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Dolphins sign Losman, place Rosenfels on NFI

The Dolphins will be nursing starting QB Matt Moore this week because he's taken a beating and has sore ribs and could be limited in practice.

So they figured Sage Rosenfels might have to take more reps and might even get a chance to play against the New York Giants. Except, Rosenfels wasn't ready to play against the New York Giants or anyone else because he apparently was still suffering from the affects of the blood infection and strep throat that landed him on injured reserve earlier this season with the New York Giants.

So the Dolphins today placed Rosenfels on the non-football injury list and added J.P. Losman to the roster.

"I am thankful for the opportunity the Dolphins gave me to come here and play, and I was looking forward to contributing to the team when I signed," Rosenfels said in a statement released through his agent Rick Smith.

"When I first joined the Dolphins, all tests showed that I was healthy and ready to go. But after practicing for a few weeks, especially in the heat, some new indications made it obvious that I need to rest and allow my body to regain all requisite strength.

"I want to thank the Dolphins for their understanding and wish them the best of luck the rest of the season."

One hopes the best for Rosenfels ... while the Dolphins continue to struggle with, well, the worst possible circumstances.

Losman, 30, has seven years of experience with Buffalo, Oakland and Seattle. He's not exactly a star. He has thrown 33 career TDs and 34 career INTs. The only season in which he threw more TDs than INTs was 2006 with the Bills.

His career has been on the slide ever since.

Yup, the hits just keep on coming.


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One thing is for sure and that is this team needs to cut it's ties with the Cowboys.

who cares about WHO THE FINS CONTACTED OR NOT ...





Landry Jones is an excellent QB, and he plays ranked teams..I'd say he's just as good a Mr Luck if not slightly better for the NFL transition

IT came the day when the proud dolphins looking for CRAPY QB LIKE LANDRY JONES...................


You know those loaves of bread everyone is supposed to buy now?
Well I just came across one in my kitchen and introduced it to the bread knife that came in the Henkels knife set we got for Xmas.
Huge slices of toast in the toatser over now. As we speak!

Just finished my third slice of toast.
These things are enormous!

Is Columbo still starting. I haven't watched much the last week or 2 and seriously don't know. If he is, that is reason enough to fire Sparano for you people who think he is getting a raw deal. He has players continuosly get exploited who are in wrong postions or shouldn't be on the field at all. He is making how much to put a piece of crap product on the field? Yeah, my heart goes out to him. I'm sure he's a great guy. Is that all it takes to coach this team? Oh, well I'd like to try for one season then.

I'm POPCORN the magic cat!

Did they fire sean smith yet?

Did they fire sean smith yet?

Posted by: Unfoiled Home | October 26, 2011 at 02:38 AM

Which coach is he?

Stephen Ross is like my diaper. Wet and smelly.

Can you figure a worse situation to be in as a head coach? Everyone wants Tony Sparano to be fired but, if he wins a game this season and this team loses out on the first pick, he will be the most hated man on the field.

When I read that people thought Stephen Ross disrespected Tony Sparano by standing on the sideline talking to Urban Myer during Sunday's game I had to laugh. If there is disrespect coming from Ross it is due to the fact that he is keeping Tony Sparano as the head coach at this time. With the team at 0-6 Ross should just cut him loose. Tony Sparano is a man who is twisting in the wind right now and to keep him around until the end of the season just to let him go is disrespectful. Even if Ross has told him that he will give him adequate opportunity to turn things around this season you still have the fact that Sparano will be let go. The Dolphins can pull off a miraculous 10 game win streak and Sparano is gone. It doesn't matter. So, despite the fact that everyone wants to "suck for luck" keeping Sparano around just to kick him in the knuts at the end of the season is more disrespectful than anything Ross has done to this point.

Has anyone thought about what would happen if this team pulled off 5 victories? That would kind of put a damper on things, wouldn't it?

Well, well, well now. The Dolphins have made the big move. They've ensured themselves a winless season with the acquisition of The Loserman (Das Luserman, for our German fans).
They go from Sage Rosenfarts to this guy. I'm so happy I could now refrain from kicking the cat until next season.
I wonder if this loser thinks he is actually getting a chance or if he realizes the team has brought him in just so they can ensure their suckiness for the remainder of the season. "Just do what you've done throughout your career and you'll be fine here." That means, "keep sucking so we don't win a game and we'll keep you around. Get the lead and we will pull you and you won't see the field again."
When he sees Matt Moore getting his nutts jumped on by the opposing defense he'll be scared sh!tless and pretend he has a hamstring injury. "God, not another one. How many guys do we have already with hamstring injuries?" -T.S.
During his college career it wasn't uncommon for Losman to be given wedgies after the game by his teammates. He had the cleanest ashole of anyone on the team. They would find him hanging in a tree on campus the next morning.

