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Dolphins sign Losman, place Rosenfels on NFI

The Dolphins will be nursing starting QB Matt Moore this week because he's taken a beating and has sore ribs and could be limited in practice.

So they figured Sage Rosenfels might have to take more reps and might even get a chance to play against the New York Giants. Except, Rosenfels wasn't ready to play against the New York Giants or anyone else because he apparently was still suffering from the affects of the blood infection and strep throat that landed him on injured reserve earlier this season with the New York Giants.

So the Dolphins today placed Rosenfels on the non-football injury list and added J.P. Losman to the roster.

"I am thankful for the opportunity the Dolphins gave me to come here and play, and I was looking forward to contributing to the team when I signed," Rosenfels said in a statement released through his agent Rick Smith.

"When I first joined the Dolphins, all tests showed that I was healthy and ready to go. But after practicing for a few weeks, especially in the heat, some new indications made it obvious that I need to rest and allow my body to regain all requisite strength.

"I want to thank the Dolphins for their understanding and wish them the best of luck the rest of the season."

One hopes the best for Rosenfels ... while the Dolphins continue to struggle with, well, the worst possible circumstances.

Losman, 30, has seven years of experience with Buffalo, Oakland and Seattle. He's not exactly a star. He has thrown 33 career TDs and 34 career INTs. The only season in which he threw more TDs than INTs was 2006 with the Bills.

His career has been on the slide ever since.

Yup, the hits just keep on coming.


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Where art thou Dolphins bloggers?

You are crazy Spiderman. I hate the gators but Louis Oliver was the best Safety we ever had!

Actually it was Jake Scott youngster. You prob dont remember him.

We passed up on Jimmy Graham, he's right in our backyard. Gosh Jeff Ireland has to go more so than Sparano, be he needs to go as well.


Not really in the mood to go dig up old headlines, but I have no reason to fabricate anything. When Crowder was cut, Dansby spoke out loud and clear about Crowders smarts, and it was both on the Herald and SS.

As far as Burnett goes, check his history. He had one good season, the rest of the time he was terrible or injured.

I understand replacing Crowder, but replacing him with Burnett was just another waste up time, non-upgrade, serve no purpose move.

Spiderman, you're a Miami resident, right?

Question if you are, why does Miami ALWAYS (pretty much) pass over U of M players? Is there some long-standing dispute or something. I've always wondered that and never understood. All those good players, and we got Vernon Carey. What gives?

Other than the o-line, I say we can contend for the playoffs.

I know a lot depends on Henne, but I believe his improvement will continue to shine in Dabolls offense. HenningS is and always was a quarterback killer.

I think we're one starting calibre offensive lineman away from contention.

Posted by: odinseye | August 31, 2011 at 06:21 PM

This post from the fool Odin.,LMAO only one player away from playoff contention.What a Dolt.

Posted by: Coalition to ban Odin. | October 24, 2011 at 06:58 PM


Spiderman, I mentioned FS on the last blog. This team desperately needs a FS who can make plays.

We passed on Earl Thomas to take Odrick last year. BIG MISTAKE.

In the end, Odrick played 30 minutes & Earl Thomas had 6 int's. Imagine having a FS who can get his hands on the ball & actually catch it?

It's nice to dream!


Henne didn't win one single game since Henning left. Tell us more how it was all Hennings fault and how Henne is a franchise QB. Are we one player away or two? I forgot.

Henne didn't have the same defense that henning offense played with. If he did he would have won the browns game and maybe the houston game. Also BM had a TD drop in every single game. You have to admit henne played better this year than last. I still would rather draft a QB in the top 10 next year but henne will compete for starting job somewhere next year.

Henne should go to Washington & play for Shanahan. I think he's an upgrade over both of their starters.

Joe, don't be a fool. Earl Thomas, in the FIRST round? When there was a TERRIFIC S in the 6th-round (Reshad Jones).

Of course, I'm kidding, but that just proves Ireland's RETARDATION!!! EVERYONE was talking about Thomas, NO ONE was talking about Odrick (yeah, people will say he was the highest rated DE, but anyone remember folks talking about him?). Ireland just wanted to prove he was the smartest guy in the room. All he proved was he's a waste of space in Davie and is just keeping the seat warm for the next false prophet.

