his thing "Mando."

Oh good. Losman is a winner

Good evening judy.

How's Ray doing?

Paging Scott Mitchell, Scott Mitchell please pick up the red courtesy phone!

Paging Scott Mitchell, Scott Mitchell please pick up the red courtesy phone!

Posted by: Jeff Ireland | October 25, 2011 at 07:17 PM

Jeffey, I am confused.
Mitchell has no connections to the Cowboys.
Wussup wit dat?

No one Joins MY team unless i ask them about their Mothers employment history! Not nobody, Not no how!!!

JP Losman's mom checks out!

yeah, y'know, saying "Why not get T.O.?" feels a little like octomom saying "Why not have a baby?".

yeeaahhh, no.

Yea yea, my bad. Thanks Tim. Paging Bernie Kosar, Bernie Kosar please report to the nursing home station for a phone call. Plus, he has a ring from the Cowpokes! Take that you Finatics!


If you hold a workout and no one shows up, does it count as a workout or just chillin time with the trainer?

Randy Moss

I just had an epiphany (well, at least, that was her stage name)....all seriousness aside, we need to find Drew Henson. Not only was he a backup QB with the cowboys, he was Tom Terrific's backup at Michigan....this should please Mr. Ross.

"Jeff, We have the first pick and Andrew Luck is just sitting there for us to take. Time to pull the trigger."

"yeaaah, I don't think I'm going to do that. I've already engineered a trade that netted us another 2nd round pick this year and the 28th pick in the first round this year. Since that Florida Gator day turned out so well I'm going to take John Brantley in the first as our franchise quarterback. That will assure Stephen sellouts for the entire 2012 season. He'll be thrilled with my insight."

Time to cue up the "Benny Hill" theme music again......

Time to cue up the "Benny Hill" theme music again......

Posted by: Turd Ferguson | October 25, 2011 at 07:33 PM

and the "Pouncey flip"

How about we trade for Ronnie Brown & he can come back & run the wildcat for 4 quarters.

TS and Nolan are jeopardizing any kind of future they might have as Coaches in the NFL. With every Game that passes, it's becoming more obvious to more People, that they are preventing this Team from winning by making un-buyable "poor" decisions on the field. If this continues, it might come to a point where the League will have to intervene, and that would be disastrous for Everybody.

How about we trade for Ronnie Brown & he can come back & run the wildcat for 4 quarters.

Posted by: Turd Ferguson | October 25, 2011 at 07:35 PM

that would significantly increase our chances of winning and we can't take that chance.

Judy finkle,

it all depends on what Mr. Luck's Mother does with her spare time. If she passes my sniff test then perhaps i may draft Mr. Luck.

But it is do hard to pass up on those big burly lineman. they just get me all worked up.

Remember when New England used to sign Miami discards & win with them? Well, now the talent level isn't even good enough for N.E. to use. Pats got rid of Edds within 3 weeks.

JP Losman hails from that college quarterback mecca Tulane. That's right, he is an alum of the Tulane Green Wave, whatever the F%&k that is. In his two glorious years as a starter he engineered a spectacular 8-5 junior campaign followed up by a tremendous senior season in which he led his team to a 6-7 record. No wonder Jeff Ireland decided to bring him on board the sinking ship that is the USS Dipshit.

Good evening judy.

How's Ray doing?

Posted by: Tim in Tampa | October 25, 2011 at 07:16 PM

We disowned Ray a long time ago. We have a proud history in this family with our ancestors:
Stinkle Finkle
Winkle Finkle
Dinkle Finkle
Pinkle Finkle
Tinkle Finkle

The Kringles have nothing over our family.

Ah yes, the USS Dipshit...the only vessel in the NFL's fleet that has no helm.

I am an expert in As-holes. I can see as-holes, I can smell as-holes, from ways away, I have touched as-holes, even, on a few occassions, I have tasted as-holes. Ross is a Major As-hole.

I am an expert in As-holes. I can see as-holes, I can smell as-holes, from ways away, I have touched as-holes, even, on a few occassions, I have tasted as-holes. Ross is a Major As-hole.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 25, 2011 at 07:55 PM

you have had a shitty life

Au contraire, my Dear. I am immune to As-holes.

Au contraire, my Dear. I am immune to As-holes.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 25, 2011 at 08:01 PM

LOL. I am glad to hear that. For your sake.

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