Meanwhile, Sage Rosenfarts let out a big sigh of relief when his doctor signed an excuse for him to get out of work for the remainder of the season. The note read, "Please excuse Sage from work for the remainder of the year. He has a case of ilikemynuttsitis and will not be able to play until he has fully recovered."

Tony Sparano keeps insisting that things will turn around. He's so stupid he doesn't understand that, at this point, Dolphin fans don't want him to turn things around. Boy, that puts a real damper on things, doesn't it Tony? As far as we are concerned, you're doing a hell of a job. Keep up the good work Tony. You'll be rewarded at the end of the season. "Tony, here's the kick in the nutts I promised you." -S.R.

channing crowder has been sorely missed. as a mic LB he had the right defensive calls and this comes from dansby! has the regime done anything right?????


If you say anything in favor of Crowder on this blog you will be laughed at. He was so despised here that nobody can bring themselves to admit Burnett is a downgrade. Burnett has only had one good season and looks like he won't have another. Crowder at least knew how to read the offense and get others in the right position. Nobody here wants to give him credit for even that much.

If you have eyes in your Head and not in your a-s, it is plain to see that Ross KNEW that this Season was lost before it even started, while we only suspected it. That is why he kept his purse closed. Yes?

Ross is an As-hole; but so was Joe Robbie.

I think by his own account, Shula saw a nucleus of good players here that he could win with and decided to come to Miami. Same situation now. All we need is another Shula.

Funny that someone would say Channing Crowder has been missed. Not a single impact play in the all time he was here and now people are saying he'd make a difference. The problems are in the pass rush and the secondary both things that Crowder would have no effect over. Channing Crowder would be on the sidelines right now in his his clown outfit, lolly-gaggin through another injury. Don't kid yourself....get off the crack pipe!

He also happened to be our inside linebacker during that memorable 1-15 season back in 2007. Guess none of that was his fault either, right?

Why isn't Mando reporting the story about defensive players calling out Nolan Sunday for putting them in the wrong defense?

I spoke to a former collegiate player friend who said as a player, even if you KNOW you're in the wrong formation, you have to do what the Coach says if you know what's good for you.

So, I'm riding with the players here. If they were in the wrong defense, why would that be? This is the 2nd (or 3rd) time this play has been run (and worked) THIS year. No way Nolan didn't know what was coming. So, what gives? What's Nolan's role in this drama?

Also, if that's the case (Nolan being MIA in MIA) maybe that's why Ross is hesitant to fire Sparano. And install whom as the interim Coach. Yeah, there's Karl Dorrell, but he's just the QB Coach, and I don't even know how long he's been here. Maybe there just isn't anyone to put in there, so Ross doesn't have a choice.

R.BUSH.............. 6 MILLION GIFT A YEAR
DANSBY.................. 8 MILLION GIFT A YEAR
MOORE................... 2.6 MILLION GIFT A YEAR
MARSHALL...................... 9 MILLION GIFT A YEAR
FASANO............................ 3 MILLION GIFT A YEAR
BESS................................ 3.6 MILLION GIFT A YEAR
COLOMBO............................. 4 MILLION GIFT A YEAR ...


dc.................. FIRE NOLAN ALREADY



B.COX............. 700,000 TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE A GOOD DEFENSE .






Everyone gets to have your opinion. When it comes to Crowder, I'll take Dansby's opinion over yours. There is more to the game than highlight plays. When Dansby and others said they would miss Crowders football smarts, that he knew how to call the defense better than anyone else, I take his word on it, and other teammates have said the same thing.

It is shortsighted to think that just because he didn't make the highlight real means he was entirely useless.

You are welcome to blame the entire 2007 season on him if you want. Did I say none of it was his fault? Did I say he was a pro bowler? Try to read my post again and keep it in context without stretching it to mean I was implying Crowder was star material.

I'm not praising Crowder as much as I am saying he certainly appears to have been more valuable than Burnett.

Funny that someone would say Channing Crowder has been missed. Not a single impact play in the all time he was here and now people are saying he'd make a difference. The problems are in the pass rush and the secondary both things that Crowder would have no effect over. Channing Crowder would be on the sidelines right now in his his clown outfit, lolly-gaggin through another injury. Don't kid yourself....get off the crack pipe!