Who the h*ll is Anne Murray? Rocko, obviously you know who she is, doesn't that tell you something about lesbians?

Boulder, where will Henne compete for a starting job next year? Seattle? Denver? Washington? The other bad teams in the league?

He'll play until the rookie QB's they draft are ready. In 2013, Henne will be a backup & nobody will remember him.

I'll ask again (since Spiderman isn't around). To the S FL fans, why is Miami so against drafting U of M players?

DC and Joe,

No I'm not a Miami resident but I'm a fan of UM, countless players has come out of UM and we have one alum in Carey. At one point we had Sam Shields in for a workout but Sparano ran him because he didnt know the DB's coach. (What a joke of a coach!)

Joe, I too wanted Earl Thomas we all knew he was kind of small but he had big play ability and excellent instincts for a FS. Odrick I've never even heard of,what a bust does anything stand out about this guy. He strong whoopty doo everyone strong in the NFL. Too slow to be a DE not big enough to be a DT. Main point Ireland sucks!

Jimmy Graham was the guy we should have drafted out of UM. Kid has talent and good hands and would be a great weapon to use in our offence. Instead we're too busy drafting guys like Edds and chopping him a year later.

Spiderman, as sad as it is, I love watching the draft. When Odrick got picked, I was speechless & the commentators seemed surprised as well.

Our 1st rd pick was a 4-3 DT that we picked to be a 3-4 DE. I had heard of him being a Michigan fan but boy did we miss the boat on that pick.

We also let Dez go cause his momma was a ho.

Main point Ireland sucks!
Posted by: Spiderman | October 26, 2011 at 10:45 AM

Basically, this should be the cover to the 2008-2011 Miami Dolphins book.


We let Earl Thomas go, Dez Bryant go, Jimmy Graham go. Hakeem Nicks go. Jeez the list goes on and on..

Joe, should we take Denard Robinson next year? If Parcells was here he'd take a RT 1st-round, then him in the 2nd, even if we had the first pick in the Draft. And I'm not joking, that's exactly what Parcells would do.

Man, I'm depressed.

Randall Hill, Yatil Green. UM players we drafted high in the dolphins history, ugh.

It does not answer your question DC, but we seemed to have drafted the only receivers out of UM who had the worst knees in history.


Henne had the exact same defense, maybe only one player different.

DC - may be because the FO, the GM, and the coaches all for the most part have had nothing to do with the U and therefore have no emotional attachments.


This regime prefers to take players from the Big 10, the so called "big tough player" this all goes back to what Bill Parcells phliosphy, I hate that guy, he also acts as if he's not responsible for this mess on ESPN. Does he even acknowlede the Dolphins on Countdown?

Post is for DC. My bad.

A new era dawns.Bill Cowher in his first draft as Miami Dolphins coach/gm selects ...
Can We please stop with the Henne crap.That inept.His gm,hc and oc should all be considered afterthoughts.


I know about this regime (like Joe, I'm a Michigan fan too, so I'm partial to the Big 10 myself).

However, as an ACC-alum, I've always been in awe of the Hurricanes, they had incredible talent (Sean Taylor for one). And I watched year after year, I'm talking in Wannstadt-era, Saban, etc., and we NEVER took a UofM player (I mean a top prospect). And I can't understand why. I finally just thought there was some historic animosity between the Dolphins and Hurricanes. But I guess that's not it (unless someone knows otherwise). They just for some unknown reason refuse to take talent right out of their backyard.

Maybe it's a league-wide thing. Skins don't draft too many Maryland players, I don't know. But if I was the HC of a team, and had a University right in my backyard, they play at my field, with tons of blue chip talent, I'd be grabbing up as much as I could.

But that's why I'm not a Head Coach I guess. I have too much sense.

So, someone help me with this, what's the protocol here? If you want a new HC, mid-Season. Are you telling me you HAVE TO fire your current HC before you can even DISCUSS your options with anyone else? What type of sense does that make? I kinda feel Ross on this one. On the one hand, it's stupid to do this year what you were LAMBASTED for before the year started (basically cheating on your HC). But, on the other, it's pretty much common sense to get your ducks in a row before you make a huge leap like replacing a HC.