Posted by: Craig M | October 26, 2011 at 08:18 AM

I don't want to believe this....but I think I just found some common ground with Craig M.....

I'm gonna be sick...lol




Guys, I love you all, I really do. But Channing Crowder isn't on this team. He won't be back next year. Who cares?

What's more important is the fracturing you're starting to see in the locker room. That does not bode well for anybody. Players are starting to turn, saying this team sucks. Players are openly calling out the Coaching and play calling. That's a pretty short road to all out mutiny.

I don't mind sucking. I don't mind a talent-less team. But I DO mind when order and discipline start to erode and you have chaos on a professional sports team. Nothing good leads from that.

I agree with the advocate here. Defense does miss crowder. He brought big time intangibles. Burnett is a definite downgrade and a much more expensive one at that. Another blunder by Ireland.

Also Craig,

That 'memorable' 1-15 team you speak of played better than this one IMHO. That team had heart. This 2011 team has been the most sorry, pathetic performing Dolphin team ever. I won't go as far as to blame it all on Burnett though. I only reiterate my original point that you stretched out of context, Burnett is a downgrade.

DC, you're wrong. Good does come from that. In 2007, matt Ryan should've come from that. In 2011, Andrew luck will come from that and perhaps the graying will slow down in my hair.


My post wasn't directed at you. It was more a general post. Tired of guys trying to blame our 0-6 start on Channing Crowder not being on this team. Take a look at what he contributed last year when we were 7-9. How much did he contribute to that fine season? You could expect more of the same this year, if not worse. Channing Crowder wasn't a guy who would suck it up and gut through any nagging injuries he had. He was constantly a guy standing on the sidelines looking like he wasn't into it. That's your leader? That's your difference-maker? No thanks! When the going got tough Crowder got going....to the trainer's room. It's incredibly naive to believe this team would be playing any tougher or harder with him leading the charges.
Burnett hasn't played well this year, no question. But I'd still take a younger, healthier Burnett over a broken-down, questionable character Crowder. Burnett wasn't brought in to call the defences, so in that regard he's not replacing Crowder. It's Dansby's defence now and no question there's been breakdowns. But that doesn't mean he's no good at calling defences. Maybe Nolan has to take some responsibility for that, no? It's not Dansby's fault that guys like Soiai wre playing like crap.

You'll have to show me the link where Dansby said he'd miss Crowder's smarts and nobody called the defence better than him. I've never read that, so I'd be interested to read it.

How bout Coconut Head Kelly's scouting report ?
The last 3 years, every year Coconut Head Kelly emphatically states, sean smith will go to the Pro Bowl!

Yet sean smith has never made even one game changing play in 3 years, last year gave up more YDs per reception than any other starting CB in the NFL, set a Miami Dolphin franchise record in DROPPING potential INTS, cannot cover ANY WRs -never mind big Pro Bowl types, cannot cover TEs and has the worst hands of ANY CB in the NFL, cannot tackle very good at all, is constantly out of position and turned around, hips the wrong way, cannot even recover a fumble that lands in both of his hands.

Pro Football Focus now lists Omar's Fav wanna be a Pro Bowl player as the WORST STARTING CB IN THE NFL

Great insight from Omar Kelly ? NOT
Could not have been any wronger about his Dolphin scouting
What does Omar watch at these practices and games?
Please apologize to the life long Fin Fans for your absolutely misguided terrible reporting and scouting

Horrendous Job Omar, u earned an "F"


And Devil,

Just to clarify, I wasn't trying to blame 2007 on Crowder. I'm just saying, if that team was able to go 1-15 with Crowder on the team, this team is certainly capable of going 0-6 with or without Crowder on the team. Crowder was broken down and not contributing. This regime was absolutley right to get rid of him. His contract did not match his play. It just so happens that Burnett has not played well through six games so far. Doesn't mean it wasn't the right decision to kick Crowder's *ss to the curb.



If things don't get turned around in Philadephia, to the point that Reid is let go, I would think Cowher would return to PA. On the "best chance to win" scale, there is no comparison between the fins & eagles.

Dear Mr. Salguero

A tribute to Mr. Home

Soiled Has been banging his head on the table while eating magic mushrooms and watching the chemical trails.....Dude....check out the trails


Unfoiled Soiled :)

Btw, count me as one who would be open to Jon Gruden as the next head coach. He's not my first choice but I also don't think he'd be a bad choice. I think he'd need a good talent evaluator to work with but Chucky's teams played hard and he can certainly get in someone face if need be. He's got great energy, is a hard worker and is a bright offensive mind. He's been away from coaching for a couple of years now, so I think he'd be hungry again. Couple him with a young QB like Luck or Jones and someone who would keep guys accountable and I think it would be a good fit in Miami. I wouldn't count this one out.

Many of you guys were loving the subtraction of Crowder and the addition of Burnett, especially in the preseason when Burnet was flying around making plays. Ireland should of realize you dont make a move like that in an important position like the mike LB. He should of waited after the season, so the guy can get use to calling plays. I put the blame on Ireland.

2 words Jared Odrick. He's too small to be a DT and not quick enough to be a DE so WTH is he? Thanks for this non factor of a pick.

Pat Devlin does not have any remarkable NFL record like all the others being brought in to the dolphins. Can we at least bring him up from the practice squad and see what he can do before the last game of the season?

When Mark in Toronto prefers watching CURLING to his Dolphins, you know you've hit rock bottom.

mark,craig mentioned that crowder was part of the 1-15 team too sooooooooo?.lol

Craig M,

Jon Gruden for head coach is such a terrible idea. Do you remember the offensive he was running in Tampa? set football back 20 years! Also he'll probably bring back Chad Henne thinking he can improve him. NOT! I want a hungry coach who preferlbly played in the NFL and is offensive minded not re treads.

At this point, I'd be happy to have any coach who is capable of evaluating talent and learning from his mistakes...that would be a clear upgrade over what we have now.

Cam Cameron had a brillant offensive mind, but he didnt have any intagibles players like. He actually reminded me of Larry Coker.


Crowder was done....it's fitting that not another single team picked this guy up. Doesn't matter if he had the smarts or anything else, he can't do it on the field any more. Guys are dropping left right and centre and nobody wants him. Enough said....

with all the mistakes ross has made it doesnt sound like cowher is interested

Craig M,

I just said Ireland should of waited after the season to dump him. I didnt think he was a diffrence maker or anything, but you shouldnt make a change like that right before the seaon starts with no OTA and minicamps. Burnett looks lost out there as if he doesnt know where to be


I hope we're not comparing Cam Cameron to Chucky. Chucky has been a head coach for two organizations now. Doubtful that Cameron will ever get another gig. Chucky's been traded for two first round picks. Doubtful that will ever help to Cameron. Chucky's won a Super Bowl as a head coach. Cameron has a 1-15 record on his resume as head coach. Chucky will hold guys accountable and get the most out of them. Cameron....well you know the rest.
I didn't say Chucky was my first choice. That would be Jeff Fisher. But I think there would be a lot worse choices than Chucky. The guys got personality. He's got passion for the game. He will intimidate guys if necessary. You never saw ANY of that from Cam Cameron.

Parcells wanted his type of players, big, strong players who are slow as nails. Well that work 20 years ago if you wanted to go 15 play 79 yards and take 8 min off the clock. He screwed us big time and if I ever see him Im going to clock him in his face.


It's Dansby's defence now. The transition was happening last year. Dansby knows the team well enough to do the job. If people want to blame someone blame the DC. Why did Henning get all the blame when the offence struggled but Nolan gets very little of the blame this year? He's the guy in charge of the defence and the defence has been horrid this year. Very disappointing!

nolan looking as dumb as sparano. please cowher least sit down and listen before turning us down

Craig M,

Why are you putting words in my mouth? Where did I mention a comparison between Chucky and Cameron? I just said Cameron had a good offensive mind but sucked as a coach. Chuckey offensive was good in Oakland with old man Gannon, but what did they do in Tampa? Jack squatt! Like I said if you want to see Chad Henne play again then go get Chuckey.


You brought up Cam Cameron. Sorry, I took that to mean he was part of our Gruden conversation.

I don't believe Chucky will want to go with Henne if he comes here next year. He sees the talent that's available at QB and he'll want one of those guys. I think that's what will make the Miami job appealing to him. To think you might have the next Peyton Manning coming into the league for the next 10-12 years....wow! It's the kind of thing that could make a coaches career...the kind of thing that could make a coach look smart, maybe even a Hall of Fame coach. That's what we're talking about.

Go go go Dolphins Good Luck...

Someone was discussing we need a FS on one of the blog. That got me thinking to th best FS we ever had. Brock marion, remember that year in had like 7 picks. Surtain and Madison locked down oppsing WR's. We sure took that for granted.

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