So what's Ross to do? Fire Sparano, and what if no one wants his position? Then does Ross coach the team?

Also, if Ross was going through back-channels to put out feelers to Cowher, WHO LEAKED IT TO THE PRESS? Sounds like Cowher's guys are trying to publicly shame Ross. Doesn't sound like someone who wants to be on your team, does it?

Mando, when you get off your radio show, you got work to do. What's the temperature in the locker room? Get in there and investigate (sounds like players want to talk). Who leaked the Cowher feeler story? Why? Are people trying to undermine the Owner because they hate him for what he did before the Season?

Inquiring minds gotta know.

I think mid season coaching changes are almost always internal so you'd first go to the interim guy and make sure they are on board, then go directly to TS with the bad (good) news.

DC - Waandshyt was a Big East guy (Pittsburgh) and Satan was an SEC dude (LSU).

They are from out of town with no connections to the U.
For them, the U was probably nothing more that an afterthought.

Tim, I can't buy that. Like I said, I'm up here in DC, an ACC-alum, and a Michigan fan (from when I was a kid). Plus, I'm not a scout or HC. I have no connections to the U, why do I know they are a GOLDMINE school for the NFL? They had the MOST players in the Top100. There's a ProBowl list of players that came out of that program.

These are HC's, with talent scouts all over the country, and they can't see any in their own backyard? Seriously?

I'm sorry, I can't buy that. If that was true, I'd really lose all respect for this organization and don't know if I could support the franchise any longer. That's how DUMB that sounds (of them, not of you for hypothesizing). Honestly, for the sake of my continued fanaticism, I'm going to respectfully go with my hypothesis, only because if I didn't I might need to find a new team to root for.

Cowher will be boring and he will quit after 2 or 3 seasons. More of the same.

DC - I believe the most important part of the firing / hiring scenario you describe would be to find someone that you are comfortable with and would also take the job even if it is after this season and after suffering through an interim coach.

To be perfectly honest with you, Cowher is not a favorite choice of mine as he has been to the mountain top.
I question his hunger, his drive, his motives.

If Ross brings him however, I will back him just like...uh...Waandshyt...and uh....Satan...and uh.....Camoron....and uh....O-line guru Sparano.


The Dolphins have drafted more players from the University of Miami than any other single school in their history. You can look it up.

I love how people never seem to be aware of that fact.

It's simply that most of the UM players they've had have been marginal, and most of the great ones went before they could have selected them.

I'm going to cry.

DC, I have to agree with you on that one.

This leak is real fishy... or Dolphinly. Meaning shi*y.

Why did this go so public so quickly. Unless Ross has told Sparano and he knows he is gone, so there is no violation.

But then there is no reason for these players to show up every week, unless "auditioning"

And that is the perfect recipe for a guy like Luck to say, F that, I am not going to that joke of a team.

Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a Columbo turd hill. But it does not seem like this can be good at all.

People DO understand that any 'feelers' or other gauges of interest are for AFTER the season, correct?

Reading some of these posts, I get the feeling some of you may think Ross is attempting to hire Cowher or some other "name" now. If you do, that's 100% erroneous.

You can only hire from inside during the season. Period. If he is sending out feelers it is for the anticipated change in January.

I don't think coach Sparano will be dismissed during the regular season.Nor do I advocate him being fired now. Let him finish the season.
I also don't want more retreads for hc/gm.We've all seen how they end.But there's rumors that Cowher and Marino are discussing the Miami Dolphins upcoming vacancies.

Where did this Rabbi spring from?

Now, Allen Ginsberg, there- was a poet!

You see, Ross should read some of Avram Davidson, just to deal with the Kabbalah side of things, you know.

Sparano's house is up for sale!

Just may be Sparano should review the game films again because the OL is not above average. However, the team showed some signs of real improvement in the first have of the game today. I really do not understand why Pat Devlin is not the #2 QB with an 0-6 record and now 0-7.

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